Strings of Love December Teasers 2023


Strings of Love December Teasers 2023

Seerat is shocked to see Garry with Shanaya and realises that he was playing with her heart all along. Below are Starlife Strings Of Love December 2023 Teasers.

Starlife Strings Of Love December 2023 Teasers

Friday 1 December 2023

Episode 117

Sahiba stops the reporters from interfering with Angad and her personal life. Angad refuses to accept Garry’s true colours and remains in confusion.

Saturday 2 December 2023

Episode 118

Seerat threatens to go to the police if Garry doesn’t tell Angad the truth about their relationship. Later, Sahiba gets insulted by Manbeer’s friend.

Sunday 3 December 2023

Episode 119

When Shanaya’s mother discusses a marriage proposal for Garry, the Brars agree to it. Meanwhile, Seerat gives a last chance to Garry, and Sahiba overhears them.

Monday 4 December 2023

Episode 120

Angad gets infuriated on discovering that Sahiba is not in the house. When Seerat forces Garry to marry her, he pits her against Sahiba.

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Episode 121

Sahiba finds Seerat looking for Garry and asks her to tell the truth about him to the Brars. Later, Santosh makes a shocking promise about Seerat’s future.

Wednesday 6 December 2023

Episode 122

Jasleen has an opportunity to bring down Sahiba and Angad after Garry’s marriage to Shanaya is fixed. However, Sahiba steps forward to defend Angad’s honour.

Thursday 7 December 2023

Episode 123

Karan reveals his wish to marry Seerat but she rejects his proposal. However, Seerat’s parents tell her that she has to marry Karan.

Friday 8 December 2023

Episode 124

Garry approaches Sahiba and confesses all of his plans, culminating in a conflict. Angad shows up just when Sahiba slaps Garry out of anger.

Saturday 9 December 2023

Episode 125

Seerat learns about Garry’s wedding with Shanaya and decides to visit the Brars. However, Santosh imprisons Seerat to prevent her from fleeing her marriage.

Sunday 10 December 2023

Episode 126

Keerat urges Seerat to confront Garry before his engagement. Elsewhere, Sahiba realises the truth after she spots Garry with Sona.

Monday 11 December 2023

Episode 127

Seerat is shocked to see Garry with Shanaya and realises that he was playing with her heart all along. Manbeer spots Seerat at the party and insults her.

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Episode 128

Jasleen asks Seerat to leave the party, but Akaal allows her to stay. Garry goes speechless as Seerat confronts him about promising to marry her.

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Episode 129

The Brars get shocked when Seerat reveals Garry’s involvement in her escape from the wedding. Sahiba stands against Seerat’s humiliation.

Thursday 14 December 2023

Episode 130

As Garrys truth unravels, Shanaya cancels the marriage and the Brars unleash their anger. In a fit of rage, Jasleen shoots Garry.

Friday 15 December 2023

Episode 131

Sahiba tells Angad that he shouldn’t punish himself for Garry’s actions, but Angad asks her to leave him alone. Later, Seerat calls off her wedding with Karan.

Saturday 16 December 2023

Episode 132

Angad refuses to let Sahiba leave the house and talks about its repercussions on their families. Later, Sahiba gets shocked when he pologises to her parents.

Sunday 17 December 2023

Episode 133

Veer tries to console Angad when he blames himself for Garry’s actions. Later, Jasleen accuses Sahiba of manipulating Garry, but Angad defends her.

Monday 18 December 2023

Episode 134

Angad gets furious at Sahiba for interfering in his business. Afterwards, Akaal asks Angad to share a room with Sahiba, but the latter refuses.

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Episode 135

Manbeer gets furious at Sahiba as she learns that Angad slept in the garden. Later, Sahiba agrees to move into Angad’s room, but he comes up with a strange rule.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Episode 136

Angad keeps the cash for Sahiba after seeing her bank account details. Later, Sahiba arrives at Angad’s office and wins over the client with the new project.

Thursday 21 December 2023

Episode 137

Angad and Sahiba get into a conflict over having the best part of their bedroom. Later, Sahiba encourages Seerat to move on in her life.

