Twist Of Fate Monday Update 27 November 2023


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 27 November 2023

Akshay coming to Prachi’s house to drop her. Prachi says him sorry. Akshay says I am sorry for over reacting and getting angry so much on you, and says don’t know why I got so much angry. He says I feel that you don’t take care of yourself. Prachi says I am sorry for leaving the party without telling you. Akshay asks her not to take stress of anything and says I want to lower your stress. Prachi asks if there is a possibility that we shall be good friends. Akshay says you are my special friend and I don’t want to lose you in any situation. He says you are right even here. He says for now, we can be just friends. He tells filmy lines. Prachi holds his hand and says you are very filmy. Dadi and Shahana open the door and see Prachi holding his hand. Shahana asks them you
both are here. Akshay says we will answer you after going inside. Prachi tells him that she was locked in the lift. Dadi says you gets breathing problem in lift. Akshay asks her not to worry as Ranbir was with her in the lift.


Ranbir and Rhea comes home. Pallavi hugs Ranbir. Ranbir hugs Dida. Dida says my blessings will always be with you, and nothing will happen with you. He then hugs Badi Dida. Rhea says due to everyone’s blessings, he came back safely. She says I didn’t complain till now, that doesn’t mean you will do anything. She says do you know what I felt when you was locked in the lift and says my breath was stuck, and says someone will love you so much, and you….She says look at everyone, they were worried for you. She says repair work was going on and notice was stick that lift was under repair, but he went inside the lift without reading it. She says you are here due to their prayers and says once the lift was getting down and up with force and I was like…Vikram asks her to calm down. Pallavi says you have fulfilled your responsibility. Rhea says she couldn’t stop crying. Ranbir hugs her and says I am fine and asks her not to cry, else he needs to change his clothes, as his shirt will be wet with her tears. He says he will go and change his shirt. Rhea asks if he has any pain in his leg and asks him to come to doctor. Ranbir refuses. They ask him to go.

Dida asks if everyone saw what I have seen. Vikram asks what? Badi Dida says they have a special relation. Pallavi says may be you did right to announce their wedding. Dida praises herself for her choice, and praises Pallavi to be good at heart. Vikram says who knows Pallavi better than me.

Shahana says you was stuck with Ranbir in the lift. Prachi says what’s a big deal and says he also works in the same restaurant. Akshay asks why you people are reacting hearing Ranbir’s name. Prachi says actually Ranbir and I. Just then Ashok comes there with Doctor. He asks Prachi if she didn’t go to doctor. He says he has called Dadi, but she didn’t pick the call. Dadi says phone was on silent sometimes. Ashok says no problem. He asks Prachi how is she? Prachi says I shouldn’t have behaved that way in office. She says I am fine, doctor. Ashok asks her to talk to him first and says whatever I told that you are my daughter is truth. He takes out her resignation letter and says if you are mannerless, but I am more mannerless. He tears her resignation letter and throws it in air. He says did you see my swag? He then apologizes to Shahana for doing the house dirty and says he will sweep the floor.
Prachi says I will clean it as I misbehaved with you in office. Ashok says I am forgiving you now and asks Doctor to check her mind, says it gets hot soon. Akshay thinks I will try to think of you as just a friend, but what to do about my heart, whom regards you as mine. He thinks of their moments. Doctor checks Prachi and says she is fine. Shahana asks what about mind. Dadi says Shahana. Doctor says she will write the medicines. Akshay takes the prescription and says I will bring the medicine. Ashok thinks he really loves Prachi. Shahana and Dadi think to go with Akshay. Ashok says I will drink tea and then will go. He asks Akshay not to force Prachi to love you and says you are a diamond and diamond is for forever, until when she will not like you. Akshay hugs him. he says how to stop myself from loving her. Ashok says it is an untreatable disease and tells that everyone years for it and asks him to give sometime to prachi. Shahana and Dadi have heard him. Shahana says lets go. They leave. Ashok prays that everything shall be fine.

Ranbir asks Rhea, if she likes all this and says you are troubling me a lot. Rhea says you are troubling everyone and hurting me. Ashok hopes everything is fine.

Shahana and Dadi see Rhea and Ranbir in the car. Rhea stops the car and says we have reached. They argue. Ranbir asks her to keep smiling. Rhea helps Ranbir walk and keeps his hand on her shoulder. Ranbir says it is not needed. Rhea asks him not to be hero and tells that she knows that he is hurt. Ranbir thanks her for not telling anyone, how much he is hurt. Rhea says now you know, how much you trouble everyone. Shahana and Dida see them going inside the clinic.

Ranbir and Rhea going to the clinic. Akshay comes to Dadi and Shahana and gives the medicines prescribed by the doctor and says there is an energy booster too prescribed by him. He asks Shahana where she want to go? Shahana says it is far from here, will go later. Akshay comes home with Dadi and Shahana. Akshay asks if he can meet Prachi. Dadi says yes. He goes to meet her. Shahana tells Dadi that she will give medicine to Prachi. Dadi stops her. Shahana says Akshay is good, Prachi shall move on with him. Rhea tells Ranbir that she will not go until she makes her have medicine. Ranbir says he got small injury in lift and nothing much. She says if it was serious, then I would have admitted you in the hospital. He takes the medicine and thanks her. Rhea smiles.

He says you behave like a child sometimes. Rhea gets upset with him. Ranbir asks if I can sleep. Rhea says I am going and says good night. She smiles and goes.


Akshay says goodnight to Prachi and says he is leaving. Prachi says good night and thanks him for whatever he does and says you are good, but I am mad for you. Akshay says you might feel bad if I say something and says I can do anything for you. Prachi looks on uncomfortable. Akshay says a friend can do anything for another friend. Prachi says I understand your feeling. Akshay says good night and goes. Prachi lies down to sleep. Ranbir and Prachi think of their words. Ranbir recalls Akshay hugging Prachi while Prachi recalls Rhea hugging Ranbir after they got saved from lift. Song plays, as they get restless.