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Twist Of Fate November Teasers 2022

Ranbeer gets upset with Prachi for keeping her pregnancy a secret from him. Coming up on Zeeworld Twist Of Fate November 2022 Teasers:

Zeeworld Twist Of Fate November 2022 Teasers

Tuesday 1
 November  2022

Episode 57

Nick names Prachi as the culprit. Nick’s companion shoots at Prachi but Ranbeer shields her, getting shot instead. He is taken to the hospital, where Pallavi blames Prachi for his condition. Nick demands his pay and Rhea thrashes him.

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Episode 58

Ranbeer regains consciousness and asks for Prachi. Ranbeer is discharged from the hospital and Alia and Rhea plot to keep Prachi from meeting him.

Thursday 3 November  2022

Episode 59

Later, Prachi speaks to an unconscious Ranbeer. Ranbeer overhears Alia and Rhea’s conversation and asks them not to suspect Prachi. Rhea tells Alia about her plan to pin the blame on Prachi for her attack.

Friday 4  November  2022

Episode 60

Prachi feels betrayed due to Ranbeer’s lack of support. Rhea gives Prachi a seven-day ultimatum to leave the house, but Prachi declares that she is Ranbeer’s rightful wife and will not leave.

Saturday 5 November  2022

Episode 61

Rhea feeds breakfast to Ranbeer while Prachi watches. Prachi visits the doctor, who quells her worry and gives her a token of appreciation. Alia and Rhea plot to frame Prachi as Rhea’s attacker.

Sunday 6  November  2022

Episode 62

The cops investigate and learn that the screws had been deliberately loosened. Alia plants evidence in Prachi’s room and the police take Ranbeer, Alia, and Prachi to the police station for questioning.

Monday 7 November  2022

Episode 63

Alia bribes the doctor to get Rhea bandaged for a fake injury. Alia tells Pallavi that Ranbeer has been stressed lately. Ranbeer informs Prachi that he has hired a private investigator.

Tuesday 8 November  2022

Episode 64

Vikram advises Ranbeer to elope with Prachi. Rhea insists that Pallavi get Prachi arrested. The police leave without arresting Prachi after Ranbeer presents proof of her innocence.

Wednesday 9  November  2022

Episode 65

Rhea accuses Prachi of stealing her ‘mangalsutra’ and tries to snatch her ‘mangalsutra’, but Prachi stops her. Ranbeer asks Prachi about her views on the nuptial chain. Later, he finds it and tells everyone about Prachi’s innocence.

Thursday 10  November  2022

Episode 66

Pallavi orders Rhea to apologise to Prachi for accusing her wrongly, so Rhea vows to seek revenge from Prachi. Ranbeer leaves for Bangalore for a business trip. Alia hires a man to follow Prachi. The goons end up stabbing Ranbeer. Prachi takes Ranbeer, who has been stabbed, to the hospital.

Friday 11  November  2022

Episode 67

The Kohli family arrives after Prachi informs Daljeet. Alia and Rhea learn that the goons sent by Alia stabbed Ranbeer. Prachi tells an unconscious Ranbeer about her pregnancy.

Saturday 12 November  2022

Episode 68

Prachi’s doctor threatens to tell Pallavi about the pregnancy. Rhea overhears Prachi and Sahana’s conversation.

Sunday 13  November  2022

Episode 69

Rhea tries to attack Prachi, but Prachi meets with an accident. Rhea helps her, following a sudden realisation. A nurse is sent to tell Rhea that Prachi and her child are okay, but Prachi stops her.

Monday 14 November  2022

Episode 70

Ranbeer coerces the doctor into postponing his discharge from the hospital so that he can stay with Prachi. Ranbeer rejoices upon accidentally learning about Prachi’s pregnancy. Ranbeer gets upset with Prachi for keeping her pregnancy a secret from him.

Tuesday 15 November  2022

Episode 71

Prachi wakes up to the disappointing sight of Ranbeer hugging Rhea. Pallavi pays attention to Rhea and then berates Prachi for sitting in Rhea’s place. Sahana shouts at Pallavi and Alia.

Wednesday 16  November  2022

Episode 72

Prachi learns about Ranbeer’s objective behind the party. Rhea finds a ring in Ranbeer’s pocket and assumes that it is meant for her.

Thursday 17  November  2022

Episode 73

Ranbeer tells Rhea about the divorce as well as Prachi’s pregnancy, and Rhea stabs Prachi.

Friday 18  November  2022

Episode 74

Ranbeer fears that Rhea won’t sign the divorce papers easily and devises a plan to make her sign them. Ranbeer tries to help Prachi fix her saree. Stanley stays hidden in the room’s closet while Rhea and Pallavi struggle with a drunk Daljeet.

