This Is Fate Saturday Update 21 October 2023


This Is Fate Saturday Update 21 October 2023

Preeta warns that she ahs her entire family and if he tries to do anything wrong then they all would come for her help, she asks him to come out and reveal his face, Preeta rushes to the door explaining she cannot breathe and so requests someone to open the door, she sits beside the table and then slowly lies on the floor, her phone starts ringing but she is not even able to pick it up and passes out. Karan walks over to stand in front of her, mentioning this is what she deserves but rather deserves death, he turns to see that Rishab is calling her.

Sameer asks if Bhabhi is not answering when Rishab replies that this has not happened till now, because if she is not able to answer then at least sends him a text, Sameer requests him to sign it but Rishab replies that he cannot sign it before her approval, he asks them to not forward any more calls when Sameer explains he really loves her, Rishab gets angry so Sameer stands to leave but he stops Sameer explaining he respects Preeta and her humility along with the character, so their relationship is way above love. Sameer excuses that he has an important call. Rishab explains that Sameer asked if he loves her but the truth is that no one would understand their relations, He respects’ her a lot and the vows that he made five years ago meant that he must protect her along with all the rights that she has over him, he explains Preeta je and Kavya are his life.


Rishab looking at the photo of karan mentions if he was alive then would have seen how well he is taking care of Preeta and his daughter, so he should not complain about what has happened, Rishab explains that he must come back to him just as he would jump and sit on his lap, he requests karan to come back since he really needs him.

Karan in anger walks over to the door, he starts remembering all the memorable moments spent with Preeta so immediately relapses and rushes to Preeta asking her to wake up, he realizes that there is not any air so rushing to the window breaks the glass, Preeta immediately starts taking deep breaths, he placing her on a wooden table, requests her to wake up exclaiming he has also broken the window, she once again passes out. Karan questions why did she come to this store room when she is scared of the dark, he immediately yells standing at the door, the peon exclaims the door is locked so he is going to bring the keys, karan questions what if she loses her life.

Karan seeing Preeta thinks how it feels that she has lost her life, he manages to break the door when the peon comes mentioning he has brought the keys, Karan rushes to take the water questioning how irresponsible are they since a child could also be locked in the store but then he manages to wake Preeta who sits up, karan rushes out and walking in the corridor exclaims he can never let anything wrong happen to her just as she did to him five years ago, Preeta asks the peon who was that person when he informs he has never seen him before in his life. Karan walking exclaims he might have saved Preeta today but what happens in the future would be really tough for her to bear since she would even be scared of him.

Rishab is in his cabin, Sameer knocks on the door explaining they have completed the conference so Rishab questions how are they able to complete the meeting so quickly when he has not been able to get in touch with Preeta, Sameer tries to assure him that everything would be fine but Rishab explains that he is tensed since keeping both Kavya and Preeta secure is his responsibility, Preeta seeing the missed calls contacts Rishab, who immediately asks if everything is fine since he had been trying to contact her but she did not answer, Preeta explains she felt as if Karan was around her when Rishab replies even he felt the same, Preeta then says it cannot happen so this might be because of what the pandit jee said that they are thinking karan is around them, Rishab questions if anything else happened when Preeta replies that someone was following her in the school and she felt as if he was karan but this was her thought since if it had been karan then he would come in front of her, Preeta mentions she is scared of coming out of the school Rishab requests her to not be worried since he is going to come to the school. Preeta wonders what is happening to her as she for a moment thought that he was karan but now is scared of him.

Karan driving the car is really frustrated thinking about the things that he heard and how the principal said that her husband is really caring and composed, he is really angry.

Kritika is walking in the market when a group of bikers snatch her dupatta, she requests them to let her leave as this is not right and then she threatens to even yell if they do not stop, but the biker say she can do whatever she feels like since they are the people of MLA so no one is going to stop them, Kritika tries seeking hep but no one dares to come forward. Karan stops the car in frustration and then steps out thinking how he asked Preeta if she loves him, karan sees that some bikers are teasing Kritika, he recognizing the voice gets really angry so rushes to fight with them all, karan manages to overpower most of them but one of the goons tries to strangle him, he however hits him when they start apologizing, karan exclaims he needs to apologize with the one he misbehaved, Kritika warns them to never think about teasing any other girl so they run away. Kritika feels as if she is with Karan, she immediately thanks him mentioning he protected her while putting his own life at risk, Karan explains that just as every child has a mother, Bhagwan also sends a brother for the sisters and if they are not related by blood, they have a relation from their past life. He advises her to take care of herself which Kritika thinks is exactly as how karan would say it.

Rishab is with Preeta jee assuring there is nothing to be worried about since he is always there for her but if she even then wants to take tension then he would not stop her, Rishab explains the class of Kavya will end in five minutes so they will leave together, he explains he would make sure to come with her tomorrow, Preeta replies that there is no need since then it would cause a loss of his work, Rishab replies that he knows work is important but it doesnot have any importance in front of his family, he explains he would have come running if Sameer or anyone else called him. Rishab exclaims what if the person comes back tomorrow and she knows he would not leave, he asks if she can tell what sort of clothes was he wearing, Preeta replies she did not see his face but gets tensed thinking about the clothes that he was wearing.