Timeless Love January 2024 Teasers


Timeless Love January 2024 Teasers

Dev and Vidhi are ready to execute their plan to give Yogesh his punishment, Read Timeless Love January 2024 Teasers.

StarLife Timeless Love January  Teasers 2024

Monday 1 January 2024

Episode 229

On Dev’s birthday, the Raichands organise a surprise celebration. However, their joy turns into a nightmare when Amba arrives to exact her revenge.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Episode 230

Amba gives the Raichands a brief window of time to vacate the premises. Later, she presents the choice of leaving with Vidhi or staying without Vidhi.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Episode 231

The Raichands wander the streets in complete helplessness. Later, they find little joy as Dev’s well-wisher throws a birthday treat amidst all the awful times.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Episode 232

Amba is envious of Dev and Vidhi’s happiness and believes she is yet to achieve success. Meanwhile, Dev creates a plan to tackle the situation.

Friday 5 January 2024

Episode 233

Vidhi and Satyavati escape with Chitra after entering her room secretly. When Dev pretends to plead before Kaushik for a job, Amba becomes happy.

Saturday 6 January 2024

Episode 234

Dev tells Chitra about Amba’s true intention and her plan to ruin the Raichands. Further, Yogesh refuses to give financial support to the children in Bhalghar.

Sunday 7 January 2024

Episode 235

The police grill Amba about the possible abduction of Chitra and issue severe warnings to her. Elsewhere, the Raichands learn that Chitra is pregnant.

Monday 8 January 2024

Episode 236

While the Raichands are in a joyful mood, Amba appears at their place looking for Chitra. Can the Raichands keep Chitra out of Amba’s reach?

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Episode 237

Dev doesn’t like Vidhi’s plan for gaining Yogesh’s trust, but the latter manages to convince him anyway. Later, Vidhi and Dev share a romantic moment.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Episode 238

Priya gets scared after learning about Amba’s shocking plan against her. Meanwhile, Dev and Vidhi are ready to execute their plan to give Yogesh his punishment.

Thursday 11 January 2024

Episode 239

Dev and Vidhi feel delighted when their plan to trap Yogesh works. Elsewhere, Hariprasad gets a ray of hope after receiving the first order of their business.

Friday 12 January 2024

Episode 240

Priya steps forward to help the Raichands pay the children’s school fees. Elsewhere, Inspector Durga interrogates Amba about Rakesh’s death.

Saturday 13 January 2024

Episode 241

Priya reassures Vidhi of her true intentions and anonymously helps the orphan children. Meanwhile, Amba feels troubled during Inspector Durga’s interrogation.

Sunday 14 January 2024

Episode 242

Inspector Durga arrives at Balghar and finds Chitra with the Raichands. When Amba accuses them of abducting Chitra, the latter discloses the truth.

Monday 15 January 2024

Episode 243

Vidhi reveals to Inspector Durga the truth about Amba and Chitra, and requests her to help her. Later, Vidhi assists Priya in taking action against Amba.

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Episode 244

Amba is taken aback as Kaushik reveals the truth about his shares in the industry. The situation escalates as the cops arrive to arrest her for Rakesh’s murder.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Episode 245

Vidhi meets Amba at the jail and threatens her with dire consequences for her misdeeds. Later on, Vidhi gives Dev an impresive outfit for the event.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Episode 246

Mustering courage, Vidhi takes up the stage and delivers a speech standing in for Dev. On the other side, Vijay stirs up trouble at the Sharma residence.

Friday 19 January 2024

Episode 247

Shell-shocked by the Sharmas’ plight, Vidhi offers them assistance along with Dev. Meanwhile, Priya persuades Amba to sell the Raichand mansion.

Saturday 20 January 2024

Episode 248

Priya steals Amba’s bail papers from Yogesh and assures Vidhi that she kept her promise. After Priya releases Amba from jail, she gets into a tiff with Yogesh.

Sunday 21 January 2024

Episode 249

As Satyavati sees Vidhi in misery, she confronts her about feeling sad about the family conflicts. Elsewhere, Amba fears Dev’s growing love for Vidhi.

