Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 4 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 4 November 2019

Kulfi looks at star and says Ma, Baba abandoned me, so I’m very angry and now I know why you were so upset with him, you were so good, I miss you so much you never left my back, I found such good friends in that bad place like remand home,I did so wrong with you,kids walk to Kulfi, Kulfi points at stars and says look my Ma, and says Ma I would never fight with you and not even goddess, you forgiven me right, star shines, Kulfi starts smiling and says you are best Ma. Saraswati hugs Kulfi. Kulfi says Ma one more thing tell me should I sing with amyra, lovely says come within amyra I don’t mind but this competition will be over, you have worked so hard for this, it was your dream.

Star shines, rocket says Ma wants you to sing will you, kulfi says yes I will, I won’t leave this competition

neither will I talk to Baba. Mohendar shows Sikander the pamphlet, Mohendar says this isn’t good happening with Kulfi, lovely walks to them and says Amyra has agreed, sikander shows her the pamphlet and says answer, tell me truth, how much will you hate that poor girl,you are a mother right, didn’t that hurt you, tried killing own daughter then this, Lovely says I’m sorry enough please, sikander says you will regret this all your life.

Kulfi and Amyra sitting together, both hesitate, Kulfi says I know you don’t want to sing with me, amyra says even you, so go away, Kulfi asks why should I, you go, amyra says I won’t you will go, Kulfi says I have left lot if things for you, amyra says only for this round we are together, but you won’t win,Kulfi says I’m not here to loose, amyra says I have done a lot of for my father you ave no idea, Kulfi says but you know what all I have done for you and today for my friends I’m gonna win, amyra says winner will be later, for now reach for practice on time.

Amyra says lovely I’m scared of that dirty girl, she will take away my dad, Lovely says he won’t leave you believe it, let’s go. Amyra says mom dad gets weak infront of kulfi,do something again without telling dad and send Kulfi away. Lovely walks to kulfi, Kulfi gets scared, Lovely falls in her feet and says I’m sorry, I thought I was doing it for amyra, I crossed all the limits, I didn’t even realise, and because of all this I hurted amyra herself, I’m very sorry amyra, I didn’t know you would lie in this huge problem, I forgot even you are a baby like my amyra, I’m very sorry,I don’t know how to help you, you know Bebe always says you have a really big heart, so please forgive me, I’m regretting a lot.
Kulfi remembers how lovely had threatened her, Kulfi runs away.

Sikander amyra, mahesh kulfi ready for rehearsal and together. Sikander thinks Kulfi and me are together but so far away but I’m happy you are safe and near me. Sikander smiles at Kulfi,and says let’s decide what will we sing, amyra says I have decided, Kulfi says we are singing together, so you can’t decide alone,amyra says dad it’s final I’m singing rap,she doesn’t even know that, Kulfi says I do but I don’t like it, amyra says that’s your problem, Kulfi saysokay go alone and sing, Mia watching them and says it’s so interesting, amyra says I never loose I have full confidence, Kulfi says then go sing, amyra says very angry, sikander says enough, amyra says but dad, Sikander says I said enough, and listen you two,

pair has been finalised stop fighting we both are here and both will sing in your own style, we will choose such type of sing, amyra says dad focus on me why her, Kulfi says why always you I’m here too, he has to focus on me too.mahesh says choti(Kulfi) sings emotional and Sufi song very well, sikander says true and Amyra sings modern music and kulfi is very talented and hard working can pick any song and sing well, mahesh says look I know what’s her strength, I’m her guru, sikander says not better than me I’m her, and stops.

Mia walks to them, Sikander says I know music and these two too, let me decide, mahesh says what you think you can teach better than me, choti choose me or this man.

Mahesh asks kulfi, who will she. House him or Sikander, Mia says me because I run this show, relax I’m kidding, and I agree with sikander they should choose for fusion and surprise is I choose the song and hands sikander a song, sikander says this song, Mia says yes and leaves.kulfi meets her friends and says I can’t sing this song because I will start crying in middle of it, Bansi says we will loose then what will we do, Kulfi says we have to find a way, amyra practicing, Lovely says Amyra try understand the meaning this will help you, amyra says enough mom, I hate that girl, dad and kulfi keep looking at eachother and why aren’t you doing anything, Kulfi meets mahesh and says ask Mia to change the song, mahesh says now you remember me, infront of sikander you were quite, blo*dy hell,

Kulfi says nought no word against sikander please, mahesh says how dare you do that, who is he to you and tries to slap kulfi, sikander stops him.
Sikander says mahesh you are her teacher so I’m sparing her or else you wouldn’t have this hand, mahesh says you two are supporting eachother and will find out what’s cooking between you two, Mia says wonderful,now I just have to wait to expose kulfi. Sikander motivates kulfi to sing. Mahesh and Mia argue,Mia says I hope he doesn’t create a trouble, and before he finds something we need to reveal kulfis truth.

Amyra sees rocket and chittu, and hears rocket scold chittu that he shouldn’t remove mask or else all will learn the truth that we ran away from remand home. Amyra and kulfi on stage to perform. Bebe sees kulfi and says when will my family have happiness, on one hand Amyra and Sikander and on other kulfi, Kulfi is so alone. Kulfi begins the performance, amyra raps, both show eachother coldness while singing, the song depicts their situation. Harsh says wonderful performance, and you two are powerpact team together, amyra thinks I’m nothing with her and will reveal her truth. Amyra walks to kulfi, and says if you are such great singer why hide your face, have you stolen something that you are so scared and removes her mask, all in shock.

Mohendar says god people should not recognise her, Mia says god she is a bigger villain than I am, harsh says I have seen you somewhere, Udit says she is the kid from remand home,audience start opposing against kulfi and ask to eliminate her, Kulfi friends remove mask and go hug her, pandit says look the whole team is this way, Udit says why blame them they are just singing, pandit says they are blo*dy criminals, Usha says how dare you do you know any crime any committed, pandit says I won’t give criminals my knowledge, Usha says knowledge is for everyone, pandit says this is my insult, sikander tries to age kids side, pandit says why are you taking their sides they don’t deserve all this.

Sikander sees scared Kulfi, and kisses her forehead, sikander tries to calm the audience and pandit, Udit and Usha ask pandit to calm, pandit says look at the, they hide their identity,sikander asks kids not to be scared, pandit says they must be eliminated, call Mia right away,Mia angry, Mia says I can’t loose this, I will turn this to advantage wait and watch.

Lovely and Mohendar try reach to kids to calm them.

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