Strings of Love November Teasers 2023


Strings of Love November Teasers 2023

Santosh and Ajeet blame Seerat for ruining Sahiba’s life and ask her to leave the house. Coming up on Starlife Strings Of Love November 2023 Teasers:

Starlife Strings Of Love November 2023 Teasers

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Episode 87

Garry informs Seerat that Angad has found her and she runs away before Angad enters the room. Later, Angad agrees to take part in the Pag Phera ritual with Sahiba.

Thursday 2 November 2023

Episode 88

Manbeer declares that Angad will not go to Sahiba’s house with her, but Angad convinces her to let him go. Later, Jasleen confronts Keerat about her disguise.

Friday 3 November 2023

Episode 89

Sahiba gives a befitting reply when Garry tries to humiliate her. Later, Sahiba is stunned when a furious Manbeer traps Angad with a shocking condition.

Saturday 4 November 2023

Episode 90

Sahiba and Angad visit her parents for the first time after their marriage. Elsewhere, Seerat decides to return to the Mongas’ house to question Sahiba.

Sunday 5 November 2023

Episode 91

Sahiba urges Angad to share a room with her but he refuses to do so. Later, Ajeet’s emotional revelation convinces Sahiba to forgive Santosh.

Monday 6 November 2023

Episode 92

Hansraj poisons Manbeer’s mind by telling her that Sahiba has plans to take Angad away from her life. Meanwhile, Angad attends the feast with his in-laws.

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Episode 93

To annoy Angad, Sahiba serves him spicy food. Seerat tries to enter the house and gets emotional after hearing her neighbours gossip.

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Episode 94

Sahiba helps Angad to get on the bed and puts an ice pack on his back to ease his pain. Later, Manbeer learns about Angad’s injury and rushes to see him.

Thursday 9 November 2023

Episode 95

Manbeer blames Santosh and Sahiba for Angad’s injury, but the latter defends them. Later, Angad refuses to return home with Manbeer which upsets her.

Friday 10 November 2023

Episode 96

Sahiba gets surprised after she spots Seerat in the house and questions about her sudden disappearance. However, Seerat blames Sahiba for her plight.

Saturday 11 November 2023

Episode 97

Santosh and Ajeet blame Seerat for ruining Sahiba’s life and ask her to leave the house. However, Sahiba sympathises with Seerat and tries to stop them.

Sunday 12 November 2023

Episode 98

Seerat promises not to forgive her parents for throwing her out of the house. Later, she tells Garry to marry her, but the latter refuses.

Monday 13 November 2023

Episode 99

After Garry refuses to have feelings for Seerat, she feels devastated. She realises her mistake and calls Sahiba to apologise for misunderstanding her.

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Episode 100

When Sahiba jumps into the river to save Seerat, Angad follows in to rescue them. Later, Sahiba blames her parents for Seerat’s decision.

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Episode 101

When Sahiba jumps into the river to save Seerat, Angad follows in to rescue them. Later, Sahiba blames her parents for Seerat’s decision.

Thursday 16 November 2023

Episode 102

After Seerat regains her senses, Angad probes her about the boy she fled with. However, Seerat breaks down and seeks forgiveness from Angad for ditching him.

Friday 17 November 2023

Episode 103

Santosh warns Seerat against revealing Garry’s name in front of Angad. Meanwhile, Sahiba gets determined to find the person responsible for Seerat’s condition.

Saturday 18 November 2023

Episode 104

Sahiba gives a stern reply when the neighbours question Seerat’s return. However, she becomes doubtful about Seerat and Santosh’s conversation.

Sunday 19 November 2023

Episode 105

Sahiba returns to the Brar mansion and faces questions about Seerat’s escape. When Angad blames her for the situation, she challenges him to find the culprit.

Monday 20 November 2023

Episode 106

Manbeer wants to leave the house as Angad refuses to tell her about his conversation with Sahiba. Later, Keerat objects to Manbeer criticising Sahiba.

