My Desire November Teasers 2023


My Desire November Teasers 2023

Samrat gets shocked when Nayantara brings Mansi to their house. Read Starlife My Desire November 2023 Teasers.

Starlife My Desire November 2023 Teasers

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Episode 940

Ishani feels heartbroken when she learns from Aliya that Mohit doesn’t want to marry her. Later, Nayantara finds evidence that Mansi faked her miscarriage.

Thursday 2 November 2023

Episode 941

Nayantara comes across a truth through which she can prove Mansi’s vile plan in front of Samrat. Later, Mansi hatches another evil plan against Nayantara.

Friday 3 November 2023

Episode 942

Mansi successfully executes her plan of abducting Nayantara to ruin the evidence. Elsewhere, Samrat and Prem get worried for Nayantara and rush to find her.

Saturday 4 November 2023

Episode 943

Samrat grows anxious after finding Nayantara’s belongings on the road. Aliya gets scared when she learns about Samrat’s attempt to rescue Nayantara.

Sunday 5 November 2023

Episode 944

Samrat tries to rescue Nayantara from the kidnapper’s clutches. But he feels devastated when he sees a bomb planted around her body.

Monday 6 November 2023

Episode 945

Samrat figures out the technique to deactivate the bomb and manages to save Nayantara’s life. Later, Mansi shows a shocking video to Nayantara and tries to extort her.

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Episode 946

Nayantara informs Samrat of her intention to not stay with him after Mansi threatens the former. Samrat questions Nayantara about her sudden change.

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Episode 947

An intoxicated Samrat expresses his feelings for Nayantara before the watchman. Later, Samrat agrees to take Malti and Grandma’s help to get rid of Mansi.

Thursday 9 November 2023

Episode 948

Samrat asks Malti to steal his money from the locker and plans to frame Mansi for it. Later, Samrat acts surprised to see the locker empty and blames Mansi.

Friday 10 November 2023

Episode 949

Amma surprises Samrat and Malti by revealing that she is not injured. Later, Malti brings the police to the house and gets Mansi arrested using Chintu’s testimony.

Saturday 11 November 2023

Episode 950

Samrat gets shocked when Nayantara brings Mansi to their house. Later, Mansi reveals to Nayantara her evil plan of how she used Aaliya to blackmail Nayantara.

Sunday 12 November 2023

Episode 951

Nayantara tries to trick Mansi into giving her the video which she has been using to blackmail her. However, Mansi figures out her plan and tries to outsmart her.

Monday 13 November 2023

Episode 952

As Samrat’s car’s brakes fail, he loses control of the car and meets with a major accident. Later, Mansi tries to kill Nayantara by throwing her off the cliff.

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Episode 953

Nayantara finds out that Mansi intentionally caused the accident, but the latter makes her hide the truth. However, Samrat finds out anyway and confronts Mansi.

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Episode 954

Nayantara seeks Samrat’s help to trick Mansi and find out her plan. However, Mansi outsmarts Samrat and learns about Nayantara’s next move from him.

Thursday 16 November 2023

Episode 955

Samrat and Nayantara disguise themselves as the police and threaten the hacker to delete the video. But, Mansi misleads Aliya and asks her to upload the video.

Friday 17 November 2023

Episode 956

Nayantara tells Aliya the truth about the video and how Mansi used it to blackmail her. Later, Samrat and Aliya confront Mansi and get her arrested.

Saturday 18 November 2023

Episode 957

Mohit tries to convince Samrat to confess his feelings to Nayantara but he gets cold feet at the last moment. Later, Aliya tells Samrat to make a grand gesture.

Sunday 19 November 2023

Episode 958

Samrat tries to find out if Nayantara would tell him about her secret admirer and asks her questions. Later, Nayantara learns a shocker about Samrat’s poems.

Monday 20 November 2023

Episode 959

Samrat starts to panic when he learns that Nayantara is going to meet Akhtar and tries to stop her. Later, Nayantara and Ishani are shocked to meet their father.

