Faltu January 2024 Teasers


Faltu January 2024 Teasers

Faltu suspects Tanisha’s involvement in the mishap she faced, Read Faltu January 2024 Teasers.

Starlife Faltu January Teasers 2024

Monday 1 January 2024

Episode 148

Ayaan tricks Faltu into confessing her feelings for him and the two are finally united. Later, Mayavati tries to convince Savita to accept Ayaan’s choice.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Episode 149

Ayaan faces Savita’s wrath when he expresses his wish to divorce Tanisha. Sumitra gets suspicious and decides to find out the secret about Ayaan’s birth.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Episode 150

Faltu gets humiliated when she requests the Mittals to allow her to enter their kitchen. Later, Savita fumes in rage as Ayaan takes a firm stand for Faltu.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Episode 151

Ayaan and Tanisha sign the divorce documents, but the latter asks the lawyer not to submit them. However, Siddharth overhears Tanisha and learns about her plan.

Friday 5 January 2024

Episode 152

Kanika asks Janardhan to cast Ayaan out of the company and the latter agrees to do so. Later, Ayaan is shocked to learn about Janardhan’s decision.

Saturday 6 January 2024

Episode 153

Ayisha praises Faltu for saving the life of her unborn child. Later, Savita offers a lot of money to Faltu in exchange for leaving Ayaan’s life, but Faltu rejects her.

Sunday 7 January 2024

Episode 154

Sumitra puts Mayavati unconscious and snatches the records, containing Savita’s pregnancy details. Meanwhile, Ayaan makes a shocking disclosure to Faltu.

Monday 8 January 2024

Episode 155

Ayaan, Tanisha and Faltu leave for the village but Savita doesn’t bid goodbye to them. Later, Charan gets furious when Ayaan asks his permission to marry Faltu.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Episode 156

Faltu’s parents punish her for spoiling their reputation when she travels to Ittarpur with Ayaan. Meanwhile, Tanisha attempts to fake her affection for Faltu.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Episode 157

Tanisha gets jealous of seeing Ayaan and Faltu entertaining the kids together and executes a plan to harm her. Later, Ayaan saves Faltu from a terrible fall.

Thursday 11 January 2024

Episode 158

Singers Udit Narayan and Aditya Narayan perform special songs for Ayaan and Faltu. Later, Faltu screams for help after Tanisha sets fire to her room.

Friday 12 January 2024

Episode 159

Ayaan puts his life at risk and brings an unconscious Faltu from the room. Tanisha pretends to be unaware of the incident when Faltu questions her.

Saturday 13 January 2024

Episode 160

Faltu suspects Tanisha’s involvement in the mishap she faced. Meanwhile, during her birthday celebration, Charan agrees to Faltu and Ayaan’s relationship.

Sunday 14 January 2024

Episode 161

Ayaan’s joy knows no limits when Savita informs him that Janardhan is willing to accept Faltu. Meanwhile, Sumitra solves the enigma of Ayaan’s birth.

Monday 15 January 2024

Episode 162

Before the conference, the lawyer calls Tanisha to inform her that Siddharth checked the divorce files. Later, Tanisha confronts Siddharth about it.

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Episode 163

Savita takes Ayaan to Guruji’s Ashram to prevent him from attending the press conference. Faltu feels uncomfortable as she comes with her family to the meeting.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Episode 164

At the press conference, Janardhan announces Tanisha’s position in the company. He introduces Faltu as the housemaid and rewards her for her service.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Episode 165

Ayaan stands against the humiliation faced by Faltu and her family. Furthermore, he announces his relationship with Faltu in front of the media.

Friday 19 January 2024

Episode 166

Ayaan takes Pheras with Faltu with her consent and promises to stay with her forever. Elsewhere, Kanika decides to take revenge on the Mittals for Tanisha’s suffering.

Saturday 20 January 2024

Episode 167

Mayavati requests Janardhan to stop Ayaan and Faltu from leaving the house. Siddharth confesses his love to Tanisha after she chastises him.

Sunday 21 January 2024

Episode 168

Faltu and Ayaan enjoy each other’s company after she comforts him. Sumitra gets overjoyed on learning about Siddharth’s confession.

