Lost In Love November Teasers 2023


Lost In Love November Teasers 2023

Satya’s family criticises Sai for choosing Virat over Satya. Read Starlife Lost In Love November 2023 Teasers.

Starlife Lost In Love November 2023 Teasers

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Episode 854

As the family preps for an auspicious event, Satya gifts Sai a saree and asks her to wear it. However, Vinayak also gives her a saree and requests the same.

Thursday 2 November 2023

Episode 855

During the Puja, Sai mistakenly says Virat’s name instead of Satya’s. While the latter gets upset, his family attempts to bring him closer to Sai.

Friday 3 November 2023

Episode 856

After seeing her with Satya, an intoxicated Virat expresses his grief to Sai about her old promise. Later, Sai tries to comfort a disappointed Satya.

Saturday 4 November 2023

Episode 857

Sai tells Virat that he should bring Savi to his home for a few days. Unaware of it, Satya picks up Savi from the school, and a conflict ensues.

Sunday 5 November 2023

Episode 858

A furious Satya questions Sai when he learns that she has cancelled their honeymoon trip. Later, Amba gets enraged after receiving a shocking call.

Monday 6 November 2023

Episode 859

Sai and Satya convince Amba to prove Bhavani wrong and showcase her talent at the award function. Later, Sai takes a stand against the insulting comments.

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Episode 860

Satya and Virat mistakenly consume alcohol instead of water. In a drunken stupor, Satya reveals that Sai still loves Virat. What will Sai do?

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Episode 861

Satya decides to confess his love to Sai after Virat encourages him. Meanwhile, the Adhikaris and the Chavans worry about Satya and Virat’s absence. Later, Sai gets a call.

Thursday 9 November 2023

Episode 862

Satya’s family breaks down in tears seeing his critical condition in the hospital. While Virat goes missing, Satya’s mother blames him for the accident.

Friday 10 November 2023

Episode 863

The police arrest Virat after Satya’s mother files a complaint against him. Sai decides to prove that Virat is innocent after Satya fails to recall the incident.

Saturday 11 November 2023

Episode 864

Ashwini and Ninad express their gratitude to Sai as Virat is granted bail. Satya’s family criticises Sai for choosing Virat over Satya. Later, Amba gets a shocking news.

Sunday 12 November 2023

Episode 865

Virat takes a strange decision to forget his misery. He gets furious when Sai tries to treat his wound. Later, Sai meets the commissioner.

Monday 13 November 2023

Episode 866

Sai invites Vijendra Kaka to the house for dinner, but Amba is shocked to see him and refuses to meet him. Later, she makes a shocking revelation to Sai.

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Episode 867

Amba requests Sai to conceal Vijendra’s truth from Satya. On the other hand, the Chavans get shocked when the police arrive to arrest Pakhi.

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Episode 868

Sai learns that Vijendra suffers from a brain tumor and is asked to inform him about the diagnosis. Devastated, she somberly hugs Virat.

Thursday 16 November 2023

Episode 869

As Virat and Sai inform Vijendra of his brain tumor, he refuses to undergo surgery. Elsewhere, Satya gets upset as Sai spends time at work with Virat.

Friday 17 November 2023

Episode 870

Sai and Virat get overwhelmed while discussing Vijendra’s devotion to his love, Amba. Later, Sai shocks Amba by disclosing Vijendra’s ailment.

Saturday 18 November 2023

Episode 871

Satya gets emotional after learning the truth about Vijendra and his illness. Upon Sai’s request, Satya and Amba visit Vijendra at the hopsital.

Sunday 19 November 2023

Episode 872

Vijendra gives his consent for surgery after meeting Satya and Amba. Later, Sai plans to reunite them and makes a plea to Bhavani.

Monday 20 November 2023

Episode 873

Vijendra and Amba get married on Sai and Virat’s initiative. Later, after having a nervous breakdown, Virat takes a shocking decision to move on from Sai.

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Episode 874

Sai admits to Satya that she still has second thoughts about their marriage. When Ashiwini asks Sai to return to Virat’s life, she lands in a tough spot.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Episode 875

After finding out that Virat is not leaving, Sai comes to terms with her true feelings for him. Later, she decides to confess to Satya about the same.

