My Desire December Teasers 2023


My Desire December Teasers 2023

Mansi follows Antara and Samrat to where they spend the night together and is enraged to see them coming close. She later comes up with a murderous plan against Nayantara to get rid of her. Read Starlife My Desire December 2023 Teasers:

Starlife My Desire December 2023 Teasers

Friday 1 December 2023

Episode 970

After apprehending Samrat’s plan to save Nayantara, Mansi changes her move. Samrat returns home and lies about Nayantara to her family.

Saturday 2 December 2023

Episode 971

The Iyer family gets shocked to see Samrat’s misbehaviour towards them. Later, Ishani and Mohit confront him when Prem reveals a shocking truth.

Sunday 3 December 2023

Episode 972

Samrat narrates to Ishani and Mohit how he put Nayantara’s life at risk after Mansi forced him. Elsewhere, Nayantara recovers and meets Siddharth.

Monday 4 December 2023

Episode 973

Mansi blackmails Samrat and forces him to accept her as his wife. Nayantara misunderstands Samrat and vows to take revenge

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Episode 974

Nayantara arrives at Samrat’s concert and meets him as Antara, a singer. Elsewhere, the Iyers get overjoyed when they learn that Nayantara is alive.

Wednesday 6 December 2023

Episode 975

Malti gets upset when Nayantara doesn’t pick her up when she falls down in front of her. Later, Samrat confronts Nayantara and tries to make her confess.

Thursday 7 December 2023

Episode 976

Samrat tries to convince Nayantara that he was blackmailed by Mansi and that he tried to save her life. Later, Nayantara tries to find the truth behind Samrat’s claims.

Friday 8 December 2023

Episode 977

Samrat tries to get Nayantara’s fingerprints tested but he gets shocked when the reports come negative. Later, Nayantara asks security to throw Samrat out.

Saturday 9 December 2023

Episode 978

Samrat tries to use Prem to make Nayantara confess the truth about herself. However, the latter outsmarts Samrat and gets him arrested for her murder.

Sunday 10 December 2023

Episode 979

Samrat blames Mansi as all his credit cards get blocked. Nayantara agrees to take Samrat to her concert and plans to humiliate him.

Monday 11 December 2023

Episode 980

Nayantara feels bad as she forcefully makes Samrat eat the green chillies. Samrat wants to spend time with Nayantara and executes his plan step by step.

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Episode 981

Mansi follows Antara and Samrat to where they spend the night together and is enraged to see them coming close. She later comes up with a murderous plan against Nayantara to get rid of her.

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Episode 982

Siddharth pretends to be worried for Samrat and helps Nayantara take care of him. Later, Mansi plans to harm Nayantara’s voice and frame Samrat for it.

Thursday 14 December 2023

Episode 983

When Nayantara temporarily loses her voice, Siddharth instigates her against Samrat. However, Nayantara devises a plan to give Samrat a befitting lesson.

Friday 15 December 2023

Episode 984

Samrat becomes cautious after Mohit informs him of Mansi’s presence in the audience. In a dizzy state, Nayantara confesses her true personality to Samrat.

Saturday 16 December 2023

Episode 985

Mansi tells the truth about Siddharth and Nayantara to Samrat, but her truth also comes out in the process. Later, Mansi kidnaps Prem to protect herself.

Sunday 17 December 2023

Episode 986

Mansi asks for Samrat’s wealth in exchange for Prem, and Samrat agrees to her demand. However, Mansi gets furious to learn that Samrat tricked her.

Monday 18 December 2023

Episode 987

While Mohit proposes to Ishani, Nayantara admits her love for Samrat. Incidentally, Mansi finds out Samrat’s location after Prem switches on the phone.

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Episode 988

Samrat and Nayantara are devastated to learn that Malti and Govind died in an accident. However, Mansi tells Nayantara that Samrat was responsible for their death.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Episode 989

Nayantara learns that she is pregnant, while a stranger named Satish makes a shocking request to her. Later, Samrat assumes that she died in an accident.