Saturday 19 November  2022

Episode 75

Ranbeer tells Prachi that he knows about her pregnancy and Prachi’s anger dissipates into happiness. Stanley escapes from Pallavi and Rhea. Alia overhears Ranbeer’s plan to transfer a share of his property to Rhea.

Sunday 20  November  2022

Episode 76

Ranbeer buys his and Prachi’s old house. Following an argument, Prachi tells Rhea that she is pregnant. Ranbeer lies to Prachi that he bought their old rented apartment for Rhea.

Monday 21 November  2022

Episode 77

Ranbeer tells Vikram about Prachi’s pregnancy and his plan to divorce Rhea but realises that Vikram has passed out. He then tries to tell Rhea about divorcing her while Prachi prepares to leave. Ranbeer plans to drug Rhea with Stanley’s help but fails.

Tuesday 22 November  2022

Episode 78

Ranbeer manages to get Rhea to sign the divorce papers. Prachi and Sahana leave the house. Later, the doctor reveals that Rhea is pregnant. Rhea is elated when she finds out she is pregnant while Prachi is devastated with the news.

Wednesday 23 November  2022

Episode 79

Ranbeer worries about Prachi.

Thursday 24  November  2022

Episode 80

Prachi argues with Rhea and reveals that she is pregnant. Pallavi pays attention to Rhea and then, berates Prachi for sitting in Rhea’s place. Sahana shouts at Ranbeer for betraying Prachi.

Friday 25 November  2022

Episode 81

Rhea tells Alia that she doesn’t care about Ranbeer. At the party, the guests ask Pallavi about Prachi. Ranbeer tries to talk to Prachi.

Saturday 26 November  2022

Episode 82

Daljeet learns about Prachi’s pregnancy. Daljeet feels conflicted but doesn’t tell Pallavi about Prachi’s pregnancy. Rhea decides to listen to Alia and manipulates Prachi by asking her to leave the house.

Sunday 27  November  2022

Episode 83

Ranbeer and Prachi get into an argument. Ranbeer feels that Prachi needs his love and support. He sees Rhea and Alia heading into a room and decides to investigate further. Alia tells Rhea that Prachi will leave the house soon.

Monday 28 November  2022

Episode 84

Pallavi tells Ranbeer to take care of Rhea. Ranbeer comes up with a plan to help Prachi. Rhea complains to Alia about Pallavi.

Tuesday 29 November  2022

Episode 85

Ranbeer and Prachi argue playfully. Rhea throws a tantrum and calls Alia a failure. Pallavi comes to talk to Rhea who says that Prachi’s presence in the house scares her.

Wednesday 30 November  2022

Episode 86

Ranbeer takes care of Prachi and says that he will never divorce her. Rhea overhears them speaking and tries to leave the house. Daljeet feels that Rhea and Alia are hiding something. Ranbeer calls Prachi his life partner in front of the guests.

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Twist Of Fate Upcoming Episodes

Mr. Manchanda comes there and calls Ranbir. He gives him ring. Ranbir says I will send you money and asks him to check his account. He comes to Sid and asks him to make Prachi wear this ring. Sid takes the ring and leaves. Ranbir greets Mr. Chaddha. Ranbir asks him to try Paneer tikka. Aryan takes Ranbir from there. Dida tries to follow them. Aryan says you gave ring to Sid, how you will get engaged to Prachi now. Ranbir explains that he has brought ring for Prachi, like the groom’s family buys ring. He says Prachi will wear whose ring? Aryan says yours. Ranbir says so Prachi will get engaged to whom? Dida hears him and congrats Ranbir with a hug. Ranbir thanks her. Dida says you are getting engaged to her again. Aryan realizes and says you are getting engaged to Prachi, congratulates him. Ranbir thanks him. Dida says she is very happy. They dance. Pallavi sees them dancing and says it is pagal panti, silly. She says day is such, it is ok. She says lets go, ring has come. Prachi recalls overhearing Rhea booking deep tissue massage in a Spa. She tells Shahana about it. Aaliya comes there and pretends talking to Rhea, telling that it is good that she has booked deep tissue massage for her. Prachi tells Shahana that she is feeling something is fishy, as Rhea can’t take deep tissue massage in pregnancy. Shahana says you are thinking as Rhea’s past record is not good.

She says nobody lies about her pregnancy, you are cute and felt guilty of a thought. She says Aaliya Buji went to Rhea’s room, so we shall go to Aaliya’s form. Prachi says good idea. Shahana asks her to go and complete the ring ceremony, and says she will alone go to Aaliya’s room. Aaliya comes to room and says thank you Rhea. Rhea asks with whom you are talking to? Aaliya closes the door and asks did you book deep tissue massage? Rhea says yes. Aaliya says Prachi heard you. Rhea says I haven’t booked with Prachi’s money. Aaliya says you shall act as you are pregnant infront of everyone. She tells that she has to follow the do’s and don’t of pregnancy. Rhea says she didn’t think. Aaliya says she has handled somehow and made an excuse that the massage is booked for her.

