Imlie November Teasers 2023


Imlie November Teasers 2023

A misunderstanding arises between Agastya and Imlie involving a job offer. Coming up on Starlife Imlie November 2023 Teasers

Starlife Imlie November 2023 Teasers

Wednesday 1 November 2023
Episode 808

Imlie takes Kairi to summer camp; Atharva discovers Kairi doesn’t need to pay fees; Imlie finds Atharva’s letter but can’t read his name.

Thursday 2 November 2023
Episode 809

Dhairya’s gift for Imlie gets destroyed by Devika; Kairi plans a surprise for Imlie’s birthday instead.

Friday 3 November 2023
Episode 810

Kairi is locked in a room by jealous children at camp, while Devika makes a promise to Rudra.

Saturday 4 November 2023
Episode 811

Kairi contacts Chini, who becomes concerned upon hearing Imlie’s voice. Later, Imlie visits Atharva’s shop to repair Kairi’s guitar.

Sunday 5 November 2023
Episode 812

Chini sneaks into the camp to discover if Imlie is in Goa, and Kairi spots Chini while attempting to make magic water for Imlie.

Monday 6 November 2023
Episode 813

Kairi’s disappointment leads to getting stuck in a ditch, while Atharva contacts the Rana mansion.

Tuesday 7 November 2023
Episode 814

Imlie rescues Kairi, leaving Chini shocked and concerned about the potential repercussions.

Wednesday 8 November 2023
Episode 815

Chini interrupts Imlie and Kairi’s camp and takes Kairi home, while Devika agrees to visit Imlie in Goa.

Thursday 9 November 2023
Episode 816

Rudra is surprised and decides to join Kairi to meet Chini after seeing a picture of Kairi with her.

Friday 10 November 2023
Episode 817

Rudra discovers that Atharva is alive, and Chini plans to keep his identity hidden at the summer camp.

Saturday 11 November 2023
Episode 818

Rudra offers Chini money to start a new life with Atharva, while Kairi’s speech brings out strong emotions in Imlie.

Sunday 12 November 2023
Episode 819

Atharva is surprised to find Imlie near Kairi, but she doesn’t notice him as her attention is focused on Kairi’s injury.

Monday 13 November 2023
Episode 820

Atharva feels disheartened when Kairi wants to make a card for her mother, while Imlie is happy when Kairi gifts her a card on Mother’s Day.

Tuesday 14 November 2023
Episode 821

Atharva reveals the truth about his accident to Rudra when the two meet at the camp.

Wednesday 15 November 2023
Episode 822

Imlie is heartbroken as Dhairya confesses his love for her while Atharva becomes angry and misunderstands the situation.

Thursday 16 November 2023
Episode 823

Atharva and Imlie save Kairi from a disaster, leading to a reunion that concerns Chini.

Friday 17 November 2023
Episode 824

Atharva and Imlie panicked when Kairi falls seriously ill; Atharva expresses shock when Imlie asks about Kairi’s mother, and they rush to the hospital.

Saturday 18 November 2023
Episode 825

Dhairya defies airport security to find Imlie while Imlie is heartbroken to discover Chini’s relationship with Atharva and Kairi.

Sunday 19 November 2023
Episode 826

Kairi discovers her mother lives in the Rana mansion, bringing her joy, and she escapes the hospital to head to Delhi on a bus.

Monday 20 November 2023
Episode 827

Atharva is upset when Chini tells him that Kairi is missing; meanwhile, Kairi arrives at the Rana house after getting off the bus.

Tuesday 21 November 2023
Episode 828

Devika arranges a Pooja for Atharva, Imlie does Aarti, and she draws a sketch of her daughter for the police.

Wednesday 22 November 2023
Episode 829

Imlie plans to tell Devika about Atharva, but Rudra scolds her. She is shocked to find Kairi hiding in her room.

