This is Fate Saturday Update 27 April 2019

Rishab catches Shrishti and shouts at the police about why are they talking to her like this, Manisha comes when the police are about to take Rishab and then she comes with the bag, the police are about to take her as well but then Manisha asks them to leave her. Rishab sits in the […]

This is Fate Friday Update 26 April 2019

Rishab says to Shrishti that she can come with him and he will pick her once he comes back, Sarla comes back and she forgot the bill, when she reaches she sees Rishab and then wonders what she is doing, she says that Preeta is her good child but she is not obeying her and […]

This is Fate Wednesday Update 24 April 2019

  Preeta ask Shrishti as to what is happening s she never wanted to make their mother feel bad and that she knows that Karan is not convicted, Shrishti tries to comfort her saying that their mother loves them a lot and never means what she is saying as she does that only in anger, […]

This is Fate Thursday Update 25 April 2019

Prithvi and friends are celebrating, he says that he wants to listen to Karan’s stories and they start to watch the news, they say that Karan’s bail request was cancelled and now even a march has been organized against his actions, Manisha boyfriend gets worried and when they ask he says that what if this […]

This is Fate Tuesday Update 23 April 2019

Prithvi is standing outside and wondering what Preeta is doing inside and not coming outside, even when he is the real hero of her life, he thinks of what Preeta and Karan will be thinking if him, he gets a call from Sherlin who asks him to come back, he asks her to end their […]

This is Fate Sunday Update 21 April 2019

Prithvi walks away when a person comes and he stops him asking him to go somewhere else, Manisha makes a plan to punish Karan in Jail and land him in jail, she starts to yell asking for help at which Karan gets confused and asks her as to what the matter is, she then starts […]

This is Fate Monday Update 22 April 2019

Sherlin asks Prithvi if he is happy, he says that he is very happy as now Karan is behind the jail bars, eh says that he did this only because Karan messed with Sherlin and he cannot forgive someone who harmed her, he also avenged his defeat as Karan had become his enemy and he […]

This is Fate May Teasers 2019 Zee World

Rithwick to join force with Karan to reveal Prithvi and Sherlin relationship on This is Fate May Teasers 2019 Zee World. Read: April Teasers on This is Fate 2019 This is Fate May Teasers 2019 Zee World Wednesday 1 May 2019 Karan comments Manisha, she gives him a kiss, Preeta gets jealous, he comes and […]

18th April Thursday Update on This is Fate

Preeta tries to change the topic saying that she is doing her work and if she doesn’t do it then their mother will scold her, Shrishti asks to god to make everything alright as she knows how it feels to miss someone a she is also missing someone, that is Sameer, she thinks that she […]

16th April Tuesday Update on This is Fate

Preeta says that she will no0t come back and will find a new job, he says that he will recommend her but she stops him, saying that she will do it by he own, she gets called in, before leaving she wishes Karan luck for his matches and he also wishes her luck. Preeta is […]