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This is Fate Thursday Update 25 April 2019

Prithvi and friends are celebrating, he says that he wants to listen to Karan’s stories and they start to watch the news, they say that Karan’s bail request was cancelled and now even a march has been organized against his actions, Manisha boyfriend gets worried and when they ask he says that what if this […]

24th April Wednesday Update on Twist is Fate

Mitali says you are worried as you are my family, but Disha is not my family. She blames Disha again and tells that she has to do something, her daughter is alone outside. Disha cries. Chachi asks Abhi if Neha is your niece? Abhi says yes. Chachi says I would have understood that she is […]

This is Fate Tuesday Update 23 April 2019

Prithvi is standing outside and wondering what Preeta is doing inside and not coming outside, even when he is the real hero of her life, he thinks of what Preeta and Karan will be thinking if him, he gets a call from Sherlin who asks him to come back, he asks her to end their […]

23rd April Tuesday Update on Twist is Fate

King hearing Abhi talking about love and gets engrossed in Pragya’s thoughts. Abhi says if you are in love then you like her scoldings also, and says when Mogambo used to scold me, I liked to enjoy it. King realizes his feelings and wonders if he is feeling differently for Pragya, liking her differently and […]

This is Fate Monday Update 22 April 2019

Sherlin asks Prithvi if he is happy, he says that he is very happy as now Karan is behind the jail bars, eh says that he did this only because Karan messed with Sherlin and he cannot forgive someone who harmed her, he also avenged his defeat as Karan had become his enemy and he […]

22nd April Monday Update on Twist is Fate

Purab comes asking why Aaliya is here, she says that she is not his wife, he gets very serious warning her to not involve Disha. He ask Tanu where Abhi, she is about to say everything but stops, Pragya is constantly thinking of how they both would survive everything together, she thinks of when Kiara […]

21st April Sunday Update on Twist is Fate

Pragya is very angry with Disha saying that he did what he did in anger but they also not did anything , Disha says that they tried but she says that they were not able to. Pragya says that this is not her fault as this is the reason of her life, she faced a […]

20th April Saturday Update on Twist is Fate

King is receiving gifts from the teachers and when she comes to him, he asks if she was waiting for him then starts to tease her and says that he will leave, she then take his hand and starts to walk towards the auditorium, Kiara and Sunny are talking,she says that he must not get […]

19th April Friday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World Tv

King is with Abhi and says that it was a murder and they but agree, just then the Manger comes and says that they both are invited a chief guest to the function at a school, they agree. Dasi asks Purab who looks like beast either Aaliya or Tanu but then he is forced and […]

18th April Thursday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World Tv

Tanu is very happy and meets Aaliya she says that she is in a very light mood and wants to be properly for him, when she leaves Aaliya wonders why he called her Jaan and ten says that he is meeting Pragya, Chachi comes and asks Pragya why did Abhi, came she gets confused and […]