This Is Fate December Teasers 2023


This Is Fate December Teasers 2023

Rishabh recalls the past and asks the Luthras to stay alert. Coming up this month on This is Fate December 2023 Teasers:

Zeeworld This Is Fate December 2023 Teasers

Friday 1 December 2023

Episode 103

Rakhi senses the trouble against Rishabh and Karan. Later, Anjali helps Arjun talk to Kavya.

Saturday 2 December 2023

Episode 104

Kareena visits Arjun with the police to have Anjali arrested. The Luthras feel at peace after Rishabh regains consciousness. Preeta fights with Arjun as he bails Anjali out.

Sunday 3 December 2023

Episode 105

Snigdha’s grandmother asks Arjun to take her to the temple. Rishabh lashes out at Anjali for her provocative comments against Preeta. He leaves a meeting with Shekhar because of Arjun’s unprofessional behaviour. Arjun and Preeta meet at the temple.

Monday 4 December 2023

Episode 106

Rishabh drops Anjali at her farmhouse wherein she forces herself on him. Meanwhile, Snigdha’s grandmother asks Arjun to get her medicines. Rishabh returns home but does not tell Preeta the truth.

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Episode 107

Preeta questions Arjun when he calls her his wife. Preeta thanks Arjun for his help but asks him to stay away from her and her family. Later, Arjun is shocked to learn about Rishabh and Anjali’s fight. A hindrance in the puja at home worries Rakhi.

Wednesday 6 December 2023

Episode 108

Preeta suspects Arjun and leaves puja aside to warn him about something. Later, Anjali arrives with the police and accuses Rishabh of molestation.

Thursday 7 December 2023

Episode 109

Arjun decides to support Anjali after she lies to him. Arjun talks to Rishabh but refuses to doubt Anjali. However, he is shocked to hear that Anjali had been lying.

Friday 8 December 2023

Episode 110

Rakhi asks Kritika to stay away from Arjun and slaps Arjun. Arjun asks Anjali to withdraw the case against Rishabh. Preeta lashes out at Arjun and says that she loves Rishabh.

Saturday 9 December 2023

Episode 111

The Luthras are scared as the case hearing begins. Arjun’s testimony lands him and Anjali in trouble but gets Rishabh bailed out. Upset with Arjun, Anjali decides to return to London. Rakhi talks to the Luthras about the sudden change in Arjun.

Sunday 10 December 2023

Episode 112

Rishabh slaps Arjun when he challenges him that he will marry Preeta. Anjali provokes Arjun and suggests a plan to destroy them. The next day, Arjun threatens to destroy Rishabh and marry Preeta within a week.

Monday 11 December 2023

Episode 113

Rishabh recalls the past and asks the Luthras to stay alert. Arjun plans to malign Rishabh, but Priyanka later talks to Anjali about the outcome.

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Episode 114

Arjun is worried to see Rakhi going out with Srishti and Preeta to help Rishabh. Mr Malkani stops Rishabh’s arrest. However, Preeta doubts that it was a part of Arjun’s master plan to destroy the Luthras. Later, Arjun tells them that he has become the owner of Rishabh’s company.

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Episode 115

Arjun tries a way to please Kavya. Preeta dreams that Arjun is taking Kavya away from her. Preeta tries to mock Arjun after Rishabh wins a bid, but Arjun’s revelation shocks them.

Thursday 14 December 2023

Episode 116

Arjun arrives at the airport to stop the Luthras from boarding the flight. Arjun runs into Preeta but she fails to recognise him because of his disguise. Snigdha’s grandmother learns about Arjun’s past. Rishabh’s private investigator tells him about Arjun boarding the plane.

Friday 15 December 2023

Episode 117

Two men attack an air hostess, and Preeta gets in their way. The terrorists hijack the plane and demand the police to release their jailed accomplices. Arjun fights the terrorists to defend Preeta. Meanwhile, Rishabh warns Anjali to stop bothering his family.

Saturday 16 December 2023

Episode 118

Preeta asks Srishti to keep a secret. Anjali imagines revealing Arjun’s reality to Rishabh. Everyone on the plane grows worried after a snake in the cargo bites a terrorist.