Friday 22 December 2023

Episode 138

Angad and Sahiba get into a conflict over having the best part of their bedroom. Later, Sahiba encourages Seerat to move on in her life.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Episode 139

The Brars get shocked to see Sahiba’s parents and Seerat at Angad’s birthday party. Later, Angad shares his decision about Garry and Seerat’s marriage.

Sunday 24 December 2023

Episode 140

Sahiba refuses to change her mind about officiating Seerat and Garry’s wedding. Akaal agrees to Angad’s suggestion and wants to give Garry a chance.

Monday 25 December 2023

Episode 141

As Sahiba refuses Angad’s proposal, Seerat resolves to take a decision about her life. Angad orders Garry to fulfil Seerat’s dream after the wedding.

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Episode 142

Jasleen and Kiara visit Seerat’s house to convince her parents to the wedding. Seerat asks Angad to promise that he will take care of her even after she weds Garry.

Wednesday 27 December 2023

Episode 143

After agreeing to marry Garry, Seerat asks Angad to hold off announcing her decision. The Brars get infuriated when they learn that Sahiba is busy with her business.

Thursday 28 December 2023

Episode 144

After seeing Sahiba’s photo, the Brars forbid her from working outside or owning her own business. How will Sahiba deal with the situation now?

Friday 29 December 2023

Episode 145

When Sahiba finds out that Santosh mortgaged their home in order to obtain a loan, she is startled. Sahiba vehemently protests when Ajeet consents to Garry and Seerat’s wedding.

Saturday 30 December 2023

Episode 146

For the engagement of Garry and Seerat, the Mongas and the Brars get together. But during the wedding, Angad makes an unexpected gesture that surprises everyone.

Sunday 31 December 2023

Episode 147

Ajeet informs Seerat that they must leave the house shortly, therefore she should give it one more inspection. Sahiba is working elsewhere to complete a deal that will keep the house.

Inder Reveals Truth To Sahiba

Simran tells Sahiba that she found her locket. Simran says she didn’t come here, then how did she find her locket her. Simran says an uncle found it and searches for Inder. Inder hides and thinks if he should inform Sahiba that Simran is his daughter as she brought Simran to this house. He tries to walk to Sahiba but hides again seeing Angad coming. Angad asks Simran if she found her locket. Simran shows her locket. Angad says let’s go and have dinner. Simran says she wants to use washroom before that. Sahiba takes her to washroom. Simran from washroom says Sahiba’s washroom is so big and beautiful. Inder walks to her. Sahiba asks if he came to talk about Simran, Simran is a very cute girl and she and Angad will make sure that nobody faces any trouble because of Simran. Inder asks her to listen to him once. He accepts that he is Simran’s biological father. Sahiba is shocked to hear that.
Simran walks out of washroom and tells Sahiba that this uncle found her locket and even showed her mamma’s photo in it. Sahiba stands shocked. Simran asks why she looks sad. Sahiba says she is not. Simran insists to tell what happened. Maid informs Sahiba that Angad is calling her and Simran for dinner. Sahiba walks out with Simran. Inder insists to talk to her. Sahiba sends Simran down with maid. Inder takes her to a room and describes how he fell in Gayatri’s love and Simran was born; he wanted to marry Gayatri, but due to his cowardness and fear of creating issue in family, he separated with Gayatri; Gayatri didn’t want Simran to know about him; he learnt recently that Gayatri passed away 2 years and since then searching for Simran. He says he can’t see his daughter in trouble and hence went to orphanage to get her, but warden lied to him; it’s god’s wish that Simran stays with her papa instead of any orphanage.
Strings Of Love Upcoming Episodes