Monday 22 January 2024

Episode 169

Despite not having the Mittals’ consent, Ayaan and Faltu begin their new life. However, Ayaan is shocked when Janardhan expels him from the family business.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Episode 170

Sumitra instigates Savita about Siddharth’s new status in the business. Later, Faltu resolves to figure out Janardhan’s motive.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Episode 171

Sumitra and Siddharth devise a plan to ruin Mittals’ Akshaya Tritiya Pooja. Faltu gets bitten by a serpent while going to collect lotus for the Mittals.

Thursday 25 January 2024

Episode 172

Ayaan is devastated to see Faltu’s condition in the hospital. Later, he feels relieved when the doctor informs him that she is out of danger.

Friday 26 January 2024

Episode 173

When Ayesha goes into labor, Faltu with her intelligence helps the former to deliver her baby. Later, Faltu feels disheartened by Ayaan’s shocking request.

Saturday 27 January 2024

Episode 174

Mayavati appreciates Faltu for her effort to save the baby. The Mittals are shocked to see Siddharth and Tanisha as a married couple.

Sunday 28 January 2024

Episode 175

Kanika forces Janardhan to welcome Faltu to the Mittal mansion. Later, Faltu challenges Tanisha that she will protect the Mittals from her nefarious plans.

Monday 29 January 2024

Episode 176

Ayaan gets angry at Faltu for cancelling her practice to prepare breakfast for the family. Later, the Mittals are shocked when Janardhan announces his retirement.

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Episode 177

Tanisha fumes with rage when her plan to harm Faltu fails. Later, Faltu comes up with a master plan to teach Tanisha and Sumitra a befitting lesson.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Episode 178

Sumitra and Tanisha follow Babaji’s advice and prepare the bhog for the pooja. Tanisha poisons Faltu’s drink to stop her from participating in the match.

Tanu gets Ayaan arrested

Sid asking Amar to check the fuse box, what happened to the lights. Ayaan and Faltu come. They perform on Rangsaari… Tanu thinks Ayaan and Faltu always anger me, now they have to bear it. Everyone claps. Sid and Tanu also perform on Aa dekhe zara…. Faltu and Ayaan join them. Police comes home. Inspector asks for Ayaan. He says we have come to arrest you. Ayaan and everyone are shocked. Ayaan says police came to arrest me for entering office. Janardhan asks what did Ayaan do. Inspector says he has done financial fraud, we have a FIR against him. Faltu says he didn’t do anything, someone is framing him. Ayaan says yes, I didn’t do anything, Sid, Tanu and Kanika planned this, I got the news from the office, so this was their plan.

Sid says you are framing me to save yourself. Faltu says this was your plan to insult us, how much will you stoop, have some shame. Tanu asks why would we do this, we just got to know this, if Ayaan is innocent, then let the police investigate, we are ready to cooperate. She says Ayaan can’t do this, we know him, please let this matter go, we will support you in investigation later. Faltu says stop this drama, everyone is aware of your truth. Sumitra asks who dare you speak to Tanu like this. Faltu says I can test people better than you. She asks Savita and Dadi to know, Ayaan can’t do this, believe him.

She says Tanu had warned me yesterday itself, but I didn’t know she will fall so low, Ayaan didn’t do anything, she is taking revenge. Savita asks Kanika to stop all this, don’t punish the entire family. Faltu says Kanika and Tanu never regarded this family their own, else they would have not called the police and defamed them. Inspector says we have to take Ayaan with us. Janardhan stumbles. Ayaan holds him and asks him to be careful. He asks someone to get water. He says everything will be fine. Tanu says he is right, uncle. Ayaan says keep your fake concern to yourself, I hate to see your face today, why did you do this, you want to win over Faltu, Faltu has won over you, you have lost forever.

He says the entire family is with Faltu today, you will be all alone, you are scared of loneliness, right, you will just get loneliness and sorrow, you will be very lonely. Kanika says my Tanu will never stay alone, I will be with her always. Ayaan says this is happening because of you, you have shown this way to her. Sid holds Tanu.

