My Desire Friday Update 17 November 2023


My Desire Friday Update 17 November 2023

Samrat watches Nayan having breakfast with family and thinks he will send her a poem first and then call her to meet him and express his love for her. He sends a poem to her. Nayan excitedly says she got a reply from her secret admirer who agreed to meet her at a hotel and rushes out happily. Aaliya asks Samrat if he asked Nayan to meet him. Samrat says no. Aaliya asks whom did Nayan went to meet then. Samrat says he doesn’t now. Mohit and Ishani ask what are they talking about, if Samrat sent poems to Nayan as her secret admirer. Samrat agrees and says he copied Akhtar’s poems and forwarded them to Nayan. Mohit reveals that Nayan took Akthar’s email ID from his book and mailed him to meet her and he agreed. Ishani asks what if Nayan falls in Akhtar’s love for his poems. Samrat panics and says it can’t happen. Aaliya asks him to go and stop Nayan from meeting Akhtar. Samrat rushes towards Nayan’s room.


Mansi tells a manipulated story describing how Samrat betrayed her and Nayantar took revenge from her and sent her to jail to an old man/her father and asks where was he till now after leaving London. Father says he left London after her mother/his wife passed away and kept himself busy at work, disconnecting himself from all social media and news. He says she can send her back to London if she wants to. Mansi says she will finish some unfinished tasks and then go to London, thinks she needs to take revenge from Samrat and Nayan.

Samrat walks to Nayan and asks what is she doing. Nayan busy selecting dress for herself hits his face by mistake. Sam writhes in pain. Nayan apologizes and asks him to select a sari for her as she is going to meet Akhtar and find out if he is her secret admirer. Samrat says she shouldn’t trust any stranger. Nayan asks not to worry as she carries a pepper spray. He rejects all saris. Nayan scolds him and selects sari herself. Sam thinks he can’t let her meet Akhtar. Nayan gets ready and leaves. Sam watching her hiding with his team says she is looking so pretty that Akhtar will easily fall for her. They all follow Nayan with a bit of jokergiri.
Nayan reached hotel. Samrat reaches with his team and continues to panic. Team tries to calm him down.

Naayn waits for Aktar and thinks how will she identify him. Sam and his team watch her hiding their faces with a menu card. Nayan gets tired waiting. An old man walks in and says she is waiting for him, he is Akhtar. Nayan is shocked to see her father as Akhtar and asks if he is alive, they thought he is dead when he didn’t return since 10 years. Ishani is also shocked to see her father. Mohit and others ask her to sit down or else Nayan will notice them. Ishani walks towards Akhtar. Nayan asks why he changed his name as Akhtar. Father says its his pen name, he is very to meet her. Ishani calls him appa.