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I Do November Teasers 2022

Khan Begum seeks Armaan and Mahira’s forgiveness but dies soon after. Read Zeeworld I Do November 2022 Teasers:

Zeeworld I Do November 2022 Teasers Season Finale

Tuesday 1 November  2022

Episode 343

Armaan wants Munna out of his house. Badi Ammi tries to kill Sanam using an amulet. Sanam decides to find out the source of Badi Ammi’s power. Mahira allows Munna to stay at her house.

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Episode 344

Munna claims that the bride in the wedding photograph resembles Mahira. Meanwhile, the police officers stop Sameer and his girlfriend from killing Kainaat and chase them away. Meanwhile, Sanam summons witches to help her kill Badi Ammi. Later, a witch takes Ahsaan’s soul and turns him into a demon.

Thursday 3 November  2022

Episode 345

Mahira figures out that Amaad has been pretending to forget his past to enter her house.  Ehsaan challenges Khan Begum saying that he will transform her with his love. Mahira and Armaan share a romantic moment and Mahira seems to dislike it. However Armaan tries to please her.

Friday 4  November  2022

Episode 346

Later, Armaan doubts whether Mahira is faking her love for him. Khan Begum gets angry to see that the masked man is Ahsaan. Elsewhere, Armaan texts Mahira the identity of S.

Saturday 5 November  2022

Episode 347

Khan Begum wishes to be freed from the world of evil. Later, she seeks Badi Ammi’s forgiveness. Khan Begum seeks Armaan and Mahira’s forgiveness but dies soon after. Armaan tells Amaad to find the person, who has been texting Mahira.

Sunday 6  November  2022

Episode 348

Mahira feels happy as she gets her pregnancy report. Amaad sends Armaan an MMS in which an unknown man is getting close with Mahira. Later, Mahira tells Armaan that she is pregnant.

Monday 7 November  2022

Episode 349

Mahira asks INR 500 crores as alimony. A shocked Armaan learns that Mahira is not pregnant with his child and later divorces her. Meanwhile, Kainaat makes Sameer accept in front of everyone that his first wife is dead.

Tuesday 8 November  2022

Episode 350

Kainaat scares Sameer and gets him treated by a fake doctor.

Wednesday 9  November  2022

Episode 351

Mahira asks Armaan to eat chilli, and he eats it.  Amaad Asks Armaan To Choose Between Mahira And His Unborn Child. Sameer Tries To Kill Kainat, But She Overpowers Him.

Thursday 10  November  2022

Episode 352

Mahira urges Armaan to find a way so that they can live together with their daughter. The lawyer explains to Armaan the Islamic rules for him to remarry Mahira. Later, Amaad enters Mahira’s house in the guise of a beggar to kill her daughter.

Friday 11  November  2022

Episode 353

The lawyer finds a solution to Armaan and Mahira’s problem. Amaad finally succeeds in kidnapping Mahira’s daughter. Later, Amaad faints while trying to harm Mahira’s baby.

Saturday 12 November  2022

Episode 354

Sameer plans to escape to Switzerland. Amaad and Khan Begum prepare to sacrifice the child. Kainaat kills Sameer and leaves in a hurry. Later, Khan Begum turns Armaan senseless.

Sunday 13  November  2022

Episode 355

Khan Begum and Armaan resolve their differences. Later, she tries to kill the witches. Amaad and Armaan engage in a fight, in which Amaad is killed, and the baby is rescued.

Monday 14 November  2022

Episode 356

Season Finale!

Khan Begum sacrifices her life for Armaan. Later, Mahira and Armaan get married. Sanam declares that Armaan is dead and he has sacrificed his life in their war against the witches. Mahira agrees to sacrifice her baby for Armaan’s sake. Will Mahira lose her child for ever?  Watch to find out.


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