Imlie January 2024 Teasers


Imlie January 2024 Teasers

Atharva and Imlie devise a plan to trap Chini, will they succeed in their plan? Read Imlie January 2024 Teasers.

Starlife Imlie January Teasers 2024

Monday 1 January 2024

Episode 869

After learning of Chini’s quest for Dhairya’s phone, Imlie questions her about the truth. Imlie hatches a scheme to catch Dhairya’s murderer.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Episode 870

Imlie and Atharva join hands and discuss their plan to catch the murderer. Chini gets frightened after seeing Dhairya’s photo.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Episode 871

Imlie and Atharva sneak inside Anu’s house and get evidence about Dhairya’s killer. Devika gets shocked when Atharva stands up for Imlie.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Episode 872

Atharva gets Chini to admit that she is to blame for Dhairya’s accident. Later, the Ranas are left thunderstruck as yet another truth is exposed.

Friday 5 January 2024

Episode 873

Atharva realises that he believed everything that Chini told him and apologises to Imlie for distrusting her. Later, the Ranas ask the police to interrogate Anu.

Saturday 6 January 2024

Episode 874

Atharva and Imlie devise a plan to trap Chini. Later, Atharva grows anxious when Chini sets fire to the place to harm everyone.

Sunday 7 January 2024

Episode 875

While Chini fires a bullet at Imlie, Atharva comes in front of the latter. Later, Chini gets arrested and the Ranas rush to the hospital to save Atharva’s life.

Monday 8 January 2024

Episode 876

After enduring a lot of atrocities, Imlie and Atharva return to their peaceful lives. However, Atharva’s revelation sends Imlie into an emotional tailspin.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Episode 877

Devika furiously blames Atharva for ruining Imlie’s life. Later, Atharva feels shattered after finding Imlie’s note and rushes to change her decision.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Episode 878

Imlie faces humiliation for being a single mother while looking for a rented house. Later, Imlie gets infuriated to see Atharva playing with Kairi.

Thursday 11 January 2024

Episode 879

Atharva pleads with Imlie to return to the Rana house with Kairi. Later, he vows to keep apologising to Imlie for his mistake till his last breath.

Friday 12 January 2024

Episode 880

Atharva sneaks into Imlie’s house to help her without her knowledge. When the neighbours question Imlie’s character, she takes a stand for herself.

Saturday 13 January 2024

Episode 881

The Ranas ask Atharva to prove his love to Imlie. Meanwhile, Imlie comforts Kairi when the latter feels sad about living away from the Ranas.

Sunday 14 January 2024

Episode 882

Imlie disguises herself and gives a befitting reply to the interviewer when he selects her. Later, Imlie participates in the Father’s Day race.

Monday 15 January 2024

Episode 883

Atharva appreciates Imlie after she wins the race and wishes to celebrate her success. Imlie grows happy after she gets her new job.

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Episode 884

Imlie asks the Ranas about the reason for keeping the deal before the interviewer. Mr. Sharma plots against Imlie when she rejects his offer.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Episode 885

Imlie’s neighbour criticises Imlie and asks her to leave their society. Atharva arrives just in time with the Ranas and defends her.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Episode 886

The interviewer gets impressed and offers Imlie a job as she convinces a client. Later, Imlie seeks Devika’s help to take care of Kairi in her absence.

Friday 19 January 2024

Episode 887

Imlie breaks down when Atharva blames her for being absent-minded. Later, they quarrel over spending time with Kairi on Sunday.

Saturday 20 January 2024

Episode 888

Imlie feels bothered when Atharva showers Kairi with gifts, and an argument ensues. Later, the duo gets panicked by Kairi’s disappearance.

Sunday 21 January 2024

Episode 889

Imlie and Atharva come together to look for Kairi, while the latter realises that she has achieved her goal. But Sharma Ji finds Kairi and abducts her.

Monday 22 January 2024

Episode 890

After tracing her location, Atharva and Imlie rescue Kairi from danger. As Sharma Ji attacks Atharva, the police arrive in time and take him into custody.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Episode 891

Imlie understands Kairi’s pain and decides to stay in the Rana house but puts a condition. Meanwhile, Keya brings a nurse to execute her plan against Atharva.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Episode 892

After noticing a change in the colour of Atharva’s saline bottle, Imlie grows suspicious and questions the nurse. Later, she puts a hidden camera in the room.

