Lost In Love January Teasers 2024


Lost In Love January Teasers 2024

After learning that Savi came on Isha’s recommendation! Will Ishaan accept Savi’s admission request? Read Lost In Love January Teasers 2024.

Starlife Lost In Love January Teasers 2024

Monday 1 January 2024

Episode 916

Reva tells her parents that she doesn’t want to leave Ishaan for her dream, but her parents try to convince her otherwise. Later, Isha comes to check on Savi.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Episode 917

Yashwanth learns about Reva’s decision and cuts ties with her parents. Savi tells Ashwini and Ninad the truth about Samarth and decides to follow Sai’s advice.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Episode 918

Ninad, Ashwini and Harinee support Savi’s decision to run away from the wedding. However, Savi is reluctant as her decision would land them in trouble.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Episode 919

Savi arrives at Isha’s doorstep and makes a heartfelt request to her. While Samarth and his friends search for Savi, Ishaan goes to the airport.

Friday 5 January 2024

Episode 920

Isha calls Shantanu after many years and asks him to help Savi get into the Bhosale Institute. Meanwhile, Bhavani and Samarth’s family arrive at Isha’s house.

Saturday 6 January 2024

Episode 921

Isha’s clever move distracts the Chavans, and she helps Savi catch a bus. Upon her arrival in Pune, Savi lands in trouble as two strangers plan to dupe her.

Sunday 7 January 2024

Episode 922

Savi gets late to reach the institute and misses her appointment with Shantanu. Elsewhere, Isha stands by her decision and gives a warning to Bhavani.

Monday 8 January 2024

Episode 923

Savi feels shattered when Bhavani bursts out in rage and breaks all ties with her. On the other hand, Ishaan gets shocked to see Savi in his cabin.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Episode 924

After learning that Savi came on Isha’s recommendation, Ishaan kicks her out of his office. Later, he confronts Shantanu about being in contact with Isha.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Episode 925

Savi finally manages to find Shantanu, but she unintentionally interrupts a board meeting for it. Later, Yashwanth and Ishaan reject Savi’s admission request.

Thursday 11 January 2024

Episode 926

When the authorities get determined not to allow Savi, she takes a chance to appear in the interview. Further, Ishaan gets infuriated as Savi creates a scene.

Friday 12 January 2024

Episode 927

Harinee tries to convince her in-laws to allow Savi to stay in their house. Meanwhile, Yashwanth questions Shantanu about his decision to give Savi an opportunity.

Saturday 13 January 2024

Episode 928

While Surekha condemns Isha’s previous decisions, Shantanu gives her an apt reply. Later, Ishaan gets irritated seeing Savi, and an argument ensues.

Sunday 14 January 2024

Episode 929

The interviewers are baffled when Savi answers every question correctly. However, Ishaan presents a shocking challenge for her.

Monday 15 January 2024

Episode 930

Savi clears the interview, but Ishaan asks her to pay the admission fees. Later, Isha faces a roadblock while trying to help Savi.

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Episode 931

Ishaan seeks aid from a psychotherapist but gets more agitated. Elsewhere, Harinee tries to help Savi with her college fees.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Episode 932

Savi gets worried about her admission fees. Isha stands by Savi when the Bhosales refuse to give her an extra day to collect her fees.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Episode 933

Isha battles the entire college administration to secure Savi’s enrollment. Further, Savi establishes her innocence in the theft of Harinee’s jewellery.

Friday 19 January 2024

Episode 934

Yashwanth tells Shantanu that he has to either divorce Isha or leave the house for good. Elsewhere, Bhavani gets furious on learning that Savi is in Harinee’s house.

Saturday 20 January 2024

Episode 935

On Savi’s first day at college, Savi is excited to attend her class. But then, she gets caught up in a vicious plot and ends up running late for class.

Sunday 21 January 2024

Episode 936

Savi slaps one of Durva’s friends when he tries to force her to kiss him. In retaliation, Durva and her friends lock Savi in a room and leave her there.

Monday 22 January 2024

Episode 937

Harinee calls Ishaan and convinces him to come to the college to look for Savi. Later, Ishaan is shocked to find Savi locked inside a classroom.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Episode 938

Harinee tries to console an emotional Savi when the latter breaks down in tears. Ishaan furiously questions Durva and decides to find out the truth anyway.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Episode 939

Ishaan learns that the meeting he called can’t take place because of a field trip and asks Savi for some time. However, Savi makes a shocking move seeking justice.

Thursday 25 January 2024

Episode 940

Savi claims that Durva and her friends not only ragged her but also sexually harassed her. However, Ishaan says that he can’t properly punish them without evidence.