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Episode 960

Ishani asks her father about the reason for staying away from them for a long time. He expresses his grief and states the past happenings in his life.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Episode 961

Samrat is shocked to learn that Govind is Nayantara’s father and decides to meet him. Later, Malti decides to accept Govind back into the family.

Thursday 23 November 2023

Episode 962

When Govind arrives at the house, he gets shocked seeing Samrat. However, Samrat pleads with him to hide the truth from Nayantara.

Friday 24 November 2023

Episode 963

Nayantara gets shocked as Mansi meets Govind and calls him her father. Govind confesses the truth about Mansi’s true identity.

Saturday 25 November 2023

Episode 964

Mansi gets determined to solve the mystery behind Govind’s death and Ashok’s disappearance. On the other hand, Samrat is head over heels in love with Nayantara.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Episode 965

Mansi gets sceptical after discovering Aarti’s lies about Ashok’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Nayantara searches for her admirer after receiving some surprises.

Monday 27 November 2023

Episode 966

Mansi watches the CCTV footage and finds the truth about Ashok. She makes Govind responsible for Ashok’s death and puts a condition on Samrat.

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Episode 967

Govind and Samrat go to the hotel room for their meeting with Mansi. But they land in a trap after entering her room secretly.

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Episode 968

Govind gets released from prison as the forensic reports catch fire. Elswhere, on a date, Samrat pushes Nayantara off the cliff after confessing his love to her.

Thursday 30 November 2023

Episode 969

Samrat gets furious at Mansi for compelling him to put Nayantara’s life at risk. Mansi feels happy when he attempts to search for Nayantara in the lake.

Other Starlife Teasers

Is Nayantara This Alive?  Inspector shows Nayan’s torn cloth to Sam and says they are going to declare Nayan as dead.

Samrat tells Ishani, Mohit, and Aaliya that this time Mansi didn’t harm or abduct Nayantara. Mohit asks then who did that? Sam says he did that, Nayan is not here because of him. Mohit asks why would he do that, why don’t he speak truth. Ishani insists Sam to tell what happened to Nayan. Sam says it all started when Mansi learnt that Govind is Nayan’s father and couldn’t tolerate sharing her step-father with Nayan, so she planned to kill Nayan and cleverly executed it. Aaliya says Mansi is so evil. Ishani asks what happened to Akka. Sam says Mansi demanded 1 crore from him to hide Govind’s secret and wanted him to go away from Nayan, so he planned to act as going away from Nayan and then tackle Mansi. Ishani asks what happened next. Sam says Mansi changed her plan and asked ordered him to kill Nayan. Ishani asks did he kill Nayan. Sam says he fixed a net below the cliff and pushed Nayan from the cliff, but Nancy tricked him again and holed the net. He recalls searching Nayan everywhere and failing to find her. He says he lost her and continues to describe.

Ishani asks if he really pushed Nayan and does know where she is now, did Nsayan die. Sam says Nayan cannot die, he will find her at any cost. Ishani asks if he thinks Nayan can survive after falling from a cliff. Sam says his heart says that Nayan is alive. Nayan is seen lying on a bed dreaming about Sam pushing her from the cliff. She wakes up and thinks which place is this. A nurse stops he and tells her that she is lucky that sir saved her from the river. Nayan thinks if Samrat saved her, then thinks he will not save her as he is the one who pushed her down and was normal as if he knew Mansi was alive; she thinks Ishani and Mohit told that Sam loves him, even Sam said that, then why did he pushed her from cliff. Nurse asks her to rest. Ishani asks Sam why did he push Nayan when he loves her. Sam says he had to push Nayan or else Mansi would have shot her. Ishani cries that Nayan must be dead. Sam says she is alive, he will find her. Ishani asks when, what will she tlel her family, etc. Aaliya asks her to calm down and understand what Sam is saying. Inspector walks in and says he got Nayan’s missing complaint. Ishani says she had filed a complaint. Inspector gives Nayan’s sari piece and says they found it in a river and doubt that whoever was wearing it was killed by sharks.

