This is Fate Sunday Update 13 September 2020


This is Fate Sunday Update 13 September 2020

Everyone is preparing for the conference when they see Karina pulling someone, they all get worried as to what she is doing, Dadi scolds her saying that she should not push some, Rishab enquires for the name of the lady, she exclaims that it is Shrishti Aurora, Rishab immediately sits beside her as he is concerned for her. Kartika comes asking Sameer if he also heard that karina is calling SHRISTHI, he also agrees that he found out when it was too late, Kartika gets angry as to why did she come to their house like this and it will create a lot of problems.

Rishab makes Shristhi stand up after which karina asks her in an interrogative manner why she came to their house in the disguise, Rishab also questions her coming to their house, Dadi along with karina also ask her the same question, Karina mentions that she always said the truth even when it was the sometimes not what her family liked, she always knew that Preeta wanted to marry karan so that she can become the member of their family. Shrishti pleads with Karina to never say anything against Preeta because she doesnot know anything, Karina speculates that she was sent by her family to find out the reply which they had planned so that they can counter it, Shrishti denies the claims altogether saying that they were baseless, Kaitrna explains that she will make sure that Shristhi is proven false then she calls Sameer forward asking if Shrishti did not ask him about the notice, Shrishti seeing that she has been trapped confirms that she asked him about the notice but it was not because she wanted to know what they will reply but she wanted to know what was written in the notice.
Sherlin immediately jumps in say8ing that she is lying as now she wants to protect herself, she must have known about the notice and she came to spy on them. She  mentions that she has the right to put forward her opinion, she apologizes because what she will say might not be to his expectation but she is standing by karina that Shristhi came to look at their steps in reply to the notice, She also says that this is the reason she has trapped Sameer, Sameer does not like her using his name so he steps starting to blame Sherlin for taking out a rivalry with them, Karina gets mad which resus in her slapping him, Dadi stops her asking why is she frustrated with her own family members when she should question Srishti, they should not destroy the livelihood of the family, she blames that the7y both have since coming to the house caused the destruction of the family. She blames that she is lying

Shristhi begs that she is telling the truth, Karan says that she could have asked it from Preeta, She is quiet at which he gets really mad and even shouts at her for telling the truth, she explains that she doesnot who karan is because he married her sister in disguise and when the wedding ended he left her on the roadside, she asks what they believe when karan was the one who betrayed her.

Karan orders her to leave his house, she explains that they both have always taken care of their family but still they donot believe them, when their family members have someone who is not one of their own, it is Sherlin who tried to kill her mother the day she got married, but her mother and sister lived for their family but they got only disrespect in return, She also questions Rishab for what he did when he pretends to be such a nice person, they should have come to just ask how they were but they never came, She also heads to karan saying that she thought he is a nice guy but now understands that either he has no capability or is not really nice, Karan is also left shocked hearing her words.

The entire Luthra family is left shocked and is standing there when she mentions how much her sister loves karan, he starts to think of the day when he married Preeta, She is crying, Shristhi asks Rakhi that her mother used to say that preeta loved her more then her mother,

t is because they always got the love  of a mother form Rakhi but why s she not showing the same love today when it is needed, she also goes to Dadi saying that whenever Preeta came to know that she is in pain preeta would always come but she has herself made preeta leave their lives. She also questions risahb saying that Preeta trusted him but what she got in return was just pain which she did not deserve

Shristhi mentions that they have really big heart and her sister gave all that she could to their family but what they gave them was just pain, Dadi still blames Preeta for all the bad things that happened to Preeta, she mentions that Mahesh also got injured because of what he talked with Preeta, Shristhi still defends Preeta saying that Mahesh was like a father to them. Karina does not believe them saying that her sister has sent a legal notice so they will not answer her stupid questions, Shristhi asks dadi why they never came to ask how they were even when Preeta is the wife of karan, she says that she doesn’t believe Preeta is the wife of karan, but rather a mistake which they will soon correct.

Karina says that she will send her in jail but karan stops her, he vows to do what he feels like, Shristhi is still adamant to know what Preeta has filed in the notice. Samer tries to convince them to hear what Shristhi has to say, but Karina takes him in the other room.

