Unfortunate Love Monday Update 6 November 2023


Unfortunate Love Monday Update 6 November 2023

Vikrant asking the lady to come and asks how much she will take, and calls Sweety. He says get ready soon, I can’t wait. Anjana keeps the jewellery in the locker and thinks of Saloni’s words, and thinks she can’t doubt Lakshmi. Malishka tells that they were together in the diamond room. Neelam asks Lakshmi not to test her patience and asks her to say what they were doing in that room.

Shalu asks Ayush why did he give 200 Rs extra to auto driver. Ayush says he is a bro, chill. They see the courier guy going inside. Shalu calls Rishi. Rishi thinks to talk to her later. Ayush asks Shalu if she is hurt. Shalu says she has called Jiju, but he…Ayush says we shall get proofs else he will not believe them. He thinks of his conversation with Rishi and recalls telling

him that Vikrant is bad. He says nobody can be sweet and good. Rishi says but Vikrant is good, you can’t see his goodness as you don’t like him. He says Lakshmi will be happy after marrying him. fb ends. Ayush says he trust Vikrant. He says I told everyone and you also, that nobody can be good and sanskari, and he acts to be sweet, but it is not truth. She says we have proof now. He says first we will go and get proofs.


Lakshmi is in dilemma what to do and asks God. Neelam tells Lakshmi that she has to tell her. The lady comes to Vikrant. Vikrant says oh my love, I have to be here if you make me wait for you so much. Door bell rings. He asks who came to interrupt our romantic moment. The delivery guy rings the bell. Vikrant says I am going to pick the surprise. He opens the door a bit and tells delivery guy that he came late. The delivery guy says there was much traffic and goes. Ayush and Shalu see Vikrant checking the box and going inside. Rishi calls Shalu, but she doesn’t pick the call. Vikrant shows the bracelet to his ladylove and compliments her beauty, says it will enhance her beauty.

Ayush tells Shalu that they will see the lady and then take their photo, for the proof. Shalu says ok, we shall be careful and not hurry up. He says if we get any hole on the wall or small window, then our work will be done. Shalu says lets go. Ayush says lets go Charlie.

Neelam asks Lakshmi to say, and says I am saying this for last time. Dadi comes there and says Lakshmi will not say anything. She says you all gathered to make her stand in the witness box, but this is not witness box, but temple. She asks Lakshmi not to say anything. Karishma asks do you know that what she has done. Malishka says they had vanished for sometime and we were asking what they had done. Dadi asks why you want to know.

Neelam says I didn’t stop Rishi when he brought her here. She asks if I need your permission to ask her something. Dadi says you are my bahu and is younger than me, shall I say something else. Ayush and Shalu come to the window to look from it. They argue. Dadi says why shall I ask her, and asks what you want her to say, if they were together or not. She says you are raising question on Rishi and Lakshmi’s relations. She says they are guilty. Ayush tells Shalu that he will lift her. Shalu says you can’t for long time. He brings stairs and says your baba ji showed the way. Ayush looks from the mosquito net and sees Vikrant hugging a lady.
Ayush seeing Vikrant with a girl. He thinks I can’t hear anything because of the glass wall, but seeing them like this, I m sure that he has an affair. Shalu asks did you find any proof. Ayush asks her to see. Vikrant says I love you a lot. Shalu says Vikrant is… Ayush says that mangalsutra, it means he is already married. She says click a pic. He says this net, pic won’t come good, I will expose his secret today. Dadi says Lakshmi is a culprit because she has saved Rishi’s life always, she has forgotten her happiness and spread happiness in the family. She asks what punishment do you want to give her. She says Malishka, just say one thing, do you love Rishi. Malishka says yes, so I m worried that she might snatch my Rishi. Dadi says if there is no trust, then there is no love, will Lakshmi snatch Rishi, when she was married to him, why would she take revenge, you should know why she took divorce. Karishma says mom… Dadi signs her to shut up. She says… and you Neelam, we are getting Lakshmi married, did anyone ask her, did she come by her wish, did she tell Rishi to get her marriage, she was ready to marry Balwinder, she has gone a lot, but nobody sees it. Neelam says you are my Saas and elder to me, its my duty to tell you, don’t trust this girl, don’t take her side.


Dadi says I want you to see Lakshmi and identify her, she is Lakshmi, she shouldn’t be doubted, don’t behave bad with her, no one will doubt her or question her, this shouldn’t happen again else I will punish for it. She holds Lakshmi and they leave. Rishi gets Ayush’s call. He is shocked. He asks what, where, I m just coming. He says I didn’t tell Lakshmi, no, I will go first and then inform her. Lakshmi gets Dadi to her room and gives her water. Dadi says sorry, forgive me. Lakshmi says just bless me. Dadi says they always blame you, when will they identify your true nature. Lakshmi says they are elders and can ask questions. Dadi says don’t feel bad of their words. Lakshmi says I will leave in some time. Dadi says I regret this, I wish you stayed here forever. She cries and hugs Lakshmi. Lakshmi says I want to tell you. Dadi says its not needed, I trust you both. Lakshmi says but I want to tell you, at the jewellery store, Rishi made me wear the mangalsutra, if anyone had seen it, then what would he think, so we got hidden. Dadi starts laughing and says you are foolish, it’s a little matter, he didn’t make you wear mangalsutra by his wish to marry, I m sensible and know to understand situation and then decide, Rishi is pure hearted, you also forget it now, whatever happened with Rishi, okay, just keep smiling, you look lovely. She hugs Lakshmi.

Malishka says Dadi is too much, she made Lakshmi a Devi. Karishma says Lakshmi didn’t know mom will come and save her. Neelam says calm down, I just wanted to know about Lakshmi, we would have got a proof against her, but I regret we won’t get it. Malishka says its her plan, she would be planning something, I know she doesn’t want to go away from Rishi, I m telling you. She argues. Neelam says enough, we can’t stoop to her level, we have to make sure that she isn’t successful, we have to keep her away from Rishi. Ayush says I knew Vikrant is a liar, but this level, imagine, he used to talk so sweetly, it was just his drama. Shalu says you said let things happen. He says yes, so this happened, where is Rishi, Vikrant and that girl can leave. She says no, Rishi should come soon. Lakshmi is in her room. She recalls Neelam’s words. She says why do they misunderstand me. She cries. She says once I get married soon, Rishi and Malishka will get married and Neelam will be happy.

Rishi comes to meet Ayush. Vikrant hums a song. Shalu says he is cheating Lakshmi. Ayush says Rishi will break his mouth, we will go from here. Shalu steps down the ladder. Vikrant hears the sound and says maybe it’s a cat. Shalu says sorry Ayush. Ayush says everything is fine, don’t worry, Rishi has come. She says he is going towards the door, come. Rishi says Ayush told the same address. Neelam gets Anjana’s call and answers. Anjana says we got the engagement ring. Neelam says I m glad. Anjana says we will come for the engagement. Neelam says you are welcome, everything will happen well, don’t worry, every occasion will be memorable, be on time. Neelam ends call and says I want Lakshmi to get married and leave from this house, and Rishi’s life forever.