Lost In Love Monday Update 20 November 2023


Lost In Love Monday Update 20 November 2023

Sai tells Vijendra/Viju kaka that before surgery, he has to perform an important task. Viju asks what kind of task. Sai calls Amba in who walks in ready as a bride and asks him to complete his 30-yearold incomplete task of marrying Amba and getting her into his life permanently. Viju thanks his chuiya Sai for fulfilling his dream. Sai asks him to fill Amba’s hairline. Bhavani walks and stops them. Amba asks what is she doing here. Sai says Amba came to bless her elder sister. Viju fills Amba’s hairline with vermilion and fixes mangalsutra in her neck. Everyone clap for them and click selfies with Viju. Amba touches Bhavani’s feet and takes her blessings. Doctor takes Viju for surgery. Bhavani yells at Amba that she will never forgive her for becoming an unmarried mother and ruining family’s dignity, she didn’t come here for Amba or Sai and came to just warn Amba, she would have blessed even any stranger, etc.


Amba thanks Sai for her great help and says she is lucky to have a DIL like her. She says earlier she used to think that Sai is lucky to marry Satya, but now she feels Satya is lucky to marry Sai. Virat feels sad hearing that. After some time, Viju’s surgery is complete and he is shifted to hospital bed fully conscious. Satya asks how is he now. Viju fails to identify him. Viju says he is his son, Amba says she is his wife and says they are a family and will rebuild their new memories again. Sai imagines old Virat on hospital bed failing to identify old Sai. She gets emotional and walks out. She thinks she loves Virat and can’t handle if something similar happens to him. Satya comforts her and says he knows she got emotional seeing Viju’s condition. Virat feels sad seeing that and thinks Sai’s closeness to Satya is getting her far away from him.

After some time, Amba and Satya take Viju home. Whole family welcomes him. Savi offers him get well soon card. Virat panics recalling hospital incident and breaks things. Ashwini rushes to him and asks what happened. Virat says he can’t forget Sai however he tries to forget her. Ashwini says time will heal his wounds and asks him to have patience. Virat says he has to live with the pain of separating from Sai, so he has taken a decision. Inspector Kadam calls him and informs that a wanted criminal is seen in a bank. Virat rushes to catch him. Ninad searches for his mobile and walks to Ashwini. Ashwini fears that Virat is slipping into depression and like before will risk his life with risky missions. Ninad asks him not to worry as Virat is mature enough to handle his problems, etc. Virat reaches bank where Kadam briefs him about the situation inside the bank. Virat without listening to the warning enters bank. Criminal shoots him. Ashwini realizes it was just her imagination and prays god that nothing happens to her son.

Next morning, Satya excitedly gets ready to rejoin his job. Amba informs him that she is taking Viju to Nasik to a rehabilitation center where patients like Viju was treated via alternative therapy. Sai says she is doing right. Amba says Sai should think about taking her relationship forward with Satya and she wants to hear a good news when she returns home. She asks Satya to visit a temple and pray for Viju’s speedy recovery. Satya agrees.