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Gangaa 2 November Teasers 2020 Zeeworld

Gangaa agrees to forgive Sagar but puts up a condition that Sagar has to accept Jhanvi as his wife. Sagar agrees but wants Gangaa to move on in her life too. Read Gangaa 2 November 2020 Teasers:

Zeeworld Gangaa 2 November 2020 Teasers

Sunday 1 November 2020

Episode 48

Worried that she has disappointed Madhvi, Jhanvi swallows an entire bottle of sleeping pills. Meanwhile, Gangaa and Palash try to register a case against the pharmaceutical company. Niranjan reaches home with sweets and seems extremely excited about becoming a grandfather. Palash and Sagar reach the court and soon the proceedings begin.

Monday 2 November 2020

Episode 49

Gangaa meets Palash at a place and there she learns of the chaos that pharmaceutical companies are causing by manufacturing drugs in the name of medicine. Yash blackmails Jhanvi for money. Sagar gets furious when he learns that Gangaa has decided to continue her internship with Palash.

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Episode 50

Palash makes up his mind to begin an investigation of his own. Disguised as a ‘sardar ji’, Palash reachs the godown unaware that Gangaa too has followed him in a disguise. Meanwhile, Jhanvi has a tough time preparing Sagar’s favorite dishes. Madhvi enters the kitchen and finds out about the chaos caused by Jhanvi in the kitchen.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Episode 51

Sagar is forced to stop midway when he sees Gangaa trying to repair her cycle. Sagar immediately goes to help Gangaa and seeing the two of them, Jhanvi gets jealous. Palash shows signs of suspecting Gangaa and Sagar to be involved with each other but does not speak about it openly. Meanwhile, Niranjan secretly keeps mangoes in Supriya’s section of the house and he is surprised to see Supriya watching him.

Thursday 5 November 2020

Episode 52

Jhanvi goes to Palash and informs him of Gangaa’s real position in the family. Palash immediately feels mercy for Gangaa and he asks her to rejoin as his intern. Sagar and Palash get into an argument and when Gangaa asks Sagar to leave the house, he starts to lay false allegations upon Gangaa.

Friday 6 November 2020

Episode 53

Jhanvi later pleads with Ammaji and Madhvi to leave her alone with Sagar for the night and she decides to mend their relationship. Gangaa attends to Palash and just then, his mother enters the house. She assumes Gangaa to be her daughter-in-law but Palash explains that she is only his intern.

Saturday 7 November 2020

Episode 54

Sagar surprises everyone as he supports Palash’s case instead of fighting against it. Palash’s mother expresses her desire to get Gangaa married to her son and hearing her, Sagar feels hurt. Gangaa is horrified as she watches Jhanvi hallucinating after consuming the drugged medicine. Ammaji and Madhvi reach Palash’s place and instantly Ammaji begins shouting as she sees Gangaa attending the prayers. Being a widow, Gangaa is forced to leave the house.

Sunday 8 November 2020

Episode 55

Gangaa gets furious with Palash and ends up upset when she learns that Sagar had wanted Palash to marry her. Meanwhile, Prabha is furious with Yash as she realizes that he is responsible or Jhanvi’s death. She, however, decides to save her son yet again and agrees to plant a suicide letter in Jhanvi’s room. Everyone is shocked to find out that Jhanvi has blamed Sagar for her suicide. The police decides to arrest Sagar and add that they have to take the entire family under custody as per law.

Monday 9 November 2020

Episode 56

Supriya falls unconscious and Niranjan instantly calls for help. Pulkit blames Sagar for Supriya’s current condition and blames his family for encouraging Sagar’s tantrums. Raghav Ji informs Nirajan that the court has approved their bail on checking his track record. Later, everyone gets shocked as the officer informs them that the court has rejected Sagar’s bail. Gangaa pleads to Palash to fight Sagar’s case.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Episode 57

Gangaa and Palash come to the police station and get surprised on learning that Jhanvi’s post-mortem report has not yet arrived. Gangaa gets shocked as Pulkit informs her that the money from Sagar’s bank account was transferred to a stranger’s account exactly before Jahnavi’s death. Gangaa reaches the court and waits for everyone.

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Episode 58

As the case proceeds forward, Palash pleads that a few hours be provided so that he can verify a particular point. Gangaa assures Ammaji that after the next hearing, Sagar will be released. Palash states that Sagar himself has given up and has confessed his crime. Palash makes up his mind to not let Gangaa get back to Sagar very easily.

Thursday 12 November 2020

Episode 59

Gangaa takes Sagar to his room but he is overcome by horror by again visiting the room where Jhanvi had given away her life. Gangaa remembers that Sagar had told her about Mary’s presence in the house during the death of Jhanvi and she decides to speak to Mary about it. While, Gangaa and others are still on their way towards Mary’s house, Palash’s goons already reach the place and get Mary out of the house.

Friday 13 November 2020

Episode 60

After giving it a lot of thought, Sagar refuses to sign on the confession and calls it a forced confession. At night, Sagar and Gangaa stay awake thinking of each other. Next morning, Gangaa and Pulkit continue their search for Mary but fail to find her.