Thursday 21 December 2023

Episode 390

After 20 years, Nayantara leads a simple life that revolves around her two daughters, Kaashvi and Mahima. Kaashvi and Mahima share opposing tastes in their lives.

Friday 22 December 2023

Episode 391

Nayantara and Mahima set up their stall at the exhibition. Kaashvi runs into Samrat while she saves a kid from a mishap.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Episode 392

Romila refuses to give money to Nayantara after Mahima loses the contest. Samrat promises to uncover the truth when Kaashvi blames him for the unfair judgement.

Sunday 24 December 2023

Episode 393

Nayantara agrees to give money to Mahima to buy a new phone. Kaashvi comforts Nayantara when she is depressed over her inability to pay the coaching fees.

Monday 25 December 2023

Episode 394

Samrat decides to provide a space for Kaashvi’s saree store in the mall. Meanwhile, Nayantara gets shocked after she spots Samrat at the store with Kaashvi.

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Episode 395

Samrat grows happy to see the flower in the plant that he and Nayantara planted. Later, he hands over a space to Kaashvi and makes her the owner of the shop.

Wednesday 27 December 2023

Episode 396

When Nayantara confronts her, Kaashvi admits her feelings for Arjun. Meanwhile, Romila and her husband set the shop on fire, leaving Nayantara devastated.

Thursday 28 December 2023

Episode 397

Kaashvi feels shattered, unable to accept the fact that Arjun loves Mahima. On the other hand, Arjun tells Nitya about his love for Mahima.

Friday 29 December 2023

Episode 398

The police come to arrest Samrat for burning down the Supriti Saree shop. However, Kaashvi concludes that Samrat is innocent and tries to find evidence.

Saturday 30 December 2023

Episode 399

Nayantara learns that Samrat owns the mall and goes to the police station to free him. Later, Nitya makes a shocking proposal to Nayantara.

Sunday 31 December 2023

Episode 400

Nayantara accuses Romila and her husband of setting fire to the shop. Samrat asks Pradyumna to stay away from Mahima and not build a relationship with her.

Other Starlife Teasers

Kashvi Is Hospitalized! Samrat to donate blood to Kashvi

Samrat tells Nayan that he will give her so much pain that she won’t forget him forever. Kashvi noticing Samrat misbehaving with her mother knocks door glass and breaks it injuring her hand severely. Arjun reaches her and is shocked to see her condition. Samrat and Nayan also notice her and rush out of library. Kashvi asks Nayan if she is fine and collapses. Sam says they should rush her to hospital. Arjun warns her to dare not touch Kashvi as her condition is because of him. Samrat says they can argue later and take Kashvi to hospital in his car. Arjun refuses, but Nayan convinces him. They reach hospital. Doctor takes Kashvi to treatment room. Arjun holds Sam’s collar and shouts how dare he is to touch Nayan and shouts that Kashvi’s condition is because of him. He questions his and Nayan’s relationship. Samrat pushes him away and says that is none of his business, he is sparing him as he is Kashvi’s friend. Arjun says Kashvi and Nayan are his family, but Sam is no one and hence should stay away from them. Sam leaves.

Arjun asks Nayan if she knows Sam from before or else he wouldn’t dare to cross his limits. Nayan says she knows Sam from before and there are some difference between them, she can’t reveal everything to him and he shouldn’t inform about it to anyone. Doctor comes out and informs that Kashvi lost lots of blood and needs blood transfusion, its a rare AB negative group blood and she should arrange it from somewhere. Mahima wears a short dress and messages Pradyuman to reach a club for party. She wears a kurti over her dress and is about to leave when Nitya walks in and says she came to meet her. Mahima thinks shy she came at this time. Nitya informs her about jaago prewedding ritual where a bride has to beat a thali for whole night and asks her to be ready for that. Mahima agrees and says she will inform Nayan. Nitya says she herself will inform Nayan and leaves.

