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Unfortunate Love November Teasers 2022

Lakshmi’s family visits Rishi for his and Lakshmi’s engagement. Read Zeeworld Unfortunate Love November 2022 Teasers:

Zeeworld Unfortunate Love November 2022 Teasers

Saturday 5 November  2022

Episode 1

Lakshmi saves someone’s life by leaving her marriage rituals aside. The family leaves for Lakshmi’s wedding and an untoward incident happens. Lakshmi’s aunt Rano breaks her alliance for her wealth.

Sunday 6  November  2022

Episode 2

Laxmi unwillingly moves to Mumbai with her sisters, uncle and aunt and gets into trouble. Later, Lakshmi runs into Rishi. Rishi gets Lakshmi and her sisters arrested. Balwinder asks Rano’s husband for Neha’s hand in marriage in exchange for bailing them out.

Monday 7 November  2022

Episode 3

Balwinder takes Lakshmi out and tries to force himself on her. Rishi’s ancestral necklace falls from his hands and lands on Lakshmi’s neck. Balwinder later arrives at Rishi’s hotel with his wedding procession.

Tuesday 8 November  2022

Episode 4

Meanwhile, a fire breaks out in the hotel, and Lakshmi tries to save Rishi. Rishi’s father Virendra visits Lakshmi’s house to thank her for saving Rishi’s life. Virendra is highly impressed by Lakshmi.

Wednesday 9  November  2022

Episode 5

Neelam and Virendra visit Lakshmi and clear her family’s misunderstanding. Later, Lakshmi agrees to go on a date with Rishi.

Thursday 10  November  2022

Episode 6

Rano speaks ill about Rishi to Lakshmi, to get her to turn down his marriage proposal. Lakshmi realises that Rishi is not what Rano had described him as. Neha’s actions anger Preetam.

Friday 11  November  2022

Episode 7

Balwinder, along with his friends, attacks Rishi. Veerendra tells something important about Rishi to Lakshmi. With Rishi and Lakshmi’s consent, Virendra announces their engagement.

Saturday 12 November  2022

Episode 8

Rishi reveals the whole matter to Neelam. Lakshmi’s family visits Rishi for his and Lakshmi’s engagement. Everyone dances to celebrate it. Suddenly, Balwinder arrives there and maligns Lakshmi by lying that he had an affair with her.

Sunday 13  November  2022

Episode 9

Neelam makes an important announcement. Later, Lakshmi sees a dream. Lakshmi tells Shalu that she has fallen in love with Rishi.

Monday 14 November  2022

Episode 10

Rishi arrives with the wedding dress for her and applies turmeric to her. Balwinder plans to abduct her before she goes to the wedding canopy. Balwinder uses a disguise to attend the wedding, and Abhi arrives there because of his suspicions. With the help of Rano, Balwinder tries to abduct Lakshmi and her sisters.

Tuesday 15 November  2022

Episode 11

Pragya saves them, but Balwinder and his henchmen capture all of them. Rano assures Neha that she will help her replace Lakshmi in the wedding canopy. Karan and Preeta attend the wedding with their families.

Wednesday 16  November  2022

Episode 12

Balwinder executes a plan to get out of the jail with his henchmen. Meanwhile, Srishti suspects Neha. Rano manages to bring Lakshmi to the make-up room, where Neha hits Lakshmi with a vase. Balwinder mistakes Neha for Lakshmi and abducts her, while Srishti ends up witnessing it.

Thursday 17  November  2022

Episode 13

On his wedding night, Rishi suddenly walks out of the room and his true colours come to the fore. Harleen asks Lakshmi to prepare a sweet dish. Neelam gives Lakshmi their ancestral necklace and this does not go down well with Karishma. Later, Rano convinces Neha to attend Lakshmi’s ‘Muh Dikhai’.

Friday 18  November  2022

Episode 14

A worried Lakshmi wears another necklace when she does not find it. Karishma accuses Lakshmi’s family of stealing the necklace. Neelam calls the police. Neha keeps it in Lakshmi’s purse to frame her, but Lakshmi catches her red-handed.

Saturday 19 November  2022

Episode 15

Later, Lakshmi lies to everyone. Rishi’s maternal grandfather expresses his displeasure and later gives a wedding gift to Lakshmi. The reason behind Rishi marrying Lakshmi comes to the fore. Gurucharan warns Rano while refusing to give the property papers, keys and jewellery.

Sunday 20  November  2022

Episode 16

Rishi unwillingly goes on a honeymoon with Lakshmi. After Pandit Badrinath arrives, Neelam asks for Rishi’s natal chart. Pandit Badrinath informs the Oberois that Rishi’s life is under the threat of water. Rishi’s family tries to reach him on the phone.

Monday 21 November  2022

Episode 17

When Rishi falls into the river, Lakshmi jumps into it to save him. Rano tells Neha a way to become the Oberois’ daughter-in-law. The Oberois visit the hospital and learn how Lakshmi saved Rishi. Later, a truth related to Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage comes to the fore.

Tuesday 22 November  2022

Episode 18

Rishi’s lover Malishka visits him in the hospital, and a bad omen takes place with Lakshmi. A guilt-ridden Veerendra tells Neelam that they have been unfair to Lakshmi by marrying her to Rishi. Later, Lakshmi meets Rishi’s lover Malishka.

Wednesday 23 November  2022

Episode 19

Malishka tells the reason behind persuading Rishi to marry Lakshmi. Neelam vows not to let anything go wrong with Lakshmi, while Lakshmi prepares for Ganesh Chaturthi. Neelam tells Karishma what the pandit had said and gives her a task.

Thursday 24  November  2022

Episode 20

Rishi goes to pacify Malishka, and Neha follows him there. Rishi’s maternal grandfather calls Lakshmi.

Friday 25 November  2022

Episode 21

When Neha sees Malishka and Rishi together, Malishka tries to handle the matter by lying to her.

Saturday 26 November  2022

Episode 22

Lakshmi gets emotional when Rishi apologises to her.

Sunday 27  November  2022

Episode 23

Rishi and Lakshmi talk a lot over dinner. Rishi feeds Lakshmi with his own hands, and Malishka arrives there.

Monday 28 November  2022

Episode 24

Shanaya Thakur makes serious allegations against Rishi. At the police station, Rishi tries unsuccessfully to explain his point to the cop. The Oberois later learn about the allegation against Rishi.

Tuesday 29 November  2022

Episode 25

Rishi gets upset due to the allegations against him. Neelam­ is worried about the news published in the newspaper. Rishi takes Lakshmi’s side, which infuriates Malishka.

Wednesday 30 November  2022

Episode 26

Lakshmi visits Shanaya, who agrees to withdraw the complaint against Rishi. Karishma asks Malishka to do something against Lakshmi. Later, Lakshmi falls for Shanaya’s ploy and Rishi’s issues increase.

Ayush supports Lakshmi in front of everyone. Lakshmi blames herself, and Rishi’s words make her feel more emotional. Neelam tries to strike a deal with Shanaya.

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