Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World August 18

In the chawl, Ranveer is sitting beside Varun who had gone to sleep. Rashi comes with a sheet to cover Varun up. But Ranveer stops her and tells her that this is the last time he is asking Rashi to go away from him and his son and that she has no place in his life. Rashi is crying when Jigyasa comes inside. Ranveer says that Rashi is fussing over small issues and walks away. After he leaves, Jigyasa asks Rashi what the issue is. Rashi tells her what Ranveer had said. She asks Rashi to leave. Rashi is very surprised and reminds Jigyasa that she had promised to help Rashi get her rightful place back. Jigyasa answers back that the present situation is very tense and she is not in a position to help Rashi. So Rashi should do as Ranveer says and go away. Rashi is left crying. Back at Debbie’s Mansion, Gayu is showing Pia some sarees and says that she is happy that both Pia and Rano have decided to stay back in the house for their sister’s marriage. Pia tells her that she is very happy for her sister. Gayu then says that she is worried about Durga Di’s reaction in the sangeet to which Pia mentions that its common for all women to be bitten by the anxiety bug just before their marriage and the same will happen to Gayu too. After Gayu leaves, Rano enters the room and asks Pia how she could be so nonchalant about wasting so many lives? Pia replies that it’s not her problem but Bani di’s and that she just wants the marriage to be over. Rano reminds her of the sacrifice that Bani had done after their parents passed away, to keep them both happy, safe and secure and today she is doing all these to destroy the same sister. Rano also reminds her that the teachings of their Father was the same for all of them but it was Pia who had gone ahead in life, without thinking about others. Pia gets misty-eyed and Rano tells her that Pia still has time to set everything right and stop destruction of so many lives by going and telling the truth to Bani. Pia returns to her old self and says that though the teachings were the same, yet the lessons and aspirations, which they had gained from life, were different for the three of them. And her aspiration was Mr. Walia and that if she tells the truth, her own life will be destroyed. She always wanted Mr. Walia and Bani Di stole him from her and now its time to get him back. Rano leaves the room disgusted. In the garden, Aparajit is thinking about what Rano had told him and what his reflections also tried to sow him and wonders what the truth is. Rano is also pacing in the garden thinking what step to take to stop her sister’s life from getting destroyed. She thinks that she has tried every option and now she has to do something and for that the CDs have to be found. She calls Nachiket and asks him to meet her immediately. Rashi is all alone in a deep jungle and yells asking for help. He seems a shadow approaching, it’s Ranveer with an axe in his hand. Rashi is very afraid and Ranveer tells him that although he had begged Rashi to leave him alone and go away from his life forever, Rashi refused to do so and now it was time for him to take the next steps. Rashi tries to reason with him but he says that there is no place for Rashi in his life. He then says that if he leaves Rashi back in the jungle, then either Rashi will lose her way and keep on loitering in the jungle and finally die Or some wild animals may attack her and kill her. Rashi is terrified and tells Ranveer that all issues can be solved after the present tension in the household is resolved. Ranveer then tells her that all his problems will be solved if Rashi goes away and that he will leave her behind in the jungle. Rashi screams at him and says that she will find her way out of the jungle and tell everybody what Ranveer had done to her. Ranveer is mad with anger and tells Rashi that since she is trying to separate his family and child from him, he has to kill her as there is no other option. He swings the axe and hits Rashi. It’s nothing but a nightmare. Rashi wakes up and sees Ranveer sleeping beside Varun on the bed. She starts crying again.

In the Den Mansion, Pia goes to Aparajit’s room and finds him sitting on an armchair. Blind as she is, she asks him whether he is so excited about the marriage that he is finding it difficult to go to sleep? Aparajit tells her that he is not worried about the marriage but the happenings in the sangeet and that Durga had not spoken to anyone after what had happened in the sangeet. Pia tells him not to worry about Durga but to worry about Jai, if he gets the CDs. In another part of the house, Rano tells Nachiket how important it is to get the CDs as they are the keys to Jai and Bani’s life.  And it is by using these CDs that Pia and now Aparajit  are stopping Jai and bani from uniting. Even though her sister is getting married, yet she loves Jai only, Rano says Nachiket, and that it’s so difficult for her to see these two in such a heart-wrenching situation. Nachiket says that if its so then they can go to Bani and tell her everything. Rano says that its not possible because then Aparajit will go to the police with the CDs and destroy Bani’s life forever. So what they have to do is to find the CDs no matter what, and that too within 24 hrs. Once the marriage takes place, finding the CDs also will not help. On the other side, Pia tells Aparajit that they have to find the CDS within the next 24 hrs so that the marriage can take place unhindered. The door of the room opens in which the CDs are lying. Some female steps in and picks up the CDs. Her face is not shown, but she is properly decked.

