Unfortunate Love Monday Update 4 December 2023


Unfortunate Love Monday Update 4 December 2023

Pandit ji asking Lakshmi and Vikrant to keep hand on each other’s hand. Everyone smiles due to different reasons. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is gone from here, she tried to stay here, but this time she is kicked much and is not showing. She thinks to tease her and enjoy. She asks Lakshmi if she came to mourn and asks her to see Vikrant, who is smiling and says you want to be great and be happy with others’ happiness, so smile. Rishi thinks Ayush is not picking the call, and thinks he must have stopped the wedding by now, I have told him all the truth. He thinks I shall reach home fast. Malishka asks Saloni if she is happy and says your sautan is just 7 steps away from you. Saloni asks her to control herself and says rounds haven’t happened till now, Rishi haven’t come and I am worried. Malishka says Rishi can’t come, as he can’t bear the pain of losing from Vikrant. Rishi thinks I will show the photo to everyone. Ayush feels helpless and thinks he couldn’t stop the marriage. Bani says Di is badly trapped. Shalu says Di doesn’t know that her life is going to be hell. Rishi comes home. The goons stop Rishi and asks if he is Rishi. Rishi says yes, and asks them to come inside. The goons start fighting with him. Rishi falls unconscious. The goons throw him away. Rishi opens his eyes and thinks to call Ayush. He thinks Ayush will not pick the call. He thinks to call Malishka. He calls Malishka. Malishka asks where are you? Rishi asks her to hear him and tells that Vikrant is already married and his wife is Saloni, whom he regards as bhabhi infront of everyone, he is acting. Malishka asks what you are saying, you come here fast. The goon snatches his phone and ties him to the pillar. Rishi thinks Malishka will expose Vikrant now. Malishka thinks what to do? Rishi thinks I will not let you marry Vikrant, Malishka will do something and gets angry on Ayush, for not stopping the marriage. He thinks Malishka will fight his war and will stop the marriage for humanity sake. Malishka looks on tensed. Ayush, Shalu and Bani get doubtful on her. Malishka thinks they are doubtful on me, I can’t talk to Vikrant and Saloni now. The goons look at Rishi. Rishi frees his hands. He thinks to go to his room and then will go downstairs. Malishka thinks how to tell Vikrant that Rishi has come to know. She thinks vikrant is exposed, it is good that he called me, and if he had called Ayush then the marriage would have cancelled. She thinks Rishi will come here at any time. Rishi slides himself and then gets up to go to his room. He runs.


Pandit ji is reciting the mantras. Malishka thinks how to tell Vikrant, God please help me. Just then she sees Mukesh bringing juice. She calls Mukesh and asks him to give juice. She then throws juice on Vikrant on the pretext of giving it to him. Vikrant gets up. Malishka asks him to go and clean his clothes, and asks him to go to Rishi’s room. Saloni asks him to clean it here. Vikrant tells that he will clean it, and don’t like stain. Anjana also insists him to clean it here. Vikrant insists to go and clean. Karishma gets upset with Malishka. Saloni takes out the threads from their hands. Vikrant goes to Rishi’s room and cleans his sherwani. He thinks what has happened that Malishka called me here. Rishi is standing on the ground. Malishka comes there and tells him that Rishi came to know that Saloni is your wife. She sees Rishi climbing through the window and tells Vikrant. Vikrant asks her to hide. She hides. Rishi comes inside and sees Vikrant. He says God has given me the proofs, you are married and your wife is Saloni. Vikrant says you took so much efforts to find out, and says my bride Lakshmi is waiting for me. Rishi asks if you are not feeling ashamed and says I will not let you marry. Vikrant says I did all the planning and will take my bride with me. Rishi says I will send you to jail. Vikrant says I will go for honeymoon with Lakshmi. He starts beating Rishi. Malishka thinks she can’t do anything, as Vikrant and Lakshmi’s marriage is necessary and thinks to kill Vikrant after he marries Lakshmi. Rishi also fights with Vikrant. He says your game is over, I will show your real and dirty face to everyone. He is going. Malishka gives rod to Vikrant. Vikrant goes behind Rishi. Malishka thinks sorry Rishi, I have to throw Lakshmi out today, bear this for me.

Ayush thinks why Rishi bhai haven’t come till now, rounds have started. He thinks what to do? Rishi is about to come downstairs, when Vikrant hits rod on Rishi’s head. He says you will tell my truth, my reality, show now. He says you can’t show or say my truth to anyone. Lakshmi gets restless and thinks why I am thinking about Rishi. She thinks she shall not think else drama will happen here. Neelam gets up and is going. Vikrant again tries to hit Rishi, but Rishi holds the rod and pushes him. Rishi faints and falls down unconscious. Vikrant throws the rod there itself and drags Rishi from there. Neelam is coming there. Lakshmi senses Rishi in danger as he is being dragged. She thinks she shall not think of him, and says Rishi please take care of yourself. Neelam stops and then ignores her worry. Vikrant brings Rishi to his room and throws him on the bed. Malishka asks how dare you Vikrant, to treat my Rishi this way. He says if I had not hit him then he would have been exposed. He asks her to sit with him, rather than eating his mind. He calls the goons and scolds them, says Rishi was here. The goon says he was tied here. vikrant says I asked you to tie him and take him away. He asks him to come to the room and take him away from here. The goon says which room. Vikrant says I will put bedsheet outside the room, come up and take him from here.

