Strings of Love Sunday Update February 4th 2024

Sahiba pleads Akaal to trust her that she didn’t file any complaint against her and will expose a person who did it. Akaal asks Angad to take this girl away from him eyes. Angad holds Sahiba’s hand and drags her out of police station saying he doesn’t want her to trouble his Daarji more. NGO people protest against Akaal, and media asks Sahiba if Akaal really mentally and physically harassed her. Angad tries to speak, but his lawyer stops him and says media will exaggerate the issue if he speaks even positive or negative.

NGO people shout Angad is forcefully gripping Sahiba’s hand. Lawyer asks them to keep holding their hand and leave from here in their car. Mob throws stone at Angad. Sahiba wards it off. Angad holding her car gets into car and leaves with her. They reach home. Constable reaches behind them and tells Sahiba that she is leaving 2 constables at the main gate for her security and to call police if Brars trouble her again.

Manveer walks to Angad and asks where is Akaal. Angad says Akaal couldn’t be bailed out. Sahiba says she is innocent and didn’t file any complaint. Manveer asks when Japjyoth gave her permission to study, then why did she played this drama; she informs Angad that Sahiba’s video is played in all the news channels. Angad rushes in and watches videoes on news channel. He shouts what she wants to say now. Japjyoth walks in and asks where is Akaal.

Angad says he couldn’t be bailed out. Sahiba says she will give a written statement in media that Akaal is innocent. Inder shouts she doesn’t have to do anything more and dare shouldn’t reach media, she should just sign divorce papers and get out of Angad’s life and their house. Sahiba is shocked and asks Angad if he also thinks same. Angad says they were never compatible with each other and after what she crossed her limits today, he also wants to divorce her.

Sahiba walks to her washroom and panics recalling the video. She angrily breaks mirror. Angad walks in and asks if she wants to call constables and accuse him of physically abusing him by doing this, why don’t she stop her. Sahiba walks behind and pleads again that she is not the one in the video and is being framed. Seerat walks in and she had warned her not to enter the room without knocking the door, today she is standing in a same room and questioning her why she troubles Angad even after he did so much for her. She touches Angad’s shoulder and comforts him.

Sahiba stands speechless. Seerat says soon Akaal will be proven innocent and Sahiba has to apologize Akaal and whole Brar family after that. After sometime, Keerat calls Sahiba and says she saw the news, is it her in the video. Sahiba says it’s some imposter who is trying to defame her. Keerat asks if she can help her. Sahiba says she doesn’t know. She watches video carefully and notices the girl wearing a snake shaped ring. She calls back Keerat and informs her about the same. She hears someone spying on her hiding behind the door.