Anupama Thursday Update 28 September 2023


Anupama Thursday Update 28 September 2023

Anupama says last time her house was broken but not her strength. She adds her heart was broken but not her hope and this time she is shattered. Anupama says she don’t want to live as there is no reason to live. She says Hasmuk consider her hands as Anupurna but she failed to save her relationships. Anupama says Lord Krishna has sent her happiness in the form of Anuj but she failed to keep them safe. She breaks down and says to Kanta that she don’t want to live without Anuj. Anupama says she is tired. Anuj, Anupama breaks down.

Dheeraj comes and Anuj hugs him. Dheeraj says to Anuj that he will not talk about what he has done but still advise him to return back to Anupama. He adds no one will get anything living separately. Anuj says to Dheeraj that he will move out from the house if he has a problem. Dheeraj asks Anuj to calm down and stay. He says he is leaving him alone but will not leave him. He asks Anuj to switch on his mobile so that anyone can contact him. Dheeraj asks Anuj to relax. Anuj sees family picture with Anupama and sit upset. Kanta drags Anupama. Bhavesh asks Kanta where she is taking Anupama.


Pakhi bangs utensils. Kinjal asks the reason. Pakhi says to Kinjal that Vanraj’s worry for Anupama is disgusting. She says Barkha, Maya and Vanraj don’t want to see Anuj, Anupama living together for their own benefit. Pakhi says Vanraj is opportunist and showing fake concern for Anupama. Paritosh asks Kinjal and Pakhi what problem they have if Vanraj wants to help Anupama. Pakhi says problem is Anupama don’t want Vanraj’s help. Paritosh defend Vanraj. Kinjal and Pakhi side Anupama. Paritosh says no one understands Vanraj. Pakhi says to Kinjal that she is restless and if they can go to see Anupama.

Kanta drags Anupama to the hospital to encourage her to live. She makes Anupama understand that despite the sufferings patients at hospital wishing to live. Kanta scolds Anupama about giving upon life just because Anuj left. She boots Anupama’s courage. Bhavesh asks Anupama to move on. Kanta asks Anupama to start living a new life for herself.

Anupama decide to live. Vanraj think everything will be good as his heart says. He receives a shocking call from someone. Anupama along with Bhavesh and Kanta prays to God. She thanks God for showing her new morning. Anupama vows to live for herself. She says she will make rest of her life best of her life.