Ayaan says people like you stay lonely in the end. Faltu says give me some time to prove his innocence. Inspector says get the proof in court, we have to arrest him. Ayaan gets arrested. Faltu says I will prove it, Ayaan is innocent and they all are wrong. Ayaan leaves. Faltu scolds Tanu. She says you can never love anyone, because you don’t know what is love, you have proved that Ayaan is not yours and will never be yours. Everyone goes. Kanika says sorry, but this party is over. The guests leave. Sumitra says Sid, you are nowhere in this fight, I think you won’t get Tanu. Sid says she will come to me, I will win. Inspector says we can’t give you VIP treatment. Ayaan says its okay, my family will prove my innocence. He is put in the lockup cell. The cell mates ask him what did he do. Ayaan says no need to talk in my matter. The constable gets the food. He asks the men not to gossip. Ayaan thinks Faltu would be broken seeing this. Savita cries and says how would Ayaan stay in jail, he is grown up in lavish lifestyle. Dadi says Janardhan, get Ayaan home. Janardhan says I feel so helpless because of Kanika and Tanu. Faltu says calm down, what will we do if your health gets worse.

Neil saves Faltu and Charan

some goons stopping Faltu and Charan. Ayaan records an apology message for Faltu and asks her to come back home. Tanu looks on angrily. She thinks I won’t let you return, Faltu. Ayaan worries. She says someone would have seen her. The goons ask Faltu to give the money and jewellery. Charan says we have nothing, we are from village, we are going back, check the bag if you want. Faltu asks them to step back. Neil drinks alcohol. He recalls Dada ji’s words. He says I don’t want to think of you, why do I get five years back because of your mention. He leaves. He checks the fuel indicator. He says I forgot to get the petrol. Sumitra signs Tanu. Tanu asks Ayaan to come fast, Savita locked herself in the room, she is saying she will end herself. Ayaan runs. Everyone comes and worries for Savita. Savita says I won’t open the door. Ayaan says don’t say this.

Savita says you have put the video and got us more insulted. Ayaan says open the door, else we have to break the door. Savita opens the door. The goon pushes Faltu and asks Charan to give the gold chain. Faltu kicks the goon and asks him to step away. Charan says let us go, I m sorry. The goon threatens them. Neil comes there in an auto rickshaw. He sees them. He says I see you wherever I go, did you know I m coming here. Faltu signs him. He asks her to say. The goon asks him to sit in the auto and leave. Neil asks what’s happening. Faltu says they aren’t letting us go, help us. Neil says I will save myself. She asks him to help them. Neil says I m not an action hero, sorry, I don’t know you. She asks will you leave us and go. He leaves. The goon says what will you do now.

Ayaan hugs Savita and asks did you think about us. Savita says you got mad for Faltu, why did she leave when she was innocent. She speaks against Faltu. She says she insulted us and left the house. Sumitra says yes, you are right, I think she has signed the divorce papers. Savita says don’t put the video on social media, let the police do the work, promise me. The goon stabs Faltu. Charan brings his hand in between. She cries. The goon scolds her. Faltu and Charan see Neil coming back in the auto rickshaw, playing loud music.

Neil says hi guys, I m back, I had gone to drink water. Faltu smiles. Neil fights the goons. Main to raste se jaa raha tha…plays… He asks Charan are you fine. Faltu asks why did you go when you had to come back. Neil saves her. Faltu slaps a goon. Kinshuk says we should wait for police action. Tanu says yes, I didn’t know Savita will react like this. Sumitra says we will find a new way tomorrow. Tanu says you have a big meeting with the shoes company, Sid isn’t here, you have to go, we will find Faltu, don’t worry. Ayaan says I will die without her. She stops him. He makes her away. She says you have to live for the family, think about us. She thinks to speak to Charan. She thinks I should make this misunderstanding increase, so that Faltu never comes back. Neil holds Faltu in arms. He asks her to say thanks. She says you don’t know saying sorry. He says I don’t say sorry to girls. Inspector comes and thanks him. Neil thanks auto driver for getting the police. Auto driver says I understood your plan when you asked me to take u turn. He asks Charan and Faltu to come with him. Dada ji prays.

