This Is Fate Thursday Update 12 October 2023 Update


This Is Fate Thursday Update 12 October 2023 Update

Rishab calls Sameer to control Karan, prithvi tries to explain he did not do anything when Rishab stops him asking him to tell the truth, Preeta explains if he is sure he did not do anything, she exclaims now she is going to show the proof, Preeta plays the video of his confession in which he is accepting that he is the one who sent Rishab Luthra to jail and then even planted a fake friend who would ruin his life, he is the one who hired the lawyer. Rishab explains he can take his life for all the days which he spent in jail but he is glad he is living with his family, Kritika kneels down in despair, Rishab warns Prithvi to get out from the house but Preeta explains she is going to do it herself so she pushes Prithvi out of the house while everyone is staring at her, Preeta explains now the police would judge him because his destiny could only protect him for so long, his game has ended. She closes the door on his fac when Prithvi in anger starts thrashing the stand, Rishab asks Preeta what more will she do for this family as thank you is a really small word for her, Rishab thanks her for making sure he came back as she returned his life and no one would have been able to do it, if she was not here then he would not be with his family. Rakhi also thanks Preeta when Rishab mentions that one thing is still left, he apologizes to the guests for ruining their time. He asks Ganesh to show them the way out, Rishab turns to Sherlin asking if she would not be able to match her eyes and not ask how he is as she is his wife so this is the least she can do, he asks if she is herself going to tell her story, does she want to leave this house with dignity or should he insult her, Karina questions what is he saying but Sherlin refuses when Rishab informs Sherlin was having an affair with Prithvi and it had been going out for quite some time, Kritika leaves crying. Rishab reveals he went to Dubai because of her since he thought he would do something to her thinking he will come back and then divorce her but he will finish it now as she is going to leave this house and his life tomorrow morning, Sherlin replies she is going to leave but will take the alimony, Karina yells at her in anger slapping her, Rishab replies this was her answer to alimony and he is going to show her what it mean to be dragged in the court, Rishab leaves warning that she has just this night and must leave in the morning.

Rishab warns Karan to not even think of hurting Preeta jee, he doesnot understand but Preeta leaves when Shristhi tries to follow her but Rishab explains she should be given some time and then he asks Karan to go after her but karan exclaims he wants to live with him for some time, Rishab asks all of his family to come since he has longed to hug them.

Preeta is walking when Natasha stops her questioning why did she come back because she left karan, Natasha is sure that he also loves her because he would have married her but she came back so she also deserves his love, Preeta warns her to not think of these things because she did not express her love to karan after which he will throw her out of the house, Natasha leaves threatening to marry karan within three days.

Rishab is feeding Mahesh with his own hands while Karan and Rakhi are standing looking, she explains there was not a single day when she did not think of him and they used to live but were just as souls, Rishab exclaims that he dreamed of Bhagwan who said that he must return back home and so Preeta jee came as Bhagwan for him. Mahesh demands his soup when Karan gets jealous mentioning they all forgot about him just as Rishab came back, Rakhi replies this can never happen. Rishab stops her asking if she doesnot know how he is as whenever someone gives him more attention the he gets jealous, Rishab pulls karan who sits on his lap, he explains he was just joking since he is really glad Rishab came back as he can take care of him, Rishab replies this doesnot mean he should become irresponsible so must take this bowl and feed Mahesh papa, Rishab leaves, Natasha gets shocked seeing him so runs away. Rishab feels something is not right.

Karan is with Mahesh papa who exclaims he can drink the soup by himself but is feeling nice when his sons are feeding him.

Preeta is sitting on the bench crying, recalling how karan was about to get married with Natasha had she not come back on time, she exclaims why does she always have to prove her love to karan as he must understand that their Bhagya had adjoined, she keeps crying.

Preeta is sitting outside crying recalling how she saw that Karan was about to get married to Natasha unless she had stopped him, Rishab also comes out after getting fresh meanwhile Preeta is still sitting there crying, she recalls her moments with karan that she spent while Rishab also sits recalling how Sherlin vowed to not leave without taking alimony from them, he also starts crying. Preeta and Rishab both are sitting there thinking about whatever is going on in their lives, they both wonder who else is sitting so they find each other, Preeta and Rishab both stand in front of each other, he asks if she is ine and realizes she is really tensed, Preeta apologizes mentioning she wished he should get a perfect life but it did not happen like that, Rishab replies he had a perfect life which has a younger brother who loves him and even the family but he feels he has come to a point in life where everything is messed up, his parents never had anything to do with it, Sherlin is going to leave this house and would not be bothered but his parents would be tensed since they always treated her like a family but what she did.