Thursday 23 November 2023

Episode 876

Satya confesses his feelings to Sai but collapses before she discloses her truth. Later, Sai gets shocked to learn that Satya has nerve damage.

Friday 24 November 2023

Episode 877

Amba makes Sai promise to stay with Satya in his tough times. Meanwhile, Satya feels agitated when Virat comes to meet him.

Saturday 25 November 2023

Episode 878

Satya misinterprets Sai and Virat’s conversation and lashes out at her out of insecurity. Meanwhile, Virat apologises to Sai as he feels ridden with guilt.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Episode 879

Satya fails to save Sai when the latter falls into a manhole. However, Virat comes to her aid. Later, Sai gets taken aback by Satya’s shocking question.

Monday 27 November 2023

Episode 880

Sai decides to take Satya to Germany for his treatment. After bringing Savi to the Chavan mansion, Bhavani manipulates her to stop her from accompanying Sai.

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Episode 881

Savi overhears Bheema and his goons planning an attack on Virat to free Ramakant. Later, Sai and Virat find Savi in the forest and she informs them about the plan.

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Episode 882

Virat uses the information given by Savi and avoids the attack planned by Ramakant’s men. Later, Virat questions Bhavani for trying to manipulate Savi.

Thursday 30 November 2023

Episode 883

Virat gets shocked as Satya tells him the real reason behind his marriage to Sai. When Sai and Satya are ready for the journey, Ramakant plans something terrible.
A Tough Situation For Virat !!! Virat Gets Captured

Sai asks Virat why did he enter plane when she warned him not to as its risky for him. Bheema says Virat is eager to meet his family, but he will not let him meet them so easily when he can’t meet his brother. He boasts how they trapped and planned to kill him and as a bonus got even his family. He says he wants to shoot him right now for troubling Ramakanth. Virat asks him to shoot then and warns that if he doesn’t communicate with his team, his team with STF will kill Ramakanth first and then enter plane and kill them all. Commissioner tells team that they can see terrorist’s position via CCTV camera fixed on Virat’s jacket and asks officers to set sniper’s positions accordingly.

Virat continues to warn Bheema that if he doesn’t respond to his team, they will enter the plane and kill all the terrorists. He gives 50 crore bag and asks Ashwini’s condition worsens due to excessive blood loss. Sai pleads to let her attend Ashwini, but Ramakanth stops her. Satya pleads him to at least let him check Ashwini if not Sai. Virat warns if his team finds out that passengers are being tortured, his team will not spare them. Ramakanth allows Satya to check Ashwini. Ashwini pleads for water. NGO lady refuses to give her water bottle fearing Bheema. Airhostess gives water.

Bheema plans to humiliate Virat by humiliating his family. He drops food on floor and asks Bhavani to clean the floor. Virat warns him to punish him and not his family. Bheema orders his aides to tie Bhavani’s hands and orders Bhavani to clean the floor with mouth. Chavans plead him not to do that. Bhavnai picks food from her mouth and drops it in a dustbin. Drama continues. Satya first-aids Ashwini’s injury. Ashwini’s condition worsens more. She requests to let her speak to her son and informs Virat that she had forced Sai to marry someone and Sai married Satya under her pressure. Virat says nothing can be done now. He asks Sai how did they enter into this situation here. Bheema’s men laugh and tell Bheema that doctor madam is ACP’s ex-wife and doctor’s present wife. Bheema then they will play a game, gives gun to Sai, and asks her to choose between her ex and present husband.

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Sai points guns at the terrorists. Bheema asks if she knows to use a gun. Sai says she is a policeman’s daughter and warns them to drop their guns or else she will shoot them. Virat fights with terrorists. Geetanjali picks gun silently, points it Savi, and warns Sai to drop the gun or else she will shoot her daughter. Sai drops guns and pleads to spare her daughter. Virat identifies her as Ramakanth’s wife. Geetanjali agrees. Bheema says she is also their commander and mastermind behind this plane hijack. Virat shouts he will not spare her. Passengers tongue lash Geetanjali for captivating a child. Geetanjali says she can die or kill anyone for her husband and warns them all to keep their mouth shut. Savi bites Geetanjali’s hand and runs. Geetanjali shoots at her. Family shouts in fear for Savi. Sai notices Savi alive but a fellow lady passenger dead.