Sunday 17 December 2023

Episode 119

Anjali visits Rishabh and seeks his help. Rishabh and Anjali try a few ways to know more about the hijack. One of the pilots along with a few more passengers than earlier are bitten by snakes. The Luthras and others struggle to survive.

Monday 18 December 2023

Episode 120

Arjun calls Rakhi his mother. Kareena, Srishti and Rakhi risk their lives for a photo of the snake that had bitten Arjun. This helps the snake charmer suggest Preeta a way to treat Arjun. Preeta tries hard to save Arjun’s life.

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Episode 121

Later, the snake charmer suggests Rishabh a way to tackle the snakes. The Luthras and other passengers land safely in Mumbai, but Arjun is rushed to the hospital. Srishti talks to Sameer about Preeta and Arjun’s bond.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Episode 122

Rakhi prays to God to reunite Arjun and his mother. Sameer embraces Arjun, but Anjali doesn’t like it. Rakhi arrives home and sees Karan’s childhood picture.

Thursday 21 December 2023

Episode 123

Rakhi gathers the Luthras and tells them that Arjun is Karan. Except Sameer, everyone believes that Rakhi is overthinking. Meanwhile, Arjun arrives at the Luthra Mansion to return a bag.

Friday 22 December 2023

Episode 124

Preeta starts comparing Arjun’s behaviour with Karan’s. Rakhi asks Preeta to find out if Arjun is Karan, and Srishti joins the plan.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Episode 125

Arjun tells Anjali that she is just his friend. Arjun visits the Luthras to reveal that he is Karan. However, Anjali calls Arjun and makes a revelation to him.

Sunday 24 December 2023

Episode 126

Prithvi visits Anjali and tells her that he knows Arjun’s secret. Prithvi feels that Arjun is pretending to be Karan. Arjun allows his subordinate to usurp the Luthras’ wealth. Rishabh talks to Preeta about Arjun.

Monday 25 December 2023

Episode 127

Preeta and Srishti visit Snigdha’s house to get Arjun’s fingerprints. Arjun learns that Preeta and Srishti are trying to know his reality. Anjali calls Arjun outside the Luthra Mansion and asks him a question. Soon, Arjun tells the Luthras that he owns their property.

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Episode 128

Preeta learns that Arjun’s signature matches with Karan’s. Anjali asks the Luthras to vacate the house within a week. Arjun proposes marriage to Preeta in exchange for letting the Luthras stay. Preeta agrees to it, which shocks everyone else except Rakhi.

Wednesday 27 December 2023

Episode 129

Rishabh talks to Arjun. Shambhu and his recruits abduct Sherlyn to extract money from Prithvi. He suggests Shambhu a heist in the Luthra Mansion to repay him. Meanwhile, Arjun and Preeta are ready to get married.

Thursday 28 December 2023

Episode 130

The Luthras and their guests try hard to defend against Prithvi, Shambhu and his recruits. Srishti overhears Anjali professing her love for Arjun. Arjun is speechless when Preeta calls him Karan.

Friday 29 December 2023

Episode 131

Anjali helps Prithvi, Shambhu and his recruits come out of the room, where they were locked. Daljeet’s arrival pleases Preeta and Srishti. Later, Rishabh is grateful to Arjun for not taking Kavya away.

Saturday 30 December 2023

Episode 132

Anjali tries to shoot Preeta secretly. Prithvi foils Anjali’s plan of shooting Preeta and tries to shoot Rakhi. However, Arjun gets shot in trying to save Rakhi. Anjali fears being exposed in front of Arjun after the police arrive there.

Sunday 31 December 2023

Episode 133

Anjali tries to commit suicide. Prithvi hits Arjun on the head and replaces him as Preeta’s groom. Unaware of this, Priyanka suggests Anjali a plan to replace Preeta. Later, Preeta feels strange to see Prithvi in the groom’s attire.

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Shaurya notices the blood flowing from his head, he furiously picks up another bottle which she breaks after hitting against the counter demanding that the Rajveer should come to fight. The inspector warns him to stop this nonsense when Shaurya pushes him away asking when did he not stop Rajveer when he was touching the shirt as he does not even have the wealth to stand here, Rajveer says that Shaurya does not know how to talk since he ahs not seen the world and if he wants to play then should go to the playground, Shaurya says and Rajveer must know that the club is for enjoyment which he has ruined, the inspector once again holds Shaurya by the collar but his friend manages to free him and they all try to run away however Rajveer seeing them running away hits Shaurya in the feet with a stick due to which he falls on the floor.