Thursday 23 November 2023
Episode 830

Chini grows anxious to learn about Kairi’s whereabouts and resolves to hide the truth from Atharva; Imlie decides to inform Atharva about Kairi.

Friday 24 November 2023
Episode 831

Imlie is panicked when Kairi is abducted from the Rana house; Atharva is angry upon hearing the news.

Saturday 25 November 2023
Episode 832

Kairi runs away from Anu’s house and Imlie helps her search; Titli assists Kairi.

Sunday 26 November 2023
Episode 833

After hearing Kairi’s voice at the fair, Imlie rescues her from a dark room; Atharva gets shocked when Kairi chooses to stay with Imlie.

Monday 27 November 2023
Episode 834

Devika is surprised by Atharva’s survival and accuses Imlie and Rudra of hiding the truth. She confronts Atharva about the past five years.

Tuesday 28 November 2023
Episode 835

Atharva reveals Chini’s contribution in his coma recovery to Devika and accuses Imlie of kidnapping Kairi, prompting him to seek police intervention.

Wednesday 29 November 2023
Episode 836

Imlie is jailed and Atharva, Chini and Kairi plan to leave. However, Kairi insists on seeing Imlie and then faints.

Thursday 30 November 2023
Episode 837

Kairi gets comforted by Imlie and they have a small celebration, while Devika disagrees over Imlie’s divorce.

Other Starlife Teasers

Imlie Finds a Bomb In Kairi’s Watch

Ranas drop Kairi to school. A goon disguised as a peon stops them at the gate and says they can’t get in from here. Imlie says it’s Kairi’s first day at school. Family says let Kairi go in with other students. They all wish bye to Kairi. Goon makes students stand in a que to make them wear a bomb chip fixed watch. Imlie thinks she has seen that man. She walks in and tells Kairi that she forgot her ID card. and gives it to her. She then tells the goon peon that she has seen her somewhere before. Goon says she must have seen a poor and broke man like him as all poor and broke people look same. Rudra encourages him not to lose hope and to keep working hard till he attains success.

Back home, Atharva panics thinking how Kairi must be managing at school alone. Imlie asks him to relax and asks how he managed when he Kairi went to a camp for 5 days, he should let Kairi learn to manage things on her own. Family joins and Devika says she is trying to teach a man who doesn’t have any brain. Others laugh. Atharva says it’s already 2 p.m. and Kairi’s school must have been let off. Imlie hurriedly picks her bag and tries to rush out, scolding him for keeping her busy in talks. Family laughs more and says it’s just 12:30 and Atharva pulled her leg. Imlie says Atharva took a breath out of her with his joke. Atharva says even he felt same when Imlie went away from him. Family pull his legs next. Ginni asks him to repeat his dialogue. Atharva feels nervous. Imlie picks her bag and says she will go and bring Kairi. Atharva says even he will accompany her as family will pull his legs if he stays here. They both walk out of house while Ginni taunts them and Rudra prays god for their togetherness.

Keya looks at the orphan kids’ pics sent by orphanage for adoption. Akash asks her to pick one of them as they are all cute. Keya says she needs the best as she has to bear the child forever and throws the file down. Devika picks it and asks why did she throw the file away. Keya says it slipped from her hands. Akash says orphanage has sent kid’s pics to choose for adoption. Devika praises them for thinking of adopting a kid and walks away. Keya says they need to find a baby prettier than Kairi. Akash says they shall choose a boy who can take over Rana empire. Keya laughs.

Atharva and Imlie reach school and watch teacher teaching Kairi and other student a dance on Pal Pal Pal.. song. Peon fixes bomb chip fixed watches in all students’ wrists. Kairi shows her watch to her parents and thanks peon. Peon hopes he doesn’t get into trouble and asks Kairi to wear it during independence day function. They bring Kairi home. Imlie asks Kairi to remove her watch and practice dance or else she may break it. Kairi keeps watch down. Imlie looks at her Bhaskar Times ID card and hopes she rejoins Bhaskar times soon. She further looks at bomb detecting machine and keeps it and watch in her cupboard. She hears beep sound and is shocked to see bomb detective machine beeping over Kairi’s watch.

