Faltu Tuesday 9th Update

Kanika and Janardhan talking about Ayaan’s family. She says they will not agree if you explain, did Faltu agree, no, she is getting her family here, we should insult them publicly, then they will not forget it ever, they will not look back at Ayaan and go away. He asks what’s the use when Tanisha has divorced Ayaan, everything is over. Tanu comes and says nothing is over, I m not divorcing Ayaan. He asks what are you saying. Tanu says I will not submit the divorce papers, I did that to win Ayaan’s trust, I love Ayaan and you all, I can’t leave you all. He asks why didn’t you tell this before. Tanisha says I was in shock, I did this drama to get Faltu’s family here, I will insult them, Ayaan left the family for Faltu, when she rejects him for her family’s sake, then he will know his family’s value, I will get him back. He praises her for uniting the family. He says Faltu is nothing in front of you. Kanika asks are you with us in our plan. He says yes, I m ready to do anything.

Ayaan and Faltu’s family come to Mumbai. Angoori says we got to see Mumbai because of Faltu. Pratap smiles. Ratan says we will go and see how Faltu’s inlaws treat us. Faltu worries. Jamuna says we didn’t go by this route before. Charan says yes, our chawl is far from here. Ayaan gets Dadi’s call. He says we will reach home in sometime. Savita asks where are you. He says we will reach in 15mins. She says don’t come home. He says Faltu and her parents are with me. She says you reach the hotel, Janardhan has made arrangements for their stay, I will send you the details of the hotel, Janardhan has agreed for Faltu and your relation, he wants to tell this to everyone officially. He asks what, are you joking. She says you know your dad, he told me to tell this to you. He says I love you Maa. She says he has to make a business announcement, he wants to announce your marriage with Faltu. He says okay. He gives this good news to Faltu. She asks how did he agree so soon. He says your arrival here is lucky for us. Savita recalls Janardhan and Tanu’s words. She thinks what is he going to do today. Kumkum says smile now, don’t worry, we will teach everything to Faltu. Dadi says yes, everything got fine. Sid shows the divorce papers to Sumitra. She says I will submit these papers in the court and then their divorce will happen. She says I asked my friend to find about Savita’s past, Savita had a boyfriend before her marriage, she loved him and wanted to marry him, her BF ran away, her dad had suffered a heart attack and locked her in a room, then hero enters. Sid says Janardhan. She says yes, Janardhan and Savita got married, she was two months pregnant at the time of her marriage. He smiles and says I understand, I m not a kid, Janardhan is smart, he is fooling us since a long time.

Angoori likes the hotel room and sees the gifts. She says Faltu, your inlaws has sent good gifts for us. Everyone checks the gifts and likes it. Tanu comes and says I have made these arrangements. Faltu worries. Govind asks how did Janardhan agree, I don’t believe it. Dadi says Janardhan loves Ayaan. Kinshuk says something good is going to happen. Sid thinks what is Tanu planning. He says Janardhan might have thought well. Angoori says you are going to give

your husband’s hand to Faltu. Tanu acts sweet. Dadi says finally, Faltu is coming here as our bahu, we have to give her respect and love, and welcome her. Janardhan hears the family discussing. Sid thinks Tanu is planning something, I will get Ayaan and Faltu married. Tanu asks them to prepare for tomorrow. She says I will set such an example that you will remember forever. She leaves.

Faltu says Tanisha has done this, she had ignited the fire in the storeroom, if she isn’t happy then why is she pretending. Ayaan says I m also scared, but I love my dad, he loves me a lot, he will never support her.