Preeta wakes up in the bed when she gets a call from Shristhi who is really worried for Rajveer and asks if he is fine, Preeta mentions that Shristhi would have woken up suddenly and is feeling tensed but can she feel there is anything wrong by her voice. Shristhi informs that she is feeling really weird and wants to talk with him so requests Preeta to go and call him but Preeta explains Rajveer might have fallen asleep, she assures she would make sure he calls her first thing in the morning. Preeta herself tries to call Rajveer but the phone is not connecting she thinks she would go and check by herself.

Shaurya’s friend hands him the baseball bat after jumping on the car, the inspector rushes to catch him while Shaurya tries his best to hit Rajveer who falls on the floor however he manages to hit Shaurya who also falls down. Shaurya’s friend this the inspector on the hand with a bottle, which angers him so he calls the constable to bring even more police force.

Rajveer exclaims he is not going to leave Shaurya since he hurt his aunt, Shaurya replies he is not going to let go of him before the police ever arrives, he hits Rajveer who falls on the entrance on the club, Shaurya tries to hit him once again but Rajveer manages to block it and hit Shaurya who after getting up explains that Rajveer should understand his capacity as Rajveer is not able to fight him even when he is drunk just because of his immense capacity, they both once again start fighting with all their strength. Shaurya manages to hold Rajveer by his collar, they both push each other and fall outside the club after hurting each other, Shaurya manages to get on top of Rajveer and hits him with a punch, Rajveer then pushes Shaurya away and he is the one who hits the punch as a revenge they both are struggling to stay on top of each other. Rajveer finally pushes Shaurya away.

Nidhi questions what is Rakhi doing and tries to leave, Karina asks what has happened to Shaurya and why is she not replying, Karina questions why is she not saying anything. Rakhi explains it relates to her grandson so she should reveal the truth, Nidhi mentions that she will tell them and knows it is her fault, she starts acting emotional explaining it her fault that she was not able to raise him properly but they all cannot see that she loves her son a lot, but the boy is trying to trap Shaurya because of money, she tries to leave however Rakhi stops her explaining that no one is going to blame her however she must tell what is happening.

Nidhi explains she talked with Shaurya a while ago to ask him when he is coming back when she heard that there is someone who is trying to threaten by sending him to jail, as the boy said h wants to take revenge of his mother. Rakhi asks who is the boy and who is his mother, Nidhi says she just wants to know if her Shaurya is fine, she wonders how can she find him.

Rakhi informs Karina di that they should tell Karan since it is not a small thing, Karina agrees saying tey should tell Karan as he would surely be able to protect his son.

Shaurya asks what did Rajveer think that he would come to get him h here, informing the police men stand guard at the functions in his house, he threatens to ruin the face of Rajveer blaming he has made a very big mistake and even threatens to ruin him, Rajveer hits Shaurya with a head bud after which he falls on the floor, Rajveer says Shaurya said he still has a lot of strength even after being drunk but he exclaims people like Shaurya should remain locked up in jail. Rajveer pushes Shaurya outside when he says he has to be arrested, Shaurya explains the inspector is making a very big mistake, but the inspector refuses to listen. The bartender answers the call of Nidhi who asks where is her son, he informs that Shaurya got arrested and might have left his phone here by accident.

Shaurya is sitting in the car when Rajveer comes to him, Shaurya says he must not forget what he said in the club, Rajveer explains he knows that Shaurya is not that intelligent, and his senses also do not work but he can see clearly so should understand that he is going to the police station. Rajveer exclaims he feels like slapping Shaurya as if someone had taught him a lesson then he would not be like this. The inspector coming mentions Rajveer must also come to the police station to file the complaint against Shaurya.

Rakhi and Karina exclaim they should tell Karan as he is the only one who get Shaurya out of jail.

Karan is working in the room when Nidhi comes explaining she has to talk with him about something important, Karan gets furious saying that he does not want to know about it if it relates to the house hold matters, Rakhi entering asks what is this way to talk with Nidhi, Karina mentions that he is a member of their family so if they face any problem then would only inform him, and it is his duty to help them. Karan apologizes asking what has happened, Nidhi reveals that Shaurya got arrested hearing which he is shocked.