Angad tells Manveer that nothing happened to him, he wanted to spend some time alone and hence came here. He says he can’t change whatever happened but can keep himself busy; he doesn’t want to answer family’s question, so it’s better she leaves him here. Manveer asks why did she go to meet Sahiba who did so wrong to him. Angad says it was his mistake, he shouldn’t have gone there. He asks Pam for the jewelry designs and scolds her for showing such poor designs, he asks her to contact designer and ask him to make designs of Brar jewelry’s standards. Manveer tries to speak. Angad asks her to stop requesting him repeatedly as he will come home whenever he wants to. Manveer says he doesn’t want to stay in a house if Sahiba is not staying there, by the way if Sahiba’s lover sent her those flowers. Angad says he doesn’t know who sent those flowers, but knows Sahiba has nothing to do with it. Manveer asks if he trusts that girl so much. Angad asks her not to pester him that he says something hurting, so please let him be by himself.At Sahiba’s college, teacher gathers students and informs them that they are sending 4 student’s painting for exhibition with renowned paintings and unveils selected paintings. Sahiba is lost in thought while Rumi stares at her. Riddhi feels happy thinking her painting will be selected, but teacher selects Sahiba’s painting without her signature on it. Teacher asks whose painting is it. Sahiba lost in thoughts doesn’t reply. Manveer tells Seerat that she feels helpless seeing Angad in this condition and curses Sahiba. Seerat asks Pam that Angad would be staying at office for a few days and she should take care of his food, she will send Angad’s necessary stuff via driver and wants Pam to inform her if Angad tries to contact Sahiba or Sahiba contacts him. Pam says Sahiba is Angad’s wife, then why these restrictions. Manveer says it’s for Angad’s goodness and asks her to do as they say.

Teacher says if the painter doesn’t come forward, he will reject the painting. Rumi says it’s Sahiba’s painting and alerts her. Sahiba accepts it’s her painting and apologizes teacher for not signing it. Teacher congratulates her for getting selected followed by other while Riddhi gets jealous. Out of college, Sahiba’s friends tell her that she should thank a boy who alerted them and got her selected. Sahiba notices Rumi and thanks him. He talks to her nervously. She asks him how did he knew it’s her painting. She says she saw everyone looking around only she standing silently, so he realized it’s her painting. Sahiba says she has seen him somewhere before. He says he must have passed in front of her.

Sahiba asks how does he know her name. He says he got it from her classmate. Sahiba says he doesn’t seem to be from her class, which course he is in. He says he just joined a photography course, his name is Karthik and she can call him Rumi. She says just because she told him he got philosophical, he changed his name to Rumi. He says his mother calls him Rumi. Teacher walks to Sahiba and congratulates her, asks her to keep smiling forgetting her problems. Riddhi walks to Sahiba next and humiliates her saying she got selected out of pity as teacher learnt that she is being kicked out of Brar mansion, etc. Teacher warns her to not cross her limits and tongue lashes her for her shameless behavior.

He announces that he will select a few volunteer photographer students for a photo session of selected students. Rumi requests him to select him, clicks Riddhi’s photo, and shows it to teacher. Teacher selects him. Riddhi yells at Rumi for clicking her pic without her permission. Rumi says she should thank him instead and deletes photo, murmuring she is troubling Sahiba a lot. Pam arranges a photography session with models to showcase Brar jewelry designs. Angad rejects designs. Veer says he himself had selected these and now rejecting them. Seerat walks to Angad like a model. Veer tells Atharva that they need to finalize jewelry designs by evening and asks him to select at least a few designs. Angad says he would if there is something good. Veer asks what he wants. Sahiba sitting in college’s cafeteria recalls quality time spent with Angad. Her friend asks who is attending painting exhibition with her as they need to issue passes. Angad imagines Sahiba who suggests him to select a simple design as simplicity never goes out of fashion. Main Tere Liye Dunya Choddunga.. song plays in the background. He gets out of imagination, recalls Sahiba’s bitter words, and asks Veer to take away simple designs from his sight as simplicity is a biggest lie in this world. Sahiba also recalls their argument and thinks Angad doesn’t care for her at all. Her friend asks if she shall send passes to Brar mansion. Sahiba says shhe doesn’t stay in that address anymore and asks her to give 2 passes for the time being.


Rumi walks to Sahiba and asks if he can sit with her. Sahiba says she wants to be alone for some time. Rumi says he is just doing his job as professor asked to click artists’ pics, he finished other artists’ pics and needs her pics. Sahiba says she will send her pic to the professor and sends them from her gallery. He notices her password and imagines wiggling his finges in her hair. Sahiba says she needs to go. He purposefully drops coffee on her mobile and acting as cleaning it backs her mobile, thinks he can’t hack her heart now but hacked her mobile as an initiative. She asks him to return her mobile. He says it looks fine and asks her to unlock check it once. She checks. He asks if he can click her pic now. She asks him to hurry up. He says he will click pics later then. She leaves checking her mobile. He sees her mobile screen on his mobile.

