4th and 5th Thursday and Friday Update on Gangaa

Sagar’s mum doesn’t listen anything. Niranjan was going to tell her, but Sagar stops him. Sagar and Pulkit handle the situation and Pulkit takes her away from there. Sagar tells Niranjan not to tell anything to his mum as she is very sensitive and won’t be able to deal with this.   Other hand, Maharaj […]

3rd April Wednesday Update on Gangaa

Sagar and Ganga’s residence Ganga remembers her own case with sagar, as raahat starts unfolding the story of niru with her. she talks about how they were in love, but their different religions posed a problem. but then ammaji decides to send niru abroad so that he can get rid of raahat. she tries to […]

4th April Thursday Update on Gangaa

Courtroom Zoya arrives with ganga in the court, and gets upset when rudra is brought in. then raahat asks about sagar, as everyone else has arrived. ganga wonders maybe sagar did get sense, after her telling him. but she is disappointed when sagar presents himself for the case. the judge sits and the proceedings start. […]

Sunday 31th March Update on Gangaa

Ganga’s residence As ganga sits dazed, all discuss as to how wrong it all is, and think of various options, from changing college, to doing correspondence. finally they are shut up by raahat ma, who asks ganga what she wants. ganga is stunned and thinks that she knows whats to be done. Ganga’s College Raahat […]

Monday 1st April Update on Gangaa

Ganga’s College Ganga is overjoyed, when she gets to know that she has been installed back in and all congratulate. but she is tensed when she knows one vote against her, but the principal refuses to divulge this confidential information. she says that she knows and knows why he did so. Inside, Sagar is shocked […]

Saturday 30th March Update on Gangaa

Ganga remembers sagar’s taunts, to prove that the notice is wrong. she eyes her family sleeping, and is tensed for them. she gets back to researching and starting afresh, without caring what time is it, until its morning. she leaves to freshen up. raahat ma wakes up and finds ganga’s place empty and wonders where […]

Thursday 28th March Update on Gangaa

Sagar’s residence Sagar is apalled and distraught, in his room, still haunted by his memories with ganga, right from their childhood. outside, his father lashes at everyone, saying that there shall be no furthermore mention about ganga in this house ever again, as she is dead to them. they are all shocked and stunned and […]

Friday 29th March Update on Gangaa

Sagar’s residence Sagar’s father is getting tensed, as he rememebers his day at the court. he gets a call, and cancels it, pacing around nervously. sagar comes and assures him, along with rudra. he apologises to his father, that he has to bear this all due to him. his father says that due to his […]

Tuesday 26th March Update on Gangaa

Sagar’s residence After the haldi ceremony is done, they are asked to wash it down, with a pious bath. ammaji instructs the bride’s mother to wash the groom’s face and vice versa. seeing that there is noone from the bride’s side, ammaji asks vasudha to do the honours as her mother. she is more than […]

Wednesday 27th March Update on Gangaa

The riatuls continue, while ganga starts getting dizzy yet again. sagar asks if she is fine. she complied. then its time for kanyadaan. the priest says that if there isnt any father, then anyone fatherly can do so. sagar and madhvi turn to his father, but he stoically refuses. madhvi asks him, and he says […]