Thursday 25 January 2024

Episode 893

Imlie questions the nurse about her intentions, but the latter puts false allegations on her. While the Ranas defend Imlie, the police arrest her.

Friday 26 January 2024

Episode 894

A restless Atharva rushes to meet Imlie to express his feelings for her and they meet with an accident. Later, he takes Imlie to a secret place.

Saturday 27 January 2024

Episode 895

Imlie contacts the doctor for the details of the nurse to reach the culprit. Meanwhile, Keya gets suspicious of Atharva’s intentions.

Sunday 28 January 2024

Episode 896

Atharva and Imlie interrogate the nurse. After getting the truth from her, Imlie establishes her innocence and returns to the Rana house.

Monday 29 January 2024

Episode 897

The Ranas get excited and drop Kairi at her school on the first day. Imlie gets restless upon seeing the watchman. Meanwhile, the students fall in grave danger.

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Episode 898

After defusiing the bomb from Kairi’s watch, Imlie rushes to alert her school authorities. She panics when she learns that the Ranas are in danger.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Episode 899

Mohan shoots Atharva, but Shivani comes in the way. Elsewhere, Imlie finds a clue and rushes to rescue the Ranas.

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Imlie’s Baby Shower Ceremony ! Anu Succeeds In Her Evil Plan.

Rana family gets busy taking care of pregnant Imlie. Anu steals money and documents from the locker and gives money to someone. Imlie passes by and notices her. Anu pushes the man away. Imlie asks what is she doing. Anu says she was trying make a call. Imlie walks down to her and asks who was the man whom she was giving money. Man posing as a delivery man delivers parcels to Anu. Anu asks Imlie to open the parcel and shows baby toys. She cries that she is staying with them since so many months, but Imlie doesn’t trust her a bit even now. Ranas ask Imlie to stop doubting Anu as she has changed after staying with them for months. They plan Imlie’s baby shower ceremony. Anu wipes her crocodile tears and thinks Ranas will soon repent.

Ranas decorate house for Imlie’s baby shower ceremony. Keya tells Akash that Imlie will deliver a baby soon and family is roaming around Imlie, but they couldn’t adopt a baby till now. Atharva, Manish, and Rudra wish to participate in the ceremony. Ladies deny them permission and send them away. They disguise themselves as dholak ladies/musicians Athru, Matru, and Ratru covering their face with sari pallu and join the party. Family questions them and they answer nervously. They head towards Imlie’s room. Shivani asks how do they know that their DIL’s room is upstairs. Atru says he guessed it. Their jokergiri continues. Divya takes them to Imlie’s room. Imlie identifies them seeing their hands and slippers, but hides it from family and takes them down for the function.

Devika and Shivani perform Imlie’s baby shower ritual. Anu walks next o perform the ritual. Keya taunts that Anu has to borrow money from Devika to perform the ritual. Devika scolds her. Anu says Keya is right, but she is preparing a special gift for Imlie since 7 months and will soon gift it to her. Atru, Matru, and Ratru’s jokergiri continues. Ladies play a game to guess baby’s gender. Matru comments. Family then starts dancing. Imlie exposes Atru, Matru, and Ratru and they all dance happily together. Anu silently walks away and calls someone. Imlie notices that and gets suspicious.

Rana family is busy celebrating Imlie’s baby shower ceremony when Anu silently walks away. Imlie gets suspicious and follows her. Anu receives a file from her lawyer. Imlie asks her if she got back her properties. Anu says she has got a surprise gift for her and walks in. Ranas learn the cheque they offered to the caterer has bounced and are further shocked to know that all their bank balances have turned zero. Athava informs them that their lawyer called and informed that all their money is transferred into Anu’s name. Anu grins and asks Imlie if she liked her gift. Ranas are more shocked. She laughed and asks Imlie if she thought she would give her a cheap gift, her gift turned out to be more costly to Imlie. Imlie says she is angry on her for backstabbing her dear ones who trusted Anu blindly.