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Episode 107

When Manbeer faints, Sahiba’s presence of mind helped to save her. Later, Sahiba decides to confront Seerat after learning about Garry and her truth.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Episode 108

Seerat grows anxious when Sahiba visits the Mongas’ house and questions her about Garry. Meanwhile, Sahiba is determined to bring Garry’s truth to light.

Thursday 23 November 2023

Episode 109

Garry tries to humiliate Sahiba, but she gives him a befitting reply. Later, he gets restless when he receives a shocking ultimatum from Seerat.

Friday 24 November 2023

Episode 110

Sahiba and Angad get into an argument when the latter exposes his truth in front of Manbeer. Later, Sahiba gets humiliated for cooking food for the Brars.

Saturday 25 November 2023

Episode 111

Sahiba makes arrangements to celebrate Vaisakhi while the Brars gather to witness it. Later, Garry gets tensed as Seerat orders him to meet her at Gurudwara.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Episode 112

Keerat informs Sahiba that Seerat is planning to meet Garry at the Gurudwara. To unveil her truth in front of Angad, Sahiba urges him to accompany her.

Monday 27 November 2023

Episode 113

Sahiba sees Seerat at the Gurudwara and keeps an eye on her. However, Garry spots Sahiba and Angad from afar and runs away before getting caught.

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Episode 114

A brawl breaks out outside the Gurudwara, and Sahiba sustains wounds while attempting to save Angad. Later, Angad helps Sahiba quench her thirst

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Episode 115

Sahiba provides proof against Garry in front of Angad. Angad gets shocked to find Garry with Seerat at the Gurdwara and confronts him for betraying his trust.

Thursday 30 November 2023

Episode 116

Garry cooks up a story and manages to convince Angad that Sahiba is lying about his relationship with Seerat. Later, Angad asks Sahiba to prove her claims.

Manveer’s Friend Humiliates Sahiba

Manveer’s friend Pamela with her daughter Shanaya comes to meet Manveer from London. Manveer gets happy seeing them. Gurleen meets them next. Manveer says Pamela forgot her friend after going to London. Pamela says she got busy in work and couldn’t even attend Angad’s wedding. Shanaya looks around. Gurleen asks if she is searching something. Shanaya asks about Garry. Pamela says Shanaya likes Garry and she wants to talk about their alliance. Garry walks in. Shanaya gets happy seeing him. Jasleen walks in next and meets Pamela. Jasleen reminds Garry of Pamela unty from London and asks him to touch her feet. Pamela says she doesn’t believe in old traditions and hugs Garry. They all take a seat. Pamela asks Manveer to introduce her to her DIL. Sahiba brings tea with maid Sukhdeep. Pamela interacts with Sukhdeep. Sahiba makes tea for Pamela. Pamela tells Manveer that she got a young maid and asks Sahiba since how long she has been working. Sahiba sits silently. Pamela asks if she doesn’t know English and asks in Hindi.

Angad walks in and tries to speak, but Manveer orders him to shut his mouth and orders Sahiba to go from there. Pamela asks Manveer to be kind to her maid and offers money to Sahiba asking her to serve her similar tea whenever she visitgs Brar mansion. Sahiba says she can’t accept money but will serve her tea until she is in Brar mansion. Manveer shouts at her again to leave. Sahiba tries to leave again. Shanaya says her dress looks very pretty with intricate embroidery. Sahiba says she did it herself. Angad scolds her for coming in front of guest wearing a cheap dress instead of sophisticated costly one.

Santossh notices Seerat trying to walks out of house and asks where she is going. Seerat says to a friend’s house. Santosh says she will not go out of the house until her wedding is fixed and says she misused her leniance and humiliated whole family, now she will not take a chance. She gives vegetable to her and asks her to peel it. Angad asks Sahiba if she loves humiliating him. Sahiba says there is nothing wrong being called as maid as no work is small. Angad saays she is associated with him now and her each wrong move will humiliate him. Manveer shouts at Sahiba again to leave. Jasleen stops Sahiba and tells Jasleen that she shouldn’t lie to her friend as her friend will feel bad if she learns truth from media or someone else. Pamela asks what is happening and asks Manveer where is her DIL. Garry says Sahiba is Manveer’s DIL and she looks like a maid as she is from Shimlapuri. Pamela is shocked and says Manveer told her DIL is rich like them. Jasleen says Manveer lied to her.