Neil gets Faltu and Charan home. Dada ji asks what happened. Neil says thieves caught them, its okay, I took them to hospital for dressing, he has to take medicines. Dada ji asks are you fine. Charan says yes, Neil came on time and saved us. Dada ji smiles and hugs Neil. Dada ji says I was in tension about you, stay here, Charan ji, I can understand your worry for Faltu, I want to give you an offer, you give her responsibility to us.

Faltu Upcoming Episodes 

Faltu asking Ayaan to go home for the engagement. He says no, it’s a new city, how will you go home. She says I can go home alone, I run a guest house. He says I booked a cab, we will check in the hotel and then we will go. She says you think my training starts today, go home. The villagers come to oppose Charan. They scold Charan and ask him to come out. Pratap asks Charan not to go out. Charan says I accept the outcome for my daughter’s happiness. Ratan asks villagers to question Charan about Faltu. They all ask about Faltu. Ayaan asks Faltu to dial his number if she has any work. He says I will track your cab. Faltu says don’t teach me everything, don’t waste time, go for the engagement. He says cab has come, come now, call me after reaching the hotel, I will make arrangements for you tomorrow. Driver says don’t worry, she is like my daughter, I will make her reach there safety. Ayaan thanks him. The cab leaves. Ayaan thinks what’s happening to me, I left my house and engagement, why am I worried for Faltu.Everyone welcomes the guests. The guest congratulates Janardhan and asks for Ayaan. Janardhan says mahurat starts in 2mins, if I get insulted in front of Kanika, then it will be proved that Ayaan isn’t my blood, he won’t be my heir. Faltu thinks of her mum. She calls Charan. She asks him not to worry, she reached Mumbai safely. Charan acts in front of Ratan. Faltu says Ayaan is taking good care of me. He asks for Ayaan. She says he went to get some food, don’t worry, the city works all night. Ratan takes the phone. Faltu disconnects. Charan says it was a call to make a booking. He asks the villagers not to interfere in his personal matter. He says I don’t know anything about Faltu. Villagers say you have to answer us. Faltu says sorry Bapusa. Driver asks from where are you. She says I m from Rajasthan, I came here with Ayaan. He asks for his address. She says drop me to the hotel where he made the booking, I don’t know his address. He calls someone to tell about her. He lies to her.

Tanisha calls Ayaan. Kanika stops her and says you won’t beg to Ayaan, you are my daughter. Tanisha says I m just worried, why did he do this. Kanika says nothing should be imp for him than you, else he isn’t right for you. Tanisha says still, its my right to know. Kanika says its okay if Ayaan comes on time, else I will get you engaged with Sid. Tanisha says I m not a doll to give to someone. Kanika says your relation is happening with this business’ heir, just be practical. Sid comes and says sorry, Ayaan didn’t value you, but I m with you. The driver fools Faltu. Pandit asks Janardhan to call the couple for the engagement. Janardhan thanks everyone for coming. He says there is a change in plan, Tanisha will become our bahu, Kanika is my business partner. Sumitra taunts her husband. Janardhan says Tanisha will get engaged to my business’ heir…. Sid goes ahead. Faltu is on the way. Driver says I called the client for delivery here, wait for some time, can I get your phone, my phone got off. She gives her phone. He switches off her phone. He says even your phone got off. She asks how, it was new. He says new phone doesn’t have charging, don’t worry, you are like my daughter, I will just come. He goes to the goons and says that girl came here to the city for the first time, she will have money in her bag. Goon says get her out of the car, I will steal the bag and run away. Faltu asks why do I find his intentions bad. Driver asks her to have tea if she wants. He says I will handle your bag. She says no. He says give it to me. She runs away. Goons follow her.

Janardhan calling out his business heir. Suhana sees Ayaan coming and calls him out. Everyone sees Ayaan. Janardhan and everyone smile seeing Ayaan. Janardhan announces Ayaan’s name. Sid gets back. Everyone claps. Janardhan says I m so proud of my son, the engagement mahurat is for a hour, cheers everybody. Faltu runs on the road. Goons follow. Sumitra says Ayaan, you disappeared and forced us to think a lot, I thought you eloped with some girl. Janardhan says I know my son, he will never put my respect at stake because of some girl. He asks Ayaan what’s the reason.