Mahima reaches club and describes her friends how she threw the kurta she wore over her skimpy dress. Friends thinks she is crazy. Pradyuman reaches there. Mahima notices him and tells her friend how much Arjun is mad in her love and gifted her a diamond ring for engagement. She then acts as noticing Pradyuman. Pradyuman asks why did she call him. She says she came here to celbrate bachelor’s party with her friend and called him as he wants to talk to her. Pradyuman asks if she sure that she wants to marry Arjun. Kashvi invites him for a dance and tells him that Arjun is sorted out and doesn’t need anyone’s permission to express his love or marry her. Pradyuman presents her a much bigger diamond and asks her not to marry Arjun. Mahima thinks she will not accept it until he agrees to marry her and rejects it. She continues to dance sensuously with him to lure him.

Nitya calls Nayan and tells her that she visited her house and informed Mahima about jaago ritual. Nayan says she is in a hospital as Kashvi is severely injured and needs blood. Nitya asks her to call her if she needs help. Nayan says she will if need be. Arjun returns and informs that he couldn’t arrange AB negative blood as its very rare.

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Kashvi is shocked to see Mahima and Pradyuman kissing each other. She shouts Mahiii.. Mahima asks Pradyuman to run away from there. Pradyuman runs away. Kashvi asks Mahima how can she kiss Pradyuman here when she is getting married to Arjun soon, why didn’t she think about Arjun or Nayan or their family’s dignity. Mahima thinks all her plans will go in vain if Kashvi informs about it to Nayan and Nayan will backlash her. Kashvi further shows diamond ring and asks Mahima why she lied about this precious ring. Mahima lies that Pradyuman was forcing himself on her instead and he is the one who gave her this precious ring forcefully, he even didn’t let her enjoy with her friend at the club and forcefully danced with her.

Kashvi says they shall file a police complaint against

Pradyuman and says he shouldn’t be spared for his heinous act. Mahima says Nayan and their family’s name would be ruined if Arjun’s family finds out that a boy had entered her room forcefully, so they shouldn’t complain against Arjun. Kashvi agrees. Mahima thinks she is a good actor and can fool anyone.


Samrat continues to prepare laddus with Nitya, Sayan, and Daadi and hold Nayan’s hand repeatedly. Nayan feels anxious and asks Sam what is he doing here when he has a business to take care of. Sam asks what shall he do. Nayan says he should go and take care of his business. Sam says he will leave then. Nayan says he should. He acts like hitting a furniture and rolls down on floor in severe pain. Everyone rush to him. Sam says he sprained his foot and its severely paining. Kashvi says he knows how the sprain feels. Nayan says he should go to his hotel room and rest. Sam agrees and acts as trying to get up and falling down again. He says he came here to saw wedding rituals and would have stayed nearby if he had any relatives around as his hotel room is far away.

Daadi asks him to stay back as guests usually to stay at home during weddings. Sam thanks her and asks if he can call her Biji. Daadi agrees and asks Nayan to show his room. Sam says he needs some’s support to walk. Daadi asks Nayan to help him. Nayan helps him walk to guest room. Their nok jhok continues.. She says she knows he is acting to stay near Kashvi, but she doesn’t want him to. Sam says he is here for her and gets romantic. Tu Hai To Phir Kya Chahiye… song plays in the background.. Nayan leaves fuming. Sam thinks he is here for her and Kashvi. Drama continues.. Kashvi asks Arjun why is he putting so much effort to impress Mahima who is not bothered him. She is about to reveal that Mahima wasn’t present at jaago ritual and stops suddenly. Arjun asks what was she saying and insists. She says nothing important. He drops a grinding stone on her foot by mistake. Her toe starts bleeding. Sam notices that and shows his concern for Kashvi. He warns Arjun to stay away as he injured Kashvi and takes Kashvi to her room to perform first-aid. Arjun fumes. Sam performs Kashvi’s first-aid and asks why she looks tensed, she can reveal her problem with her. Kashvi thinks she can share her concerns with him at least and reveals how she replaced Mahima for jaago ritual to save family’s dignity. She further reveals how, as per Mahima, Pradyuman is troubling Mahima and forcing himself on her and how she saw Pradyuman forcefully kissing Mahima. Sam is shocked to hear that and requests him not to convince Pradyuman to forget Mahima as she is marrying Arjun. Sam promises her. Kashvi asks can she hug him as she feels related to him. He agrees and says they are related by heart. Kashvi hugs him. Sam calls her beta/daughter. Kashvi gets more emotional and asks him to call her Kashu beta from hereon. Sam agrees.


