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Gangaa 2 March Teasers 2021

On the Season Finale episodes, Asha and Shiv’s wedding day arrives but things turn sour when Gangaa realises that Asha’s intentions are of no good. Below are Gangaa 2 March 2021 Teasers:

Zeeworld Gangaa 2 March 2021 Teasers Season Finale

Monday 1 March 2021

Episode 168

Shiv and Gangaa are invited to a wedding but his mother does not trust Gangaa and asks them to go with Jumki and Pratab.

Tuesday 2 March 2021

Episode 169

Gangaa has found a daughter in Radika and is very happy with her. They both plan to bake a cake for her mother-in-law on her birthday.

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Episode 170

Jumki is consistent about the pregnancy.


Thursday 4 March 2021

Episode 171

News about Gangaa and Shiv being kidnapped is all over the news, their family has nothing but joy about their disappearance.

Friday 5 March 2021

Episode 172

Radika finally meets the women she has been dying to meet this whole time.

Saturday 6 March 2021

Episode 173

Gangaa finally discovers where Radika has been running off every night.

Sunday 7 March 2021 

Episode 174

Parvati’s sister is the women Radika has been running off to see every night, however, this makes Gangaa very uncomfortable and jealous.

Monday 8 March 2021

Episode 175

Asha is concerned about Gangaa and Shiv’s relationship.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Episode 176

Shiv builds a new school named after Sagar.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Season Finale!

Asha and Shiv’s wedding day arrives but things turn sour when Gangaa realises that Asha’s intentions are of no good. Pratab is arrested for attempted murder.


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This story revolves around a young child named Gangaa, who becomes a widow on the same day as her marriage when her husband and her father Varun Shukla whom she was very close, are killed in a riot in Varanasi. The show follows her struggle for her right to live happily, opposing the restrictions placed upon widows by society despite being at an age at which she did not know the meaning of marriage. She is adopted by Advocate Niranjan Chaturvedi and his wife Madhvi, who soon treat her like their own daughter and like their two other children Pulkit and Sagar, despite the objection of Niranjan’s mother, Kanta aka Ammaji. Gangaa is raised by Ammaji who treated her like a widowed servant although she is also an orphan. Gangaa is taught the ways a widow should live, much to her dislike. But she still loves Ammaji and never disobeyed her.

The story develops Gangaa’s and Sagar’s childhood friendship. The two children constantly compete in ingenuity, sometimes even in conflict, to unmask the low blows of certain antagonists of the series related to Chaturvedis like Omkar or Shanta who was accidentally responsible for Madhvi’s miscarriage towards the end of the first season.

One day, Sagar had to apply vermilion to Gangaa’s forehead to save his life because he had a hole in his heart. Sagar and Gangaa are separated when Sagar moves to London to study in a boarding school. This was planned by a Madhvi manipulated by the sly Prabah, and Ammaji, who thought Sagar would be away from them if he continues living with Gangaa.10 years later

10 years later
Gangaa has grown up into a young adult and has been waiting for Sagar. Her love for him is implacable as she hides and adores vermilion, believing she is fulfilling her duty as Sagar’s wife. Gangaa has always loved Sagar.

