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Guddan November Teasers 2022

The Jindal family is shocked to see Antara at the engagement ceremony. Read Zeeworld Guddan November 2022 Teasers:

Zeeworld Guddan November 2022 Teasers

Tuesday 1 November  2022

Episode 76

Guddan­ successfully pushes AJ into a tub of coloured water. Parv tries to strangle Kaushalya when she informs him that he won’t be able to manipulate Revati. Durga sees an opportunity to use Angad as a wedge between Guddan and AJ’s marriage.

Episode 77

Revati takes revenge for Kaushalya by applying chilli powder instead of colours on Parv. Lakshmi and Dadi team up to mend Guddan and AJ’s marriage while Saraswati and Durga conspire to ruin it. Angad tries to visit Guddan room to tie her the ‘Mangalsutra’, but AJ stops him just in time.

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Episode 78

Angad watches Guddan being spruced up for the special occasion. He comes disguised as Guddan and does something shocking with AJ. The police reveal shocking news to Guddan which almost gives Dadi a heart attack. At the funeral prayer meet of AJ, Guddan shocks everyone when she agrees to marry Angad.

Episode 79

Elsewhere, a video proves that AJ is still alive and his life is in imminent danger. Guddan stops Angad from tying her the ‘Mangalsutra’ as the auspicious moment for the marriage is over. The electric shocks given to AJ render him unconscious.

Thursday 3 November  2022

Episode 80

Guddan vows to get AJ out of the hospital. Guddan visits the mental hospital to check for AJ’s presence. Lakshmi and Guddan manage to swap back to their own identities during a power outage. Guddan sees AJ at the hospital and is shocked to see him being given an electric shock by Angad.

Episode 81

Guddan rescues AJ from the hospital. Later, Angad’s goons abduct him again at a temple. Angad threatens Guddan to marry him if she wants AJ safe. Angad while forcibly marrying Guddan on the wedding ‘mandap’, is shocked to see AJ come back home.

Friday 4  November  2022

Episode 82

Angad gets angry on Rocky for instigating him against AJ. AJ and Guddan plant a fake letter in Angad’s room. In an inebriated state, Guddan mistakes Angad to be AJ and reveals their plan. Later, a drunk Angad decides to kill AJ but Rocky hits him, rendering him unconscious.

Episode 83

Angad confesses to AJ that Saraswati was the mastermind of the plan against him. Later, Guddan forgives Angad for his past misdeeds when he apologises to her.

Saturday 5 November  2022

Episode 84

Dadi gets a call informing that Shanti, her sister-in-law, is arriving at their home soon. Shanti gets angry on Guddan’s daughters-in-law for not living up to her traditional standards. Later, she gets impressed with Guddan for being a strict mother-in-law.

Sunday 6  November  2022

Episode 85

Shanti challenges Guddan to prove that she is a better mother-in-law than her. Durga and Shanti team up against Guddan and Lakshmi. Later, Durga ruins Guddan’s chances of winning.

Monday 7 November  2022

Episode 86

Durga is unable to use the mixer grinder machine properly which leads to her team’s mango milkshake being ruined.

Tuesday 8 November  2022

Episode 87

Later, Lakshmi gets injured while practicing which leads to Guddan replacing her for the competition. Durga commands Saraswati to play songs that Durga has practiced for her performance. Guddan deliberately loses the competition.

Wednesday 9  November  2022

Episode 88

Lakshmi goes out to party with her friends after taking Guddan’s permission. Later, a video of Lakshmi dancing in the party is leaked on the internet. Afterwards, Vardan tells Lakshmi that he wants a divorce from her.

Thursday 10  November  2022

Episode 89

Parv informs Saraswati that he had hired the man who morphed Lakshmi’s face. Later, Guddan starts vomiting at regular intervals which leads the family members into believing that she may be pregnant. Dadi tells the family members that she is not able to find Guddan at home.

Friday 11  November  2022

Episode 90

AJ tells Guddan to prove to Shanti that she is a better mother-in-law than her. Lakshmi and Dadi plan to send AJ and Guddan on their first romantic date. Later, Guddan and AJ have an argument during their date about the gifts that they bought for each other.

Monday 14 November  2022

Episode 91

Dadi orders Durga to apologise to Guddan. Later, Durga is tied up in a room and her surroundings are lit up on fire by a mysterious woman. She accuses Guddan of lighting up the fire.

Tuesday 15 November  2022

Episode 92

Guddan and AJ offer to leave Jindal house. AJ resolves to prove Guddan’s innocence. Guddan orders Durga and Saraswati to fulfill the responsibility of the entire household for a month.

Wednesday 16  November  2022

Episode 93

Guddan blames Durga and Saraswati for not doing the household work properly. Guddan appreciates Durga and Saraswati for successfully completing the task assigned to them. A tailor’s confession helps AJ in his attempt to prove Guddan innocent.

Thursday 17  November  2022

Episode 94

Shanti gets shocked with the news that her husband has met with an accident. Guddan and AJ decide to find the veil that the culprit was wearing during the crime.

Friday 18  November  2022

Episode 95

Revati confesses to the Jindal family that she loves Angad. AJ slaps Parv for insulting Revati. AJ and Guddan are successful in finding out the culprit who tried to kill Durga.

Monday 21 November  2022

Episode 96

Parv threatens Siddhi that if she discloses his crime then he will kill her brother, Kunal. Parv promises Saraswati that he will take revenge on the Jindals. The police are unable to find Parv.

Tuesday 22 November  2022

Episode 97

Durga accuses Saraswati that she and Parv together attempted to kill her. Later, The family members are shocked to see Parv coming to the Jindal house. Parv shows Guddan a video in which AJ is tied up near a box of snakes.

Wednesday 23 November  2022

Episode 98

Revati threatens to set Parv on fire if he doesn’t stop their marriage. Guddan is able to save Dadi and Lakshmi in the nick of time. Parv shoots Angad in the arm with a gun for interfering in his and Revati’s marriage.

Thursday 24  November  2022

Episode 99

Siddhi tells Guddan that she feels guilty about Parv ill-treating AJ. She offers to leave the Jindal house but Guddan convinces her to not leave.

Friday 25 November  2022

Episode 100

Durga decides to create a rift in AJ and Guddan’s relationship.

Monday 28 November  2022

Episode 101

Guddan gets angry on AJ for lying to her. Guddan’s school friends mock Guddan for having married an older man. Guddan challenges her friends to a dance competition. Guddan and AJ win the competition.

Tuesday 29 November  2022

Episode 102

AJ professes his love to Guddan in a letter. Durga pours blue ink on Guddan’s saree just before the ceremony. AJ informs Dadi that he has decided to call off the engagement.

Wednesday 30 November  2022

Episode 103

Saraswati mocks Durga for the failure of her plan against Guddan. The Jindal family is shocked to see Antara at the engagement ceremony. A doctor informs the Jindals that Antara had slipped into a coma after the accident. Saraswati and Durga believe that Antara will create a rift in AJ and Guddan’s relationship.