Imlie Upcoming Episodes 

Atharva looks at Imlie and Kairi’s photos and recalls Imlie’s words that they are divorced and no more related now. Devika with Shivani and Rudra walks in and tells Shivani that she knew he would be with Imlie and Kairi’s memories. Atharva says due to his mistakes, his family is going more far away from him. Shivani asks what did he do now. Atharva describes yesterday’s incident. Shivani says earlier he immensely loved Imlie and then immensely hated her, he needs to draw a line now. Rudra says his acts are troubling Imlie more than help. Devika says Rudra is right, he went into Imlie’s house via window, but Imlie will be blamed like she blamed Imlie when Atharva left home. Atharva says Imlie is out of job and her financial condition is not good, he is worried for her and Kairi. Devika says Imlie will not accept his monetary help and will find a job somehow, he should think how to calm her down and seek her forgiveness. She gives jamun fruit to him and asks him to give it to Kairi.


Imlie attends a job interview and apologizes interviewer for being late as she had to drop her daughter in a park. She shows her certificates to the interviewer describing her experience as Bhaskar Times’ intern and CEO of D and R Rana Transport. Interviewer says she is perfectly fit for this job and asks about her family. Imlie says she is a divorcee and a single mother. Interviewer says he can’t offer her this job as she would be busy taking care of her daughter and can’t give her 100% to her job. Imlie says she will manage. He says just like today, she will be late most of the time trying to take care of her daughter. Imlie leaves from there disappointed. She returns to society park. Kairi says society is organizing a father’s race on father’s day and she wants monkey paa to participate in it. Imlie says she will participate instead of paa. Neighbor aunties taunt Imlie and says she can’t participate in it. Society’s secretary supports Imlie and registers Imlie’s name in the race. He then tries to flirt with her. Imlie walks away from there with Kairi.

Imlie notices Atharva waiting for them, sends Kairi home, and walks to Atharva. She asks when will he learns from his mistakes; if he comes her uninvited, people will badmouth about her. Atharva says he understands and will remember it; he will not trouble her and Kairi unnecessarily and came here to deliver Devika’s sent jamun fruit to Kairi. Imlie recalls Kairi enjoying fruit with her grandparents and says she is silly not to ask about everyone because of Atharva. She asks about each family member. He says they are all trying to live without her and Kairi; he is also here to apologize her for last night’s incident and says Devika and Shivani made him realize that she has to bear humiliation because of his acts. She notices neighbors watching them and asks when will he learn from his mistakes. He says she should think about Kairi if not herself. She says why didn’t he think about Kairi when he stole Kairi from her and says she will not return to him at any cost, so he should stop having hopes. She leaves from there. He notices a kid asking her dad to participate in tomorrow’s race and thihnks only Kairi’s monkey paa will win the race tomorrow.