Strings Of Love Upcoming Episodes

Sahiba gets a parcel from an unknown person. She finds gifts with a note from Angad addressing her by her pet mane billi and praising her for her determination and encouraging her to never give up easily. Angad walks in and looks at the parcel. He gets a call from his lawyer Jethania who informs that Akaal’s bail hearing is tomorrow. He praises Jethania for arranging Akaal’s hearing so soon. Jethania says it’s not him but the judge himself preponed the hearing. Sahiba hears that and prays god to get Akaal out of jail soon. Angad says she doesn’t have any right to pray for his Daarji. Sahiba says he has been staying with her since long and does he think she can do that. Angad asks what if he had sent his father in a fake case and denied any allegation, would she have believed him. Sahiba fails to convince him.


Garry reveals Jasleen that he is the mastermind behind this drama as he wanted to take revenge from Sahiba. Jasleen says Akaal would be in jail because of his vile plan, he warned him to concentrate on the business. Garry says he is doing all this for the business itself, Sahiba will go to jail for filing a fake case, he used an opportunity when Akaal and Angad are not in talking terms, etc. Jasleen says Sahiba wouldn’t keep quiet and will surely catch a person behind all this, so he should be careful.

Next day, court hearing starts. Judge tells that 2 people had tried to influence him and sought sympathy for Akaal. Angad thinks who the other person is. Judge says Sahiba had visited his house in an illegal way and pleaded him to free Akaal and prosecute her instead, so he is granting bail to Akaal on Sahiba’s request. He orders police to do proper investigation and report to him. Inspector agrees. Akaal returns home. Japjyoth emotionally Akaal and expresses his importance in her life. Sahiba apologizes Akaal for the problem he faced and pleads to trust her that she didn’t file this complaint. Akaal shouts if he should fall on her face and pleads to bail him out. He says she is unfit to be a Brar DIL, but he approved her; he wants her to be out of his house, but can’t do that or else people will think he really tortured her. He blames Angad for giving lenience to Sahiba even after his warning and continues to shout that Sahiba is a fraud.

Inder walks in and says they can kick Sahiba out of the house in 5 minutes and asks Angad to sign divorce papers and free himself from Sahiba’s clutch. Inder tells Angad that Akaal is released from jail today, so even he should sign divorce papers and release himself from a forceful relationship. He asks Sahiba to spare his son and go away from him. Sahiba says she will not sign as it would mean she would accept that she had filed case against Akaal. She asks him if he asked what Angad wants. Manveer asks Angad to sign papers and reveal what he wants. Angad picks papers with trembling hands. Sahiba asks Angad if he can trust her and support her. Angad keeps papers on a table and walks away, leaving all the Brars in shock and fuming. Saara Jag Chad Ke Bas Tenu Hi Hai Chuneya.. song plays in the background. Sahiba follows Angad to their room. Angad looks at Sahiba via a mirror. Sahiba picks his sent gift box and shows that she accepted

it and walks towards him. Angad walks away from there.