Bani getting hold of the CDs but at the same moment the three sisters come into the room. The three sisters come in and tell her to stay the night there but she declines since Rano is alone at the Walia Mansion and that she needs to go there to be with her. They tell her to ask Rano to stay there also as it is her last night before marriage. Pia comes and tells Rano that even she wants to stay as it is her di’s wedding and that tomorrow her di will no longer be with them. Pia tells Rano not to say no to her and that she will sleep on the sofa.

Pia is sleeping on the sofa while Rano and Bani are on the bed. Rano decides that she will tell Bani everything that night but cant now because of Pia’s presence. They go to bed while Bani is lying down thinking about how she will be Mrs. Deb tomorrow and her life will change forever. She tells herself that whatever it may be and she may not admit it but she was happier as Mrs. Walia.

The next morning Rano and Bani wake up before Pia and Rano decides to tell her but the three sisters come in again and take Bani for the various rasams. At the rasams the Bengali women are talking amongst themselves about how pretty Bani is and how after the haldi ceremony she will look fairer and prettier. Bani is however lost in her own thoughts. Aparajit comes in asking for his mother however seeing Bani he is mesmerized. The Bengali women leave him alone with her for a few minutes where in he asks her whether she is happy or not since there are only a few hours for their wedding. She doesn’t react or reply and in that much time the ladies come in again and say how she is happy. They tease Aparajit about how he came to meet his fiancee and made an excuse of his mother. As Aparajit  is about to leave he turns around and sees Bani one more time and wonders to himself how she is not looking happy as she should and there is certainly something amiss somewhere. Rano goes back to the Walia Mansion to get ready. The CD’s are in her bag and as she puts the bag on the floor it falls flat and the CD’s fall out. Before she could straighten the bag and see the CD’s, Rashi enters. She has brought Varun with her and she leaves him with Rano and tells Rano to get him a little before the wedding or else Jigyasa will know that Rashi got him to her. Rano can’t thank Rashi enough. Rashi leaves leaving Rano and Varun with time to themselves. As Rano is getting ready to leave, the CD starts playing. Varun has put it in. She sees that it is the Sahil Confession CD and then sees another CD with it which is Aparajit carrying Bani in his arms to the helicopter. She goes and hugs Varun and decides that now she can show everything to Bani but she must do so fast. Jigyasa has called for a car to go for the wedding in. Aditya and Nachiket both get angry and question her about this but she says that it is the car of some one she knows and that she hasn’t even wasted a penny on it. She tells them that it looks down market if they go in a rickshaw for Aparajit Debs wedding. Just as they are leaving a female comes and asks her for money she has to be paid for the apples Jigyasa took from her a few days ago. When Jigyasa is rude to her and tells her she will pay her by the evening, Aditya removes some money and pays the female. They then leave for the wedding. Rano reaches the Walia Mansion and when she is about to go to Bani’s room to tell her everything and show her the CDs when Pia stops her outside the room. Rano tells her that Bani is waiting for her and that she wants to meet her sister, Pia doesn’t let her go saying that Bani is getting ready and if Rano goes in she will tell Bani stuff she shouldn’t. Rano tells Pia that she will create a ruckus here if she doesn’t let Rano go but Pia doesn’t budge. Rano is confused and tells Nachiket all about it.

A few eunuchs come in and when Pia tries to stop them even by offering them money they refuse and say they are going to go to the brides room and no one can stop them. Pia is frustrated and scared but can’t help but let them go. Bani is sitting in her room thinking about her and Jai’s memories. The flash back scenes range from Dubai to their marriage again to the recent sangeet. The eunuchs enter the room and Bani is shocked. She asks them what they are doing her and they tell her someone has brought them here. Rano and Nachiket surface and tell her the entire truth and how Aparajit and Pia blackmailed Jai. They tell her that Jai still loves her and he willingly let her destroy him. They then put the CD in and the episode ends with a shocked Bani.



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