This is Fate Monday Update 14 September 2020 Karina Announces Karan’s Engagment With Maira


This is Fate Monday Update 14 September 2020 Karina Announces Karan’s Engagment With Maira

The reporters arrive apologizing for being late because of the traffic conditions, he asks two questions saying that he wants to ask him video, if the rumour is true that karan is also in the vid4eo,

Karan responds that he is not a professional dancer but is in the video for only ten seconds, he replies that he did it for his personal attraction. The reporter says that he thought karan would have practice of dancing as he might have done it on his wedding, everyone starts to ask karan regarding his marriage, karan gets frustrated responding that this conference is for Rishab and not their personal life, they will arrange a separate pre conference for that matter, they still ask the reason they have kept his wedding as a secret. All of them deny that he is married, karina leaves for Maira’s room.
She reaches and asks her if she can bear the problems that arise because of karan being married to preeta, she says that she can to which karina takes her hand going to the press conference.
Preeta comes to the house, Sarla asks where she is and also about Shrishti, they are asking when she comes in dressed in a saree, they all ask her but she is about to leave, Preeta stops her ordering that she tell everyone the truth of where she went, Shrishti looks angrily at her and when Sarla pressurizes her then she tells that she went to the Luthra house and Preeta should have taken the side of her and not slapped her in front of Karina, she gets really mad, Shrishti explains that she went because she wanted to know about the notice which Preeta sent to the Luthra house, Sarla gets tensed asking her what she wrote in the notice.

Everyone is asking the luithra family regarding Karan’s marriage, they try to stop them at which point Karina explains that he is a famous celebrity and they would have known if he married anyone, but he will soon marry a girl, she then goes to take the hand of Maira bringing her to the stage where she announces that she is the one who will marry Karan and their engagement will be in three days.
Preeta refuses saying that she has not sent any notice to the Luthra family, Shrishti mentions that everyone in the Luthra family is convinced that she has sent a notice, Sarla is adamant that she will call Karina, Preeta request that she not call her because karina does not have the sense to talk with them, Sarla says that it is because of her and that she warned her to not be involved in the Luthra family to the extent that it causes problem for them as a family, Bi jee Is not happy she says that she does not like that Sarla is always scolding her nieces.
The Luthra’s announce that the press conference is over and they should wait for the engagement, Karna leaves everyone standing without listening to anyone, karitka also goes after him, she also opens Sameer so that he can come out of the room, she mentions that karina has announced the engagement of karan with Maira in three days but she still has to ask karan if he does not want to marry Maira.
Dadi asks Karina why she made such a big announcement without listening to anyone, she explains that she did all this to protect the image of their family, Rakhi asks why she announced it with Maira without asking her, she goes to apologize to her but Maira says that she has no problem and none of her plans are ruined because she wants to marry karan and is in love with him, Karina explains that she knew about it but wanted to surprise them however the circumstance was not according to her wishes. She advises that Rakhi ask her friend to confirm the marriage because they would like to make Maira their daughter in law.
Maira is still confused about karan’s reaction, Karina assures that she will make sure he accepts her as his wife, Maira still asks Dadi if she is happy, she exclaims that she is however is really tensed regarding what will happen in the future.

Karan asks Rishab, he starts to show him the different clothes which he likes, Rishab asks what he is thinking and wants to do because he wants to know what Karan is thinking otherwise it would be impossible for him to do anything, Rishab mentions that he is aware why Karan is angry and it is because of the notice, they will find a way but marrying someone else is not the way, he constantly asks him to tell then he makes him sit, Kartika is also listening to their conversation, she comes in asking that he think, Rishab takes her side saying that she has understood what he is saying but karan does not want to listen, Karan gets up saying that he will explains that has no feelings and that he will make sure that Preeta pays for what she has done to his family, he does not want that she get any chance to hurt his family and that he will make her pay,
Sarla asks Bi Jee is she is okay, so she can talk to Karina because she wants to know what is written in the notice as she wants to be aware of the reason they hurt her daughter. Sherlin brings juice to Karina, he phone rings and when Karina asks her to pass the phone she sees that it is Sarla then tries to make an excuse that they should not talk with them but Karina is convinced that she is telling a lie, Sarla calls her asking what is written in the notice, Karina is not ready to tell them anything then says that she should ask Preeta, but Karina mentions that she also said to Preeta to remove her sin door and the mangal suture but she refused to remove it at Diwali, Sarla is shocked but karina does not tell her anything bla

ming that she forced Karan to marry Preeta, using some tactics which they were not aware off, Sarla denies the allegations but karina ends the call.

She is left confused and explains to Sherlin that she feels Preeta has not even told Sarla, Sherlin brainwashes her into thinking that the Auroras are playing a game and are really clever, Karina falls in her trap thinking that they might really be playing a game with them.
Sarla asks Preeta why she went to the Luthra house even when she promised to never go there, Preeta explain s that she went to collect the appointment letter but there Maria burnt her hand so that was the reason she went to their house, Sarla asks why she cares so much for the members of that family when she was the one who was hurt the most, Sarla tries to leave but Preeta stops her she explains that she doesn’t want to listen to her excusers and will see what the notice was I the newspaper. She doesn’t want to trust her because Preeta broke her promise even when she promised to never go there, Sarla leaves, Janki comes warning that she should not have gone there because her mother is really ill and does not like that she goes to the Luthra mansion, she is also really ill for quite some time.
Sherlin very happily enters her house then starts to praise herself for playing such a big game, she thinks that she planned this because she was aware that when the reporters will ask her questions then they will tell her the name so she announced the name of Maria, she decides to call Prithvi but he does not respond then she thinks of calling her best friend.
Shristhi is walking behind Preeta apologizing to her also asking the reason she is not talking to her and even the rest of the family members have not talked to her, Preeta explains that Sarla has also not talked with her because she is angry, Shristhi asks the reason Preeta is not talking to her, she says that Shristhi should be able to understand the reason that she is angry with her just like their mother so wants to spend some time alone. She closes the door, Shristhi says that she will talk with her no matter the situation,
Her phone rings, Shristhi answers it and is shocked to hear her voice she asks why has she called her, Sherlin explains that she has made her realize something saying that she wants to exclaim something important she says that she is her true friend and that she has made her plan successful, she asks her to read tomorrows newspaper, Sherlin explains that she has made sure that Sherlin becomes successful in her plan and that is to make sure that Preeta does not come into the Luthra house because she hates her a lot, and she has made sure that Preeta does not enter the Luthra house again.
Karan and Rishab are sitting when Maria comes asking who gave her number because she has been getting calls to confirm of her marriage with Karan, Karina also comes with the newspaper, Rishab after seeing the photo of their family leaves after saying it in a taunting voice about how happy they are all looking, Sameer wonders what will happen when the Auroras see the news.
Sarla asks them to come and have breakfast otherwise it will get cold, Bi Jee says that she will eat after some time and Sarla can give it to Preeta as she will otherwise get late, They are all standing when the newspaper comes, Shristhi after mustering up some courage and is shocked to see the news, Preeta is also left amazed at seeing the marriage news.

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