Timeless Love Saturday 20th Update

Vidhi makes a plan to trap Yogesh

Vidhi telling Chitra that she will be relieved after the foot massage. Chitra says Bhabhi…you are amazing. Vidhi says my nanand is super amazing. Chitra says I am so happy that this baby will go on you and will have your values. She touches her feet. Vidhi says daughters shall not touch anyone’s feet. Chitra says I still feel bad about behaving badly with you in office. Vidhi says I have forgotten it long back. Chitra says I get angry on myself for behaving badly with you. Vidhi says you are really good. Chitra says I will be good. Vidhi blesses her and the baby and hugs her. Hariprasad asks the men to do darshan. The guy tells that Raabji bhai is the owner of Superfeast food products. Hariprasad apologizes to him. Raabji bhai says that he wears clothes in which he feels comfortable. He says you are a good guy and tells that you was giving me equal respect as you was giving to my employee thinking him to be boss. They go inside and pray to Milapni Devi. Raabji bhai keeps cheque in the charity box. Raabji bhai likes the prasad and tells Hariprasad and bimla that it was good, and that the quality is good. He says it is like made by my mother. He asks him to work hard and sell the stuff going homes to increase demand. He says then you will have your own stall and the business will go on. Hariprasad thanks him.

Dev tells Vidhi that Yogesh has to believe Kaushik to sign on the papers. He feels indigestion. Vidhi asks him to exercise. Just then she gets an idea and tells him that Yogesh hates Vidhi Sharma, and if someone makes her bend down and rubs her nose on the floor, then Yogesh will be happy and will agree to the person’s saying. Dev doesn’t agree, but Vidhi says it will be just a drama and asks him to agree. Dev agrees.

Amba recalls Durga Devi’s words. She is upset and holds her head with headache. Yogesh comes there and asks Amba what happened? Amba gets Durga Devi’s call. Durga Devi asks her to come and give darshan. Amba asks what has happened? Durga Devi says we didn’t understand few things, and ask her to come to the PS, says we will drink mango juice and talk. Amba says I am busy now. Durga Devi orders her to come. Yogesh asks what has happened. Vidhi asks Dev what has happened? Dev says everyone is strange in office, as if they have come for picnic and says OMG, TTUL etc. Vidhi tells the full forms and says she learnt this in his office. She helps him select the costume.

Amba tells Yogesh that ACP is behaving as if she has kidnapped chitra and says it is Dev and his family’s trap. Yogesh says I have to go to Kaushik as she has some good deal and wants my sign. Amba asks him to read before signing. He goes. Dev comes wearing casual clothes. Vidhi hugs him. Dev asks her to come on time during lunch break. Vidhi says she will come. Dev asks her to be careful and says Yogesh can find out. Vidhi says he is not smart as he pretends. Dev says yes, he used to copy from me and pass in exam in college also. Vidhi asks him not to worry.