Shahana comes to Aaliya’s room. The goon comes there and switches off the light and hides. Shahana asks who is there? She doesn’t see the goon and searches for the proof against Aaliya and Rhea. She says the criminal leaves some proof after committing crime. The goon holds the knife.

Sid thinks if he shall tell everyone. He recalls Aaliya threatening him of killing Mihika. Rhea comes to Wendy and warns her. Aaliya asks her to say sorry to her, else they will not leave her with a warning and will do something so that her weak memory remembers always. Dida gets angry. Wendy stops her and says we shall not get angry now.

Pandit ji asks Ranbir, did you see Prachi? Ranbir says since I saw her, she made me mad and made my life miserable. He asks how is panditayan ji? Pandit ji says she made me mad since I met her. He asks if Prachi is his wife, then why is she getting engaged to Sid. Ranbir couldn’t explain to him, says it is a complicated story. He comes to Prachi and says he needs to talk to her. Prachi asks why Sid is tensed? She goes to him and asks why is he worried? Sid says you knows well. Prachi whispers in his ears that Shahana went to Aaliya’s room to search for the proofs. Ranbir thinks what she is whispering in her ears. Prachi takes Sid from there. Aaliya tells that Rhea is pregnant and needed rest. Ranbir gets jealous and comes to Rhea. He holds her hand and dances with her. Prachi signs Sid to come and dance with her. They dance. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other while dancing. As the partners change while dancing, Prachi goes to Ranbir and Rhea goes to Sid. Ranbir and Prachi start dancing while Sid and Rhea looks on. Everyone claps for them. Ranbir looks at Prachi. She thinks why was he laughing, if he understood that I was doing this to make him feel jealous and even now loves him. Rhea looks at Sid. Sid looks down.

the goon standing behind Shahana and holding knife. Shahana sees Aryan and calls him. Aryan asks what is she doing here? Shahana says there is no light here. He checks the lights. They fall on each other. Shahana stumbles. Aryan holds her. Aaliya comes there and asks what the hell, she is doing here. Shahana says I came by mistake and says sorry. She goes. Aryan asks Aaliya to come. Aaliya says she will charge her phone. Aryan says light is not there. Aaliya sees goon and says she has some work and asks him to go. She sees goon, who informs her that they are shifting Mihika to other hotel, and says he called her but she didn’t pick the call. He says Shahana was searching something so he switched off the lights from main switch. He leaves from window. Aaliya thinks if Shahana had come to enquire about Mihika.

Prachi looks at Ranbir. Ranbir is on call. Prachi asks for water. Waiter brings water. Prachi says I have it and drinks water left by Ranbir. Mainu jogi hona plays….Sid comes to Prachi and says I will not let you make ring, it is stupidity and asks her to do something. Prachi says don’t worry, we will do something. Sid says I will do something that people will think that we are engaged, but our engagement will not happen. She looks at the empty glass, and asks him to go and says she will do something. She holds the glass and breaks it with her hand. She injures her hand. Ranbir turns hearing her and gets worried. Dida takes Prachi to room. Shahana asks Prachi to have medicine. Prachi teases her. Dida asks her to sit with her and goes. Prachi tells Shahana that she hurt her hand deliberately, if Sid had made her wear the ring in her hand, then this finger’s veins go to the heart. Shahana says you are smart. Ranbir comes there and asks Prachi to take care of herself, as when he is not around, then who will take care of her. Prachi says I don’t need to take care of myself, as Sid is there and we are one. Ranbir gets jealous and goes. Shahana asks what did you do? Prachi says it was necessary. Dida comes back to Prachi. Prachi says Shahana has tied the bandage to the right finger.

Rhea asks Sid if he is happy to get engaged to Prachi. Sid says Prachi is my good friend and I don’t want to see her from your bad sight, she is a good human. He asks what happened, if she is upset. Rhea says God gave me mouth, so that doesn’t mean that you shall say blah blah. She says I am not interested in your nonsense and don’t believe in God. She holds his hand and says don’t think that I am stopping your engagement. She calls him jija ji. Aaliya says we shall do the ring ceremony. Ranbir thinks of his words, that new ring is for Prachi and him. Pallavi asks Pandit ji if they can start. Pandit ji asks them to come. Prachi takes the ring in her hand and thinks I can’t make Sid wear the ring. Sid thinks I can’t make Prachi wear the ring, she is Ranbir’s wife. Pandit ji asks Sid to make her wear ring first. Rhea asks her to forward her hand so that Sid can make you wear the ring. Aaliya asks her not to shy. Pallavi calls Prachi. Prachi forwards her bandaged fingers. Aryan says your engagement is stopping. Ranbir says this can’t happen. Rhea gets angry and then says you would have taken care of yourself. Aaliya says how careless? Prachi says the glass was broken, with which I was drinking water. Aaliya asks her to forward her other hand. Prachi signs Shahana. Rhea thinks you have done this intentionally so that your engagement don’t happen. Aaliya thinks your engagement will happen anyhow. Pandit ji asks them to make each other wear the ring. Prachi forward her hand. Sid holds her hand and is about to make her wear the ring. Shahana is running and thinking Prachi asking her to make Plan B ready. She recalls Prachi asking her to take off the fuse from fuse box. Aaliya and Rhea say what happened to light. Dida asks Vikram to check. Prachi and Sid wear the ring themselves. Shahana puts on the lights again. Aaliya asks them to make each other wear the ring. Sid and Prachi show their hands and looks happy. Prachi says Pandit ji was asking us, so we made each other wear the ring at the right mahurat. Ranbir congrats them.

