Unfortunate Love Friday Update 1 December 2023


Unfortunate Love Friday Update 1 December 2023

Shalu and Bani coming to Ayush and ask him to have icecream and let Lakshmi di’s marriage happen. Ayush asks if you both are real and asks God to save him. Shalu and bani tell that they are real. Ayush asks if they didn’t know that Vikrant is a fraud and will ruin Bhabhi’s life. Shalu says we know that Di is not getting married, but will get him married. She says Di will not marry, but will get Vikrant and his lover marry. Ayush asks them to shut up and tells that he is not Balwinder, whose bride can be changed and tells that he is criminal Vikrant. Rishi meets Sumer and asks him to tell where he saw Vikrant. Sumer says he has seen Vikrant, but doesn’t remember where, but knows him 100 percent. Rishi tells him whatever Vikrant told to him. Ayush tells that it is a misunderstanding and tells that if Lakshmi had known then wouldn’t have get the functions done with herself. Shalu and Bani realize their blunder. Ayush says we have to open others eyes too. Sumer says he doesn’t remember. Rishi asks him to think and tell him, as he don’t want Lakshmi to marry the wrong guy. Sumer says right now he has meeting with Commissioner and tells Rishi that he will tell him.


Karishma and Malishka come to Lakshmi. Karishma asks her to keep all her stuff as tomorrow is her marriage, and she shall not keep any stuff here. Malishka says she will help her and get her stuff packed, and after that she will never help and will not see her face. She says today is the last night of yours here. Karishma tells Lakshmi that they have kept jewellery for her, which she will get tomorrow. She asks her to get ready for haldi before time, and tells Malishka that today is the last night of her in this house and in your and Rishi’s life. Malishka says that’s why I am very happy, and tells that she is getting married to sanskari guy Vikrant. She says I will be here and will have right on Rishi’s heart, mind and everything. She tells Lakshmi that she will get her packing done.

Rishi feels helpless and thinks what to do, how to stop the marriage at any cost. She recalls telling Rishi that he is the best husband. She comes to the kitchen and thinks she accepted this house as hers and got connected with everyone. She thinks she got so much here in this house and Rishi helped me in every step. She says all these memories will be left here, with my bidaai tomorrow. She comes to the inhouse temple and asks the God to forgive the persons if they have done wrong with her. She prays for everyone’s happiness and says she is going for them. She says don’t end my relation with this family. Rishi comes to Lakshmi’s room and thinks where did she go?

He comes out and sees Lakshmi standing in hall. She says today is my last night here, don’t know if I will be able to meet everyone again or not, but this house will be in my heart always, as I got so much from this house, first of all you….who fought with everyone for me. She says these eyes always gave me respect and gave me such a relation which became my strength. She says you have become so much happiness to me, which may not be in my destiny. She says if she don’t get happiness in her life then also she has no regrets.

Shalu says why baba ji is doing bad with Di, and asks why he is hurting her, who doesn’t think bad about anyone. Bani says if this marriage happens then Di’s life will be ruined. Shalu says yes. Bani says nobody can catch Vikrant, not even jiju.

Shalu says they shall confess love to each other. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she will take everything with her, whatever he has done for her, even if she loses her breath, but she will not forget this. Rishi gets teary eyes and hugs her. They both cry. He holds her face. Shalu says they are not understanding. Bani tells that Baba ji shall do something so that their life is set. Shalu says jiju will get saved from Malishka also. Rishi tells Lakshmi that she has not done anything wrong and tells that their relation is beyond anything, and tells that his heart felt her heart beat and felt her feelings. He says your eyes are saying everything too. Lakshmi turns to go. He asks if you want to know, what your heart beat said. He says I am hearing it even now, and asks shall I tell. He says your heart beat is saying that….Lakshmi says what you means to me, which I can never tell you, and asks him to understand that she can’t live with the thought of going away from me. She says she don’t want to go away from him and says if you can read my eyes etc, then stop me, hold me in your embrace, hug me …and stop me so that my identity is related to you. She says she loves him a lot and can’t live without him. They say please stop me. It is Rishi’s imagination and he sees Lakshmi telling that her heart doesn’t want all this, this is all lie, her heart beat doesn’t like it at all. Rishi holds her closer and asks her to say whatever he heard is lie. He says you are lying as I can never be wrong to hear you, you love me truly, more than I love you. Lakshmi shouts and says no, I don’t love you. She says this is a lie, you want to hear this, this is your wish, but this is not truth, says I don’t love you. She says my heart beat can’t ask you to stop me, as I myself don’t want to stay here, and wants to go from here.

Lakshmi telling Rishi that she doesn’t love him and her heart beat can’t ask her to stay here, as she herself wants to go from here, and tells that her destiny is connected with Vikrant ji and not with him, and tells that today is the last day of her here, that’s why she got emotional. She says you had hugged me and that’s why I hugged you, but I don’t love you, and was feeling the pain of going to sasural. She says there is nothing more than this. She goes from there. Rishi sits and cries.

Saloni is sleeping with Vikrant. Vikrant imagines Lakshmi on Saloni’s place and says she will sleep with me from tomorrow.

In the morning, Lakshmi does the aarti and gives it to Dadi. She then gives prasad to her and touches her feet. Dadi blesses her and says God shall take care of your happiness, says you are real Lakshmi and we are letting you go. She says don’t know if I shall apologize or bless you. Lakshmi asks her to just bless her. Dadi blesses her. Lakshmi says Bau ji asked her to do something.


Vikrant is getting ready. Saloni and Anjana come there. Anjana asks him not to go to office. Vikrant says he is going there to get haldi by Lakshmi. Saloni says haldi rituals happen in their own houses. Anjana says ok, Saloni will apply you haldi. Vikrant says first Lakshmi will apply him haldi. Saloni asks if you are doing marriage or war. He says he will marry Lakshmi and will have war with Rishi. Saloni says we can’t lose after reaching here. Vikrant says I will marry Lakshmi and she will become mother of my child.