Atharva tells Anu that Ranas don’t accept defeat without fighting and asks Manish to call their lawyer, he will not let their assets stolen by Anu so easily. Anu says people see the success and not the hard work behind it, she acted as good for 7 months and then grabbed their wealth. Atharva gets inspector’s call and walks aside. Imlie asks is this the reward she gave for her family’s help. Anu says she didn’t point a gun at them, she just snatched the power from great people. Imlie and Ranas continue to tongue lash Anu for her betrayal. Lawyer and inspector visit Rnas. Lawyer check papers and says everything is in order, so he can’t do anything. Atharva says Rudra never transferred anything in Anu’s name. Inspector asks if they want to file complaint against Anu. Manish says they will call him later and sends him away. He slaps company’s manager for helping Anu and kicks him out of the house.

Anu laughs and says helping others is Rana family’s favorite hobby and they should change it after she changed their fate. Imlie says Seeta maiya wrote togetherness and good nature in their fate, etc. She says she will consider that she helped an unnkown person and not her grandma and asks her to pack her bags and get out of their house. Anu says she took a revenge and didn’t do any charity, this house belongs to her now. She says she, her daughter, and granddaughter suffered because of Imlie and its her revenge. Imlie says she will drag her to court now. Devika asks Imlie to stop now and not spoil her health unnecessarily when police and lawyer can’t do anything. Akash tells Keya that their game is over now. Anu continues to grin.

Atharva packs bags and asks Imlie to rest for sometime as they don’t know where they will go from here. Imlie says there will be day after a long night for sure. Atharva asks her to think about her baby and rest. Kairi runs and hugs Imlie. Atharva scolds her and asks what if something happens to the baby. Kairi cries and complains Imlie. Imlie comforts her. Kairi asks if they will return to bad uncle’s colony again. Imlie says they will start hide and seek game again. Kairi runs away shouting she doesn’t want to go to that house again. Anu throws tantrums and shouts at the servants. Imlie walks down the stairs with Atharva with bags and falls down.

 Imlie Upcoming Episodes 

Govind tells Agastya that Daadi is right that everyone’s efforts are put into a family business and one wrong decision gets losses for everyone. He asks him not to worry as he will take a right decision. Agastya thinks he lost a 10 crore deal today which he had got because of Imlie, he has to keep his personal opinions aside and think about improving the business. Imlie sings Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Yo Tootjaata Hai… song at a bar. Amrit enters bar. Owner makes him it. Imlie while singing recalls Agastya humiliating her. Amrit breaks liquor glass, walks to Imlie, and tries to touch her. Imlie gives him a tight slap.

Agastya walks into bar. Amrit is shocked to see him there and thinks he has to handle the situation now. He lies that he runs an NGO and helps helpless girls like Imlie, Imlie sought money from him for her nephew’s treatment and started emotionally blackmailing him, and when he confronted her, she slapped him. Imlie says he is lying. Amrit shows messages sent by her. Agastya asks bar owner how can he keep such cheaters in his bar and demands to kick Imlie out of the job. Imlie pleads she is innocent and sait is lying. Bar owner says she should be thankful to sait that he didn’t file a police complaint or else bar would have been shut down. He orders bouncers to kick Imlie out of the bar. Amrit thinks he will get Imlie on road and then misuse her.

Imlie’s friends and manager back Imlie. Owner threatens to kick out even them. Bouncers throw Imlie out of bar and warn her to never return there. Manager and friends promise to support Imlie and not work at the bar. Imlie pleads them not to leave the job for her sake as they have take care of their families. They agree after much persistence and blaming Agastya. Imlie breaks down thinking about Ashu’s treatment and leaves from there.
Noyonika smiles while getting ready recalling Agastya’s words. Sonali says she is blushing after her engagement with Agastya. She says Noyonika’s smile had vanished after her abortion and knew only Agastya can get a smile on her face. Noyonika thanks her. Sonali says she should help her whenever she wants for hiding about her abortion. Noyonika promises her. Sonali thinks she will use her against Agastya. Agastya drives car towards home with Amrit. Amirt asks why did he come to the bar. Agastya thinks he can’t tell him that he had come to rehire Imlie as a chef and upset Alka, so lies that he was passing by and saw Amrit entering bar and hence followed him in. Amrit starts badmouthing about Imlie. He notices Imlie walking on road playing a flute and says think of a devil and the devil is here. Agastya speeds his car towards Imlie. Imlie falls down to escape accident.Pallo finds out that Imlie is kicked out of job. Bulbul says Amrit must have met her in a bar and get her out of job. Pallo asks her to call Amrit and find out. Bulbul calls Amrit and asks what is he doing. Amrit says counting her fingerprints on his face and warns her to wait and watch what he will do to her for cheating on him. Bulbul gets tensed and asks Pallo what shall she do now. Pallo says she grabbed money from him and should face the consequences. Bulbul says it was her idea to loot Amrit. Pallo denies. Sonali hears Amrit and asks whom he was talking to and why did he give money to that woman. Amrit gets tensed.

