This Is Fate Friday Update 27 October 2023


This Is Fate Friday Update 27 October 2023

Arjun saves Preeta before she falls down. She thanks him assuming him as Rishabh. He tells her that it’s Karan’s fan Arjun not Rishabh. Rishabh comes there and asks Preeta that if she is fine. Preeta nods at him. Arjun says that Preeta falls a lot. Rishabh tells him that he won’t tolerate Preeta’s insult. Arjun asks Preeta that if she does not fall a lot. She recalls that how Karan used to save her. She agrees with Arjun absentmindedly. Arjun tells Rishabh to buy a good slipper for Preeta and moves from there. Meanwhile, Srishti scolds Sameer for smiling at Anjali. Sameer tells her that she misunderstood him. He notices Karan’s bat and gets emotional. Srishti tells him that she liked Karan but Preeta did not and same happened today also with Arjun.

She stops Sameer from going out. He tells her that he just wants to get some fresh air. She asks him that who is Reena with whom he talked on a call. He tells her that he don’t know any Reena. She asks him that why he was staring Anjali. He tells her that he just smiled at Anjali because she smiled at him. He says that she suspects a lot and he will become mad soon because of her. He asks her that what he should do so she stops suspecting him. He pleads her to stop suspecting him. She asks him to start saying the truth. He tells her that he is honest with her always. He asks her to beat him up if she wants.


Kareena comes there and asks them that what are they doing. Sameer leaves from there. Kareena reminds Srishti that they are not in their house. She asks her to not create a drama and fight in their house. Srishti wonders that what she should do. She gets an idea. Arjun thinks that he knows that he started affecting Preeta. He says that Preeta won’t forget tonight.

Srishti backhugs Sameer and she apologises to him. He tells her that it’s fine. She takes his phone from his pocket without his knowledge and leaves from there. Anjali tells Sameer that she saw his and Srishti’s hug. He tells her that Srishti is unpredictable. Journalist tells Anjali that he want to know about Arjun’s personal life. She tells him that they will get to know unbelievable stories. Arjun cleans Rakhi’s slipper because juice spilled on it. He makes her wear the slipper. She praises his upbringing.

Preeta tells Rishabh that Arjun is a stranger for them so she don’t care about him. She adds that she is fine. Snigdha tells Anjali that she would have tried on Arjun if he is not engaged with Nidhi then. Preeta hears that.

Arjun cries recalling Rakhi’s words. He tells Anjali that Rakhi felt his presence but his new face ruined everything. He says that Preeta snatched everything from him. He adds that he want to hug his mother. Rakhi comes there and hears him. She tells him that she is also missing her son. She hugs him. Mahesh sees that. Arjun and Anjali moves from there. He tells her that he want to give pain to Preeta. She tells him that, that time will come soon.

Srishti wonders that what must be Sameer phone’s password. She asks God to help her to find the password of Sameer’s phone. She says that she tried everyone’s name. Preeta comes there and tells her that password must be Srishti. Srishti tells her that Sameer changed too much so that’s not possible. She adds that Sameer don’t love her anymore and just fights with her. Preeta takes the phone from her and types Srishti. Srishti says that she thinks that Sameer has an affair. Preeta tells her that she was right about password and gives the phone to her.

Srishti tells her that Sameer is lazy to change his password. She says that even Girish knows that Sameer phone’s password is Srishti. Preeta asks her to not check the phone and return it to Sameer. She adds that trust is important in marriage. Srishti decides to not check the phone on Preeta’s behest and leaves from there. Preeta collides with Arjun and he spills juice on her saree. She goes to wash her saree. Snigtha’s grandmother asks her to go to upstairs and use any washroom.


Arjun notices Preeta going upstairs. Preeta enters Arjun’s room and notices his photos. She recalls that how Karan’s room was filled with his photos. She thinks that she feels like she is in Karan’s room. She says that everything is same except the photo. She notices the t-shirt which Karan used to have. She hears Karan’s screaming and she runs from the room. She finds Arjun playing with ball. She recalls that how Karan used to play with ball. Arjun notices her and he asks her that what happened. He adds that if she want to play. She runs from there.

Anjali comes to Arjun and asks him that what happened. He tells her that he saw fear in Preeta’s eyes. He says that he made Preeta remember Karan. He adds that her plan was good. She recalls that how she saw Arjun colliding with Preeta. Arjun tells Anjali that he saw emptiness in Preeta’s eyes like she is alone. He adds that it looks like Preeta remembers Karan still. But that’s not her true face and only he knows her true face. He says that Preeta and Rishabh snatched everything from him. And he want to see pain in Preeta’s eyes.

She tells him that they can scare Preeta. She calls Snigtha’s grandmother and asks her to not send anyone to guest room. She tells Arjun that now Preeta will go to his room to use his washroom. He asks her that from where she got Karan’s voice. She tells him that she collected Karan’s voice recordings from his interviews. He asks her that if everything is ready for revelation. She nods at him.