A man walks into Nayan’s room. Nayan asks who is he. Man says he saved her and brought he here, he saw her falling from cliff and saved her from drowning. Nayan asks why don’t she remember anything. Man says she was drowning in the river and a shark was attacking her, he killed the shark and saved her; asks why did her husband push her from the cliff. Nayan asks if he knows her husband and knows so much. Man says he is Siddharth Rathod, Raghav Rathod’s brother. He further says he was following Sam since a few days to take revenge from Samrat as Samrat destroyed his brother with a police raid on his business and now his brother is in a mental asylum. Nayan asks why did he save her. Siddharth says he saw Samrat pushing her from cliff and hence thought they both can take revenge from Samrat. Nayan asks why would she do that. Siddharth says Samrat wants to get rid off her and he is still with Mansi and Mansi manipulates him as she can’t see him with Nayan. He thinks he has to lie to her to use her against Samrat.

Nayan says he is mistaken. Siddharth says ther is no misunderstanding, he saw Samrat pushing her from the cliff and Mansi with him. Nayan recalls the incident. Siddharth says she blindly trusted Samrat, but Samrat killed hr for Mansi; she shouldn’t be in a delusion and should befriend him and take revenge from Samrat. Nayan says she needs time to think. Siddharth says she can take her own time for her own sake and decide. Nayan says she just met him and can’t trust him until she herself finds truth.

My Desire Upcoming Episodes

Samrat’s manager visits him. Samrat introduces his manager to Nayan. Nayan asks manager to join them for breakfast. Manager says he already finished it. Samrat asks if they got a permission to build a parking lot on a land opposite to their mall. Manager says officer didn’t give permission to dig the ground citing environmental reasons. Samrat says they will not dig deep for the parking lot, who is the officer. Manager says Nitya Bajwa. Samrat says he will personally speak to her.

Kashvi serves sweet to Arjun’s family as per kitchen ritual. Jagdish says he never had such a tasty sweet and Kashvi left even Nitya behind. Kashvi says she is lucky to have a DIL who is both good at studies and household chores. Samrat enters with Nayan and servants and says Kashvi will not do household chores. He introduces servants and says they will all serve Kashvi and family and let Kashvi concentrate on her studies. Nayan asks Samrat why didn’t he inform her about servants before coming here. Sam says he is just caring for his daughter. Nitya feels humiliated and says even they have servants at home, if Samrat is trying to show how rich and luxurious life he lives. Samrat says he is just worried for his daughter. Nitya says even they love Kashvi. Arjun says his parents love Kashvi more than him. Samrat asks what is wrong if he gifts something to his daughter. Nitya says it’s an insult to her family. Kashvi says he knows her concern forher, but she is happy with her family Jagadish tells Sam that he can understand his concern, but they don’t need his help. Sam apologizes them if they are hurt. Jagadish says let’s drop this issue right here. Nitya asks Sam and Nayan to accompany her as she wants to give them shagun. At Romila’s house, Romila tries to prepare food and makes family wait for more than 2 hours. Daadi walks into kitchen first and scolds Romila for the mess she made. Keval also walks in and scolds her. Romila’s jokergiri starts. Daadi praises Nayan, irking Romila. Their drama continues. Nitya takes Sam and Nayan to her room and asks Sam what is he trying to do. Sam says he missed caring for Kashvi since she was born and wants to experienced each moment of caring for his daughter.

Samrat asks Nitya if he can’t show his love for his daughter. He says he missed to watch is daughter’s childhood, pampering her, walking holding her hand, etc. Nitya says he can, but he saw how Aruna reacted; they just need to be careful to avoid any more drama. Nayan says Nitya is right and goes out to check the arrangements. Sam asks Nitya why didn’t she approve his parking lot project outside his shopping mall as it will help shopkeepers and others do better business. Nitya says she can’t approve it as it’s against environmental norms. Sam says he will discuss with his manager to find some other way out then. Nitya says they should go and start Kashvi’s muh dikhayi ritual.

