Lost In Love October Teasers 2023


Lost In Love October Teasers 2023

Pakhi realises that Virat will never love her and decides to leave him for good. Read Lost In Love October 2023 Teasers.

Starlife Lost In Love October 2023 Teasers

Sunday 1 October 2023

Episode 823

Virat urges Satya to inform Sai about Vinayak’s health condition. Sai gets desperate and desires to meet her son.

Monday 2 October 2023

Episode 824

Sai goes to the Chavan mansion to meet Vinayak and asks him about his condition. While Ashwini confronts her, Virat waits for Sai at the location she cited.

Tuesday 3 October 2023

Episode 825

Virat devises a new plan to track down Sai and Savi and pursues them as they flee. Later, he spots them at Bhavani’s election camp.

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Episode 826

Virat goes on stage and publicly confesses his love for Sai while pleading for her pardon. How will a shattered Sai react to his unexpected behaviour?

Thursday 5 October 2023

Episode  827

Virat requests Pakhi to sign in the divorce paper. However, he grows impatient to learn about Sai’s shocking decision.

Friday 6 October 2023

Episode 828

Pakhi breaks down and decides to leave the Chavan mansion. Elsewhere, Virat grows anxious when Bhavani warns him about Sai and Satya’s relationship.

Saturday 7 October 2023


Virat sees Sai and Satya holding hands and misinterprets the situation. Later, Sai makes a shocking claim after Virat accuses her of having an affair with Satya.

Sunday 8 October 2023

Episode 830

Satya agrees to marry Sai and they break the news to his family together. However, when Sai talks about her children, Satya’s mother rejects the marriage.

Monday 9 October 2023

Episode 831

Bhavani tries to stop Sai from marrying Satya, but she stays firm in her decision. Satya tries to persuade his mother to accept his and Sai’s relationship.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Episode 832

Sai informs Savi and Vinayak about her decision to marry Satya. Virat and Sai get into an argument over taking Savi away from the Chavan house.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Episode 833

Bhavani visits Satya’s house to break the latter and Sai’s marriage. Elsewhere, Satya’s mother confronts Sai to tell her the truth about the former’s past.

Thursday 12 October 2023

Episode 834

Satya feels relieved when his mother gives her consent for the wedding. After Satya and Sai’s wedding date is fixed, she gets into a dilemma about her decision.

Friday 13 October 2023

Episode 835

Satya and Sai arrive at the temple and take part in wedding rituals. Virat rushes to the temple after learning from his colleague about Sai’s wedding.

Saturday 14 October 2023

Episode 836

While fighting off the assailants, Virat gets injured. Later, despite the severity of his injuries, he rushes to the temple only to see the rituals being completed.

Sunday 15 October 2023

Episode 837

Virat returns home in an intoxicated state and decides to perform Sai’s funeral ceremony. Elsewhere, Sai performs the Grihapravesh ritual and enters Satya’s home.

Monday 16 October 2023

Episode 838

Pakhi realises that Virat will never love her and decides to leave him for good. Later, Satya’s mother questions Sai for not being in a new bride’s attire.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Episode 839

Sai and Savi arrive at Satya’s home and are greeted with a cute surprise. On the other hand, an enraged Bhavani decides to bring Savi back.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Episode 840

Bhavani grows suspicious to hear Amba’s voice in Satya’s house. Later, a conflict ensues between Virat and Satya when the latter lashes out at Bhavani.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Episode 841

Sai promises Satya that she will never let Bhavani insult his mother again. Elsewhere, Virat finds Pakhi’s letter and learns that she has left the house for good.

Friday 20 October 2023

Episode 842

Sai comes to Virat’s house to take care of Vinayak, but Virat refuses to let her enter the house. However, Sai ignores Virat’s orders and enters the house.

Saturday 21 October 2023

Episode 843

Virat tells Sai that she doesn’t have to worry about Vinayak anymore, but the latter refuses to stay away from Vinayak. Later, Satya makes a request to Sai.

Sunday 22 October 2023

Episode 844

Virat gets furious on seeing Savi being happy with Satya and tries to get violent with him. However, Sai stops him and warns him not to touch Satya again.

Monday 23 October 2023

Episode 845

Satya is compelled to climb up the temple steps while holding Sai in his arms. Meanwhile, Bhavani confronts Sai regarding her efforts to find Pakhi.

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Episode 846

Vinayak agrees to celebrate his birthday when Virat promises to bring Pakhi back. Later, Sai and Virat rush to the hospital after they receive a phone call.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Episode 847

Virat fails to find Pakhi, and Amba orders Sai to attend Vinayak’s birthday party with Satya. During the celebrations, Vinayak and the others miss Pakhi.

Thursday 26 October 2023

Episode 848

Virat becomes envious as Sai and Satya get closer while playing a game at the party. Later, Sai and Virat have a disagreement over Pakhi’s disappearance.

Friday 27 October 2023

Episode 849

As Virat is unable to bring Pakhi back, Vinayak refuses to cut the cake on his birthday. Later, Vinayak desires to adopt Sai as his mother until Pakhi returns.

Saturday 28 October 2023

Episode 850

Virat’s commissioner is shot and is taken to Sai and Satya’s hospital for treatment. Virat joins them and he learns shocking news about the attack.

Sunday 29 October 2023

Episode 851

The arrival of the bomb squad leaves Siya frightened, and she pulls her hand from the commissioner. Consequently, Sai replaces her to save the day.

Monday 30 October 2023

Episode 852

Sai pulls out the explosive from the commissioner’s chest and hands it over to Virat. But while trying to defuse the missile, Virat gets injured.

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Episode 853

Satya decides to express his love for Sai. Elsewhere, Virat gets shocked when Vinayak makes a request to visit Satya’s