At night, Imlie sings a lullaby and makes Kairi sleep. She then goes to make preparations for Kairi’s breakfast. Kairi wakes up and calls her monkey paa from Imlie’s mobile. She tells him that she wasn’t getting sleep even after Imlie singing a lullaby for her and once Imlie went to kitchen, she called him. She says she needs both mamma and paa and can’t choose between them; she asks him to sing a lullaby for him. He sings Choti Si Pyari Si Nannhi si.. song. Kairi falls asleep. Imlie gets emotional seeing that.
Imlie over phone tells Devika how she is unable to take proper care of Kairi and how Kairi is missing Atharva. Devika says just like Atharva couldn’t give a motherly love to Kairi, Imlie can’t give fatherly love. Shivani says let her speak to her daughter Imlie and says she is confident that Imlie will handle Kairi. Imlie says she used to get along with Kairi before. Shivani says then she was Kairi’s princess mamma and now her real mamma. Devika says mother-daughter’s relationship is filled with sweet and sour memories, she is confident that Imlie will follow her responsibility diligently. Imlie says she feels confident talking to them. Shivani asks what happened to today’s job interview. Imlie says usual gender bias issue, interviewer felt a single mother can’t handle Imlie over phone tells Devika how she is unable to take proper care of Kairi and how Kairi is missing Atharva. Devika says just like Atharva couldn’t give a motherly love to Kairi, Imlie can’t give fatherly love. Shivani says let her speak to her daughter Imlie and says she is confident that Imlie will handle Kairi. Imlie says she used to get along with Kairi before. Shivani says then she was Kairi’s princess mamma and now her real mamma. Devika says mother-daughter’s relationship is filled with sweet and sour memories, she is confident that Imlie will follow her responsibility diligently. Imlie says she feels confident talking to them. Shivani asks what happened to today’s job interview. Imlie says usual gender bias issue, interviewer felt a single mother can’t handle her child and job together properly. Devika says interview is just acting as per society’s thoughts. Iml ie says she will change these old and baseless thoughts and rules.


Imlie attends interview as with the same interviewer disguised as Imlinder Singh and gives interview. Interviewer says yesterday, there was a female candidate with similar qualification and experience. Imlinder asks then why didn’t he give her a job then. Interviewer says she had a 5-year-old kid and wouldn’t have been able to handle both job and child. Imlinder says then he is also unfit for the job as he has a 5-year-old kid. Interviewer says he can join and they will decide later based on his dedication. Imlie reveals her identity and tongue lashes him for his gender bias and gives a long speech on women power. Interviewer stands with a bent head feeling guilty for his wrong thinking.

Imlie then returns to society to participate in father’s day drag race. Kairi says she is sure her mamma will win. Neighbor aunties taunt that Imlie is trying to act as Kairi’s father, but can never be one and can never win a race. Imlie determines to win the race to shut their mouth and teach them a lesson. Race starts. Imlie lags behind. Atharva joins Kairi. Kairi feels sad. Atharva asks her to cheer up Imlie. They both cheer up Imlie. Imlie feels confident but falls down. She imagines her father encouraging her mother always whenever she was in such situation and wins the race at the end moment. Kairi feels happy.

Imlie wins society’s father’s day drag race. Host announces third and second price winners. Geeta’s husband wins 2nd price and praises Imlie for coming first. He says she is a hero and Kairi is proud of her. Geeta gets angry and drags him away. Another woman also praises Imlie, leaving Geeta and Hema jealous. Host then announces Imlie as winner of 1st prize. Imlie gives speech on how women always run to get grocery, behind children, to get drying clothes from terrace, etc., and says running is a part of woman’s life and nobody should degrade them and instead support them in move of their life. Society’s secretary Sharma offers her prize and praises her. Imlie says she runs to gain speed and not win and doesn’t care whoever comes in between. She walks away leaving

him fuming.