Monday 22 January 2024

Episode 250

Vidhi comforts Priya when she breaks down after facing Abhimanyu’s anger. Later, Vidhi and Priya decide to execute their next plan against Amba.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Episode 251

The Raichands are all prepared to host the charity event. Meanwhile, Amba gives Yogesh a chance to prove his loyalty by sabotaging the event.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Episode 252

Despite Amba’s devious efforts, Vidhi makes the event with the kids stand out. Later, her duet with Jai ignites the stage.

Thursday 25 January 2024

Episode 253

After Vidhi successfully completes the event, Amba turns hostile towards Yogesh. Later, Vidhi raises funds for the kids but faces another ordeal.

Friday 26 January 2024

Episode 254

Satyavati announces that the Raichand women are no longer forbidden from working. Later, Priya instigates Yogesh and Amba against each other.

Saturday 27 January 2024

Episode 255

Dev sees Shantanu, who motivates him to overcome the difficulty with courage. On the day of the auction, Amba is overjoyed while the Raichands get anxious.

Sunday 28 January 2024

Episode 256

Dev gets outbid at the auction, but Priya spoils the fun for Amba by revealing that she cannot sell the house. Consequently, the Raichands get their house back.

Monday 29 January 2024

Episode 257

Priya welcomes the Raichands back into their home and as everyone rejoices, Amba has her next target in mind. Will the Raichands’ joy continue unabated?

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Episode 258

The Raichands grow anxious after Abhimanyu attempts to commit suicide. As Ram meets with an accident, Dev rushes him to the hospital.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Episode 259

Jai reconciles with Rao and realises his mistakes, but the latter succumbs to his injuries. Further, Rao’s accident scene begins to haunt Dev.

Jai succeeds to kill Dev-Vidhi’s baby

Jai about to spill oil on the stairs, when the employee comes there to take her stuff. Jai asks her to go. Once she goes, he spills oil on the stairs. Dev calls Vidhi and tells that don’t know, but he is feeling worried for her. Vidhi tells that the employees want to give her farewell and she don’t want to leave the company on a bad note. Dev thinks how did Jai agree so soon. Bimla prays for Vidhi and her baby. Vidhi is about to go out and sees Jai coming there. Jai says everyone is waiting for you, come. Vidhi gets surprised seeing her colleagues waiting for her. She gets down the stairs, but doesn’t step on the oily floor. The colleagues tell Vidhi that they will miss her. Jai gives bouquet to her. Vidhi says we will soon meet and tells Jai that she felt ….Her phone rings. Vidhi says I will get my phone and runs on the stairs. She steps on the oily stairs and falls down. Jai just looks on. Vidhi falls down and shouts in pain. Bimla asks Hariprasad to hold the aarti plate, and closes the window. She says the storm is going to come. Hariprasad goes. Bimla gets worried that something wrong is going to happen. Jai asks Shashi to call ambulance and acts asking if she is ok. He smiles. Dev comes there and sees Vidhi unconsciously lying on the floor. He shouts Vidhi, lifts her and takes her from there. Jai sees blood on the stairs and says this baby’s sacrifice is needed for your freedom. He asks Shashi to handle the office and says he will go and see Vidhi. He happily leaves from the office.

Dev takes Vidhi to hospital. The staff member asks him to get Police complaint filed first and says this may be domestic violence case. Dev tells him that he is Dev Raichand and asks him to treat his wife. Jai says she had fallen in our office. Doctor comes and assures Dev that his wife is in safe hands. Priya and Chitra come there. Jai tells them that don’t know who was calling Vidhi repeatedly, she went to take her phone and fell down. Dev blames himself.