Kashvi tries to wear sari for the ritual hurriedly and sees Arjun’s help. Arjun asks her to say please. Nitya calls Kashvi to come out soon. Kashvi says please to Arjun. Arjun tries to help her and gets mesmerized with her beauty. He says her waist is slim and beautiful and he never noticed that. Kashvi feels shy. Arjun says she is so hot. Kashvi asks him to stop staring at her. Arjun says a husband can stare at his wife. Kashvi feels shy and runs out. Her muh dikhayi ritual starts. Nayan asks Kashvi’s papa Sam to come and perform the ritual. Everyone stand shocked hearing that. Nayan says since Sam is married to her now, he is Kashvi’s father. Sam performs ritual. Kashvi calls her papa. Sam gets more happy and says she gave him the best return gift. He walks aside feeling emotional. Nayan says even she felt same when Kashvi called him mamma first.

Nayan notices Arjun sad and asks if he is missing Mahima. Arjun says to be frank yes, but they most of them can’t get what they want. Nayan cheers him up and says he can share his thoughts with her any time. Sam gets his manager’s call. Sam says he spoke to Nitya and learnt that she can’t permit parking lot construction due to environmental norms. Manager says he checked all the norms and got all the permissions and sends copies to Sam. Sam checks them and thinks why Nitya denied permission then.

Kashvi wakes up in the morning hearing alarm and tries to set it off leaning over Arjun. Arjun wakes up shouting he saw a bear. Kashvi says she is setting off alarm. Arjun says he saw really a bear then. Their cute nok jhok starts. Sam fixes a meeting with a minister to get construction permission and thinks Nitya’s office is also in the same building, so he needs to make sure that she is not in the office when he meets minister.

Samrat gives his credit card to Nayan and asks her to go on shopping with Nitya and Kashvi and buy them some gifts. Nayan asks gifts for what? Sam says as a thanks for handling the wedding sensitively and he doesn’t want to shop or else Nayan will scold her for overspending. He insists her to take Nitya along at 10 a.m. and return by 12 a.m. Nayan agrees. Sam thinks when he goes to meet minister at 10 a.m., Nitya wouldn’t be in her office. Nayan visits Nitya and insists her to accompany her for shopping as Samrat wants to gift her family something as they gifted them so much during Arjun and Kashvi’s wedding. Nitya agrees after much insistence.

Samrat reaches minister’s office and asks manager if Nitya is at office. Manager says Nitya hasn’t reached office yet. Samrat thinks why Nitya lied to him and disapproved his parking lot project. He meets minister who asks why didn’t he meet Nitya directly as he heard she is his samdhan now. Samrat says he doesn’t want people to talk that he used personal relationships for professional gains. Manager shows docuemnts to minister and says Nitya told parking lot can’t be constructed at that land due to environmental constraints. Minister checks all the documents and says everything is clear and he can start construction from today itself. Sam thinks he needs to find out why Nitya denied permission or else his relationship with Nitya won’t be same.


Veera asks Mahima how did he book a hotel suite in Mumbai and got new phone and clothes. Mahima asks her toforget about it and call her brother who will get her a modeling contract as she is hot and beautiful than Veera. Veera say many girls more hotter than her arrive in Mumbai with dreams. Mahima says let’s go for shopping now. Veera asks how did she get so much money. Mahima thinks she blackmailed Sam for his secret and got money from him. She says lets enjoy shopping first. Kashvi returns to her room and finds wet towel on bed. She asks Arjun to hang it in balcony to dry. He gets busy studying. She says he is ignoring her. He says he was busy studying. She says he has responsibility towards house and do his basic chores himself. He says servants will take care of it. She says what if servants go on leave, he should manage his chores and can’t dump the work on her.

Aruna passes by and hearing their conversation interferes and yells at Kashvi that world’s all wives pick husband’s wet towel, she is not the first wife to do that. Kashvi says times have changed, now women walk alongside men and are equal, there is an old saying that husband and wife are 2 wheels of a chariot and they should balance their life. Aruna asks Arjun if he can see his aunt being insulted by his wife. Arjun asks Aruna to calm down and warns Kashvi that he will not change for her and will not pick towel from the bed. He walks away with Aruna who yells that men don’t do household chores.