Friday 26 January 2024

Episode 941

Shikha and Asmita decide to bring Savi to the house and take care of her till she regains consciousness. Later, Ishaan ignores Durva and Anvi’s apology.

Saturday 27 January 2024

Episode 942

Savi is shocked to see that she is in Ishaan’s house and learns that he is Isha’s son. Savi gets curious about Isha’s past when Ishaan expresses his hatred for her.

Sunday 28 January 2024

Episode 943

Surekha wants to make things right for Savi, so she insists on her staying at her house. At night, Savi makes a comical mess by mistaking Ishaan for a thief.

Monday 29 January 2024

Episode 944

Surekha tries to persuade Savi to drop the complaint by showing affection. At the same time, Savi finds out that Ayush has family ties with the Bhosles.

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Episode 945

Savi gathers the crowd and brings a journalist to the college to get justice for herself. Elsewhere, Asmita gets shocked when Anvi tells her the truth.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Episode 946

Yashvanth promises the media to punish Ayush after getting proof against his misdeed. Ishaan gets infuriated as Anvi discloses the truth of the incident.

Durva Decides To Take Revenge On Savi

Ishan and Anvi try to cheer up Durva by organizing a sibling party for her. Durva shouts if they can’t see that she is in deep sorrow. Anvi says they got out of such a horrible event, let’s forget it and move on. Durva refuses to listen and blames Savi for ruining her life and Ishan for blindly trusting Savi and beating innocent Sam. Ishan says Sam is a fraud and his own father confessed to their crimes. Durva says that is Sam’s past and he has changed. Ishan fails to make her understand. Durva shouts at them both and asks them to leave her alone. They both walk out.

Ishan prepares milk for him and Anvi. Anvi says she can’t see Durva’s condition and is worried for her. Ishan asks her not to worry as Durva will be fine. Anvi asks how can he be so sure. Ishan says like he forgot Reeva and got out of the pain, even Durva will forget Sam and move on. He imagines Reeva who asks if he has really moved on, then why he imagines her always; she is all over his mind and he can’t forget her. She asks why he is teary eyed. Ishan says recalling yesterday’s event. Anvi says he hasn’t forgotten Reeva. Ishan says if not, he will. Anvi says she feels anxious thinking if Savi had not exposed Sam, there would have been a big disaster. Ishan says Savi is a fighter, she is short tempered, but she always supports truth without bothering about consequences and people’s anger. Savi looks at her parent’s photos tells them how Ishan supported her going against everyone. Ishan continues to praise Savi.

Surekha searches for everyone and don’t find them. She imagines Ishan confronting her for risking Durva’s life and threatens to never listen to her or support her decisions. Nishi, Asmita, Shikha, and Yashwant also confront her for wrong decisions and trying to control their lives. Isha walks in and says nobody believes her now. Surekha shouts at her to get out of her house. Everyone walk on Isha’s side. Isha says she will take revenge for Surekha’s each atrocity towards her, she is Ishan’s mother and will get him married to Savi. Surekha shouts that this house belongs to her and she is Ishan’s mother and not Isha. Isha continues to challenge her and throws her out of the house. Surekha wakes up from her sleep and realizes it was her nightmare. She goes out to get water.

Baji Rao beats Mandar and Samrudh for their crimes. Mandar pleads not to beat him, he will not repeat his mistakes. Samrudh counts each lash. Mandar asks him what was he counting. Samrudh says he will take revenge from Savi for each lash and will make her life a hell. Mandar says he will get Savi killed by someone. Samrudh asks him not to do that, he will torture Savi so much that she will plead for death. Surekha walks towards kitchen to get water when she hears someone crying on terrace and walks there. She is shocked to see Durva crying there. Durva hugs her and says she is unable to forget family punishing Sam and supporting Savi, she will ruin Savi’s life for ruining her life, etc. Surekha says she will support Durva from hereon and even she wants to take revenge from Savi and Isha.

Lost In Love Upcoming Episodes

Inspector asks Isha what is her student’s name. Isha says she can’t inform him student’s name and involve her in all this. Inspector asks her to rest, soon the culprit would be caught. He walks out. Savi asks if Isha said something. Inspector says not clearly and asks where is she from. Savi says they are from Nagpur, but living in Ramtek since 14 years. Inspector gets suspicious. At Bhosale house, Surekha, Yashwant, and Nishikant fume that Isha didn’t die. Nishi notices Asmita and asks her to tell some details. Asmita says she doesn’t know anything, Ishan was already present there when she went there. Surekha angrily says Ishan was already there serving Isha. Ishan returns home. Surekha walks behind him. Yashwant says Surekha is angry today and asks Asmita to establish Devi Gowri’s idol at the college today. Asmit nods. Yashwant tells Nishi that he will handle everything.

