Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 22 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 22 November 2019

Chandan walks in and sees no one in the room, Pakya wakes Gotya and asks him to look after the boy. Kulfi says rocket bhaiya I already knew he isn’t my father but how will I know where my father is. Bhola sings and dances with Pakhi and Nandini. Kulfi says my father was my family,

what now, rocket says kulfi I promise I will never leave you, I’m your elder brother, will find your father, your problem is mine, and I will save you from them. Kulfi scared hugs rocket and says I will go tell everyone the truth. Rocket says don’t do this mistake, he is very smart, he will trick you and trap you, we need to play this very smart.

Nandini and pakhi are given first price for their unity. Bhola celebrates and teases other competitors. Lovely rushes to Gunjan and calls ambulance. Nani takes Nandini aside and scolds her. Nandini says enough. Raman walks to them says I’m sorry to interrupt but your husband sings so well, he has god’s gift, and praises Bhola, and offers Bhola to sing in his new students album,Bhola says I will but will you give me one time food, he says I will give you good money don’t worry, and talks to kids. Nandini says look he just thinks about us, Pakhi says Ma look you have so many missed calls

Nandini makes lovely video call, lovely shows her gunjan, Nandini says guides her to revive Gunjan. Lovely remembers gunjan accident and says I can’t, Nandini says only you can save her, I will need time to come, so do as I say.

Lovely follows Nandinis instructions, Gunjan wakes up, lovely thanks Nandini, Nandini says now tell me what happened. Bhola gets lot of toys and gifts for Nandini and Pakhi from his earned money, Bhola walks to nani, and says you thought I forgot you, I didn’t see I got you a gift too, a bell for you, nani sees Bhola Nandini have food together and gets emotional and says I now believe he can protect you and Pakhi from all problems and give happiness, god I beg you please keep bholas secrete as it is, let no one come looking for him. Kulfi sees rockets leg wounded, Chandan walks in, Kulfi stands ahead him and hides it, Chandan asks kulfi why is she starring, Bhalla walks in, and says we found a comparative voice for kulfi and the recording is completed, here’s the CD.

Chandan puts on the song, Kulfi hears sikanders voice, and starts crying and gets very happy and says I found my baba. Chandan look at her she is so happy, Kulfi says I’m very very happy, can I go downstairs and play, Chandan says yes go, Chandan sees rockets leg wounded and goes to make a call, Kulfi rushes to Bhalla and asks do you know this guy, Bhalla says I didn’t meet him, but my guruji met him, his name is Bhola and is from nargis park.

Chandan calls Pakya and narrates him rockets appearance, Pakya confirms,Chandan asks him to keep an eye on rocket and kulfi. Kulfi tells rocket that the voice was her fathers, this is why I’m happy, but why did he go so far away and become Bhola, buy I will go to him and get him back. Rocket says we need to be alert, do a thing you go nargis park I will join you later. Mohendar going studio to studio for singer offers, to avoid burden on Kulfi, he is offered chorus and agrees. Pakya following kulfi. Rocket sees Pakya following kulfi and says I was right I somehow have to get rid of him.

Mohendar gets 2000, he asks for increament, Manoj insults Mohendar, Manoj says you are here just because you are sikanders brother or else I would thrown you out long back, Mohendar leaves. Pakya following

kulfi, rocket following the . Rocket hits a lady with stone, she thinks Pakya did it, and gathers crowd and slaps him. Rocket goes to Kulfi.
Gunjan walks to Mohendar and says I took vitamin tablets but I guess Lovely had exchanged them or don’t know what it was, I fainted but later when I woke up, I say lovely was around me and hitting me.mohendar walks lovely and scolds her, lovely says I saved her she took wrong tablets, gunjan says she must have got it, Lovely says I didn’t, Mohendar yells at Lovely and says you have done it before, Lovely thinks I can’t tell them it’s sikander and keeps quite, gunjan says look she is quite, lovely says enough keep yelling I don’t need to give any explanation. Rocket and kufli looking for Bhola, Kulfi says I’m having butterflies in my stomach. Lovely on call with Nandini freaked out, Nandini calls her home.

Kulfi meets Pakhi, Pakhi says I told you once here no one is Bhola, all are smart, go away, or else we won’t spare you, Kulfi yells back. Bhola walks to Pakya and saves from crowd, Pakya says I promise I didn’t tease her, Pakya thinks it’s Chandan and says well done you should be an actor, Pakya gets call from Chandan and picks it and gets confused. Pakya tells Chandan he saw his look a like, Chandan asks where is he, forget Kulfi find him first.

Kulfi says we won’t get nothing by yelling, I’m here to look for Bhola I will. Kulfi and Pakhi share cold looks, Bhola calls Pakhi, Kulfi turns around and sees him, Kulfi starts crying, Bhola sees kulfi, and rushes to her, Kulfi and Pakhi both rush towards Bhola. Lovely comes to nargis park. Kulfi stumbles, Bhola has flashes and goes hugs her.

Kulfi kisses Bhola, and wipes his tears, Kulfi says I missed you a lot, you have no idea how I found out, let’s go home, and tell everyone you are my father, why did you leave me alone, and why are you here, Bhola says I’m here and I’m pakhis father,kufli in shock. Kulfi says no you are mine, you are sikander Singh Gill. Bhola says I’m Bhola, Kulfi says stop this nonsense, rocket says she is already worried why lie, Bhola says I never lie, Kulfi says then why did you hug me, bhola says because you are my angel, when I sleep I always dream of you, and you call me and when I come to you, then you go away why is it, Pakhi says she is no angel, she is a witch to take you away from me, bhola says I’m pakhis no one will take me away from her and leaves. Bhola confused why is his angel behaving this way.

Kufli sings her and sikanders favourite song, bhola completes it.

Kulfi the Singing Star  November 22

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