As Gangaa expresses her love for Sagar, she is shocked to find he loves Janvi, who studied with Sagar in London. Gangaa is heartbroken. Slowly Sagar cares for her and finally, he realizes he loves Gangaa but it was too late as Janvi and Sagar had done Roka ceremony and Gangaa could not accept Sagar’s love. Sagar expresses his love by applying vermilion to her forehead. His family opposes this relationship because Gangaa is a widow whom they cannot let their son marry. Frustrated, Sagar on holiday applies colour to Gangaa, saying that she is no more a widow and decides to marry Gangaa in court and then leave for Delhi. Meanwhile, Niranjan’s eldest son, Pulkit decides to have his share of the property and splits the house into two. Niranjan could not tolerate this and suffers a heart attack. He pleads Gangaa to return his Sagar to him. Gangaa agrees to give him his son. Sagar listens to this; he is angry because he thinks Gangaa used him and threw him away like a toy. Frustrated, Sagar marries Janvi; Gangaa tried to stop him but he does not listen to her. At night, Sagar realises he had done wrong but Gangaa did not accept her love because Sagar was married. Gangaa then meets a lawyer named Palash and decides to join an internship under him. Meanwhile, Sagar and Janvi’s relationship gets worse because he does not love her much. Palash develops feelings for Gangaa and by Sagar’s insistence, he takes Gangaa to a shop to select bridal clothes for her and then tells her he loves her and his mother wants her to be her daughter-in-law (DIL). Gangaa is shocked and says she cannot because she still loves Sagar. Meanwhile, Yash insists Janvi take more drugs, which result in her death (drug overdose). Afraid, Yash hangs Janvi’s body from a ceiling fan to make it look like a suicide, and leaves a suicide note written by Janvi under Yash’s pressure that Sagar is responsible for her death. Gangaa arrives home and Sagar hugs her and cries his heart out. The police come and find the letter and arrest the whole family except Gangaa.

Gangaa pleads with Palash to take Sagar’s case; he asks him some questions and she says she loves Sagar and cannot live without him. Palash takes up the case and the family is bailed out except Sagar. As the case proceeds, Palash becomes negative and thinks of letting Sagar stay in jail so he and Gangaa could marry, so he starts hiding evidence. Gangaa and Sagar escape a witness from Palash’s hands and he is sentenced to two years in jail. Sagar returns home after many problems; Ammaji agrees to Sagar and Gangaa’s marriage but Prabha Mami mixes something into a drink and Sagar drinks it. Sagar, in a drunken state, comes very close to Gangaa. The next morning Sagar does not remember anything that happens between him and Gangaa. The marriage day comes; while taking the (pheras), Gangaa collapses and it is revealed that she is pregnant. Sagar refuses to believe the child is his; he does not remember having sex with her. He questions Gangaa’s character and says she had sex with another man. Disheartened, Gangaa leaves the house and she meets Rahat, who takes care of poor, homeless girls. Gangaa joins her family. Rahat’s daughter Zoya is raped and her husband is murdered by Rudra, a friend of Sagar. Sagar refuses to believe Rudra could do this. Later, it is believed Rahat and Niranjan were lovers in college and that Zoya was Niranjan’s fake daughter, actually, Zoya was the daughter of Dr.Sameer Mirza, Rahat’s husband. Ammaji hid this secret from Niranjan because Rahat was from a different religion and she sent Niranjan to London for studies. After a long court-case drama, Zoya reveals to Rudra that she loves him, the rape charges are fake and she murdered her husband; Rudra records everything but it is deleted by Zoya. He somehow records the confession.

Rahat sees the confession and slaps her daughter, but Zoya tries to snatch a camera. In the resulting fight, Rahat slips and falls to her death from the terrace. Niranjan takes Zoya to his house, to which his wife does not agree. Sagar decides to leave the house with his mother and goes to London. Meanwhile, leap months have appeared and Gangaa gives birth to a baby girl on the day of Krishna Janmanashtri, and she named her Krishna. Niranjan also realizes Gangaa was telling the truth that Sagar is Krishna’s father. Gangaa decides to be both Krishna’s mother and father.

7 years later
Gangaa brings up her and Sagar’s daughter Krishna alone. Sagar, who is unaware Krishna is his daughter, goes to Banaras on his dad insistence. In a jungle, he comes across Krishna, who is lost, and takes care of her. Krishna is instantly attached to him. He doubts that Krishna is Gangaa’s child because she looks exactly like child Gangaa. He takes her home without meeting Gangaa. One day, Sagar and Gangaa came across each other; Krishna recognizes Sagar as the man who helped her in the jungle. She is pleased to see him back but Gangaa takes her home.