Amba hires a man to get info about Jai. The guy says Jai doesn’t have many friends and he used to stay in US before. Amba asks shall I send you to USA. Priya asks Chitra to go home and rest, seeing her dizzy. She says where is Bhai saheb? Jai thinks where is this old man? Dev prays to the God and says please don’t let anything happen to my Vidhi. He regrets to call her. A lady comes there and says we can blame ourselves, or shall face the challenges of life with courage. She says it seems you will not accept defeat. The colleague tells other colleague that Vidhi was pregnant. The guy hopes that Vidhi stays fine. Sakshi comes and hears them. She sees Vidhi’s stuff and asks where is her phone? The colleague says Vidhi was going to take her phone, when this thing happened. Dev asks Priya to take Chitra home, don’t tell Maa as she is on yatra. Priya asks what about her parents? Dev asks him to tell them. Jai thinks Dev has no repentance on his face and says he will see him after Vidhi’s operation.

Yogesh hears Amba and tells her that Jai is young guy. Amba tells him that Jai is Vidhi’s lover and he loves her madly. She says she has to save Dev from Jai and has to expose him. Yogesh says I wish you would have get mad for me. Amba says are you joking? She says she needs to know about Jai, to save Dev.

After the operation, Dev asks Doctor about Vidhi. Dev says she is fine. Dev asks about the baby. Doctor asks him to come to his cabin. Jai comes there to hear them. Doctor says I want to tell you. Bimla gets worried seeing the diya setting off. Priya calls Bimla. Bimla gets shocked. Doctor tells Dev that he couldn’t save their baby. Dev is shocked.

Timeless Love Upcoming Episodes 

Vidhi coming home and thinks what happened to light. Just then light falls on her. Dev walks towards her and congratulates her for her first bid. She thinks if Dev ji left the tender for her victory. All the family members come there and congratulates her. Priya takes Vidhi to the room. Vidhi comes back ready in a different clothes. Dev makes her wear tiara and sash. Satyavati tells that Dev has lost to his wife and says she is proud of Vidhi. Chitra gives her something from her niece or nephew. Vidhi tells dev that she wants to talk to him, and takes him to room. She says we have decided that we will not hide anything from each other, and asks him if you have lost this tender for me, and says Jai was upset and was thinking that you lost the tender intentionally. Dev says you mean to say that I have kept this celebration to make you believe that you have won in reality. He says you have won, as your bid was better than ours. He says I have lost many times, and has lost the company and home due to my wrong decision. He says I will meet you as a competitor and says next time, I might weak. Vidhi says I know that you will not do anything which will make me doubt on my capabilities. He says your victory and my celebrations are real, and we will party whenever you win. He hugs her and thinks jai’s intentions are not good, and he shall find out.


Yogesh and Amba come for the board meeting. Yogesh asks Amba not to say anything and tells that he will handle. Vidhi searches for Dev. Abhi searches for Priya. Simmy comes there and tells that Dev and Priya are on call. Dev tells them that they didn’t tell anyone until they are sure. He says this is everywhere in the news. Priya says now we have to go and ends the call. The reporter talks about the board meeting of Mehta group of industries. Abhi says something big is going to happen.

Dev and Priya come for the board meeting. Amba thinks of doctor’s words. Yogesh asks her to control. The board members asks Amba if she is fit to handle the business, what is her strategy for the business. Yogesh shows her medical reports, and says she is perfectly fine physically and mentally fine, and asks them to give her 2 months time, till then he will be CEO. Kaushik tells yogesh that he is not trustable and Amba had accused him of money laundering. Yogesh asks Amba to say something. Amba asks Dev to give her sometime. The board of director asks her how much time she needs and says even we will drown with you. Dev gets up and says you know me since the company was Raichand industries and I always kept this company in profit zone, until I was thrown out of board of directors by cheat.

He says nobody knows the company as me and I can bring the company back on the profit zone. He says the risk is big, and the project is big too. He shows his business proposal to them that they shall make the airport near Ujjain as the airport is very far. He says I have talked to the aviation dept and if we take our proposal to them, then can be profitable in 2 days. He says I am ready to put my stakes in this project. Yogesh asks sheikh chilli dreams have started and asks if you think that we will implement this plan. Dev asks if you have any plan then say, else we will be bankrupt in 1-2 months. The board of member says you don’t have this much stake to implement on this proposal. Yogesh says you don’t have that much shares. Priya says we have that share to make plan and convince other directors. Dev says when we were thrown out of our company, I had 9 percent shares, then Kaushik gave 19 percent shares to me, and I have acquired 10 percent shares from the bank using some investments. Priya says we have 38 percent now. yogesh is shocked.

