His Mistress Child Tuesday Update 17 October 2023


His Mistress Child Tuesday Update 17 October 2023

Kamini shouts calling Aastha and Nupur, and asks them to see what their Mummy is doing. Aastha comes out with Nupur and opposes her decision. Yashoda asks where he shall stay there? She says until your Papa returns, Krishna shall stay here. Aastha says it is Papa and your room, and we will not like to see him there. Yashoda asks them to give their room to Krishna. Aastha and Nupur refuse. Yashoda says ok, I will come and stay in your room. Aastha says but your room is of Papa also. Kamini instigates Aastha and Nupur against yashoda and Krishna infront of everyone. Aastha says Krishna can’t stay here. Krishna says I will stay in study room as it is near your room. Babu ji asks if that room is of your father. Yashoda says yes. Amma asks him to let them do what they want to do. Yashoda asks Krishna to come and says they will keep stuff in study room. Aastha closes her room door and says until he stays there, till then our room will not open there.


Yashoda takes Krishna to the study room and asks him to sleep on the sofa. She sees Mala’s photo kept by Krishna. She recalls her promise. Krishna goes to get his blanket. Yashoda tells Mala that her son came to her father’s study room. She says she will fulfill her promise, didn’t know that she has to fight with her loved ones and feels alone.

Amma tells Babu ji that he has erased the Servant’s stamp from Krishna’s forehead. Babu ji tells that he will force Yashoda and will make her so helpless that she will herself will throw Krishna out. Krishna comes back and asks Yashoda why she is looking at his mother’s photo like this. Yashoda smiles and goes. She comes to Aastha and Nupur and give them tiffin. They talk to her rudely. Amma comes to Arvind and asks him to take money from her and add some money and pay the fees. Arvind refuses to pay their fees and tells that they shall not support Yashoda. Kamini asks Mahua to put ghee in the fire. Mahua asks Arvind to pay Aastha, Nupur and Krishna’s fees. Amma says yes. Arvind says you didn’t take Krishna’s name before. Mahua says she deliberately took Krishna’s name so that she can open her heart. She says if they pay the fees then babu ji will be upset. Amma goes upset. Mahua then manipulates Arvind not to pay the fees. Kamini thinks she has taught her well.

yashoda making aloo paratha for Aastha and Nupur. Krishna says you are making it as they like it. Yashoda says it is an easy way to convince the kids. Krishna says my mother used to feed me kheer when I used to get upset. Mahua hears her and says Bhabhi has to collect fees for Aastha and Nupur. She asks did you think how you will manage? Krishna shows her the parathas and says just as she knows how to cook it, how much ghee to put on it, when to take it off from stove, like wise Madam ji will not let her daughter’s future ruined. Mahua says you trust her so much. Krishna says when Madam ji can take care of me, then Aastha and Nupur is her daughters.

Babu ji comes home and calls everyone and tells that he has withdrawn all the money from Ashok’s account. Amma asks why? Kamini says so that Yashoda feels bad that she couldn’t pay the fees though they are having it. Babu ji says I want Yashoda to feel bad. Arvind asks Babu ji to pay Aastha and Nupur’s fees atleast. Babu ji asks him to go to shop and sleep. He calls Sonu, Aastha and Nupur and asks them to see what he has brought. The kids come and ask what? Babu ji says icecream and I will give it to everyone with my hands. Yashoda cries and wipes her tears. Babu ji gives icecream to the kids, Arvind, Mahua, Kamini, Amma and Yashoda. Yashoda takes her icecream. Babu ji says this last one is of …he looks at Krishna and forwards icecream towards Krishna. Just then Krishna moves towards him to get it, babu ji says it is for me. He says there is nothing for outsiders and asks yashoda not to give icecream to Krishna. Krishna gets teary eyes hearing him. Babu ji asks everyone to eat. The kids enjoy the icecream while Krishna has tears in his eyes. Amma asks if you like to do this to a child. Babu ji says I am telling my bahu now and tells that his bahu’s motherly love shall be limited. Krishna says if Madam ji eats icecream without me, then her love for me will not lessened. Babu ji asks Yashoda to have icecream. Yashoda says she can’t be stone hearted to eat it, while Krishna is standing without it. Kamini says if God wanted to make Krishna as the son of the house then Bhai would have married Mala and not you. Babu ji asks her to have icecream. Krishna is about to go. Mahua stops him and says this class is for you, and asks him to watch them having icecream so that he realizes that he is nothing to them. Krishna’s tears flow down his cheeks.

Babu ji asks Amma to have icecream. She says her throat is not fine, and says she will have it later. Babu ji says if you are planning something and takes icecream from her hand and says he will eat it. He asks Yashoda if she will not keep his respect. Yashoda is apologetic to Krishna and is about to eat it, when Chotu comes there with the driver and calls Krishna. Krishna wipes his tears and goes to Chotu. Chotu says I had come to have icecream and was going from there, so thought to give you icecream. He gives him icecream tub and is about to leave. He then asks Krishna why did he lie to him that everyone loves him a lot here. He says why you are not having icecream in your hand, but everyone have. Krishna says I had gone out with bade malik and had icecream there itself. He says everyone loves me a lot. Chotu asks where is your Sir ji? Krishna says he haven’t come from his office yet. Chotu says ok and goes after hugging him. Krishna asks Yashoda to have icecream.

Yashoda tells everyone that this icecream is giving testimony that God has tied Krishna with this house using a thread, else the God wouldn’t have saved everyone from this sin. She tells everyone that Krishna has saved their house respect, whom they scold, insult and humiliate all day. She says he lied to Chotu that everyone loves him. She asks Kamini what you said, that Ashok ji would have married Mala if God wanted Krishna to be here, and says the marriage didn’t happen, but then also Krishna is here. She tells that one day you all will agree that God has tied Krishna with this house through a deep relation. Babu ji says I will break those relations and even God can’t connect his relation with this house, this is my promise.