She is still adamant, Samer tries to explain at which she say that she is disappointed with him because he is still protecting her, he explains that he is not taking her side but does not like when she cries, he mentions that she is her friend, karina says that she knows he has feelings for her which she knows. She doesn’t listen to his any explanation. She shouts at him saying that she does not want to listen to anything, karina explains that she might accept that Shristhi came to know what was in the notice but it is not that his proves Preeta is the right  choice, they believed Preeta yet she still wants to ruin the Luthra family, even her family does not know of anything, she asks if he thinks that preeta is doing the wrong with them, she warns that he will not leave the room till the things get sorted out. She does not listen to his words and locks him in the room.

Janki is in the house when Preetas phone rings, she asks Preeta to pick it up as it is Karina, Preeta answers the phone and is left shocked after answering it, when she feels that karina is really angry. Karina says to preeta that her plan failed, preeta is not able to realize what she is talking off, Karina mentions that she sent her sister to spy on them as she thought that they will be happy to see her but she has insulted her to the extent that she cannot stop crying and if she wants that they not sent her to jail she must come to take her, Preeta assures that she will come as soon as she can.
Shristhi explains that she feels everyone has changed in the Luthra mansion, they have changed. Rishab says that she said what she feels but they never have heard what they feel because everyone in the family has been hurt which they still feel, Dadi also says that they have hearts which her sister broke, She is about to tell her when karina stops her saying that she cannot tell anything to her, Katrina mentions that she mentioned that her sister feels concerned for everyone of their family and also that she would come when Dadi feels pain but what is the reason that they did not respect her when she got married to karan, Rakhi is also left confused saying that she did not feel that Preeta would be capable of doing such a thing, Dadi says that she knew preeta was like this and can do anything to fulfil her own desires, Rishab also explains that he always stood by Preeta but what can he do now when everything is against Preeta. Karina asks Shrishti to leave their house, when Shrishti is standing then she takes her bu her hand and tries to throw her out of the house, Shrishti is yelling that she will not leave, she tries to explain that Sherlin is playing a game but she doesnot listen saying that she would have married Rishab to Sherlin even after she had a doubt that Sherlin was not a good citizen, she throws her out of the house asking why did she come even when they did not want her to come as they are against their family and that this is because they wanted to take revenge from them.
She throws her out of the house, Preeta stops her from falling, karina says that this is because her mother might have planned all of the things as she might want them both to marry the boys of the Luthra house and that she is just really pathetic, they both cannot hear anything against their mother so Shristhi says to have a fight with Katrina, Preeta slaps her and sends her to the auto, karina says that she might have done this a long time before, Preeta explains that she did this because Karina has said a lot of things, which they should not have listened to.

Preeta also sits in the auto and is crying.
Karina comes inside the house she mentions that she has locked Sameer in the room because he thinks from his heart and not his mind which is the reason she locked him, Karina vows to never let them do anything that might hurt her family, she blames that the Auroras are really clever which is why she sent Shristhi to their house as then she might come to know of what they are planning. Dadi also takes the side of karina, assuring that she is with her on what she does, Karina explains that it is because of a single mistake that karan made and that has caused them so much, she cannot comprehend them being sent to jail, Rishab assures that they will not be sent to jail, karina enquires why he is so sure, karan replies that he will not let anyone go to jail.
Sherlin steps in saying that they must realize that Preeta is not a nice girl and she was always conspiring against them, she always tried to prove that Sherlin was wrong but she was the one who wronged them all, she mentions that she never tried to harm them and always took care of them but it was Preeta that made her the bad person.
They are still talking when the press arrive, Rishab asks that they will talk about it later, Rakhi sends kartika and Maira to their room, she is also advises that they will talk after the press conference.
Sarla enters the house with Bi jee she is calling them both when janki comes, when she asks where they are, Janki replies that she went after a phone call and might have gone to the Luthra house, Saral says that she would have never gone to that house, she feels that Shrishti might have gotten in some trouble so would have called preeta to help her.
Risahb is answering the questions being raised by the media personal, Sherlin feels that she has planned something else, when her hired media reporter will arrive to ask Rishab about the notice, she is waiting but he doesnot arrive then she calls him, when he enters the house.

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