Commissioner and his team notice a lady passenger dead. Officer says his sniper is at the targets, shall he shoot. Commissioner asks him to wait for Virat’s signal. Terrorists drag Virat to a different cabin. Virat fights with them and his hidden camera falls down. His team loses signal. Terrorists overpower Virat and tie him down. Virat continues to vent out his frustration on terrorists. Savi tells Sai that she is very much afraid of bad uncles. Sai tells her a story of brave girl who saves her family and others and says Savi is that girl who saved Vinu and others’ lives. Savi feels confident.

Pilot gets a panic attack. Terrorists try to normalize him. Bheema points gun at the pilot and says he is just acting. Geetanjali stops him and says pilot is needed to fly the plane away when Ramakanth is released. She asks Sai to treat the pilot. Sai refuses at first but then agrees. She checks him and says he got a panic attack because of the terrorists and says she can treat him only if they shift him to a business class section. Terrorists shift pilot to business class. Sai asks them to go from there and treats pilot alone. She tries to untie Virat silently. Virat says he wants to tell her something. Virat tells Sai that he wants her to be with Satya and not let Satya’s words affect her; he knows Satya also loves her immensely and will keep her happy, which he couldn’t till now. He says he knows he won’t be able to get out of here alive as terrorists hostaged helplessly, but they hate him and will not spare him alive; she should take her children, Satya, and family away from here. Sai asks him not to say that. Virat says she is more important for their children than him, he wanted to thank her always for giving good upbringing to Savi, she should good care of Vinu and make him a doctor like her. Sai says nothing will happen to her. She asks pilot if he is fine now and asks him to take deep breaths. Pilot says terrorists will not spare anyone, they have lots of bombs everywhere and will blast them all. Sai tries to free Virat. Terrorist walks in. Sai acts as treating pilot. Terrorist asks them to go back to their place as pilot is fine now. He warns Virat that he will not be spared.


Geetanjali forcefully takes copilot to cockpit and connects with police. She insists commissioner to let her speak to Ramakanth right now or else she will show a dhamaka right now. Commissioner asks her not to harm any passenger and calls Ramakanth. Geetanjali asks when will he meet her. Ramakanth says tonight they will have a dinner together. Commissioner sends Ramakanth away and asks Geetanjali to stop her drama now and send all passengers out. Geetanali says she will send everyone except Virat and his family. Commissioner says she promised to send everyone in exchange of Ramakanth, he needs all passengers or else will not send Ramakanth. She says he should wait for her dhamaka then. Commissioner asks team to relax as she will not harm anyone until Ramakanth is with them. Geetanjali asks aides to throw a dead plane staff’s body out. They do same.

Geetanjali provokes passengers against Chavans saying Virat caught her husband and got them all in trouble, she will free everyone except Virat’s family. Passengers asks why shall they suffer for Virat and his family’s mistakes. Bhavani asks how can they be so hypocrites. Savi says her family is good and terrorists are dirty, she will free them all from the terrorists. Geetanjali laughs on her and throws air marshal’s body out. Virat frees himself and peeps in. Commissioner thinks Geetanjali is killing all the passengers one by one. He informs Geetanali that he agrees to her terms and will send Ramakanth in exchange of passengers. Geetanjali asks what about Virat’s family. Commissioner says she can keep them with her and orders snipers to move away. Geetanjali asks passengers to get ready to leave. Virat finds Sai’s mobile and uses Savi and Vinu’s birthdate but fails to unlock it. He uses his and Sai’s wedding anniversary date and unlocks it. He thinks Sai still loves him. Bheema checks out and informs Geetanjali that Ramakanth is coming. Geetanjali asks all passengers except Virat’s family to get ready to leave. Virat messages commissioner to be alert and keep a bomb squad ready to defuse bombs.