Ayaan thinks to tell him later. He says Sid is right, there was no emergency at the Maath, the person who helped us in rebuilding it needed my help, I had no option. Janardhan says I knew it, you will never let me down. He praises Ayaan. Ayaan goes to get ready. He checks for Faltu’s call. He says something is wrong. His mum comes and asks him to get ready fast, no calls now. She says its good your dad’s trust didn’t break, we will talk later, get ready first, you will get this phone later. He says Faltu… Faltu runs on the road. Charan asks Jamuna not to worry, Faltu is safe with Ayaan. He tells her everything. He says don’t worry, you are a mum, you will worry for her. He consoles her. Janardhan says Shank is playing, go ahead with the engagement ceremony. Ayaan and Tanisha start to exchange the rings. Everyone claps. He thinks of Faltu.


He says Faltu… His mum asks what. Suhana covers up the matter. Ayaan makes Tanisha wear the ring. Kanika says congrats, we have become relatives now. Janardhan says congrats to you too, I told you, my son won’t break my trust, see he came on time. Goons look for Faltu. She hides and sends a message to Ayaan. Ayaan says I will just take a call and come. Janardhan stops him. Kumkum asks Dadi what happened to her. Dadi says Mrijula didn’t come, because Janardhan didn’t invite her, she is Ayaan’s beloved Bua. She gets sad.

Tanisha says I know Ayaan since childhood, I m glad that he is becoming my life partner. She thanks Janardhan for making her a bahu. She says I will always keep the family respect. She asks Ayaan what’s the matter. Uncle asks Ayaan to say something. Ayaan says a man loses words on his engagement, Tanisha is my good friend, I feel I should keep this marriage well. He thinks of his promise to Charan. He goes out and calls Faltu. She says that driver wasn’t good, he tried to snatch my bag and run. Ayaan says don’t worry, I m coming. A truck knocks her down. She screams. Ayaan leaves in his car. Sid says where is he going at this time. He follows Ayaan. Goons see Faltu and laugh. Faltu fights them. Ayaan sees the cab parked on the roadside. He looks for Faltu. He asks a man about Faltu. The man says we are watching world cup match, we can’t see anyone else. Ayaan goes. Sid comes and asks why did Ayaan come. The man says he came to ask about some girl. Sid thinks what’s the matter. Ayaan runs to find Faltu.

Ayaan running on the road and seeing Faltu. A procession passes between. Faltu cries seeing Ayaan. She sits tired. He goes to hold her hand. Sid comes there and sees them together. Sid thinks you gave me the gold mine, now I have to tell the family about this. The family is having a good time in the party. Janardhan says Tanisha is the best for my best son. The man asks where is Ayaan. Uncle says he would be around. Kanika says he isn’t at home. Suhana says he went out. Sumitra asks what is he doing, he disappeared before engagement and after engagement. Uncle says I will go and see them. Janardhan says I will find out. Sumitra asks Kanika to meet the guests. Ayaan says I m not fine, I m foolish to listen to you, what if anything happened to you. Faltu holds her ears. He says I admire your courage but you have to learn things here, this world isn’t clear as your heart, you have to take care of yourself. She asks will you scold me now. She says you are standing in between the road now also. He says your safety is imp for me, I got you here, I promised your dad that I will take care of you. She says your family should be your priority. He says you are imp for me now, this happy day would have become regretting if anything happened to you, I would be blamed, nothing is imp to me than your safety. Janardhan’s wife asks him to talk to his mum. She says Maa is upset, you should have invited Mrijula here, Ayaan is fond of her. He says I asked Maa to invite her if she wants. She says she can’t come here if you don’t respect her mum. Sid comes home and tells everything to Sumitra. He says Ayaan won’t be marrying Tanisha. They smile. Ayaan explains her. She says I will go to hotel, you go home. He says you will do what I tell you. She says okay, drop me to the hotel. He says no, you won’t go there, you will go somewhere you can play cricket and stay safe.

