This is Fate Sunday Update June 2nd

Rishab is on the phone yelling at Sameer asking why they were not able to take care of Dadi, Sameer says that she was pushed by Sherlin and Dadi is asking for him only, Rakhi takes the phone asking him to come hurriedly and also to make Preeta co me home, he says that he […]

This is Fate Monday Update June 3rd

Sherlin tries to convince Manisha that Prithvi is innocent and that she must ot take any step in angry that she will regret in the future, Manisha says that she cannot say anything because Manisha got greedy for Rithwik and must have understood it a lot before, She says that Prithvi is the one who […]

Saturday Update on This is Fate 1st June 2019

Prithvi is wondering that the driver must remain safe, he gets really angry and thinks of calling the driver, when it rings Shrishti wonders and is about to answer the call but is not able to and they both try to get him awake, Prithvi is getting worried about the reason the driver is not […]

This is Fate Friday Update 31th May 2019

Prithvi is taking a bubble bath and then he gets a call from Luthra’s landline, he picks it up and it is Sherlin who warns him that he must go to the hotel in a hurry to stops Rithwik from telling Rishab the truth because if his happens then their plans will fail and Rishab’s […]

This is Fate Thursday Update 30th May 2019

Rithwik says that he feels to say everything to Rishab and that he waists to be in their good books, Manisha says that she said to him that he cannot trust Prithvi but this does not mean that they can trust Luthra’s and that they are alone. She says that they are only using him […]

This is Fate Wednesday Update 29th May 2019

Prithvi walks out care free, he sees Rishab coming towards him they stop him even when he is about to run, Rishab starts to ask again and again about Janki, Prithvi does not answer, Sherlin sees that he is I a troubled situation and goes to take him out, Rishab gets mad asking why she […]

This is Fate May Teasers 2019 Zee World

Rithwick to join force with Karan to reveal Prithvi and Sherlin relationship on This is Fate May Teasers 2019 Zee World. Read: April Teasers on This is Fate 2019 New Series on kindred hearts Zee world to replace This is fate This is Fate May Teasers 2019 Zee World Wednesday 1 May 2019 Karan is […]

This is Fate June Teasers 2019 Zee World Series

Zee World Series This is Fate June Teasers 2019 Previous Teasers: May Teasers on This is Fate 2019 Saturday 1 June 2019 Episode 172 Prithvi offers to take Shriti and the thug he hired to kill Rithvik to the police station. All this is to come up with a plan to help the thug escape. […]

This is Fate Tuesday Update 28th May 2019

Shrishti persuade that Prithvi has a huge share in Janki’s well being, he must have given Janki a shock to threaten her life even more. Janki must want to tell them the same. Preeta didn’t want to accept the fact. Shrishti says Janki wanted to meet Preeta as she wanted to tell her about Prithvi. […]

This is Fate Sunday Update 26th May 2019

Prithvi says that they both can never become husband and wife, the robber says that Prithvi is wrong and they both will surely get married, the partner ties them both he apologizes to Karan promising that he will help him in return for a photo. Their boss asks them to come and discuss something important, […]