Kulfi The Singing Star November 2019 Teasers Starlife


Kulfi The Singing Star November 2019 Teasers Starlife

Sikander meets with an accident and Loveleen is shocked by Sikander’s changed attitude,Read Kulfi The Singing Star November 2019 Teasers Starlife.

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Starlife Kulfi The Singing Star November 2019 Teasers 

Friday 1 November  2019

Sikander motivates Amyra(Myra Singh) while Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and her friends prepare for round two. Later, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) is shocked on learning her competitor’s identity.

Episode 277
Amyra(Myra Singh) is taken aback by her competitor’s identity while Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and her friends qualify for the next round. Later, Mahinder lies to Sikander about Kulfi(Akriti Shama)’s well-being.

Saturday 2  November 2019 

Episode 278
Amyra(Myra Singh) insults Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and her friends while getting a gang of her own. Later, an agitated Guruji condemns Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and her team’s behaviour.

Episode 279

Sunday 3  November 2019 Kulfi the singing star

Episode 280
Amyra(Myra Singh) is afraid that Sikander might recognise Kulfi(Akriti Shama) while Pandit Vishnu Bhave insults Kulfi(Akriti Shama)’s group. Later, Udit Narayan joins the show as a judge.

Episode 281

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and Amyra(Myra Singh) are shocked by Sikander’s sudden appearance onstage. Later, Pandit insults Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and her friends while the judges argue for them.

Monday  4  November 2019 Kulfi the singing star

Episode 282
After the performance, Guruji declares that it was a mistake to trust Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and her gang. Later, Amyra(Myra Singh) is shattered to spot Sikander talking to Kulfi(Akriti Shama).

Episode 283

Amyra(Myra Singh) and Kulfi(Akriti Shama) are taken aback after a shocking announcement, while Guruji decides to leave the show.

Tuesday 5  November   2019

Episode 284
The rivalry between Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and Amyra(Myra Singh) grows while she asks a reformed Loveleen to get rid of Kulfi(Akriti Shama) again. Later, Sikander faces a tough time with both his girls.

Episode 285

Amyra(Myra Singh) unmasks Kulfi(Akriti Shama) after their performance. Later, the audience demands Kulfi(Akriti Shama)’s disqualification from the competition while Sikander struggles to defend her.

Wednesday 6  November 2019

While Amma Ji is on her way to the set along with the police, Sikander offers help after Kulfi(Akriti Shama) is disqualified from the competition. Will she take it?


Digging deeper into the past, Miya allows Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and gang to participate. Later, she has a plan to make Sikander confess the truth.

Thursday 7  November  2019

While Amyra(Myra Singh) and Kulfi(Akriti Shama) team up to defend Sikander, Miya leaves no stone unturned to get the truth out in the open, severely hurting Kulfi(Akriti Shama).


Kulfi(Akriti Shama) gains consciousness while Miya plans to reveal that she is Sikander’s daughter. Later, Sikander promises Amyra(Myra Singh) that he won’t bring Kulfi(Akriti Shama) back home.

Friday 8 November  2019

Episode 290
Sikander is taken aback as Kulfi(Akriti Shama) is unable to sing, which also worries Miya as the viewers are eager to watch her performance.


Sikander sings a song for Kulfi(Akriti Shama) while Miya has an idea to get her voice back. Unable to communicate, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) writes a message for Sikander.

Saturday 9  November  2019 

Kulfi(Akriti Shama)’s attempt to save Sikander brings her an unexpected reward. Later, the contestants are tensed, anticipating their final scores.


The doctor’s assessment of Amyra(Myra Singh)’s health leaves Sikander and Loveleen stunned. Later, Kulfi(Akriti Shama)’s gang confronts a new challenge in the semi-finals.

Sunday 10   November  2019

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) takes the loss in stride while Sikander feels low. Later, Akshay makes a shocking public disclosure.


Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and her gang are shocked to see Ammaji and Rajan at the grand finale. Later, they get upset after learning about Chitu’s mistake.

Monday  11   November  2019

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and gang silently leave the competition while Sikander desperately tries to buy time. Later, the judges and audience alike are shocked by Kulfi(Akriti Shama).


Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and Amyra(Myra Singh) await the results while Miya’s misdeeds are exposed. Later, as the finale comes to an end, Sikander and his family are in for a serious shock.

Tuesday 12   November   2019

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) makes the ultimate sacrifice for Amyra(Myra Singh) while Sikander prays for their safety. Later, on his way back to the hospital, Sikander meets with an accident.


Amyra(Myra Singh) and Kulfi(Akriti Shama) are shattered to learn about Sikander’s critical condition. Later, the doctor makes some shocking disclosures which leaves his family anxious.


Wednesday 13   November    2019

Episode 300
Sikander is discharged and brought back home. Kulfi(Akriti Shama) notices a difference in him. Later, suspicions grow as Sikander completely disregards Kulfi(Akriti Shama).


Kulfi(Akriti Shama)’s suspicion grows after Sikander threatens her while Amyra(Myra Singh) gets mad at her. Later, Loveleen tries to calm a violent Sikander.

Thursday 14 November 2019 Kulfi

Mahinder tells Sikander about his relation with Kulfi(Akriti Shama) while she reunites with her gang. Later, Loveleen is shocked by Sikander’s changed attitude.

Episode 303

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) gets a clue about Sikander’s accident and investigates with her gang. Later, a drunk Sikander pushes a suspicious Kulfi(Akriti Shama) away and pulls Loveleen closer.

Friday 15 November  2019

Episode 304
Kulfi(Akriti Shama) implements a way to expose Sikander’s lies while Loveleen’s suspicion grows. Later, Amyra(Myra Singh) gets furious with Kulfi(Akriti Shama)’s constant questioning.