Preeta slowly gets up to check on Rajveer but hits the vase and worries that it is a new house, she checks the room of Rajveer so thinks that Shristhi was right to get worried because Rajveer is not really in the room, she tries calling him.

Rajveer reaches the police station when he gets a call from Preeta so leaves.

Shaurya informs the inspector that he is making a very big mistake because he does not know who his father is and he is Shaurya Luthra the son of Karan Luthra, hearing this the inspector is stunned when Shaurya sits down.

Rajveer going out of the police station apologizes to Preeta, she asks how did he leave without telling her when they have just arrived in Mumbai and he does not even have any friends here, she demands he should come back right now. Rajveer replies he is at the police station, Preeta gets worried hearing about it and asks if she should also come , Rajveer reveals that he found the person who caused the accident of the bus hearing this Preeta is shocked.

Preeta in shock asks Rajveer what is he doing in the police station and she asks if she should also come there, Rajveer informs he found the person who caused the accident of the bus, Preeta recalling the accident questions why does he behave like this as they are fine and he went from the house just to take revenge. Rajveer explains he should be punished for his crimes since they all were in danger and Preeta once again went back inside the bus to save the girl so he feels they should teach him a lesson. Preeta asks him to take care of himself inquiring in which police station is he now, Rajveer mentions he is in the Chambur police station but questions why is she asking, Preeta replies she just wants to know where he is now.

Preeta thinks she feels she should also go to the police station since Rajveer said that the boy belongs to a very rich family, sand they might cause a lot of problem because of their money.


Karan is trying to call but the phone is not connecting so he asks if she is sure the phone was at the club, Nidhi assures when she last talked the bartender answered the call, he asks where was she partying when Nidhi hesitantly replies she does not know, Karan gets furious asking why does she not know anything when it relates to Shaurya is she claims to take care of him, Rakhi karan why is he talking like this to a women, Nidhi gets irritated saying there is no need for her to interfere, karan mentions this is not the time to behave like this because it is right to say that the child of this house has gotten out of their hand.

Preeta standing outside the house is not able to find an auto, so she calls Palki asking where can they find the auto, palki explains the auto stand is right around the corner but why does she want to go there in the middle of the night, Preeta explains that Rajveer filed the complaint against the person who caused the accident, so he is in the police station. Palki explains she is coming to him, but Preeta requests her to not come and go back to sleep, Palki reaching to Preeta asks what has happened, she informs that Rajveer got the person who caused the accident arrested and so is in the police station.

The inspector stands up to Shaurya explaining that he does not care who is the father of Shaurya, but he will be arrested, Shaurya’s friends request him to hurry up since they cannot remain here anymore and if their father find out then would surely kill them, Shaurya demands his phone call but the Inspector angrily says that he does not care of anyone.

Nidhi says that she is actually the mother of Shaurya, karan asks then does she know what he does and where he goes, Nidhi says she knows everything but she cannot talk about it with karan who always judges him, Nidhi explains that the surname of Luthra is the biggest problem because everyone tends to take money from him, Nidhi explains she heard Shaurya saying that the boy should take money from him, but Karan should know about the incident in front of his office where he not only gave them money but also a house. Nidhi informs she heard the same boy who got Shaurya arrested in the background, karan furiously leaves.

Shaurya explains he is talking of law to which the inspector agrees but says that the law also gives him the right to throw the culprit in jail. Shaurya goes to the landline when he dials the phone number of Nidhi informing the police have arrested him and he is in the Chambur police station, explaining not only this place but even the people are disgusting, the inspector ends the call explaining law only gives this long, Nidhi runs to Karan without saying anything.

The inspector asks the constable to put the boys and girls in the separate sections.

Nidhi runs to karan informing Shaurya is in the Chambur police station, they turn to leave but Bani Dadi coming to the stars asks if Shaurya is locked up, she while trying to run twists her ankle, they help Bani Dadi sit on the couch. Karan assures he will bring back Shaurya but she should not be worried, Nidhi instructs Rakhi mom to call the doctor but Karan himself calls the doctor explaining he will bring back Shaurya, he asks Nidhi to come so they both rush upstairs. Bani Dadi asks if Shaurya has done something wrong, Karina and Rakhi assure that he will come back.

