Tuesday Update on This is Fate 22 January 2019

Kareena calls Sherlin and scolds her for not responding to her messages. Sherlin was irritated by her attention seeking personality. Kareena asks her to come to her soon, she wants to know what happened between her and Rishab last night. Sarla speaks to Rakhi and informs her about Preeta’s Roka. Rakhi was happy and promises […]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 22nd Jan 2019

Simonika scolds Servant for being late of 2 mins and then cheers up herself. She thinks she will be near her target and thinks to wear simple clothes which will make her look poor. She thinks she will bite Pragya and her kumkum being snake which she is feeding. Mitali is going upstairs. Aaliya stops […]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 15th Jan 2019

Sagar shares Ganga is his best / sweetest friend. His friends ask him if it means love. Sagar’s friends tease Janvi. Sagar denies. She is my best friend. We have been very close since childhood. It is impossible for me to think like that. Ganga’s hand got burnt in the process. This is nothing. I […]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate 15th Jan 2019

Tanu coming to meet Chutka and Chutki and tells that she will unite them with Munni maasi. They get happy and hugs her. Tanu thinks she shall be happy when she defeats the rani standing with the raja then only she will get her raja. All the ladies are seated for their karvachauth. Pragya prays […]

Tuesday Update on This is Fate 8th December 2019

Karan returns home and thinks he would not share Preeta’s accusations with Rishab. Preeta’s isn’t as important. In the room, Preeta was irked calling Karan as egoistic and ill-mannered. Everyone including her family know Sherlin is jealous of her, and Karan thinks she is jealous. Why would she be jealous when she doesn’t want to […]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 8th January 2019

Sagar thanks Shanta Dadi for keeping his secret. She acts all sweet to him. Do you know how Kanta will react if she finds out about it? Sagar knows of the consequences but he cannot see Ganga getting sad after losing Jalebi Prasad. She agrees not to tell anyone. Sagar naively tells her everything what […]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate 8th January 2019

Tanu thinks she is silent because of Aaliya else wouldn’t have let Munni go close to Abhi. Mitali asks her to say loudly. They argue. Aaliya comes and asks Tanu to come inside. She tells Tanu that she shall not fight with Mitali. Tanu says Munni is taking head massage from Abhi and was enjoying […]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 1st January 2019

Niru talking to Amma ji. I think I will have to prove my love towards my son! It is time to do the duty of a father. I will have to prove it that a kid is above everything for a father. I will have to save him. I can think of only one way […]

Wednesday Update on This is Fate 2nd January 2019

Outside in the corridor, Preeta and Karan’s forehead hit each other. Karan shouts as he was already hurt here. Preeta argues it’s a minor come across, he isn’t bleeding. They argue taking a bitter gourd (karela) when Rishab arrives. Preeta qualifies she was only telling Karan the benefits of bitter gourd. Karan mocks that Preeta […]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate 1st January 2019

Aaliya and Tanu’s car stops on the way. They take auto. Pragya thinks I was doubting my husband, who loves me a lot and thinks how can my lookalike take my place. She thinks who is she and how did she come here? She thinks Abhi will identify her and thinks to go and talk […]