Sagar plans to leave Banaras whereas Gangaa cannot answer Krishna’s question about her father. She herself sets out to find her father. She again comes across Sagar but collapses in his arms. She is rushed to hospital where Gangaa reveals that Krishna has a hole in her heart and it is genetic; Krishna’s father had the same problem in childhood. Sagar is shocked, and he asks Gangaa who is Krishna’s father but she does not reply as it’s irrelevant. Sagar refuses to go to London without finding answers. One day, in a temple, Yash takes Krishna to blackmail Gangaa that he will kill her daughter; he reveals that his mother mixed something in Sagar’s drink, which is why he does not remember having sex with Gangaa. Sagar and family are shocked; Gangaa and Krishna go to their home. Sagar says sorry and asks for forgiveness but Gangaa does not budge and is not ready listen as Sagar questions her character but Sagar tells her he came for Krishna and asks Krishna to come with him but Gangaa stops Sagar. He then sends custody of Krishna, later it is followed by a long court case. Sagar wins the case as Krishna chooses Sagar as instructed by him. They somehow convince Gangaa to stay at a house for one week and they prove who loves Krishna more.

This is followed by some funny and cute challenges after one week. Krishna tells Sagar she has to write about a favourite family member; she writes about Sagar and speaks a beautiful speech in front of her school and family members. Gangaa is emotional and she plans to take Krishna to her village but Sagar comes and Krishna cries as she does not want to leave her father. Gangaa goes home Sagar plans to go to London; Gangaa is shocked to hear this, but she does not stop him and he leaves. When Niranjan comes and he collapses, it is revealed that he has blood cancer. As according to Niranjan’s wish, Gangaa and Sagar finally marry; on the night of the marriage, Gangaa apologizes to Sagar for her behaviour and not letting him forgive. After all the drama, Niranjan survives, which followed by a tale of conspiracy. Everything is going fine and Sagar is successful as Gangaa expresses her love for Sagar. Gangaa, Sagar and Krishna witness a major accident in a river when Gangaa loses her memory. Niranjan dies due to shock of lost of Sagar and Gangaa.

Season 3 

The season 3 of Gangaa; Shiv ki Gangaa.
A man named Shiv Jha saves Gangaa’s life. He was marrying a girl called Gangaa, who was wearing the same saree that Gangaa was wearing. Shiv mistakes Sagar’s Gangaa as his own Gangaa. Sagar tries to find Gangaa but Gangaa, as told by Shiv, goes to his house as his bride. After harsh treatment, Gangaa makes her own place and both Gangaa and Shiv started developing feelings for each other although some of Shiv’s family members are against this union for personal ambitions. Just then, Sagar arrives, finding Gangaa. He stays there for many days because he is injured. One day, Shiv sees Sagar’s family and is shocked to see Gangaa there. Gangaa shows his face to Sagar and Sagar instantly recognizes his Gangaa. He forces Gangaa to go with him. Shiv finds out the truth and is shocked when he learns that Gangaa is actually Sagar’s wife.

He returns Gangaa to him and on the way, some goons attack them and Gangaa’s memory comes back. Hidden somewhere, Pratab , Shiv’s brother, shoots Sagar in the chest; he was going to shoot Shiv but Sagar gets in between. Gangaa cries and pleads to Shiv for help. At the hospital, Sagar dies and he made Shiv promise that he will not leave Gangaa. Shiv fills Gangaa’s forehead with his blood as a sign of vermilion. Gangaa denies being Shiv’s wife and wants to be Sagar’s widow. It is decided that Gangaa must stay with Shiv for a month. After another harsh and unfair treatment that Shiv inflicts on him to keep him occupied, Gangaa finished by find out that Krishna is dead and is devastated. Then, Radika’s attachment to Gangaa, Shiv’s daughter, ends up causing this conflicting couple to develop feelings that are as loving as they are vague for each other. Gangaa’s secret investigation into the disappearance of Parvati who is none other than the Shiv’s wife ex and the Radika’s mother, is more and more in depth when initially paranormal phenomena manifest themselves in the house before it is discovered that it is the twin sister of the deceased.

In a rushed scene, the truth about Pratab and his mother is revealed. After the young man’s arrest, Shiv’s stepmother suddenly becomes kind while Jumki, Pratab’s wife, still continues to hide the lie of her pregnancy. When it comes to Shiv and Gangaa, confessing their feelings helps them get married and live together.