The board of director welcomes Dev to be back on board. Dev explains that govt outsources the flyovers, bridges, metros, airports to different companies. He explains to them that he has talked to the aviation dept, and tells that after making the airport, it will be under us for 20 years, and says we will recover our money in 2 years, and will profit for 18 years. The directors say it is good, but risky. Dev says yes, and says we are ready to put our stakes in this. Priya says if we can do this, then our company will be very profitable. The board of directors make him chairman and says we all are with you. One of the director asks Amba to leave the chair and says you are not fit for this post. Amba gets up from the chair.

Amba gets up from the chair. Everyone claps for Dev. Amba also claps. Yogesh is shocked. Amba continues to clap. She then stops. Dev thanks everyone for the honour and tells that Raichand Group of Industries’ CEO will be Priya Raichand. Priya gets happy and gets up to sit on CEO’s chair. Yogesh gets up. Priya sits on his chair. Dev tells Amba and Yogesh that their stake is almost zero in the company, and that’s why they can’t do decision making. He says I will not show you the door, as we are Raichands and know take back our rights, and we will let you be in our company. Amba forwards her hand and asks Dev to take the congratulations. Dev folds his hands

Amba says you got the company back, now talk to me for 5 mins. Dev thanks her and asks her to leave. Yogesh asks Amba what happened to her, and tells that we have lost the company. Amba says Dev got it, if I don’t get Dev then I don’t deserve anything. Yogesh is shocked.


Dev and Priya call Satyavati, Abhi and Chitra. Dev tells them that they got Raichand Industries back. Priya says we did it. Dev asks them to come to office fast. Satyavati, Chitra and Abhi get happy. Bimla and Hariprasad call Vidhi and invite them home. Vidhi says Raichands got the company back. Jai says I saw the news. She says she has to go. Jai says some work is pending. Vidhi asks him to cut her salary and tells that she will do overtime later and goes. Kaushik hugs Dev. Dev thanks him and tells that you are the captain. Kaushik says you deserve it. Priya thanks him. Kaushik says he is my friend. The board of director that they have given the company in the original owner’s hand. Vidhi, Satyavati, Abhi and Chitra come there. Vidhi hugs Dev. The reporter asks Amba how is she feeling? They ask yogesh if he wants to say something. Yogesh says my good wishes is with Dev always. They leave. The reporter asks Dev, who is responsible for his win. Dev says Vidhi is responsible for his victory. Jai watches the news and says he will make Vidhi sit at home. Vidhi says it is my familt’ly leave. The reporter asks Dev, who is responsible for his win. Dev says Vidhi is responsible for his victory. Jai watches the news and says he will make Vidhi sit at home. Vidhi says it is my family’s efforts which is paid off.

Amba and Yogesh is leaving from the office. Raichands Industries get back its original name again. They all have a hug. Dev writes in his diary that they have won Raichand Industries back. He talks to his father’s portrait and says today he can talk to him, looking in his eyes. He says when your photo frame was removed from the walls of office and home, I felt as if I am a loser. Vidhi comes there and says you got it again. She says sorry for reading his diary, and tells that not just Papa, even I am proud of you. She says I told you that you will get back your company before the year ends. She asks him to fill her maang with sindoor. He fills her maang with sindoor and hugs her.

Yogesh comes to Amba and asks why she was behaving madly there also. Amba says my decision was right, and tells that it is proved that Dev is the perfect match for me, and says she is so impressed that he came out of her trap and says she didn’t do any mistake by loving him, it is a clean sweep, says I love you dev. Yogesh is stunned.