Saturday 14 November 202

Episode 61

Sagar realizes that Palash had been hiding certain facts about his case from Gangaa. Mary reveals that she had seen Yash killing Jhanvi and Gangaa is shocked learning of this. Ammaji is deceived by a local baba ji who claims that Sagar will get rid of all his problems if she conducts certain prayers and does some donations.

Sunday 15 November 2020

Episode 62

Gangaa is unable to find out about Mary, who is lying down on the kitchen floor tied in ropes. Gangaa starts to believe that Sagar’s doubts regarding Palash could be true. Meanwhile, Ammaji believes that it is Jhanvi’s spirit that is causing trouble to the family and decides to listen to the babaji and conduct another prayer.

Monday 16 November 2020

Episode 63

Niranjan informs Gangaa that she should anyhow bring Mary to the court as she is the only witness that they have. Gangaa agrees and she goes out in search of Mary. She receives a note from Palash, who wants her to meet her at a certain place. Palash asks Gangaa to marry him if she wants to save Sagar from going to jail and Gangaa is forced to do as Palash wants.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Episode 64

Ammaji takes out the jewellery from the cupboard and offers it to the the fraud saint in return for the prayers that he will conduct to bring Sagar home safely. By now the police chases Sagar but Sagar manages to reach the house where Gangaa is being held. The police reaches Prabha’s house with a search warrant and Yash’s arrest warrant.

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Episode 65

Prabha reveals to all that it was Jhanvi, who had paid Yash to create a fake MMS of Gangaa. Ammaji continues to fall prey to the fraud saint. The man orders her to get an unmarried women to the graveyard during the night for three nights. Ammaji instantly makes up her mind to use Gangaa as the unmarried girl and plans to get her to make the sacrifice as per the Baba Ji’s wish.

Thursday 19 November 2020

Episode 66

Madhvi expresses her joy as she will be turning a grandmother soon. She then gets emotional when she hears Gangaa expressing her love towards her and calling her ‘mother’. Gangaa gains consiousness and is shocked to find herself with the fake saint.

Friday 20 November 2020

Episode 67

Sagar, does not realize that he had been lied to by Ammaji. As Gangaa tries to remember what had occured the previous night, Sagar attends to her injuries and then decides to take her to her college. Gangaa suspects something fishy is going on and she throws away the milk given to her by Ammaji.

Saturday 21 November 2020

Episode 68

Madhvi gets a call from Prabha and she asks the entire family to immediately leave for Prabha’s house. There they all find out that Ratan has left the house as he was unable to bear the shame caused by his son’s acts. Sagar and Pulkit go out in search of Ratan and later, Sagar calls the entire family to the police station where the police wants them to identify a dead body.

Sunday 22 November 2020

Episode 69

Gangaa and Sagar discuss about Prabha’s condition and Sagar is instantly reminded of the days when Gangaa was to live the life of a widow. Sagar shows up and asks Amma to meet Raagini. Ammaji questions as to who Raagini is.

Monday 23 November 2020

Episode 70

Gangaa comes across Santoshi but she is surprised to learn that Santoshi does not recognize her. After a while, the two of them befriend each other. Sagar sees Gangaa being insulted but keeps silent and hopes for Ammaji to raise her voice in favour of Gangaa. Some goons start to trouble Gangaa and Ragini, while the ‘dhaba’ owners find themselves helpless. Just then, Ragini’s brother Rudra reaches the scene and beats up the goons.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Episode 71

Niranjan is delighted to learn that Ammaji has approved of Gangaa’s marriage with Sagar. Later, Prabha finds out that Ragini too is in love with Sagar and she decides to use Ragini to ruin Gangaa’s dreams of marrying Sagar. Sagar starts to get romantic but Gangaa feels shy. By now, Prabha reaches Ragini’s room and starts brainwashing her.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Episode 72

In the dark, Sagar mistakes Ragini to be Gangaa and starts expressing his love for her. The entire family reach Sagar’s room and they are shocked to see Sagar with Ragini. Next morning, Sagar’s family starts preparing for Sagar’s marriage and Pulkit decides to have a bachelor’s party. Prabha meanwhile, reaches the police station and discusses a plan with Yash to bring differences between Gangaa and Sagar.

Thursday 26 November 2020

Episode 73

Prabha mixes something in Gangaa’s drink at the party. Sagar and Gangaa get into a romantic moment and after a while, Gangaa does not feel that everything going on is right.  Later, Sagar takes a knife and cuts his finger. He then uses the blood to put it on Gangaa’s forhead, signifying that she is his wife from here onwards.

Friday 27 November 2020

Episode 74

The ‘haldi’ function takes place and while the guests apply the ‘haldi’ on the faces of the couple, Prabha works out on her plan to cause harm to them. Prabha waits patiently for Sagar to touch the vessel of water that has a live wire just below it. But before Sagar does so, Rudra senses the danger lingering around and he instantly switches off the mains.

Saturday 28 November 2020

Episode 75

Things get awkward when the priest asks that Gangaa’s father perform a ritual. Gangaa faints during the ceremony.

Sunday 29 November 2020

Episode 76

Gangaa is out on the streets. Who will save her from the humiliation she is facing?

Monday 30 November 2020

Episode 77

Prabha convinces Madhvi that Gangaa has been cheating on Sagar all along.

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