Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 3 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 3 November 2019

Udit supports kulfi and group, pandit stands by his decision to eliminate them,Usha says I apologise on their behalf, she has sang truly by her soul, please don’t do this to them,sikander thinking about all the lies Mohendar said, Mia asks to record sikanders reaction, harsh asks Sikander for his view, sikander speechless, harsh says this tells us how pure was benams performance, amyra crying, lovely looks at her,harsh asks to score benam, pandit scores zero, Usha scores them 10, Udit scores them 9. Pandit keeps cribbling about breaking rules, Udit and Usha try to convince him.

Kulfi walks of the stage, kids follow her, amyra follows them, lovely tries to follow amyra, but crew stops her. Mahesh scolds kulfi for changing raga, Kulfi says it just came out when I saw,mahesh asks what,

I trusted you but you insulted me, you are blo*dy zero and don’t deserve this contest and leaves, rocket and Zinda try to calm her but she runs away. Mia says what a great masala. Sikander following kulfi and calls Mohendar, Mohendar says kulfi is with me, sikander says okay let’s video call, Mohendar says sorry she is not with me, and tells whole scenario and apologises.

Mohendar says Sikander I also learnt kulfi was in remand home and ran away with 5 more kids. Sikander tells she is here, and tells about her participation, sikander sees kulfi and walks to her, she doesn’t hug him, sikander hugs her, Kulfi hugs him back and wipes his tears, Sikander asks how did you land in reman home and why did you ran away, Kulfi says I came to you, I needed you and I told my friends that you will help us, my hero will help me but you asked me to leave, I thought I will play Holi with you but you didn’t, you betrayed me, Mia recording them.

Kulfi very angry on sikander, Kulfi says enough of crying I don’t want to hear a word from you, amyra sees them talk, sikander about to follow Kulfi, amyra stops him, and says you brought dirty girl here, you brought her here, you always want your other daughter, Mia says yes I knew this, thank you for telling truth amyra what a story, superb masala for my TRP.

Amyra says you broke my promise, sikander hugs amyra and says calm down,Amyra says you will leave me and go back to her, sikander says relax calm down sit here I will get you water, sikander gets her water, listen to me I’m your dad, I’m with you, I’m not leaving you, calm down you have to sing. Amyra says if you are with me I will sing very nicely. Bebe keeps crying for kulfi.

Amyra performs, sikander present too, sikander in tears.

Harsh praises Amyra, Amyra says thank you uncle, harsh says you can call me bhaiya, and welcomes Sikander on stage, Amyra hugs him, harsh asks judges to rate her performance, pandit praises her and says you did well and score a 6, Usha praises Amyra for her fusion and scores her 8, Udit says you were good but benams lead was better so I give you a 5, harsh says Amyras total is 19.

Harsh invites all other contestants on stage, Kulfi looks at Sikander, Bebe asks gunjan why has Kulfi hidden her face, benam and amyra tie again, both enter top 8. Mahesh complains Mia and says I would like to quit,Mia says I don’t mind, you are short of work but Im not short of guru, and you very well know benam has huge chance to win, then why are you over reacting.

Mia says falana this round will be duet

round go announce. Harsh welcomes lucky 8 contestants and says next round will be a duet, and if you are a team you will have a representative, rocket says kulfi you are our star so you will go, Kulfi says I wish I don’t pair with Amyra, Amyra says I don’t want to pair with dirty girl, harsh makes pairs. Harsh announces amyra and benam as next duet. Kulfi amyra in shock.

Amyra and kulfi walk to the stage, Mohendar sees kulfi and gets emotional.
Harsh asks judges to say something about most excited combination amyra and benam, judges say very exciting because they are very opposite, pandit says this benam singer will ruin Amyras performance too, harsh calls Sikander on stage, and asks his take, sikander says it’s destiny they are together and we have to stand on what we are assigned, and when we are together we win, even when we have hurdles, and my daughter is in my heart, and I would like to tell her, be with your partner and win the show,my blessings are with you.

Amyra very angry, Mohendar and Sikander try to clam her down, amyra says I don’t want to be here I wanna go home, I will go home if you can’t, Lovely says I will take you home, first calm down, amyra says I don’t want to perform with dirty girl. Kulfi upset and says I don’t want to perform with Amyra, kids try to convince her and say we have to win this competition, we here because of you.

Rocket says kulfi look at me, she isn’t better then you, Kulfi says that’s not the matter, rocket asks then why, Kulfi says I don’t want to fight anymore, rocket asks what’s the real matter, Kulfi says I miss my baba, Ma had left me long back, and these troubles don’t stop, I thought my baba was my everything but he said he is no one to me.

Lovely says Amyra go with flow, and if we need something we need to try and not be stubborn, sikander thinking about kulfi. Rocket says so your baba was at fault, he shouldn’t have done this to you or your mother, Kulfi says no one says bad about my baba. Read 3 Kulfi the Singing Star teasers November 2019

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