Abhi reads the newspaper news about Raichands. Satyavati says it is our win, Raichands’ win. Vidhi says we shall thank the people helping us in our bad times. She asks Priya and Vidhi, if they have sent the invite. Priya tells Dev that she is sending the invite with his driver. Satyavati asks Dev and Chitra, if everything is fine. Chitra says our work is done. Dev says Chitra’s life will change now. Satyavati sees the divorce papers and gets shocked. She asks when did this happen. Vikram asks what Chitra wants to prove, by sending these divorce papers, and says I will make her life hell. Amba says Chitra is not here, so he shall not shout. Vikram says how she will raise the baby alone. Amba asks him to cry infront of lawyer, and tells that Yogesh is bringing the lawyer. Lawyer comes there. Amba asks the lawyer if they can file case against Raichand? The lawyer says the law is favorable for females, and says the girl is educated, from a good family and she is pregnant too, so the case will be in her favor.
Satyavati telling Hariprasad that she will not just give the credit to just Dev, but to Vidhi. She says that Vidhi is responsible for all their togetherness. Priya says you are right, and says I had wandered on the wrong path, but came back to right track due to Vidhi, and have realized that family is everything. Hariprasad tells that they have brought Milapni Mata’s photo. Satyavati says what could be more good than this. They keep Milapni Devi’s photo in the temple. Jai comes to the party and sees Dev holding Vidhi’s hand and bringing her downstairs. He recalls dancing with her and is angry seeing them together. He comes near Dev and Vidhi. Bimla says he has come here also. Hariprasad says what is he doing here? Jai congratulates Dev for inviting him. Dev says we have invited Rao ji Bhai’s son and not to Vidhi’s boss. Dev thanks the guests for coming and says you have seen our struggles, today you have seen our victory. He calls balghar’s little heroes there who was with them during tough times and gives them gifts. He says they gave us food and shelter in Balghar, and our destiny got brighter and they came back where they belong to. Kaushik comes there and says he is late. Dev tells the guest that God sends angel to help us, and he has sent Kaushik to help me. Kaushik gets touched with his gesture. Dev’s secretary also comes there.


Satyavati thanks Dev and says you have made everything fine. She thanks Kaushik for helping Dev and Abhi like a brother. Vidhi says you have helped us to get back Raichand Industries. Kaushik says Mata ji has done everything. Priya says we all are very thankful to you. Hariprasad feels unwell. Satyavati makes an announcement that the daughter and daughter in laws will work in Raichand Industries. Jai says they are very clever people. Dev tells the guests that as a token of appreciation, they want to give something to them. They give tulsi plant to all the guests. Jai says they are drama company. Dev’s assistant asks him to meet her at 7 pm. Hariprasad’s condition worsens. Bimla asks did you have BP tablets. Hariprasad says he has forgotten. Vidhi says I will get BP medicine. Satyavati asks Kaushik to make her bahus cabin ready. He says it is ready.

Vidhi talks to Dev about Hariprasad, and Jai thinks that Vidhi is upset and don’t want to do job with them. He breaks the glass. Everyone looks at him. Satyavati asks why you called him. Jai tells the guests that he is Rao ji’s son and tells that he was very humble and helpful. He says he saw many people are praised today, and says I thought to thank the person who is very important to me, Mr. Dev Raichand’s real strength Vidhi. He says Vidhi is very talented and says she has brought change in his life too, and tells that he has learnt from her how to handle relations, and says he is thankful to God that such a talented girl is not with Dev, but with me. Everyone looks at him. Jai says he wants to say that she works with his company, and thanks her family for letting her work in his company and says they really need Vidhi. Satyavati claps and says I want to thank you. She says your company is the driving school, but she will drive our car, of Raichands. She thanks him. Dev asks them to enjoy the party. Jai feels insulted and leaves from there. Dev asks Vidhi if work haven’t ended till now. Vidhi says yes. He is about to look in her laptop, but she hides the resignation letter and tells him that it is a surprise and you will know tomorrow. Dev says you will know my surprise tomorrow.

Vidhi comes to Jai and gives him resignation letter. He gets shocked. It turns out to be his dream and thinks he will not let her go easily and is making her realize what is freedom. He says he met her due to destiny and will write her destiny. He says only I can make you understand what is right and good for you, you will not leave me.