Akaal gathers family and says Sahiba lost a right to be a Brar DIL. He tells Seerat that if she keeps any connection with her sister, even she will lose her right to be a Brar DIL. Manveer says if they keep Sahiba, people will think they got afraid of her and if they kick her out of the house, people will think Sahiba is right and they are wrong. Sahiba says she will leave the house if they want her to go. Jasleen comments followed by others. Akaal says Sahiba broke their trust and betrayed them. Sahiba says they never trusted her and never considered part of their family, they should have supported her and help her catch real culprit. Manveer says Sahiba should go and stay in store room again and spare Angad. Veer says they can’t do this with Sahiba. Gurleen says Sahiba did wrong with them, so he shouldn’t interfere. Sahiba says she will shift to store room if they want to and will prove her innocence and if she fails, she will divorce Angad as per their wish and leave Brar house forever. She walks to her room and packs her clothes. Angad hides her dupatta. Sahiba leaves for store room. Manveer walks in and says Angad can sleep peacefully now. Seerat notices Garry stealing her jewelry and confronts him. He pushes her away and leaves. Jasleen sees him and stops. Jewelry box falls down. Angad picks it and checks it. He notices other jewelry pieces in a bag and asks where is he carrying their store room jewelry. Jasleen says its her jewelry and she asked him to keep it in locker. Garry says she is right. Manveer notices it and says its Seerat’s jewelry. Jasleen calls Seerat and says Seerat gave it to her to keep it in a locker. Seerat nods yes. Jasleen taunts Manveer that her DIL is not like Manveer’s DIL to oppose her. Garry leaves with jewelry

Keerat calls Sahiba and informs that she asked his IT friend to erase ring on the culprit’s finger and he found a tatoo in it’s place. Sahiba says its a good clue for them to reach the culpri, soon they will Garry offers Seerat’s jewelry to his girlfriend Sara. Sara says she risked her life by wearing Sahiba’s mask and enacting as her, he had promised a huge sum, but is giving just his wife’s jewelry. Garry says this is just the beginning and he will give her more. He notices her still wearing snake-shaped ring and asks her to remove it immediately. Sara says let it be as it’s his lucky charm. He forcefully removes it from her finger, revealing her finger tattoo, and asks her to leave. Sara leaves, leaving her house key in the car by mistake. Sahiba’s lawyer calls her and asks for her marriage certificate. Angad cries looking at Sahiba’s dupatta. Seerat knocks the door and walks in. Angad hides dupatta behind him. Seerat says she brought a windchime for him as it would get positive energy and insists to fix it herself while he says he will do it later.


Sahiba walks in next. Seerat reminds that Sahiba’s words enter Angad’s room only after knocking the door. Sahiba sahiba she is still Angad’s wife and doesn’t need to knock the door. She notices windchime and says Angad likes pin drop silence while sleep, so fixing windchime is a bad idea. Seerat says she is worried about Angad’s sleep even after complaining against Akaal and making Angad sleepless. Sahiba informs Angad that her lawyer needs their marriage certificate. Angad hands it over to her. Seerat says Angad will divorce her if she doesn’t prove herself innocent, which is unlikely. Sahiba says there is no meaning for their relationship when Angad doesn’t value it at all.

Manveer gets a journalist’s call and says she doesn’t want to give any interview. She notices Inder’s phone ringing and picks it. Caller says he couldn’t search the said person, shall he stop searching now or continue his search. Manveer asks whom Inder is searching for. Inder returns and snatches his phone and warns not to cross her limits as they still are not in good terms. Angad misses Sahiba and imagines her in his room. Ek Kudi Ji Da Naam Mohabbath.. song plays in the background. He holds her dupatta and imagines her painting his nose and laughing at him. Even he laughs and then realizes he is imagining her.

Seerat misses Garry and thinks Garry’s presence and absence are equal to her as Garry doesn’t value her a bit, she will reveal Garry’s truth to Angad one day. She passes by Angad’s room and seeing him working on laptop offers him tea. Angad says earlier windchime and now tea, she doesn’t have to do so much for him. Seerat says he had promised to take care of him, so it’s her duty to take care of him. He sips tea and says its missing cardamom as Sahiba adds it. He asks why she is awake till now. Seerat says she is waiting for Garry. Angad asks to tell truth if she herself gave her jewelry to Garry. Seerat thinks Angad got suspicious. Garry walks in and asks Sahiba what is she doing with Angad. Seerat says Angad was working till late night, so she brought tea for him. Garry says she should prepare her husband’s favorite coffee also. Angad asks if everything is alright between them. Garry says yes, he had gone out with friends and even asked Seerat to accompany him, but she didn’t. He tells Seerat that he wants to spend quality time with her and takes her to room.