Mahima gets ready for haldi ritual with Nitya’s gifted dress. Romila provokes her to not marry poor Arjun and marry Pradyuman instead. Mahima asks how will that happen. Romila promises to help her. Mahima happily hugs her. Romila thinks she will take revenge from Nayan by making Mahima elope and let people humiliate Nayan. She tells Mahima that she will drop haldi bowl and make sure nothing is left for her. Haldi ritual starts. Nitya applies haldi to Arjun and asks Nayan to apply same haldi to Mahima. Romila picks haldi bowl and drops it purposefully. Haldi splashes on Kashvi’s face. Mahima says she will not apply this haldi as it’s spoilt. Nayan says she should apply only this haldi as per ritual. Mahima asks how can she do this to her, she will not apply this dirty haldi. Arjun says it’s organic and good for her skin. Mahima takes haldi from Kashvi’s face and applies it on her hand and walks away stepping over haldi bowl saying ritual is over now. Sam stops her and says she has hurt everyone’s feelings by her rude act. Mahima rudely shouts who is he to question her, he is neither a guest nor invited her, so he should have a feast, enjoy rituals, and get out of here. Nayan confronts Mahima for misbehaving with Sam and says Sam is a rich businessman and has achieved a lot in life which Mahima can’t in her life. She insists to apologize Sam. Mahima asks if she is raising her voice on her because of a stranger. Nayan says if she had scolded her for her mistakes long ago, she wouldn’t have been like this. Mahima apologizes Sam and walks away. Sam goes out to meet Pradyuman and confronts him for forcefully barging into Mahima’s room and kissing her even after his warning. He threatens to inform his father and send him back to USA if he doesn’t stop. Pradyuman says he loves Mahima and will marry him at any cost whether Sam agrees or not. Sam tries to convince him that Mahima isn’t loyal to anyone and wants to marry him for money. Pradyuman refuses to listen to him and walks away. Sam thinks he has gone blind in love. Romila asks why is he against this marriage when they both each other. She reveals that Kashvi loves Arjun since childhood and Nayan knows about it, but she is adamant to sacrifice Kashvi’s feelings and get Mahima married to Arjun.
Romila tells Samrat that it’s all Nayan’s mistake that she is purposefully getting Mahima married to Arjun when she knows that Mahima loves Pradyuman and Kashvi loves Arjun. She says poor Kashvi has to see her love marrying someone else. Samrat warns her to stop talking rubbish against Nayan. Romila says she is not lying and he can go and question Nayan. Sam leaves. Romila thinks she set a fire and will watch the drama. Sam walks to Nayan and says he wants to talk. Nayan says guests are here and she can’t come. Sam insists and takes her aside and asks how can she ruin Kashvi’s life and get Mahima married to Arjun while she knows that Kashvi loves Arjun. Nayan reveals that Arjun doesn’t love Kashvi and loves Mahima since childhood. Sam asks if Mahima loves Arjun. Nayan says and in fact she took proposal to Arjun’s house. She says they both know what it is to live without love and now he understood why she took this decision. She says let her go now before someone watches them and walks away. Sam thinks Nayan doesn’t know that Mahima is double crossing both Arjun and Pradyuman.


Romila provokes Mahima not to marry poor Arjun and marry rich Pradyuman instead. Mahima says Pradyuman is ready to elope with her. Romila asks her to call Pradyuman and elope with him then. Mahima calls Pradyuman from Romila’s number and asks him to do something as her wedding is tomorrow and her Sam uncle is staying at her house and troubling her, she was scolded by her mother for the first time because of Sam. she suggests him to come and take her from there as she is ready to elope with him. Pradyuman agrees and asks her to be ready tonight. Mahima happily informs Romila about the same. Romila thinks her plan is succeeding.

