This is Fate Saturday Update 12 September 2020


This is Fate Saturday Update 12 September 2020

Kartika is going in to her room, she is followed by Maria, Kartika explains that she knows her mother gets angry sometimes, and Rakhi is really sweet but this doesn’t mean that her mother can do everything, Maira explains that they are not against each other and her mother has seen a lot of things, she always says the right thing and it is because she wants that they all remain happy, she loves both Karan and Rishab a lot so cannot see them both in pain, Kartika understands what maira is trying to convey to her, Karan hears their conversation from behind the door, he understands that Preeta has always portrayed herself as really nice but she always cheats him so he will also make her pay, and will reply in the same way that she choose.

Karina mentions that they all knew Preeta really well but who knew that she would make so much plans against them, does he really believe that she can do this, so when he does not believe it then how will the world, so the public will always blame Karan by giving excuses that he is a spoiled brat of a rich family, she explains that being rich is a blessing but they have to face a lot of problems, she asks that he must remain by the family’s side and also that he has to take the vow of Rakhi that he will no talk with Shrishti, she also instructs that he will always remain by her side so that she can keep an eye on her. Preeta is in her room thinking of what she saw at the training camp, she also wonders what Karina said that she should remove the mangal suture and also the Sindoor which she is wearing of Karan’s name, Preeta gets really frustrated she starts to take it out on the clothes, and when she opens the wardrobe the clothes fell, Shrishti comes from the behind she is about to talk to her but stops seeing her ager, she then wonders that she would go to the Luthra house and that she will find out everything there is to know of the notice.

Sherlin is in the hall, Karina comes asking if the lawyer has arrived, Sherlin mentions that they should make sure the Auroras do not come to know of anything and that they will attack them when they have not even though off it, Karina looks at Sameer she mentions that there is no one who would do this, they are talking when the lawyer arrives she takes him to the guest room where everyone is waiting. They reach the room, Karina explains that they know Karan married Preeta and that she was left at the road side but it is because Preeta has affairs, Rakhi immediately stops her saying that she does not want that they blame her for anything which she has not done, Karina gets angry and leaves because she feels she is not needed for filing the notice, Karan explains that he will explain what is to be filed in the notice, Rakhi stops him saying that he always takes the wrong stop when he is angry so he must let her take care of it as she is his mother, Rishab also stands by her saying that she has full autonomy in taking the situation, Sherlin gets mad as her entire plan of getting Karan to divorce Preeta has failed.

Shrishti is dressed in maids clothes, she enters the house praying that she is not caught and succeeds in her plan to know about everything that has happened, She is walking when Ganesh stops her asking who she is, Karina also demands a reply, she starts to act as if she is a maid and they are responsible for washing the clothes of the Luthra house, Ganesh leaves to get the clothes, Karina enquires why she has a veil, Shristhti responds that she is about to get married and so it is the ritual of their family that they keep the veil so she has kept it, Karina leaves her, Shrishti thinks that she will go and ask Sameer about the notice till the time Ganesh brings the clothes, She is about to leave but Karina comes back asking why did she burn her saree the last time, Shrishti responds saying that it was just a little thing, Karina gets mad at her reply, Karina gets mad at her saying why did she say this because her clothes are really expensive, Shrishti says that they get a lot of complaints about burnt clothes so she cannot say anything until she sees it by herself, Karina mentions that it is saree worth fifty thousand, Shrishti advises that they next time she buys something that expensive she should make sure that they stich as soon as they are burnt, Karina does not like her nonsense talk, so she has to see that it, Karina gets mad asking if she thinks that Karina is lying, Shrishti asks her to take the amount back in installments from her if it is really burnt, Karina leaves to get the saree, Shrishti thinks that she is a lunatic but Shrishti has to leave otherwise she might come back.

Maira comes out from her room, Shrishti takes on te veil, she thinks that she is the one who is trying to marry Karan so she can say a lot of things to her but she has to focus on something else, Maira asks her as to who she is, She explains that she is the daughter of the launderer, Maira leaves but turns wondering why she is roaming in the house.

Karina enters the guest room, Shrishti sees her and then ides trying to listen about what the lawyer is talking about, Maira comes which forces her to hide, she thinks about why did she come searching for her even when she told her that she is the daughter of the launderer, Maira also enters the guest room. Shrishti gets te opportunity to hear but doesn’t know of the notice, Karina after reading the notice disagrees with it saying that she feels they should give a more befitting reply, Rishab however agrees with Rakhi saying that fighting is not the situation to every problem, Shrishti hits Sameer with a rock, He gets shocked which Karina notices, Sameer leaves the room, Rishab says that the matter is really delicate and if things get tensed then it would create more problems. So she should let Rakhi handle it that way she feels.