Preeta also exclaims that she wronged them all in the process of trying to throw Prithvi out of the house to the extent that they all do not know what she was doing and even she feels that Karan is going away from her. Rishab mentions that he knows she is hurt and there is nothing to be worried about as he knows his brother who is never going to leave her, he will make sure of it because h knows that his brother karan is just trying to make her feel jealous, Preeta asks if this means that he should sit in the Mandap, Rishab holding her hand assures that he is always going to stand with her in all the worries that she has, Preeta hugs him but then karan comes mentioning that maa is calling him, Rishab informs Preeta he is always going to be there for her and she must not be worried, Preeta thinks he did not even ask the reason she was crying.

Rishab is walking with karan who asks what was Preeta talking about, Rishab asks why should he tell him as it is their secret, Karan tries to show as if he is not bothered when Rishab exclaims eh would never correct his ways and should not do it as these were the things that kept him alive, Rishab sits down mentioning he must never even think of harming Preeta jee because he is the one who has promised her and if anyone even thinks of saying anything to Preeta, he would be the one to answer her. Karan gets tensed but then Rishab exclaims he really loves him, Karan also replies to which Rishab forces him to say it more politely, Karan informs that Maa is calling him so Rishab leaves. Natasha standing in the corner thinks that these both have a really strong bond which she is going to use against them.

Karan enters the room when Natasha acts as if she is hurt, she stands apologizing for what Sherlin did to Rishab, he replies she did not have anything to do in it when Natasha explains she knows Rishab is the elder son of this house and has come back but what if he takes over the entire property, karan in anger shouts at her warning that she must never say anything against his brother, Natasha thinks that he is not believing anything but would understand when he starts believing that Rishab has an affair with Preeta.

Preeta is sitting on the bed thinking that Karan was about to get married to someone else, she hears the steps so thinks that it would be karan, she acts as if she is reading the books and he coming to the door explains that he is thankful she saved his brother, but in this process she ruined a lot of things for him, Preeta questions what was ruined for him as he was about to marry Natasha, Karan explains that she did not answer his questions so this means he still has a chance and if she doesnot reply then he would marry Natasha.

In the morning Rishab is pulling Sherlin with the bag when she is requesting him to stop and give her a chance assuring this would not happen again and she must be allowed to stay in this house, Rishab asks with what right is she going to stay as she lost it with her own hands, he asked her to leave this house without any problem but she did not leave by herself, Sherlin mentions respect so Rishab replies she must not be worried as her parents are going to suffer but she doesnot know anything about it, he informs that he saw tears in the eyes of his parents because of her, they donot tell him but he knew about so this is why he is asking her to go out of his house, she has caused a lot of garbage in his house but he would not bear it anymore, she apologizes but he warns her to leave,. Dadi mentions no one is going to help her after what she did, Sherlin goes to Karina but she warns her to shut up explaining that she thought Sherlin is the perfect women for her son but she is not that girl, Karina snatches the Mangal suture which shocks everyone, she explains that Sherlin would keep the varth in front of them for him but in reality got him trapped in a drug case, if he had been hanged she would surely have killed him, Sherlin knows that prithvi is the husband of Kritika, she even knows the extent of love which she has for Kritika. She had just slapped her last night but is now going to push her out if she doesnot leave.

Sherlin tries to request Preeta to support her as they listen to her, Preeta replies she has been given a lot of chances by this family and her but she did not mend her ways, she is glad they all found the truth about her as she is the one who is never going to correct herself, Sherlin requests her for last chance when Preeta replies if she should give the chance so Sherlin tries to ruin her family once again, Rishab asks her to get out of his house, Sherlin threatens them all asking if they believe of staying happy but this would not happen as she is surely going to snatch everything from them, she is going to destroy them Rishab however asks her to leave the house so Sherlin walks away in anger. Rakhi exclaims she has cursed them all so what if it becomes the truth, Karina assures that nothing of the sort would happen when Preeta also exclaims if she believes such people can curse them, Rishab informs that it was just his frustration.

Sameer explains that now Natasha would also have to leave when karan asks what problem does he have with it, calling him as people close to Preeta, Sameer replies he was just saying that she doesnot have right to stay, Preeta and karan start quarreling when Rishab asks when are they going to stop since his head is really hurting, Preeta offers to massage it but he asks for some medicine, she suggests that he should go and rest in his room since there are a lot of children in this house. Rishab asks Karan to take him to the room but karan replies he has to go and get ready for office, so must go to his own room. Rishab inquires Sameer if he actually goes to the office so Sameer informs just a few times.

Natasha standing on the balcony is glad she did not get punished for the crimes of Sherlin, she is really impressed by the personality of Rishab calling him a gem that she did not see before in her life.