Nitya returns to office where minister informs that she got a good samdhi who is worried about her reputation, he had come to him and got permission for construction of a parking lot opposite to his mall. Nitya is shocked and thinks Samrat insulted her by sending her out of office in lieu of shopping, even Nayan is hands in gloves with him and fooled her. Samrat starts construction at the site. Manager asks why didn’t he inform minister that Nitya gave false reason of environmental hazards. Sam says its between him and Nitya and manager shouldn’t talk about it. Nitya panics fearing her secret would be out if Samrat starts construction there and calls him. Samrat keeps his phone away busy at the construction side and doesn’t pick her call. Nayan visits Daadi and asks if everything is already at home. Romila says they don’t have any money left and can’t even afford proper meals, she knows their shop is burnt and mall shop will open only after a month, but that is in Kashvi’s name and they won’t get anything. Nayan says they can keep mall shop and take money from her for expenses. Daadi refuses and says let them handle their own problems, it’s Keval and Romila’s responsibility now to take care of the house and she doesn’t want to put their burden on Nayan and Sam. Daadi gives her promise to Nayan and asks her not to help them from hereon and concentrate on her life. Romila walks away fuming. Nayan requests Daadi to let her help them financially. Nitya gets anxious after learning that Samrat got a permission from minister for a parking lot construction against her wish and panics thinking there would be a big trouble if Samrat starts construction work. She calls Samrat and he doesn’t pick call. She then calls Nayan and accuses her of supporting Samrat in his plan against her to construction a parking lot and purposefully taking her for shopping to avoid her opposition. Nayan says she really doesn’t know about it. Nitya says she betrayed her and disconnects call. Nayan informs Daadi about Nitya’s accusation and goes to meet Samrat. Nitya asks her assistant to keep an eye on Samrat and inform his each move to her.


Mahima asks Veera’s brother if he really can get a model job to her or just bragged about his Bollywood connection. Brother says he spoke to a producer about her who is ready to replace her with Aaliya, but she needs a professional photoshoot before that via a professional photographer. Mahima excitedly asks him to get the photoshoot done then. He says she needs min 5 lakhs for that. She transfers 5 lakhs instantly to him and asks him to arrange photoshoot. Brother leaves asking her to be ready tomorrow morning for the shoot. Mahima rejoices. Nitya’s assistant informs her that Samrat has already started digging the land for construction. Nitya rushes towards the spot.

Nayan reaches construction site and informs Sam what Nitya said. Sam says he will explain her what is the problem here. Nitya enters and she will tell what is the problem here; Sam purposefully sent Nayan with her for shopping and got permission from her senior to construct parking lot even after her warning. Sam says even he can question her why she didn’t give him permission even after all the documents are in place. A worker informs that they found a skeleton underground. Sam asks him to get it out carefully as it looks like a very old skeleton. Nitya stops him and says he can’t construct a parking lot on a murder site, calls her assistant and informs to bring police and forensic team at the construction site. Sam watches her silently.

Arjun notices wet towels on his bed and questions Kashvi. Kashvi says she used them for bathing and didn’t remove them from bed as he told there are servants at their house for that. He says its not servant’s job. Kashvi says even she had said same in the morning and walks away asking him to use hair dryer if he doesn’t want to lie on a wet bed. After some time, Arjun tells her that he understood what she wanted to explain and says sorry. Kashvi says she didn’t hear him. He shouts sorry and says he understood how men make women’s work tough with their irresponsible behavior. He asks how will he sleep on a wet bed now. Kashvi shows him that she already fixed a plastic sheet over the bed as she wanted to make him realize his mistake. Arjun thinks she is very intelligent. Nitya seizes Samrat’s construction site after a skeleton is found and calls police and forensic team. Nayan tells Sam that its good Nitya is here and handled to situation, else it would have been difficult for Samrat. Samrat walks near skeleton and observes it carefully. Nitya notices him and asks him to come out as its a crime scene, though it’s his land. Sam thinks why no construction happened at this prime land for years, how couldn’t anyone notice a skeleton here. He suspects if Nitya is involved in this crime as she tried her best to stop construction there and took charge once skeleton is found. Nitya gets skeleton into ambulance and steals skeleton’s tog silently. He thinks he shall confirm himself with a proof and then inform Nayan about his suspicion on Nitya.