Uncle asks Kanika not to leave. Kanika says Ayaan has insulted us in front of the guests. Kanika asks Tanisha to come. Tanisha says I won’t come, you were impressed with him before, I trust him, he is busy in his work. Janardhan says Ayaan is a responsible guy, I would have not told this about Kinshuk or Sid. Sid says I would have not let this situation arise. Janardhan says Ayaan is more responsible than me. Sid asks shall I say where is Ayaan, I followed him, I had no option, I thought he might be in some problem. Janardhan asks where is he. Sid says I followed him and looked for him, I didn’t find him anywhere, he went to find some girl, I hope it’s not a serious issue. Janardhan says stop this nonsense, what’s the matter, you are lying, tell me the truth. Sid says Ayaan would have a valid reason to find that girl, but Tanisha’s imp day spoiled, don’t know when will Ayaan find that girl and come. Ayaan comes and says I have come. He says I m okay, Maa. Sid says I m also this house’s son, why would I say wrong about Ayaan, he knows I m saying the truth, I followed him as I was concerned. Ayaan says Sid didn’t do anything wrong, he is saying the truth. Kanika taunts Ayaan. Ayaan apologizes to Kanika and everyone. Sid says I didn’t lie. Ayaan says you just know the half truth. Janardhan asks who is that girl. Ayaan says I saw a girl in trouble, I couldn’t ignore that, I had to help her, tea vendor told Sid about that girl. Sumitra says it was your engagement today. Ayaan says its not imp than someone’s life, I had to help that girl for the sake of humanity. Badimaa says you did right, even your dad would have done this, you proved you are your dad’s son. Ayaan feels sorry. Tanisha asks how did you go to save that girl. Janardhan says yes, why did you go leaving the engagement. Ayaan says to meet her. He brings Bua there. Everyone sees Mrijula at the door. Janardhan turns away.

Suhana saying Mrijula Bua. Janardhan turns away. Aryan says sorry, I did this without telling you, our happiness would be incomplete without Bua, our family should be together today. Ayaan recalls taking Faltu to Bua’s house. She asks who is this girl. He says I will tell everything. He sits and tells about Faltu. Bua says Faltu has undergone a lot in life. Faltu says I m glad you trust my talent, thanks for giving me a place in your house. Bua says daughters don’t fold hands or touch feet, they just hug. She hugs Faltu. Faltu says I want to learn and move on, I won’t let Ayaan’s trust break, I will never lose, I will become a cricket star.

He says I want Bua to attend my engagement, else I won’t have happiness, I want you to be with me. Uncle comes and meets them.

He congratulates Ayaan. He says I m proud of you, you are marrying your childhood friend, Tanisha, what are you doing here. Faltu says because of me. Bua says I will tell you later, I will change and come to attend engagement. Ayaan says love you Bua. Faltu says I m feeling bad, you left your engagement for my sake. He says I promised your dad, just focus on your game. FB ends. Ayaan asks his mum did I do wrong. Badimaa says no, you got Mrijula home. Janardhan says Ayaan didn’t break my trust. Ayaan feels sorry. Tanisha says no, I want to clear few things with Ayaan. Faltu gets fever and cold. She thinks to call her dad. Uncle says you have high fever, I will call Ayaan. She says no, I m fine. He says Ayaan asked me to call him. She says no, not anymore. He checks her temperature and says 102, it won’t get down easily, just listen to me, have food, I will give you medicines, then take rest. She says you reminded me my dad. Faltu’s parents think of calling her. Faltu says my phone got off. Uncle gives his phone. Faltu calls Charan. He asks are you fine, why is your phone off. She coughs. He asks are you unwell. Ratan’s wife hears them talking to Faltu. Faltu says Ayaan made me stay in his Bua’s house, everyone is good here. She doesn’t tell about the incident. She says I m okay. He asks her to take care. Ratan and Pappi talk about Faltu. Ratan’s wife comes and says Faltu is in Mumbai. Pappi asks do you have relatives in Mumbai. He goes to ask Charan about Faltu. He takes Charan’s phone and calls Faltu. He threatens her. She scolds him. He shouts on her. They argue on call. He says I will burn Ayaan’s dream and also his shop. Faltu and her parents worry. Charan asks Pappi to spare Faltu. Pappi says I won’t leave her, she insulted me, she will become my wife and see her pride burning. Faltu recalls Pappi’s words.