Unfortunate Love Monday Update 13 November 2023


Unfortunate Love Monday Update 13 November 2023

Virender asks if he brought back Vikrant and his family while Aayush informs them that Vikrant and his family have left.

Everyone gets shocked while Rano says how could they go since they had said that they will wait.

However, Rishi and Aayush say that Vikrant must have left because he knew he was gonna get exposed.

Neelam doe not believe it and tells Aayush to say the truth.

Aayush acts innocent and even tells Shalu to go and double-check when Vikrant and his family return with Sonia just then who reveals what Aayush had told them.

Neelam and Virender welcome Vikrant and his family while he asks if Rishi is ready to apologize to him.

Lakshmi comes forward and states that if anyone has to apologize it would be her since they are the ones whose relationship is on the line.

Vikrant agrees with Lakshmi and tells everyone that he is ready for the Mangni.

The Pandit says that there is still time and the family gets happy while Rishi goes up to his room and throws the vase in anger.

Lakshmi continues thinking about her promise to Neelam of staying away from Rishi while the priest tells the couple to exchange the ring.

At the same time, Rishi makes up his mind saying that he will not let Lakshmi’s life get ruined by getting her married to Vikrant, and leaves the room.

In the hall, Lakshmi imagines Rishi in place of Vikrant and happily gives him her hand to have him wear the ring on her finger.Just before Vikrant can slide the ring into Lakshmi’s ring finger, Rishi comes there and holds Vikrant’s hand shocking everyone.

Shalu, Aayush, and Bani get happy while the rest of the family members ask Rishi what he is doing.

Neelam tells him to leave from there while Rishi states that it will be Vikrant who will be leaving the Oberoi house.

Rishi states that he has evidence against Vikrant while Anjana comes forward and tells Rishi that enough is enough.

Feeling apologetic, Rishi apologizes to her while Virender tells Rishi to stop his drama.

Aayush tells Virender to let Rishi speak since Vikrant is so confident of his loyalty while Rishi reasons that he definitely saw a lady with Vikrant in the store room.

Vikrant’s father comes forward just then and tells Rishi that he is going overboard while Rishi says that he just wants to reveal Vikrant’s true nature to everyone.

Lakshmi tells Rishi to be careful so that no one gets hurt while Malishka whines to Neelam saying that they need to take the engagement somewhere else or else Rishi will continue creating drama.

Upon Harleen’s insistence, Vikrant agrees to give Rishi a chance while he asks what will he do if he cannot prove his claims right.

Lakshmi states that Rishi will give her the ring with his own hand while Vikrant state that he will also give a special punishment to Rishi.

Virender asks what evidence does Rishi have and Rishi reminds them about the CCTV cameras they installed in the house.

He tells the family that the girl who came to meet Vikrant must have been caught in the camera.

Just then, the light goes off and Neelam sends Rishi to check while Aayush along with Shalu and Bani keeps an eye on Vikrant and Anjana.

Kiran, Soni, and Malishka fidgeting in the dark, while Sonia mocks whether Lakshmi’s engagement will take place or not.

Malishka and Kiran accuse Lakshmi of brainwashing Rishi into doing such scoffs while Malishka staunchly states that Lakshmi has to get engaged today as Rishi cannot retrieve proof against Vikrant, as he is a genuine person.

On the other hand, some unknown person enters the CCTV room while Ayush mocks Vikrant to stay alert because today is his last day at the Oberoi mansion.

Meanwhile, the lights switch on and Rishi rushes into the hall announcing that the lights went off as someone pulled out the fuse.

He orders Ayush to bring in the CCTV footage and tells everyone that the woman who entered Vikrant’s room shall be unveiled now.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi ponders why Rishi is acting so insensitive ignoring how the elders trust Vikrant, while Rishi thinks that he will never let Lakshmi fall into bad hands and destroy her future.

Soon, Ayush arrives with the Laptop thrilled, as all the members curiously surround him.

Later, Rishi and Ayush are stunned to see empty halls and corridors while Rishi orders Ayush to pan the footage in every possible room and direction.

Meanwhile, Vikrant is nervous thinking that soon Saloni would be caught in the footage and their plot will be unveiled, while Neelam and Karishma lose their patience staring continuously at the screen.

Soon, Ayush concludes there exists a big gap between the time intervals and that someone has deliberately deleted the footage.

To this, Vikrant smirks relieved that no one can unveil him but wonders who must have deleted them, while Saloni enters thrilled, apologizing to everyone for her delay.

She explains she had gone to Mandir but was stopped by Panditji for an important Puja and asks whether she missed the ceremony.

Anjana denies it and says maybe the ceremony won’t even take place as Rishi claims Vikrant to be a fraud, having an affair, and even has proof against him.

To this, Saloni defends Vikrant saying that he is a genuine man and guarantees he has no affairs, therefore no one can collect proof against him unless by falsely forging them.

Later, Saloni pants and complains about the hot weather and runs to wipe off Vikrant’s sweaty forehead.

While helping him out, she whispers to Vikrant that she was the one who deleted the footage.

She goes on the explain that when she was about to enter the mansion, she overheard Rishi threatening to display the CCTV footage, afraid that her dreams will be shattered she acted quickly and firstly went on to pull off the fuse so that no one notices her.

Secondly, she went ahead to the CCTV room to delete the footage.

Vikrant thanks her by addressing her as “my love”.

Rishi rechecks the Laptop and accuses Vikrant of deleting the footage while Vikrant accuses him back that he made up this false drama without any real proof to fool people.

Furious, Rishi snatches Vikrant’s collar but is stopped by Neelam.

Later, Vikrant denies to get engaged but Anjana requests him to ignore Rishi and proceed with the ceremony to which he agrees.

Later, as Rishi departs Vikrant halts him and says he wants to fulfill Lakshmi’s wish.

The wish was that Rishi should hand over the ring to Lakshmi before she slides it onto Vikrant’s finger.

Rishi stops and hands over the ring to Lashmi unwillingly while Lakshmi unenthusiastically and aversely slides down the ring on Vikrant’s finger.

After this Saloni embraces them and treats them to the prasad and asks them to take the elder’s blessing.

Bani and Shalu are broken while Neelam, Kiran, and Malishka are relieved while Saloni adores Lakshmi and says they will stay like sisters.

Lastly, Vikrant warns Ayush that he can never retrieve proof against him no matter how hard he tries.