Arjun shows his new sherwani design to Rocky and Mickey and asks how is it. They say its excellent and would look good on him. Sam passes by and forcefully looks at the design and says its very dull and not classy. Kashvi asks him not to say that as Arjun’s choice is always perfect. Arjun insults Sam saying he didn’t seek his opinion and he should stop poking his nose unnecessarily, he chose this color as its Mahima’s favorite color and he would wear only this sherwani. Sam walks to terrace. Kashvi follows him and asks him not to criticize Arjun’s choice, she knows he doesn’t like Arjun, but shouldn’t always oppose him. Sam says he knows she loves Arjun immensely, but should nod yes to everything.
Kashvi asks how does he know. He says he knows and asks her not to sacrifice her love as he is staying away from his love since 20 years and can’t hold her even when she is near him, he doesn’t want Kashvi to go through same pain. Kashvi cries hugging him and says she misses her father and thinks her father would have listen to her without judging her. Once she leaves, Sam breaks down thinking he can’t help his daughter. Nayan walks to him. He says their daughter is in pain, but he can’t do anything. He requests her to do something and get their daughter out of pain. Nayan hugs and comforts him. Samrat tells Nayantara that he feels helpless to see his daughter in pain and unable to do anything for her. He requests her to get Nayan to do something and get their daughter out of pain. He says if he had not done that years ago and had he informed her how much he loves her 20 years ago, they would have been together and their daughter wouldn’t have to face so much difficulties. Nayan hugs and comforts him. Romila’s children ask her to serve them pickles and she goes to terrace to bring pickle bottle. She is shocked to see Sam and Nayan romantically embracing each other. Kashvi realizes she forgot her notes on terrace and walks towards it to get her notes. Pradyuman comes to pick up Mahima. Mahima gives him a large bag with all her make up stuff via a window and it gets stuck.
She panics that she can’t get out of now. Someone knocks the door. Romila clicks Nayan and Sam’s intimate pic and plans to circulate it and defame Nayan in front of everyone. She thinks she was wrongly behind a daughter while mother herself is so colorful.


Kashvi walks on terrace and bumps on Romila. Romila’s phone falls down. Romila scolds her and warns her to dare not touch her mobile. Kashvi says let her help. Romila says this phone has a bomb for Nayan and nobody should touch it. Sam continues to kiss Nayan and show his emotional side. Nayan gets alert and says its wrong, she shouldn’t have carried away and kissed him. Sam says its okay as they are still husband and wife. Nayan says a lot has changed. Kashvi walks in. They both get tensed seeing her. Kashvi thanks Sam for supporting her mother and becoming her friend. Nayan says they are not. Kashvi says he mother alone suffered a lot and at last got a good friend now. She further reveals how Romila was acting weird and telling that her phone has a bomb against Nayan, etc. Nayan realizes that Romila saw them kissing and rushes down.

Arjun’s family tries to leave after the ritual. Romila stops them and says they should watch Nayan’s true face and go. Whole family gathers. Romila accuses that Nayan is characterless. Sam warns her to mind her tongue. Romila humiliates him and says Nayan is having an affair with Sam and was kissing him. Daadi warns her to mind her tongue. Romila shows a pic as a proof and continues to accuse Nayan. Mahima hears someone knocking the door and sends Pradyuman from there. She opens door and relaxes seeing a guest who wants to use her room’s washroom. She further hears family drama and fears if she was caught, then relaxes hearing Romila accusing Nayan instead.

Kashvi warns Romila to mind her tongue as her mother and Sam are mature enough and know their responsibility. She checks Romila’s clicked pic and finds it blur. She shows pic to everyone and ask what can they see in it. Sam tongue lashes Romila for sprading fake news. Romila asks what were they doing on terrace then. Sam says he made lighting arrangements and went on terrace to check, Nayan accidentally came here. Romila asks Nitya and Daadi what would they have done if they were in her position. Kashvi continues to warn her and shuts her mouth.