Imlie gives her trophy to Kairi. Kairi feels happy. Atharva walks to them and congratulates Imlie. Imlie asks why is he here now when he could have participate in race. He says he wanted to participate in race, but when he heard Imlie and Kairi’s conversation yesterday where Kairi was sure that Imlie would lose, he decided to let Imlie participate and show her girl power. Kairi says they should celebrate. Imlie says Atharva has some work. Atharva says he is free and wants to join them if Imlie allows. Sharma walks in and asks Imlie if this man is troubling her, he will call guards and get him out of here. Atharva warns him to mind his language, he is Imlie’s… Imlie stops them and asks why they forcefully want to help a woman without seeking it and walks away from there. Atharva follows Imlie. Kairi sings a song for Imlie. Atharva says he feels jealous as she didn’t sing a song for him, but it’s okay as Imlie is a winner today. Kairi says let us have lunch outside. Atharva says he will book a table in a restaurant. Imlie says they will celebrate with ice cream. Atharva walks away. Imlie asks Kairi to go and play in the garden. Kairi says she can’t go as kids taunt her seeing her torn shoe. Imlie in a funny style mends Kairi’s shoes and make it look beautiful. Atharva returns with ice cream and feels sad seeing Imlie’s monetary condition. Imlie asks why he is feeling pity. Atharva says he can transfer some money in her account if she wants to. Imlie says she wants to teach Kairi that money is not everything in life, even he was teaching same to Kairi in Goa, then why he is stopping her. She asks him to keep ice cream in the fridge and leave.
Next morning, Imlie walks out of the house for job interview. Sharma stops her and asks her to become his secretary instead of searching for a job and enjoy life; she just has to do whatever he says, he will not penalize her for late rent payment and even will share food with her. Imlie calls Sharma’s wife and tells her what he said. Wife drags Sharma from there. Imlie delivers heavy dialogue praising herself and leaves for interview. Rudra seeks his business associate’s Chopra’s help to get a job to Imlie. Imlie gives interview to Chopra. Chopra says with her qualification and experience, she is perfect candidate for this job. Imlie says her previous interview said same but didn’t give her job as she has a 5-year-old kid and thinks she can’t handle both job and work together. Chopra says even he has a small kid and he manages job well. He says their office has a crutch in office where she can bring her daughter and let her play there. Imlie thanks him. He offers her appointment letter. Imlie leaves happily. She gets suspicious and walks back. Chopra calls Rudra and says he gave job with double salary than usual to Imlie and demands a business deal in return. Rudra promises. Chopra turns after finishing conversation and gets tensed seeing Imlie.
Revati offers prasad to family and thanks god that Imlie got a job now and can take good care of herself and Kairi. Imlie walks in and says they didn’t give her that chance. Devika asks her to come in as she is visiting them after a long time. Imlie says she will feel alone if she comes in as they all think she is useless and hence made a deal with Mr Chopra to give her a job in exchange of a business deal with D and R Rana company. Rudra says Chopra is his old friend and he just had a casual conversation with him. Imlie says she heard Rudra and Chopra’s conversation. Keya says she should be thankful to Rudra instead for getting her a job, she couldn’t herself got a job due to her incapability, even last time Rudra made her COO of his company without interviewing her, etc. Imlie says Rana chose her over his 2 sons as he found her competent and she agreed to help him, but this time he thinks she is incompetent and can’t take care of herself and Kairi.


Atharva requests her to accept this job for Kairi’s sake and says she is doing the same mistake he did 5 years ago. Imlie says he can’t compare his mistake to her decision, he had stolen a few-hour-old Kairi from her without even thinking about Kairi’s future, she is teaching Kairi to be strong and self-dependent like her. She continues to tongue lash him for his mistakes and leaves from there. She reaches society and notices Kairi’s friends refusing to share their doll with Kairi and insulting her saying her mother is poor and her father doesn’t stay with her. Sharma walks to Imlie and asks her to cooperate with him if she wants to fulfill her desires and daily needs. Imlie tongue lashes him for his cheap thinking and warns to expose him if he ever tries to come near her. Sharma determines to punish Imlie for reject his advances. Imlie then prepares dolls and tries to cheer up Kairi mimicking dolls. Kairi says she doesn’t need those ugly dolls and throws them away. She demands to return to Rana house as she has her dolls and friends there. Imlie sternly refuses and gets angry. Kairi walks away crying. Atharva notices that. Kairi’s friends walk to her with dolls and asks if these dolls belong to her. She says no. They say they are so pretty and god’s gifts for them. Kairi takes her dolls back and plays with them. Imlie feels happy seeing that. Atharva smiles from a distance. Imlie then walks to him and hugs him tightly emotionally. Jo Tum Na Ho.. song plays in the background. Sharma clicks their pics and determines to defame Imlie. After some time, Imlie gets into her senses. Atharva says its okay if she hugs a handsome man. Imlie and his conversation continues…