Bulbul cries that she lost her job and her effort to call Amrit and loot him in the m name of Imlie is also lost, how will they get money now. Imlie hears that and beats Bulbul for her heinous act. Pallo tries to protect Bulbul. Imlie tongue lashes her for supporting her daughter’s wrongdoings. She further tongue lashes Bulbul for using her name to look Amrit and get her out of job. She asks how will she get money now for Ashu’s treatment. Pallo asks Titu to protect his daughter from Imlie. Titu asks why shall he protect Bulbul now and asks what kind of a mother she is to teach wrong to her daughter. Pallo decides to throw Ashu and Imlie out of the house.

Sonali asks Amrit whom he was speaking to and why did he send money to that woman. Amrit lies that he helped a bar singer for her nephew’s treatment, but she today alleged him of molesting her and slapped him; he showed all her emotional blackmail messages and got out of the situation. He acts and says he will handover NGO to Sonali from hereon. Sonali says she is a shrewd businesswoman who doesn’t believe in charity, so he should handle NGO. Amrit smirks thinking how he easily fools Sonali and thinks now he will get Imlie.


Pallo kicks Imlie and Ashu out of the house under the rain. Imlie pleads to get Ashu in as it’s heavily raining. Pallo says Imlie dared to beat her Bulbul; until Imlie was paying her rent, she let her stay at home, now she lost the job and hence can’t stay in her house. Titu pleads Pallo to let Imlie and Ashu in. Pallo refuses and shuts the door. Imlie struggles to shelter Ashu. Govind tells Amma that he sang raag malhar in the morning and it started raining now. Manno says if he had sung raag malhari, she would have got alliance from boys like Ranbir and Hrithik. Govind says they would call her aunty. Manno says she is still young. Rajni says she is right. Govind says they made a team, Gattu/Agastya would have supported him if he was here. He asks where is Gattu.

Agastya walks in. Daadi asks if he rehired that chef. Agastya says no. Alka tongue lashes him that his bar singer mother once had trapped her husband and ruined her life, today illegitimate Agastya ruined their business; Agastya had opposed when Mr Johri had hired a bar singer during engagement and now he kicked out an innocent chef from job. Agastya thinks both bar girl and chef are same. Alka continues to humiliate him. Titu tries to burn the house and says if Imlie can’t stay here, he will burn the house. Pallo insults him for not earning money and not protecting his daughter and snatches matches away from him. Titu prays god not to make anyone human helpless.

Imlie with Ashu sits under a tree. Ashu asks when will they go home and request to get him food as he is feeling very hungry. Imlie comforts him. Bunty walks to her and insists to stay at his house until she finds an accommodation. Imlie says she doesn’t want to trouble him and asks him to leave. Bunty insists. His mother walks to him and warns him to dare not support Imlie as Imlie is a cheap bar girl and drags him away from there. Imlie thinks all her problems are because of Agastya. Agastya fumes recalling Alkha insulting him and thinks he has to bare humiliation because of cheap bar girl Imlie.

Agastya thinks he is protecting is stepmother’s feelings and his family is criticizing him because of a bar girl. He leaves home. Daadi notices that and thinks where is he going at this time. She asks Jugnu to follow Gattu. Imlie and Ashu continue to drench under rain. Ashu asks when will they go to their house. Imlie says they will make this place as their house as their village’s soil is unique. Ashu asks where are the walls of their house. Imlie dances and sings Choti Si Kahani… song and builds a hut for him, recalling Agastya getting her out of job. She asks Ashu to rest now. Ashu says she is completely drenched. Imlie asks her not to worry about her. She notices Ashu having high fever and losing consciousness and rushes him to a dispensary where security guard informs her that doctor has left for the day and asks her to take Ashu to a private hospital. Imlie thinks she can’t afford private hospital as she is jobless because of Agastya and thinks Agastya has to pay for Ashu’s expenses now. She requests guard to let Ashu stay there until she returns. Guard agrees.