Episode 305

Loveleen thinks twice before answering to Sikander’s question. Later, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) sets out on a mission along with her friends.

Saturday 16 November 2019

Episode 306

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) suspicion while she meets Pakhi. Later, after returning her toy, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) asks Pakhi about Bhola.

Episode 307

Bhola pacifies an annoyed Pakhi while Nandini looks on with guilt. Later, a shocking connection between Bhola and Sikander comes to light.

Sunday 17 November 2019

Episode 308

Bhola and Pakhi trouble the landlord while Loveleen is suspicious of Sikander moves. Later, Sikander threatens Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and asks her to practice singing.

Episode 309

Bhola dreams about Kulfi(Akriti Shama) while the fake Sikander is rude to her, leaving the family shocked. Later, he gets afraid of having his identity exposed.

Monday 18 November 2019

Episode 310

Chandan makes a plan to get the family’s support while Kulfi(Akriti Shama) is shocked by his changed behaviour. Later, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) is in a dilemma with her friend’s suggestion.

Episode 311

Loveleen tries to explain the situation to an enraged Kulfi(Akriti Shama). Later, the fake Sikandar’s reaction during the song recording leaves Kulfi(Akriti Shama) speechless.

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Episode 312

A scared Kulfi(Akriti Shama) hesitantly obeys Sikander while Pakhi and Bhola spend some happy time. Later, Loveleen bumps into Nandini.

Episode 313

Nandini is worried about Bhola while Kulfi(Akriti Shama) notices Chandan hiding cash. Later, he gets furious after a suspicious Kulfi(Akriti Shama) tries to expose him.

Wednesday 20 November 2019 Kulfi

Episode 314

Loveleen doubts Chandan while Pakhi and Bhola struggle to get money. Later, an unaware Kulfi(Akriti Shama) finds drugs at home.

Episode 315

At the rally, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) hears Sikander voice but fails to see him. Later, Nandini’s mother is furious at Bhola. Why?

Thursday 21 November 2019 Kulfi

Episode 316

A furious Chandan scolds Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and misbehaves with Mahinder. Later, he makes a shocking declaration to Loveleen.

Episode 317

Loveleen takes a bold stand for Nandini while Kulfi(Akriti Shama) seeks Rocket’s help. Later, Chandan takes Kulfi(Akriti Shama) to sing at a party while Bhola is keen to spot her.

Friday 22 November 2019 Kulfi

Episode 318

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) is in a dilemma after hearing Bhola’s voice during the performance. Elsewhere, Rocket lands in trouble while Loveleen hunts for clues.

Episode 319

Rocket manages to tell Kulfi(Akriti Shama) his location while Chandan has an unwanted visitor. Later, Nandini stands up for Bhola as Loveleen panics.

Saturday 23 November 2019

Episode 320

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) Gets a Breakthrough. Nandini helps Loveleen while Bhola is offered to sing for an album. Later, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) is led towards a vital clue.

Episode 321

Mahinder supports Gunjan’s accusations about Loveleen while Chandan receives an unexpected news. Later, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) is overwhelmed on meeting Bhola.

Sunday 24 November 2019

Episode 322

Loveleen is shocked by Nandini’s reply while Kulfi(Akriti Shama) learns the truth about Chandan. Later, a confused Loveleen finds a clue about Sikander.

Episode 323

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and her friends trick Chandan’s men, and they disguise themselves to meet Bhola at his house. However, Pakhi recognises Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and provokes Bhola against her.

Monday 25 November 2019

Episode 324

While Kulfi(Akriti Shama) struggles to remind Bhola of his past, Nandini’s mother tries to mislead her. Later, a suspicious Chandan spots Kulfi(Akriti Shama) near Nargis park.

Episode 325

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and her friends plan to verify some vital information about Bhola. Meanwhile, Chandan is tensed as Loveleen finds the location of his house.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Episode 326

Chandan traps Kulfi(Akriti Shama) in the house while Loveleen learns about his existence. Later, an overjoyed Bhola is unaware of the danger that lurked ahead of him.

Episode 327

Chandan scares Loveleen with a knife while Kulfi(Akriti Shama) gives Rocket a hint to save Bhola from his men. Later, a worried Kulfi(Akriti Shama) reveals a shocking truth to Loveleen.

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Episode 328

Loveleen hatches a clever trick to gain Chandan’s trust. Elsewhere, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) and Bhola engage in a heated argument.

Episode 329

Bhola faints after he recalls a past memory. Meanwhile, Kulfi(Akriti Shama) is delighted to learn about the same.

Thursday 28 November 2019

Episode 330

Sikander Regains His Memory? Vikram insults Bhola while a helpless Kulfi(Akriti Shama) looks on. Later, she sings a song and Bhola gets flashbacks, will he remember his past?

Episode 331

Abhay and his friends scheme against Bhola while Kulfi(Akriti Shama)’s suspicion grows. Later, Loveleen’s efforts to outsmart Chandan fall short.

Friday 29 November 2019

Episode 332

Kulfi(Akriti Shama) struggles to save Bhola when Shanti attacks him. Later, Loveleen resolves to expose Chandan while Sikander regains his memory.

Episode 333

Chandan overhears Loveleen’s conversation and threatens her of dire consequences. Later, she calls the police when Kulfi(Akriti Shama) brings Sikander home.

Saturday 30 November 2019

Episode 334

Sikander and Kulfi(Akriti Shama)’s reunion is cut short as Amyra(Myra Singh)’s life is in danger. Later, Loveleen apologises to Kulfi(Akriti Shama) while Chandan is threatened.

Episode 335

Chandan is arrested after Sikander tricks him into confessing his crime. The latter then rushes to save Amyra(Myra Singh) when Chandan implements his evil plan for revenge.

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