Aaliya and Rhea cheers and drinks wine in the room. Aaliya says I was scared for sometime, and wondered if the engagement is happening or not. Rhea says engagement didn’t happen as Prachi got engaged herself. She says I told her that Ranbir wants to get rid of her. Aaliya says so you mean to say that she got engaged due to you. Rhea says you are amazing, and gives credit to her. She says she is feeling victorious and powerful. She says nobody can stop me from getting Ranbir now, not even Ranbir.

Prachi thinking why Ranbir is very happy. Ranbir asks guest to congratulate him. The guest congratulates him. Ranbir thanks him. Prachi pats on his shoulder. Ranbir hugs her. Prachi says your favorite heroine’s film is releasing and that’s why you are happy. Ranbir asks her to congratulate him. He says you are feeling and asks her to congratulate him when alone. Shahana comes to Prachi and asks her to come.

Rhea comes to the kitchen and recalls Priya threatening them. Priya sees her and gets scared. Rhea asks if she was doing something wrong. Priya asks what do you need? Rhea asks about the fruits which they have and asks her to give Papaya bowl in 20 mins. Priya says how can you eat Papaya. Rhea says she wants to eat and asks her to bring in 20 mins. Shahana takes Prachi to room. Sid comes there. Shahana asks Sid to plead infront of her to tell. Sid asks her to say. Prachi asks her to whisper in her ears. Shahana whispers in Prachi’s ears and then tells that she got the orchid hotel visiting card. She tells Sid and shows the card. Ranbir hears them. Shahana says Aaliya Buji saw me, but didn’t see the card. Prachi and Shahana make excuse and leave from there. Sid says I will go to washroom. Prachi sees Priya taking Papaya and asks her. Priya tells that Rhea ordered her to get Papaya else she threatened to throw her out. Prachi says she will handle Rhea and asks her to go. She says Rhea is pregnant and can’t have it. She sends Priya from there.

Wendy blackmails Dida and asks her to tell why Ranbir was happy with Sid and Prachi’s engagement. Dida says Ranbir was happy as Prachi wore the ring bought by Ranbir. Wendy congrats her. Prachi recalls Rhea booking deep tissue massage and then ordering Papaya. She thinks how can Rhea have papaya and thinks not to overthink. Shahana comes there and says she will sing lullaby for her. She then asks what is in her mind? Prachi says Rhea wanted to have Papaya and that’s why asked Priya to get it. She says infact Priya told her that it is unsafe in pregnancy, but Rhea asks her to mind her own business. Shahana says everyone says that Papaya can’t be eaten in pregnancy. She says why did she ask for it? Prachi says if Rhea wants to get abortion. Shahana says it is a big thing, we shall enquire and asks her to give her sometime. She asks Prachi to rest.

Next day, Pallavi comes to the dining table and asks if breakfast is served. Priya says yes. Vikram and Dida also come there. Pallavi asks Sid if he is happy after engagement. Ranbir tells Aryan that they didn’t know what actually happened. He says we shall celebrate at home and will have juice. He says we will cheers then you all shall congratulate me. Everyone congratulates Ranbir. Ranbir says he has completed his business venture and the interest is wonderful. Sid whispers to Aaliya that he wants to meet Mihika. Vikram asks about Mihika. Rhea says Mihika had called Sid and informed him.

Ranbir sees Prachi coming and admires her again. Rhea gets jealous seeing Prachi and Ranbir. She scolds Priya for not bringing whatever she had ordered. Prachi says she had sent her out to buy medicines for Dida. Aaliya tells Sid that she will come to meet Mihika with him. Prachi says Shahana and I will go to Sarita ji’s house. She bends down to pick the spoon. Ranbir asks shall I drop you there. Prachi says no. Aaliya says I will bring a file and then we will leave. Prachi asks Shahana to come. Ranbir also goes. Pallavi asks what is happening? Nobody knows what is happening.