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Strings of Love Friday Update February 9th 2024

Garry offers Seerat’s jewelry to his girlfriend Sara. Sara says she risked her life by wearing Sahiba’s mask and enacting as her, he had promised a hu [...]

Strings of Love Sunday Update February 4th 2024

Sahiba pleads Akaal to trust her that she didn’t file any complaint against her and will expose a person who did it. Akaal asks Angad to take this gir [...]
Twist Of Fate Friday Update 2 February 2024

Twist Of Fate Friday Update 2 February 2024

Mihika coming to Prachi calling her. Prachi asks why you are showering love on me suddenly. Mihika thanks her for stopping Ranbir and says I knew that [...]

Strings of Love Thursday Update February 1st 2024

Seerat recalls guest misbehaving with her and Angad trashing the guest while Garry watches silently and then her hugging Angad in front of everyone. J [...]

Meet In Love Monday Update 29 January 2024

Raj standing at door thinks my kids are doing janmashtami pooja together, this is best thing for me. Meet walking down thinks I’m leaving this house b [...]
Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 27 January 2024

Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 27 January 2024

Rhea asking Mihika to leave her Ranbir as she loves him. Vishaka asks Ranbir if this girl is saying truth, and asks if you was married to her before. [...]

Destined by Fate Friday 26th update

Chaman’s Evil Plan Chaudhrys perform pooja in a temple. Chaman in Chaudhry haveli thinks she will rule over chaudhry haveli soon and will enjoy feast [...]

Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 20 January 2024

Prachi asking Ranbir to come from there. The robber tries to snatch mangalsutra from her neck. Ranbir gets up and starts fighting with him. Prachi’s m [...]

Timeless Love Saturday 20th Update

Vidhi makes a plan to trap Yogesh Vidhi telling Chitra that she will be relieved after the foot massage. Chitra says Bhabhi…you are amazing. Vidhi sa [...]

Anupama Saturday Update 20th 2024 Kavya Feels Guilty

Kavya thinks she can’t live in a guilty anymore and hide truth from Vanraj/V, but if she reveals truth, everything will be destroyed and the love she [...]
1 2 3 4 5 389 30 / 3882 POSTS