Kartika is in her room she thinks that at first she thought that Karan was wrong to leave her but now seeing what Preeta has done she thinks that it was her who is wrong and as that she should have brought police to their house but she is demanding alimony and also threatening to file a case. Kartika plans to call her and know the reason she demanded the alimony, because she knows that it would create problems for her as well, Kartika then calls her but it does not connect so she ends the call.


Sameer reaches the hall, He is looking for her when she comes from behind saying that she has to talk with him, Sameer heads into the room with her saying that there will be a lot of problems if anyone or Karina sees her, She explains that she came in the getup because she knows everything about them so she came because she wanted to talk with him, he ended the call after which his phone was coming as switched off so she came, he explains that it was Karina who switched off his phone because she heard them talking. Shrishti does not understand why Karina is playing the role of a villain in their story. She asks if he would stop talking to her at Karina instructions, Shrishti asks what is in the notice. Sameer doesn’t believe what is in the notice, he explains that Preeta sent Karan a notice, She doesn’t believe him but he is adamant, when she ask him he is about to tell her but he is not able to say anything as he removers the vw which he made to Karina. Shrishti asks to Sameer but he is insisting that he cannot say anything to her, she promises him but he explains that he was asked to take a vow of Rakhi.

She is adamant to know everything that is written in the notice as she wants to know what is written in it, Sameer is constantly saying that he cannot help her but she says that she wants him to help her however he is not ready to go against his family. She starts to weep; he also feels bad as he was not able to help her. Sameer leaves the room, Shrishti thinks that she would find out what is written and she doesn’t cred or anyone, she again puts on her veil but as soon as she gets out Karina is standing with Maira, she gets tensed as she doesn’t know what she would do, She is about to leave but Karina stops her, they both ask her the reason she is roaming in their house as if she wants anything then she should first ask someone, Shrishti explains that she has come to their house for the first time and so is not familiar with the hallways, she came searching for Karina as she went to get the burnt Saree, Karina does not understand what she is saying and asks her for the burnt saree, Karina says that she has placed the notice sent by Preeta in her room so if anyone asks her she can inform them, Karina says that she would talk with Shrishti about the saree some with her some other time as she is really busy, Maria is also curious of why she is wearing veil, Karina informs her but then she leaves, Karina wonders why she walked away when she doesn’t know of the way.

Sherlin is at the hall thinking that she planned they would send  notice of divorce to Preeta but they are not doing anything so she has to think for something, She calls Prithvi, she explains that their plan is not working as the Luthras instead of sending a divorce notice have requested her to take back the notice, they are talking when Rishab comes, she immediately refers to him as mom, he realizes so request that she under any circumstance hand the phone to Rishab, she is talking when he comes near hearing that Karan is everyone’s favorite but he is not able to concentrate on cricket because of the mess that is in the family, he says that he doesn’t like that the news regarding their family reaches anyone else’s ears, she is about to leave when she hears him saying Preeta name, Sherlin takes the phone from him mentioning that he said that anyone should come to know of the notice, Rishab warns her saying that he will know who to talk to, Karan comes taking the phone from him saying that he can meet the lawyer as he is leaving.

Shrishti reaches Karina room and trues to find the notice, she finally succeeds it but when she opens it then they are just blank papers, Karina enters the room explaining that she had a feeling that it was her because the launderer would never agree to paying fifty thousand rupees, then she confirmed it when she saw her in the window but she wanted to know it see it for herself because otherwise no one would believe her, they all are really bad people as a family.

The lawyer explains that he has provided them with a copy so they can mend it and send it to him before 1 as they would have to get it registered, Rakhi explains that they are final so he can submit it in the court.

Karan apologizes to Rishab saying that it was an important day for him but everything got ruined because of his problems, Rishab explains that he means the most to them but with the points that are mentioned in the notice everything will be alright, Dadi does not agree with them even when she stood against Karina.

Karina takes Shrishti by her hand pulling her as she is adamant to show her family that they were wrong, Shrishti begs her to not do anything of the sort.

Everyone is preparing for the conference when they see Karina pulling someone, they all get worried as to what she is doing, Dadi scolds her saying that she should not push some, Rishab enquires for the name of the lady, she exclaims that it is Shrishti Aurora, Rishab immediately sits beside her as he is concerned for her.

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