Seerat walks to Angad in style. Pam tells Angad that Seerat wants to try jewelry designs and help him. Photographer says if model is so beautiful, designs will look really pretty. Veer says in Sahiba’s absence, Seerat solved his problem. Angad asks if he thinks he can’t do anything without Sahiba’s help, he doesn’t need anyone’s support. He asks Seerat why did she come here. Seerat says she is sorry to disturb Brar Jeweler’s CEO, she likes modeling and wants to showcase the designs; she knows that until they themselves love their designs and use them, it’s not going to work. She shows matching bracelet with necklace and says it doesn’t need matching earrings. Veer says Seerat’s idea is nice. Photographer says it looks elegant. Veer asks models to remove their earrings. Seerat says she wants to contribute in family business.

Rumi looks at Sahiba’s mobile screen and thinks he is getting closer to her. Staff informs him that his father Yash is calling him at the dining table. Rumi walks to dining table and notices his favorite dishes. Yash walks to him and says he is happy to see him after a long time and called his son to celebrate his son’s success of getting admission in a London Business school. Rumi calling him by name says he doesn’t want to go to London. Yash gets his secretary’s message that Rumi didn’t respond to the business school offer and gets angry. He asks why don’t he finish MBA and join family business. Rumi says he wants to learn photography and is not interested in photography, Yash wasn’t present when he needed the most and says he can be his father but never be his papa. Veer thanks Seerat for her help in photo shoot. Seerat thinks Angad is still lost in Sahiba’s thoughts and gets angry whenever Sahiba’s name is mentioned, she needs to do something and get him out of Sahiba’s thoughts. Rumi hides in Sahiba’s room and switches off room’s light. Sahiba walks out after a bathe and goes out to check. She finds only her room’s light off. She returns and searches for a candle. Rumi tries to touch her and stands staring at her under candle light. He thinks she comes in his dreams in wet hair and under candle light, he wants to gain her love forever. Sahiba cries recalling Angad’s betrayal. Rumi thinks he can’t see her crying and silently keeps kerchief near her. Sahiba finds kerchief and thinks how did it come here. Someone knocks door. Sahiba asks who is it and goes to open the door. Rumi thinks someone else is also coming in this room, it not safe for him to stay here. Sahiba’s dupatta gets stuck in his watch. Sahiba gets scared and asks who is it and runs towards door. Rumi picks her dupatta and escapes via bathroom pipe.


Sahiba opens door and finds Seerat standing. Seerat walks in and asks why did she delay opening the door. Sahiba says someone was here. Seerat says it’s her perception and asks why this room is so dark. Rumi fixes wire and switches on lights. Sahiba calls guard and says someone was in her room and escaped via bathroom window. Guard goes to check. Seerat asks Sahiba if she was with someone and hid him when she knocked the door. Sahiba warns her to mind her tongue. Rumi hiding behind thinks who is she who is misbehaving with Sahiba. Seerat asks what she thought about her and Angad’s relationship, Angad doesn’t want her in his life. Sahiba says she knows what Seerat is up to, she wants to ask when will she divorce Angad.

Seerat says it’s a straight question. Sahiba says it’s none of her business and asks who is she to Angad to ask this. Seerat says who is she to Angad now and what she will be is none of Sahiba’s business and asks her to just divorce Angad. Sahiba says she lost her right to be her sister and asks her to go from there. Seerat leaves. Rumi says this woman can’t misbehave with Sahiba, but she was right that Angad doesn’t deserve Sahiba’s love; he will take care of Sahiba. Angad continues to work at office. Veer tells Pam that it has been 4 days since Sahiba went home, he is working continuously and even forcing them to work more. Angad asks Pam of client’s mail came. Pam says they are waiting for that.