Sara calls Garry and says she left her home keys in his car. Garry says he can’t come now. Sara threatens that she will come there and reveal that she is Sara who disguised as Sahiba filed complaint against Akaal and put Sahiba into trouble. Garry angrily agrees to meet her and asks Seerat to give him a towel. Seerat asks where is he going. Garry says it’s none of her business and shouts at her.

Sahiba video calls Veer and Keerat and says she has made a list of tattoo shops areawise and sent them, they all 3 will go to different areas and check each tattoo stop to find where the imposter got her tattoo made. Maid walks to Sahiba and says Inder needs a herbal decoction and chef is on leave. Sahiba says she will prepare it and asks her not to reveal Inder that she prepared it. Garry walks to parking lot and meets Sara. Sara asks her home keys and threatens that she will not spare him until he pays her full amount. Garry finds Sara’s keychain in his car and returns to her. Sahiba hears sound outside and peeps from window. She notices Garry with a girl who has a snake tattoo in her finger.
Sahiba notices a girl/Sara with Garry and thinks who she must be. Sara drops her keychain and picks it back. Sahiba notices snake-shaped tattoo in Sara’s finger and thinks it can help her reach the culprit. She rushes out and hides seeing Garry returning home and once he goes in walks out. Sara hides behind the car seeing her. Sarhiba searches for her and finds just a dupatta. Sara hits her head with a plant pot from behind, and she collapses. Sara snatches back her dupatta and runs away. Angad doesn’t get sleep due to windchime sound and goes to window to remove it. He notices someone in a parking area and walks out. He is shocked to see Sahiba lying unconscious on the floor and takes her to his room. He wakes her up after much effort and asks what had happened to her. Sahiba tries to speak. Manveers walks in corridor thinking whom Inder is searching for. Angad walks out of his room supporting Sahiba. Manveer asks him if he is fine and what is Sahiba doing in his room. Angad says he is fine, he saw Sahiba unconscious in a parking lot. Manveer yells it’s Sahiba’s usual drama to gain attention. Sahiba says she should question her son instead for helping her when she didn’t ask for. She walks towards her room holding her head. Angad asks Seerat if she or Garry had gone out. Seerat recalls her argument with Garry and thinks though she and Garry are at loggerheads, she is in this house because of Garry. She lies that they both were inside the room itself. Sahiba gets suspicious.

Next day, Sahiba meets Veer and Keerat and says they should divide themselves area-wise and check each tattoo shop to find out where the tattoo on the culprit girl is made. She warns them to be careful, recalling last night’s event. She checks different tattoo shops and fails. Veer meets Keerat and says his list got over and hence he came to help her. They visit a shop. Artist confuses them as a couple and asks if they want a matching couple tattoo. Keerat gets angry on him. Veer handles the situation and shows tattoo to the artist. Artist says it’s not from their shop as they don’t do such a lame job. Veer tells Keerat that he thinks the girl gvot the tattoo out of Ludhiana as they searched all the shops. Sahiba reaches a shop where the tattoo is made and requests the artist to tell who got this tattoo done. Artist refuses to divulge any details as per their shop policy.

Inder scolds his detective for failing to search his said person. Manveer notices him and thinks whom he is talking hiding. A school teacher takes students for a picnic and counts them before getting them on bus. She counts only 12 students out of 13. She notices Simran missing, notices a cookie pack in a student’s hand, student says Simran gave her and went out to have chat, she says Simran is a foodie and must have gone to have chat. Simran enters chats. She buys kachori from a shop and refuses to pay. Shopkeeper runs behind her calling her a thief. She enacts as a cloth shop mannequin and seeing Sahiba standing nearby requests her not to get her caught. Shopkeepers ask Sahiba if she saw a thief girl who ate snacks and didn’t pay. Sahiba scolds them for calling a girl as thief, pays them, and sends them away. Simran happily hugs and thanks her and calls her didi.