Twist Of Fate Monday Update 13 November 2023


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 13 November 2023

Inspector telling Prachi that the complainant is Ranbir Kohli. Prachi thinks why did Ranbir complained. He got my boss arrested so that I get thrown out from the job. She thinks if Ranbir can stoop low. She recalls Laali’s words, and thinks if he is doing this to divert me, and then he takes Khushi from Laali. Prachi comes inside the senior officer’s cabin, and sees Ranbir. Ranbir asks what you are doing here? Prachi asks why did you get the innocent man arrested. Ranbir asks if you are involved with gold smuggling and says that’s why you got the big car. He calls Inspector to complain about her. Prachi asks him to look at her and asks who am I? Ranbir says you are Prachi, my wife. He says you returned and got me arrested. He says you are a smuggler. Prachi reminds him that she used to work in his Papa’s company and got him many deals. He says his heart is cracking seeing her smuggling. He tells her that they were the gang and tells that the guys were pleading him to give the bag. He says he took bag from him and gave to them. He says when Police came there, they take the bag. He says I am a responsible citizen and tells that thank god, he got him arrested. Prachi tells him that she knows the guy and tells that he is her boss’s son. She tells that the guys were smugglers and had put gold in his bag, and wanted it later. She says when Inspector told that someone got him arrested, I understood. She asks him if he took revenge on her. He says why I will take revenge, as you helped me. Prachi asks him to take back the case. The senior officer comes there and asks him to file the case, and says he will be in jail all life. Ranbir tells him that he actually was not aware of the truth and now he came to know. He goes out. Prachi says now he came to know. She goes out behind him.


Akshay Tandon tries to talk to Ranbir. Ranbir says 1 min. He talks to Inspector and becomes Akshay’s guarantor. The Inspector asks Constable to leave him. Akshay asks Prachi what did she tell him? Prachi says truth. Akshay tells Ranbir that he misunderstood him. Ranbir apologizes to him. Akshay says he don’t take anyone’s favors and asks him to call him, if he needs any help. He thanks Inspector. Inspector asks him to thank Prachi. Akshay says she is a good employee and he will thank her all the day. They come out of the PS. Ranbir’s car is not working. Akshay offers to drop him. Ranbir says he will drive. Akshay says you are trying to become the owner. Ranbir says I am the person who wants to cover the journey himself. Akshay asks Prachi. She gives the keys. Ranbir sits on the front seat with Akshay and drives off. Prachi thinks the difference have come between them, they are sitting as strangers and is not talking. Akshay asks Prachi to tell the address of her house to Ranbir. Prachi says we have reached my home and asks Ranbir how he knows? Ranbir says you had told me. They argue. Akshay says sorry on his behalf. Ranbir and Prachi argue. Akshay says you are not that kind of guy, who don’t respect woman. Ranbir says I respect women. He says sorry to Prachi. Prachi says thank you and gets down from the car. Her Pallu gets stuck. Akshay gets down and frees her pallu while looking at her. Ranbir notices and offers help. Akshay frees her pallu. Ranbir covers her pallu on her and says now it will not get stuck. Prachi goes and rings the door bell. Akshay is looking at her. Ranbir asks him to come.

Shahana opens the door and hugs Prachi. She asks her to give car keys as she has to bring milk. prachi tells them that she doesn’t have car and the keys, and tells that Ranbir took her car. She tells that Akshay has come from London today and two goons had stopped his car. She says Ranbir reached there and thought him as smuggler and got him arrested. She says Ashok sir asks her to go to the PS and get Akshay freed.

Shahana asks what did you do? Dadi asks did you make him understand? Prachi says she made him understand and he understood somehow. She says when we came out, Ranbir’s car was not working and Akshay offered to drop him. Prachi says Ranbir insisted to drive and then dropped me home. She says Akshay will drop Ranbir and I will get my car tomorrow. Dadi says the story is complicated. She asks her to warm the food for Prachi.