Savi feeds food and medicine to Isha. Isha starts thinking. Savi asks what is she thinking. Isha says in one moment a goon shot her and escape and she lost consciousness and when she woke up, she found herself here. Savi says her son Ishan brought her here and describes the whole incident. Isha emotionally asks if Ishan saved her life. Savi says yes, she will thank Bappa for getting out Ishan’s love for his mother and prays Bappa to reunite them soon. Yashwant notices Surekha tensed and asks reason. Surekha says Isha was dead, but Ishan’s touch got her back to life. Asmita tells same to Nishi and this really happened. Surekha says Ishan was about to call Isha as aayi/mother, she stopped him. She says how is it possible that a child whom she took care of like a mother wants to call Isha as mother. Asmita tells Nishi that Ishan and Isha are connected by soul and hence Ishan got back to life with Ishan’s touch. Nishi thinks Isha escaped death and will trouble them with her report.

Surekha tells Yashwant that only she is Ishan’s mother and not Isha, she will not accept defeat at any cost. Yashwant says she can do whatever she wants to, but Ishan shouldn’t be troubled in all this. Surekha thinks when a wrong stitch comes undone, cloth tends to tear a bit. Ishan recalls calling Isha as aayi, Savi requesting him to call Isha as aayi, and Isha getting back to life wit his touch. He cries looking at Isha’s blood on divorce papers. Next day, Maa Gowri is established in college. Panditji says Bappa is incomplete without his mother maa Gowri. Ishan recalls Isha. Savi prays Bappa Isha has become her mother but herself is deprived of her son’s love, Bappa should unite a mother and son.

Ishan informs Surekha that he needs to visit hospital as inspector called him there. Surekha says he can go and thinks she is his mother and not Isha. She purposefully steps on a broken glass and injures herself to gain Ishan’s attention. Ishan rushes to her and first-aids her. Yashwant says she should be careful. Surekha says she is fine and asks Ishan to go to hospital. Ishan says he can’t go seeing her in this condition and will inform inspector that he can’t visit hospital. Savi returns to Isha. Doctor checks Isha and says they will start her physiotherapy soon. Isha asks when can she be discharged. Doctor asks her to get well first. Savi asks Isha to stay back in Pune, they will rent a house and she will take care of him until she gets ready. Isha says she is behaving like her mother. Savi says she will become her mother again once she gets well.

Surekha calls Ishan and says inspector must have called him for some important work, so he should go. Ishan asks if she is sure. Surekha says yes. Ishan leaves. Asmita serves tea to Nishikanth and informs him that Isha is fine now and will be discharged soon, so shall they bring her home instead of letting her return to Ramtek. Surekha walks in. Nishi gets tensed seeing her and says no. Asmita asks what will he say when Shantanu returns. Nishi says Surekha is here. Asmita gets tensed. Surekha says she can see that they want to serve someone.

Savi asks Isha why she is upset and giving this cheque. Isha says someone counted the favors done on her and wanted money on her treatment back. Savi asks if Ishan asked her money. Isha asks her to leave her alone for some time.
Savi walks out with cheque. Ishan walks in. Savi offers him cheque and tongue lashes him for being so materialistic. Ishan in shock ask when did he ask cheque. Savi continues to confront him and leaves. Ishan passes by inspector. Inspector says he wants to talk to him regarding his aayi/mother. Ishan shouts he doesn’t have any mother and is not interested in listening to anyone’s story. He walks away storming. Savi returns to Isha and says she gave cheque to Isha. Isha says she has an ill fate that her dear ones don’t love her and asks her to forget this issue.


Surekha asks Asmita to tell Yashwant that she wants to bring Isha here until Isha gets well. Asmita stands tensed. Surekha says Asmita is right in a sense. Ishan walks in and says he will not let that woman enter this house. He informs that he had gone to meet Isha, but without meeting him, she sent him a cheque. Yashwant says that woman is so arrogant, he shouldn’t have gone there. Ishan says that woman is no one to him and walks away. Doctor informs Savi that Isha is refusing to have food and it would be difficult for them to treat her if she gets weak. Ishan bandages Surekha’s wound and asks if it’s paining. Surekha says pain in the heart is more severe than the pain in the body and says she shouldn’t have sent him there to get humiliated by Isha, says blood relationship is more stronger than the relationship of heart and hence she knows he will accept Isha as mother soon Ishan says that woman did wrong by offering cheque, Surekha is his mother and will always be. He hugs her.