Virat messages commissioner from Sai’s mobile. Commissioner reads it and asks Kadam to order a sniper to take a position near plane’s door. Terrorist notices Virat and points gun at him. Virat overpowers terrorist and then attacks Bheema and other terrorists. Geetanjali tries to attack Virat. Sai counterattacks Geetanjali asking if she will kill her daughter and family. Geetanjali tries to pick a gun. Savi kicks gun away. Sai picks gun and points at Geetanjali. Police enters plane and asks passengers to come out one by one. Omkar with his family gets out first leaving Bhavani and others. Sai tells Geetanjali that love means sacrifice oneself and not others. Police arrest Geetanjali and her team and take them away. Ashwini tells Sai that she and Virat should reunite as even fate wants them to reunite. Sai sends Ashwini and says she and Virat will come later.


Bhavani asks Savi to accompany her. Savi says she will come with her aayi. Bhavani leaves. Sai asks Savi to go with others. Savi says she will stay and protect her aayi. Sai says everyone saw how brave she was, now she should go. Savi asks why she doesn’t want to come. Sai says she needs to help others and asks Satya to take Savi along. Satya says he will if she promises that she will return to Virat after getting out of her as he doesn’t want to sacrifice her love over her responsibilities like his aayi did, they both have kids and should become a family again. Sai promises him. Satya asks Savi to take him out and let Sai come behind them. Savi walks behind Satya. Sai stops and hugs her followed by Virat. Sai says she loves them both a lot. Sai asks Savi to take care of Vinu until she returns. Savi pinky promises and leaves with Satya.

Virat asks Kadam about the casualties and instructs him to shift dead bodies to morgue. Chavans return to base camp and get happy seeing Vinu. Satya asks Vinu if he is fine. He nods yes. Savi hugs Vinu tightly. Vinu asks where are Virat and Satya. Virat searches for Sai. Terrorist says he should go and meet his love as she is waiting for him. Virat asks what did he do with Sai. Terrorist loses consciousness. Virat notices Sai unconscious with a live bomb jacket over her. He tries to wake her up in vain. He find a phone and informs Kadam to send bomb squad into plane as there is a live bomb there.

Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe Lechal Kahin… song plays in the background. Sai dreams about Ashwini returning to plane and giving her a flower bouquet. Sai asks why did she return. Ashwini says to congratulate her for reuniting with Virat as Virat informed her about it. Ashwini with family enters next and says Virat can’t stay without Sai and hence she has to marry him. Ashwini says let’s make Virat and Sai’s wedding arrangements. Satya, Savi, and Vinu also join them. Imlie tells her children that she will go and check on their baba and asks them to take care of family until she returns. They promise her, and she walks away from there smiling at Chavans. She finds Virat waiting for her hlding a flower basket. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Virat makes her sit and kneeling down shows her a ring. Sai asks what is he doing. He says he is proposing her and asks if she will reject him even this time. She says not this time. He fixes ring in her finger and asks if she will become his wife. She happily nods yes and asks what next. Flowers fly and fall on them. He asks if she remembers what her villagers say when this flower falls on them. She says wedding. He asks if they shall marry then. She nods yes. Sai and Virat’s wedding rituals start. Family happily perform their haldi ritual and then their marriage. They both hug each other after wedding and take pics with family. He then tells her they shall leave on a new journey and walks away holding her hand. Shubh Mangal Savdhan… song plays in the background.


Sai opens eyes and tells Virat that she saw a dream of their wedding. She panics seeing herself wearing a bomb jacket and asks Virat to go from there as anyone of them need to be alive for their children. Virat says they both are needed for their children, she need not worry as bomb squad is coming soon. He cheers her up saying his tigress is acting as a wet cat and asks her to smile. He reminds her how she rejected him and married Satya. Sai also reminds how he rejected her and married Pakhi. Commissioner gets angry on bomb squad when they fail to reach on time. Kadam informs that Sai is stuck with a bomb jacket and Virat is adamant to not get out of plane until he saves her. Bhavani hears that and yells that she will not forgive Sai if something happens to Virat.