Ranbir comes to his home and asks Akshay to come and have tea. Akshay refuses and says some other time. Akshay sits in his car. Aryan comes there and says I got your car repaired. Aryan telling Ranbir that he got his car repaired. Ranbir looks on. Aryan asks who was that guy and asks why is he stressed? Ranbir says I will meet you after sometime and goes. Aryan asks what I will tell at home. He thinks surely something has happened, and thinks if something happened between Prachi and him, and where she met him. Akshay comes to Prachi’s house. Prachi asks what happened? He says not yet, nothing has happened. He gets inside. Prachi turns and sees him bent down on his knees. He shows the ring and proposes her for marriage. Prachi says you knows well, I am not ready for any relationship. Akshay asks what is the problem, you refuse me always and I will wait for you always. He says he will wait for next year to propose her. He says I don’t like your don’t wait for me look. He says I will wait until you agree for marriage. Prachi asks until then you will get hurt. Akshay says you always saved me, and I need you always. He says I will make smile on your face stays always. Prachi says we shall search an innocent girl for you, whose smile is good. Akshay says you are perfect for me, I can’t marry any random girl. He says this proposal is not final one, I will propose you again this year. He tells that Dad has found this girl at the airport and told that it is lucky, but it is not that lucky. He meets Dadi and Shahana who gets happy to meet him. Akshay tells that he needs to meet Dad also. Prachi asks him to keep car with him today. Akshay leaves.


Ranbir is driving the car and thinks of Akshay looking smilingly at Prachi. He thinks why is he jealous, he shall not be jealous, but ofcourse he will be jealous and thinks Akshay has feelings for Prachi, the way he was looking at her. Akshay comes home and meets Ashok. Ashok asks did you propose her? Akshay says he proposed her, but she refused like always. He says she has been refusing since 2 years. He says he lies to her that you had got this ring from Bangalore, and somewhere she felt, and somehow he managed to tell that this is not his proposal. Ashok says emotions are strange things. Akshay says this is the third time, says lets go and have food.

Ranbir stops his car on the road nearby Khushi’s shop. Khushi sees him and runs on the road calling Shiv. Ranbir sees her running and the car behind her, he gets down and saves Khushi. He scolds the driver of the cry and scolds Khushi for running on the road. Khushi cries. Ranbir apologizes to her, and thinks why he got hyper. He wipes her tears and apologizes to her again. He asks why you was running on the road in night. Khushi shows him vada pav, and tells that an aunty gave her this, when she sold her flower. She says I thought to have vada pav with you, seeing you. He asks where is your Maayi? Khushi says she is at home, as her boyfriend came and he doesn’t like her and tells that she disturbs him, so Maayi asked me to come at 10 pm. Ranbir says that’s why your Maayi asked you to come late. Khushi asks what you was thinking that you didn’t hear me? Ranbir says nothing. Khushi asks shall I tell you truth. Ranbir says please. Khushi says when you came to meet me, and Parvati was there, I felt that you both shall be united, and you both look good. She says she prayed to the broken start, that you both shall unite like Shiv and Parvati and I will unite you both. Ranbir smiles and says you are lovely. He says it is late, we shall go home. He says I will drop you home. She says we will have wada pav together.

Prachi thinks of Ranbir. She then thinks of Khushi and says only you can become my life’s khushi. Ranbir comes to khushi’s house with her. Khushi asks him not to go until she sleeps. He asks when your Maayi will come? Ranbir says she will come in morning and has gone with her boyfriend to a marriage function. She tries to sleep and asks him, if he will not go. She says even I used to look out of the window. Prachi looks for her phone. Khushi is not getting sleep. Ranbir asks if she is hungry? Khushi says no. Ranbir lies down on her bed and asks her to close her eyes, and think about the person whom she loves the most. Ranbir thinks of Prachi. Khushi thinks of Prachi. The phone rings. Ranbir asks whose phone is ringing? Khushi says Parvati gave her the phone, though I had refused. She asks him not to tell Maayi. She takes the mobile out from the box and picks Prachi’s call. Prachi asks khushi to lie down on the bed and put phone on speaker, and try to sleep. She sings lullaby for her. Ranbir hears her and gets emotional, recalls Prachi singing lullaby for Panchi in the hospital, and telling that both father and son are like each other. Khushi sleeps. Ranbir hears the lullaby and sees Khushi sleeping.