Ishan passes by the corridor and hears a sound from the window. He notices Savi entering in via window and asks what is she doing here. Savi confronts him for seeking treatment money from his mother. Ishan says he didn’t ask money, that arrogant woman herself gave money. Savi asks him not to lie. Ishan says he really didn’t. Savi says there is some confusion, she will call Isha and confirm it. Ishan says why call, he will accompany her to hospital. Savi says let’s go. He opens main door and finds police standing. Ishan calls police. Inspector asks him if this is the girl. Savi asks if he called police for her. Family gathers and asks Ishan what is happening. Ishan asks inspector to arrest Savi for trespassing into his house and not leave her until she promises that he will never come here again. Savi in shock asks why did he say that he would accompany her to hospital to meet Isha. Ishan says she told he is inhuman and asks inspector to take her away. Inspector drags Savi away. Yashwant asks what is happening. Ishan says Savi wanted him to meet Isha and accused him that he demanded money from Isha. Surekha stands tensed. At police station, Savi tells inspector that she stayed at Bhosale house for 3 days and hence she knows where the doors and windows are, she just went there to confront Ishan and take him to his mother Isha. She convinces inspector to let her go as her Isha madam is alone. Inspector warns her not to visit Bhosale house again and lets her go.


Isha refuses to have medicine from nurse until Savi returns. Nurse asks if she is a nurse or Savi and orders her to have medicine silently. Savi returns and serves medicine to Isha. Isha asks if she did something. Savi says she went to Ishan’s house to confront him for demanding Isha’s treatment fee back, but he said he didn’t. Isha asks where was she till now. Savi says Ishan got her arrested for trespassing into his house. Isha recalls Surekha manipulating her over phone and says now she realized who did all this. Savi asks who? Isha says forget it, she is happy that her son doesn’t hate her that much.

Inspector interrogates Mandar and showing him goon’s pic asks if he knows this man. Mandar at first says no and then says yes and asks why did he brought him here. Inspector says there is a proof that he hired this goon to attack Isha, he has transferred money to this goon from his account. Mandar accepts that he hired goon to kill Isha as his son’s marriage was canceled because of Isha and the girl eloped, his son went into depression because of this, even Chavan family is humiliated because of this, and Savi’s brother and Bhavani’s grandson Vinayak Chavan is also involved in this crime.

Doctor informs Isha that she is recovering well and can be discharged tomorrow. Isha asks Savi to hire a taxi for her for Ramtek. Savi requests her to stay back in Pune until she gets completely well, they will rent a house. Isha refuses. Harini walks in and says Savi is right. Savi gets happy seeing her and hugs her. Isha says let Harini meet her. Harini says she is happy to see her recovering and was worried for her. She insists to accept Savi’s request. Isha agrees. Savi gets more happy. Harini says she can’t do much for Isha but will send her food regularly. Isha thanks her and Harini leaves.
Savi notices Vinayak with Samrudh walking to the police station and calls him by name. She asks him if he came here with Samrudh to bail out Mandar, it means Mandar was right that. She slaps him. Vinayak shouts how dare she is to slap her elder brother. Savi says he is not her elder brother anymore after doing a heinous mistake. Vinayak says she eloped from home and humiliated family. Savi says he tried to kill an innocent. She confronts him for stooping so low and says she is ashamed to call herself as his sister; their father was a police officer and sacrificed his life for justice, but his son became a criminal; his duty was to protect her, but he tried to ruin her life instead; she is feeling like an orphan for the first time seeing his sins. Vinayak tries to speak. Savi continues to vent out her anger and walks away.


Savi then returns to Isha and says she learnt that her brother Vinayak is also involved in attacking her. She asks why didn’t she inform her about it. Isha says Savi was fighting her own battle and she didn’t want to disturb her more. Savi asks why these people are so ruthless. Isha says they are like that and can go to any extent as they feel inferior due to women empowerment and want to suppress women; she is happy that her son who considers her aayi/mother is always with her and cares for her; she is happy that her son Ishan saved her life, though he still hates her. Savi says one day Isha will realize his love for him and reunite with her. She says she needs to visit somewhere to correct her mistake and leaves.

Durva with Anvi and Prateek tells Surekha that they want to discuss something important with her and asks what is the date after 2 days. Surekha says what? Durva says 11th September. Surekha asks what is on 11th September. Durva says Ishan’s birthday. Surekha says she forgot. Durva says they are planning a special birthday party for Ishan and will invite whole city. They start planning birthday. Ishan comes and sits next to them. Surekha asks him to go and sit with Yashwant as he wants to talk to him. Ishan asks Yashwant what he wants to discuss. Door bell rings. Ishan opens door and gets angry seeing Isha. He warns her to leave or else he will call police again and file an FIR this time. Savi says she wants to talk to his whole family. Surekha asks him to let her in.