Virat continues to cheer up Sai and says he shall do something till the bomb squad comes, asks if he shall cut a pink wire as she likes pink candy floss. He reminds her seeing her for the first time. She says she hated even before meeting him as he had canceled her Aabha’s VRS. He says he is lucky to have Kamal sir as his guru at the beginning of his career and could become a so so police officer because of him. She says he is the best. He then talks about marrying her and she creating a pillow wall between them, him taking her to Mahabaleshwar and proposing her. She boasts how she taught him a lesson there. He asks what did she see in her dream. She says she saw they are marrying again and starts crying.

Bomb squad arrives. Commissioner asks them to hurry up. They run towards plane. Virat notices bomb timer ending and emotionally asks Sai if he can hug her. She says and hugs him crying. Bomb ticks to 0. After a leap of 20 years, Bhavani is seen praying in a temple and wishing happy ekadashi to guruji. She meets a marriage broker named Shantabai who asks if she wants to find alliance for her grandson. She says her grandson is studying MBBS in Pune, she wants to find alliance for her granddaughter Savi. Savi is seen reaching her college. Watchmen discuss that Savi is in 2nd year but is here to help 4th year students in their exam. Students discuss that they got most questions prepared by notes via a 2nd year student. Shantabai asks Bhavani what does her granddaughter do. Bhavani says she is studying in a college. Shantabai says college students are very fast forward. Bhavani says her granddaughter is very simple who doesn’t even visit her college canteen and doesn’t have any knowledge about money. Savi visits her college canteens and sells her notes to students. A rich student offers 1000 rs for her notes. Savi demands 3000 rs. Student pays her and takes notes. Another poor student says she doesn’t have any money. Savi says she can given a candyfloss buffet and gives her notes. Rich student asks why did she take 3000 rs from her then. Savi says rich student comes in a 20-lakh car and poor student comes in a 20-rs bus ticket, so there is a difference.


Shantabai says Savi must be having an affair with her fellow student. Bhavani says Savi doesn’t even look at any boy. A boy proposes Savi. Savi says he is in final year since 8 years and soon she will graduate and clear her UPSC exam to become an IAS officer, so he should forget about proposing her and instead buy notes from her and graduate and then get some government job. He gets adamant. Savi writes loser on his forehead and humiliates him. Shantabai asks Bhavani if Savi wants to work after studies, working women don’t respect their husbands. Bhavani says her Savi wants to become a housewife after marriage. Savis’s friend asks about her future aspiration. Savi aspires to become an IAS officer and plans to join Bhosale Institute Pune.

Reeva Kamble reaches Bhosale Institute singing Hame To Loot Liya.. song. Her father Ashutosh calls her and asks if she reached Pune. She says yes and scolds him for having sugar tea. Ashutosh asks if she met institute’s owner and his best friend Yeshwanth Rao Bhosale. Reeva says not yet and says she came to evaluate the institute and find out why it’s the best. She notices students running around and asks what happened. They say they are running to attend assembly. Reeva asks if its a college or school. Students say they can miss a class but not assembly. She reaches assembly where Ishan gives an inspirational speech over a mic impressing Reeva.

At Chavan nivas, Ashwini performs pooja while Harini draws rangoli. Ninad asks what is special today. Harini says today is ekadashi and also a special day for them. Ninad asks what’s more special. Ashwini feeds him sweets and says its his birthday today. Ninad says Harini had said something similar yesterday and says Virat and Sai didn’t wish him happy birthday yet. Harini wishes him and takes his blessings. Ashwini asks Harini to check if Savi returned home as Bhavani will return home any time with a matchmaker. Bhavani returns with Shantabai and introduces her to Ninad, Ashwini, and Harini. Shantabai says she heard Harini returned to her parental house long ago. Bhavani says Harini’s husband stays out of town for business, her in-laws are on pilgrimage, so she asked Harini to come and stay with her. Shantabai asks her to call Savi. Bhavani asks Harini to bring Savi. Shantabai waits for Savi, humiliates Bhavani that she knows her granddaughter is not at home, and leaves asking her to call her when Savi is at home. Harini visits a jungle and plants different plans for each family member describing their nature and finally a flower plant for her parents with teary eyes. Bhavani waits to punish Savi when she returns home. Savi returns home.