His Mistress Child Tuesday Update 31 October 2023


His Mistress Child Tuesday Update 31 October 2023

Krishna telling that he don’t care about anyone and will go and talk to bade malik. Yashoda asks if you don’t care for me. Aastha and Nupur come there. Aastha says Dada ji has cut the lights. Yashoda says no. Aastha says they shall agree to dada ji’s sayings. Yashoda says they will consider, and tells that they will fight with darkness. Arvind gets upset with Mahua for cutting the wire. Mahua says she is the only bahu of the house and has done the right thing to think about the house. Arvind says Bhabhi is the eldest bahu and says I will go and connect the wires. Mahua gets vomiting sensation and runs to the bathroom. Arvind knocks on the door. Yashoda tells the kids that they shall not be afraid of problems and says when a problem comes then there is a solution too. She tellsAastha that she knows that she don’t like Krishna, but still she wants her support in this fight. She says life is not always sweets and sometimes it throws sour lemon on us, then we shall make shikanji of that lemon and drink, then we can move on in life. Amma reminds Babu ji that he wanted a grand son immediately after Ashok’s marriage. Babu ji says he is not my grand son. Amma says if God gets upset with you and don’t give you grand son then? Babu ji says if I get grand son or not, but Krishna will not become my grand son. Mahua comes out and tells Arvind that she is pregnant. She tells that she has tested thrice and the result is positive. Arvind gets happy and hugs her. Mahua says even she is very happy. She tells that he shall support her and if he connect the wires then she will decide if the baby will come or not in this world. Arvind gets sad and promises her. Mahua says I will give the good news to everyone, including Bhabhi.

Krishna lights the diyas and tells Yashoda that they will celebrate Diwali, as Bade Malik made Amavas in the house. Aastha asks if they are mad to celebrate Diwali. She tells Krishna that except Yashoda, nobody regards him as papa’s son. Yashoda says one day everyone will accept him. They keep the diyas in the room. Aastha looks at them and goes.

Arvind calls everyone. Mahua says there is a good news. Kamini asks what is it? Mahua says I am going to be a mother. Kamini and Bansal get shocked. Babu ji asks Arvind if she is saying right. Arvind says yes. Babu ji says my grand son…He tells that he will become Dada and Malti will be Dadi. Bansal asks Kamini, how is this possible? Kamini says I don’t understand. Babu ji runs to temple and thanks God for fulfilling his wish. Yashoda smiles happily for them. He gives money to Mahua and blesses her. Bansal and Kamini act to congratulate them. Babu ji asks Amma what she was saying inside that God will get upset with him if he don’t accept Krishna. He says he will have grand son only and tells that just as Mahua gives birth to her son, he will name all his property and wealth on his grand son’s name. Mahua gets happy. Amma says you have so much anger on Yashoda that you don’t leave any chance to humiliate her. She asks Yashoda to bring 9 diyas and give to Mahua. Yashoda says what could be the happiest thing than this, and goes to get the diyas.
Kamini tells Bansal that how did Mahua get pregnant as I made her all the medicines on time. Bansal says just now your father got the light cut and now they are one family. He says lets go and see it. He says our dream to make Sonu as the heir will be ruined. Kamini goes to Mahua and says she has done wonder. Bansal says it is Arvind’s work. Yashoda brings diyas plate and is about to give it to Mahua, but Babu ji asks her to stop and asks her to move back four steps. Yashoda moves back four step. Babu ji says you shall stay four step away from my pregnant bahu.

Anupama eagerly waits for Anuj and admires his photo. Hasmukh and Kanta cheer her up while youngsters dance around her on Dil Nayyo Lagda… song. Anupama recalls her moments with Anuj watching youngsters mimicking them. She dances along them. Barkha tries to contact Maaya and thinks she can’t lose the battle after so much efforts and hopes Maaya does something and stops Anuj with her. Kavya notices Anupama feeling shy seeing Anuj’s message. Kavya insists to show the message and pulls her legs seeing Anuj’s bought sari for Anupama and says in 2 hours, Anuj will be with Anupama. Anuapama feels shy like a just married young bride. Anuj picks his bag and finds his clothes missing. He finds clothes in cupboard and asks Maaya how dare she is to do this. Maaya says she will not let him go at any cost. Anuj warns her to let him go as he loves only Anupama and no one else. Maaya hugs him tightly and pleads him not to go as her way of loving him is different. Anuj warns her to stay away and says he never thought she would stoop so low. Maaya locks the door. Anuj breaks the lock with his one kick. Maaya hogs him tight again. Anuj pushes her away.


Kanta gets emotional thinking about Anupama returning to her house. Anupama says she is just going to Kapadia mansion, Kanta can visit her often, and even she will visit here daily for her dance class. Kids taunt her Anuj will be with her soon. Anupama says 2 hours and feels shy like a just married young teenage bride. Anuj travels towards airport and feels disgusted recalling Maaya’s act. He thinks he is more eager to reach Anu now. He imagines Anupama on a car’s bonnet. Jab Se Tumko Chaha Hai Sanam… song plays in the background. He walks to her and romances her. He then realizes its his imagination and thinks he will never go away from Anupama. He gets Maaya’s repeated calls and rejects them.

Anxious Adhik asks Ankush if he doesn’t think that he is digging his own grave. Ankush tells him that his sister is taking him on a path where he will remain poor even if he succeeds in life as a person is the poorest when he has lots of money but not relationsiops and his sister is teaching him to break relationships. Ankush says his sister is not wrong; they will have to be Anuj’s slaves when he returns. Ankush asks him to work hard and build his own empire and advises him that he will be hungry his whole life if he eyes on someone else’s bread; he knows Adhik respects and obeys his sister, but he shouldn’t follow her wrong advises; they both are far behind Anuj in business sense, he ruined his business in overconfidence and doesn’t want him to follow his wrong path; he says Kapadia empire needs a leader like Anuj and not Ankush, Adhik, or Barkha. He suggests him to stop fighting with Pakhi as Pakhi is not wrong. Barkha says Ankush is right, she was desperate out of greed and now realized her mistake, they should accept Anuj’s return and support Anuj and Anupama’s reunity. Ankush suspiciously looks at her. She says its not her conspiracy again, she is just thinking about herself again.

Anupama nervously prepares fritters for Anuj and hopes he reaches to her soon. She imagines Anuj hugging her and asks her to prepare fritters for him soon. She feels shy and then notices Samar standing instead. Samar says her wait is getting over as Anuj’s phone is switched off and he must be in fight. Leela tells Vanraj and Toshu that she thought Anuj wouldn’t return and Anupama they can force Anupama to return to Shah house. Toshu says he doesn’t think Anuj will not return. Leela says he must be in flight by now. Vanraj says he can’t understand how did Maaya let Anuj go. Toshu says maybe Maaya truly loves Anuj. Vanraj says Maaya snatches and not sacrifices. He gets a call and grins. Leela asks whose call was it. Vanraj says a call from office and says lets visits Anupama’s house. Leela asks if he wants to watch Anupama’s vidayi ritual. Vanraj says if they can’t get happiness, they should join someone’s happiness; they all should join Anupama’s happiness. Anupama is shoced to see Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik at the dcoor.