the goon scolding the other goons and tells that Rishi ran and reached his room, but Boss caught him. Vikrant ties Rishi’s hands and legs. Malishka asks what is the need to send Rishi away from here? Vikrant asks her to shut up and asks how did he come here, if anyone saw him coming here, and who has done this with him. He says everyone will ask you. Malishka asks if he will unconscious always. He tells that Rishi can’t harm him once the marriage is done, and says if Rishi tells the truth then Neelam will not let the marriage happen. Malishka asks him to come. Vikrant asks her to go and says he will come later. He says no pain and no gain. He says Pain will be of Rishi and Gain will be yours, and says I will take Lakshmi and you will get Rishi. Malishka says I am not Saloni and tells that you are here and will get married to Lakshmi because of me, else you would have been in jail. She says I told you that Rishi is coming here and that’s why you could handle him. She asks him to mind his language. Vikrant says we are doing each other’s betterment and says we will go separate ways once our work is done. Malishka sits on the bed and says sorry Rishi, you are in this condition because of me, I told you not to stop Lakshmi’s marriage, but you didn’t listen. She says Lakshmi will marry in sometime and then you will gain consciousness. Vikrant asks Malishka to go from there. Malishka asks him to come. Vikrant asks her to go. Malishka goes. Vikrant wears garland and tells that if you had not come in my way then this wouldn’t have happened. He says this is your destiny and my destiny is with Lakshmi, you keep on sleeping here, and I will take Lakshmi with me.


Lakshmi thinks I shall not think about Rishi, but why my heart is feeling this. She thinks she is going away from here, and shall not think. Ayush thinks how to stop this marriage. Malishka comes downstairs and is sad. Ayush thinks first she was in tension and now she is sad. Malishka looks at Lakshmi and is angry at her, thinks she is giving pain to Rishi while leaving. Vikrant comes out of the room, and then goes back to the room, which Neelam sees and thinks if he needs help. Vikrant calls the goon and asks him to kill Rishi if he tries to act smart. He again asks him to kill him. He thinks to keep Rishi down on the other side, so that if anyone comes before goons then don’t see. He pushes Rishi and makes him fall down on the other side of the bed. Just then Neelam comes inside and shouts Rishi. Vikrant thinks if she saw me, if she has seen then I will do the same thing with her also. Neelam walks towards him. The goon climbed up. Vikrant sees him.

Vikrant comes to the mandap. Pandit ji says it is abshagun to get up after hast milap, and tells that he has continued the mantra with the bride. Vikrant thinks he has done a big kaand, now he shall get Lakshmi. Shalu and Bani are worried. Pandit ji asks them to call Neelam. Shalu says I will call her. She tells Virender that Pandit ji is calling you for kanyadaan. Dadi asks Virender to go and says Neelam must be coming.

Ayush is standing sadly. Shalu comes there and says you have broken my trust. Ayush thinks he thought Rishi Bhai will come, but…Shalu says I always thought that Rishi jiju is a boon for Di, and says today he has broken her trust too. Ayush says sorry and says don’t tell anything to my brother, he will do something even now. He asks her if Rishi bhai can give his life for Lakshmi or not. She says yes. Ayush asks her to trust Rishi Bhai and says even today the evil will lose, and tells that this Ravan Vikrant will go from here. She says we will not lose. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is panauti, Rishi is getting beaten because of her and is unconscious. Kiran comes to Malishka and asks her where is Neelam, as she has gone to the room. Malishka thinks Vikrant has harmed Neelam and thinks to go and check. Kiran says I will come with you. Malishka says I will manage. Kiran thinks Malishka is tensed, but she didn’t let her come with her. Vikrant thinks of Rishi’s words that he will not let him marry. He presses Lakshmi’s hand. He recalls signing goon to hide and continues thinking. Neelam says sorry, Rishi’s name comes out of my mouth. Vikrant says it is ok, I am also like your son.

Neelam asks Vikrant if you have forgotten something. Vikrant says he had kept handkerchief on the bed. Neelam says she will get handkerchief for him. Vikrant says its ok. While Neelam and Vikrant come out. He asks about Rishi. Neelam says may be he don’t want to attend the marriage. Neelam gets her foot sprained. Vikrant acts good and asks her to rest for sometime. Neelam says she will go to Rishi’s room. Vikrant takes her to Lakshmi’s room and says he will apply balm to her. Neelam refuses and asks him to go, and tells that marriage mahurat must not go. Vikrant insists. Neelam asks him to go and says she will come. He says I am your son only and says if Rishi was here, then he would have done the same. Neelam asks him to obey her and go. Vikrant says ok and is going. Neelam says Lakshmi is really lucky to have such a husband. Vikrant hears and appreciates himself. Fb ends. He presses Lakshmi’s hand and thinks Neelam was saved, else would have gone.