Manveer recalls Angad refusing to return home and asking her not to bother about him. Inder shows his concern for Manveer and says she will spoil her health more if she doesn’t take food and medicines. Manveer asks how can she have food when her son hasn’t returned home since 4 days and is pain because of Sahiba. She curses Sahiba. Akaal with Japjyoth walks in and says even he had gone to office to bring Angad home, but Angad refused to come. Manveer continues to curse Sahiba and asks who will bring Angad home. Seerat walks in and says she will bring Angad home. Sahiba visits her parental home. Ajith prepares food and serves her. Sahiba asks him to sit and talk to her first. Ajith asks what will Angad think seeing her so weak. Sahiba asks him not to take Angad’s name in front of her. Veer asks Angad to stop working and return home or else he will spoil his health. Angad says it doesn’t matter to him. Seerat walks in and says it matters to her. Sahiba informs Ajith and Keerat that her painting is going to be displayed in an art exhibition. They both get happy hearing that. Ajith says he wants her daughter to achieve new heights and make a name of her own, he is also worried about her and Angad’s relationship and wants to know what happened between the as neither Angad is picking his call nor Sahiba wants to discuss about it, he wants them both to live happily together.
Angad stumbles. Seerat rushes to him and asks if he is feeling drowsy. Angad asks her to leave or else he will vent out his frustration on her. Seerat says he can and says if she had not eloped from wedding, he wouldn’t have married Sahiba and suffered like this. Angad asks her to stop it. Seerat says she can’t see him like this, it’s not Sahiba’s mistake this time. Angad asks if she is supporting Sahiba. Seerat says he made a mistake of over trusting Sahiba, but she broke his trust; he tried to change for Sahiba, but Sahiba made a joke of his feelings; Sahiba is stubborn since childhood and will not change; Angad has to understand that Sahiba is not made for him; he is wrong if he thinks he will express his feelings to Sahiba and she will understand it. Angad
asks how does she know that he expressed his feelings to Sahiba.


Seerat thinks she can’t tell him that she heard his feelings and not Sahiba, says he told Sahiba that he expressed his feelings and she disrespected it; he is a good man who helps others; he helped Sahiba get admission in arts college, but Sahiba dumped him to fullfill her dreams; when Bebe gave responsibility to Sahiba, she wrongly accused Angad and left home as she knows she can’t fulfill her dream if she gets stuck in responsibilities; Sahiba is enjoying hostel while Angad is torturing himself here; his decision may harm others. Angad asks what does she mean. Seerat says Manveer is not having food and medicine since he left home and her health will deteriorate more if this continues; Sahiba left home and Manveer is worried for Angad and she fears Manveer will take a wrong step. Angad asks her what does she mean. Seerat says Manveer is in deep pain because of Sahiba as she earlier got Simran home and then left Angad and hurt Manveer. She requests him to return home and lessen Manveer’s pain. Angad agrees. Angad drives towards home with Seerat and feels sleepy. Seerat offers him chocolate and says he will not feel sleepy. Angad accepts choc. He stops car at a traffic signal. Sahiba crosses signal and drops her bag. She picks her stuff. Angad notices her and gets out of car. Seerat follows him. Sahiba notices them together and stops him from helping her, notices choc on Angad’s lips and asks him to finish choc first and asks Seerat if she didn’t feed him choc properly. Angad helps her even after her refusal. Yaar Bedardeya… song plays in the background. They both stand looking at each other. Signal turns green. Seerat alerts Angad. Sahiba walks away from there. Seerat provokes Angad against Sahiba again and asks him to wait while she helps Sahiba cross the road. Angad follows her. Sahiba without looking at the traffic coems in front of a speeding car. Angad pulls her away on time. A bike heads towards Seerat. Seerat jumps on Angad. Angad gets sandwiched between Sahiba and Seerat. Sahiba gets angry seeing that. Seerat asks Sahiba to stop her stubbornness and get into car and let them drop her to hostel. Sahiba says she will manage. Angad says it’s late night, he will drop her on Seerat’s request or else he is not interested. Sahiba says he follows Seerat’s orders now. Angad says as Seerat told, she is stubborn and arrogant woman. Sahiba says he made an opinion based on Seerat’s opinion, he should go and listen to only Seerat. Angad gets angry. Seerat stops him and says let it go as Sahiba won’t understand him. She says it’s better to part ways instead fo carrying a burden of dead relationship. Sahiba walks away from there teary eyed. Seerat leaves with Angad in his car and grins at Sahiba.