Alka and Sonali try to convince Daadi that their business incurred 10 crore rs loss because of Agsatya who doesn’t have any business sense and hence business should be handed over to Sonali. Govind asks them not to worry about business and let Daadi go and sleep. Alka says Govind will support Agastya as his mother was from an artist fraternity like Govind. Rajni says she agrees that Alka was wrong, but it’s not Gattu’s mistake. Daadi disperses them all. Ashu wakes up and not finding Imlie with him leaves dispensary in search of her. Watchman fails to stop him. Agastya notices Ashu suddenly emerging in font of car and crashes his car to a tree trying to save him. Jugnu notices that and informs Daadi that Agastya met with an accident. Daadi gets a shock and collapses fall on a glass table and injuring herself. Imlie reaches Chaudhry house to confront Agastya and seek money from him. She notices Daadi and calls family members for help, but everyone are busy in their own world. Jugnu rushes Agastya’s help. People gather and think of shifting him to a hospital. Agastya wakes up and says there was a boy on the road. People say there wasn’t any boy here. Goons notice Ashu and kidnap him. Agastya reaches there and warns goons to spare the boy. They refuses. Agastya punches one and delivers heavy dialogues like Imlie. They get afraid and run away leaving Ashu. Ashu thanks him for saving him again. Agastya feels connected to the boy and recalls his bond with his brother. Ashu collapses. Agastya rushes him to a hospital. Ashu opens eyes. Agastya asks him to give his family member’s number to call him/her here. Imlie nurses Daadi’s wounds and thinks where Agastya must be and calls him.Agastya asks Ashu to give his family member’s phone number to call them here. Imlie does first-aid of injured Daadi and calls akhrot ka chilka/walnut shell/Agastya, thinks why he isn’t picking her call. Agastya realizes he left his phone in his car and asks nurse to take Ashu’s parent’s number and call them from hospital’s landline. Nurse calls Imlie and informs her that Ashu is admitted in zilla hospital and he should reach there immediately. Imlie calls Agastya from house’s landline and informs that his Daadi is injured. Agastya rushes towards home. Imlie leaves Agastya’s house while Noyonika walks in to show engagement album. She notices Daadi lying injured on floor and rushes to her. Agastya reaches home and shows concern for Daadi. Family joins him.
Agastya thanks Noyonika for doing Daadi’s first-aid and saving her. Noyonika informs Sonali that she didn’t first-aid Daadi and says she will inform the same to Agastya. Sonali stops her and says it’s good for her. Agastya shifts Daadi to her room.


Imlie reaches hospital and thanks doctor for saving Ashu’s life. Ashu says Kachu saved him from bad uncles and brought him to hospital. Doctor says that man even paid for Ashu’s treatment. Imlie asks that man’s name. Doctor says he asked it to keep it anonymous. Imlie says that man is a god-sent for her. Daadi gets conscious after treatment and thanks a girl who saved her life. Sonali says Noyonika saved her life. Daadi recalls Imlie’s face and says it’s not Noyonika. Sonali says she doesn’t know as she was unconscious. Daadi says they shall go for wedding shopping tomorrow. Agastya asks her to rest. Daadi insists.

Doctor informs Imlie that she should make arrangements for Ashu’s surgery soon. Imlie thinks how will she get money when she doesn’t even have a shelter. Maama walks in and says she need not worry until he is alive and says he will convince Pallo to let her stay in their house. He takes Ashu and Imlie home. Pallo agrees to let Ashu stay inside the house after much request but refuses to let Imlie inside the house. Imlie cleans cow shed and makes her bed there. Pallo and Bulbul enjoy seeing her in cowshed.

While returning home from shopping, Daadi tells Agastya that she is feeling hungry. Agastya says he will stop at some restaurant. Sonali notices Bunty’s aloo poori cart where Imlie is working and asks him to stop here. Agastya says it’s not a good place. Daadi insists to have aloo poori. Sonali walks out to get it. Imlie feeds aloo poori to poor for free. Bunty says he sets up cart to earn some money and not virtue. Imlie gives her justification. Sonali walks to her and orders aloo poori. She asks if she is a chef whom Agastya had hired. Agastya walks to them and says he had even fired her for her wrongdoings.