Shaurya is in the lockup with his friend when Rajveer enters the police station so walks to them, Shaurya says that anyone can say when the lion is locked up, Rajveer explains that the lion in the circus is just a lion by face but is a monkey by his habit. Shaurya threatens that he will meet Rajveer alone, but he says that he tried to come and meet however Shaurya ran away in his car, Shaurya angrily replies that he is going to teach Rajveer a lesson, the inspector warns them to remain quiet as he has to do his work, he even asks Rajveer to come and fill the form.
Bani Dadi is in immense pain when Karina asks if she can actually walk but Bani Dadi explains she cannot walk at all, karan and Nidhi enter the house with the doctor. Rakhi asks why did they not go till now to which the doctor says that his car broke down so he asked karan to come and he brought them here, Karan offers to take Bani Dadi to the room but Rakhi says they can do it, the doctor praises Karan for being the best son and Grandson, Rakhi mentions it would have been better if he was even a good father, Karan says she must say it to his mother as she is responsible, Nidhi thinks she knows that karan is always talking about Karan when he mentions the mother of Shaurya, she thinks that Preeta is still alive even when she has died.

Preeta in the auto is really worried explaining that she does not know what has happened to Rajveer but Palki explains that he just went there to get the person arrested so he would be fine, Preeta informs she is really worried when they try to call Rajveer but he does not answer, Palki asks his contact and also tries to call Rajveer, the constable asks Rajveer to answer the call, Rajveer is not able to reply after hearing the voice of Palki, Preeta taking the mobile also asks if he is fine when Rajveer assures that nothing wrong has happened to him, the inspector says he should even ask the lady to come who was with him in the police station. Shaurya from behind warns the inspector to not arrest him on the complaint of Rajveer as it is not right, Preeta starts panicking and asks the auto driver to drive really fast. Rajveer angrily goes to Shaurya explaining he would not be locked up if he had the manners.


Preeta steps out of the auto when it stops on the signal thinking they have reached the police station, Palki comes to her informing that they have not arrived so she goes back to sit inside, Karan and Nidhi also stop at the auto, Nidhi gets furious but karan says the signal would be of just a minute and there is nothing to worry about, Karan however is not able to start the car and gets frustrated.

Shaurya asks if Rajveer is new in Mumbai who replies he had to come because of an emergency, Shaurya calls him stupid when Rajveer replies Shaurya is the one who is stupid, Shaurya’s friend wars Rajveer to not say anything else to Shaurya as it is not nice, Rajveer says that he has made such friends who are only with him because of his money, the inspector asks Rajveer to come and fill the form. Shaurya explains that even the dog acts brave when the lion is locked up, he vows to teach them all a lesson once he is released, Rajveer is furious.

Rajveer walks to Shaurya saying even if he did not learn his lesson while being behind bars, then e promises to teach Shaurya a lesson when he comes out like that a big brother should have given him, Shaurya says no thankyou when Rajveer replies he was informing that Shaurya needs a brother who can slap him whenever he makes any mistake, Shaurya asks him to watch his mouth when Rajveer replies that Shaurya should first learn to watch his own mouth. The inspector instructs the constable to shift them in the corner cell, he then asks Rajveer to come and fill the form. Shaurya says they can shift him wherever they desire but when his father comes then they would have to pay the price and by mistake if his mother comes then they would surely lose their job. Preeta and Palki both reach the police station, the reporters also reach there but are stopped from entering the police station.


Rajveer is filling in the form when he hears Preeta calling him, the inspector thinks she came here before the father of Shaurya. Preeta is shocked seeing the injury of Rajveer and questions who has done this to him, she explains that she felt weird and so came here. Rajveer questions if Palki brought her here, she says that his actions have brought them here. The lady constable asks if she is his girlfriend, they both reply that they are not related to each other. Rajveer informs Preeta is his aunt, but she replies he is lying as she is his mother, palki is shocked when Preeta informs she has to act as his mother as she took his responsibility and now would have to be strict with him since he came out of the house in midnight and even got injured.