Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv August 19

Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

August 19 Episode

Pia entering the room with the sisters. Rano and Nachiket hide. Ma enters and asks bani to come down and they are getting late.Bani goes down with the sisters and ma. Nachiket says now the decision is up to bani they did what they had to.Rano says it is going to be hard for bani to make her decision so fast as one side there is her love for jai and on the other side her promise to Mr deb. but now the decision is up to bani. Bani is walking down the stairs towards the mandap where Aparajit is waiting for her when she is remembering the court hearing where they all proved her mental and the way Rano and Nachiket told her that jai did all this becuse he was helpless and he loves bani a lot. He was getting blackmailed by pia and Aparajit. She is walking towards the mandap when she stops in front of jai and walks towards him,everyone is shocked. She goes to Jai and slaps him.He is stunned she says that how could you hide all this from me?how could you not tell me the truth?he is stunned. She shows him the cds and tells him she knows the truth.Pia and Aparajit are horrified.She tells him he has made her fall in her own eyes as she told them so much,she hurted them more than an enemy does and troubled them so much and he beared everything all her insults silently. This time she cannot meet her own eyes he has hurt her once again,once before when she misunderstood him and once now.She asks him again why did he do all this?he replies beause he loves her. Aparajit comes and takes her by the hand forcefully into the mandap. Everyone is shocked, Pia is happy. He starts talking to god saying he told God that he cannot change his luck and he wont let God change his luck.He had dreamt of this moment since five years and finally this moment came true.He tells Bani why did she not tell him when he asked her so many times was she happy with this wedding or not?all the times she told him yes but he knew it was a no the moment she gave her children to Jai as that showed her love for him.He tells Bani two people can only be seperated when they are together and we were never together. He says he realised now that love cannot be got it has to be there and walia sahab has that love for her. He tried to get her in the wrong way, he then picks up the cds and throws them in the fire. He tells her that the fire is the start of a new relationship and the end of an old relationship.This fire is the start of jai and her relationship again.

Mr Walia and all the Walias are happy, Pia is stunned. Bani runs towards jai and hugs him. Saying she is sorry. Atharva comes and asks them is mama coming home?mr Walia replies that now all of them will live happily together.They are leaving the venue when they meet Pia.Bani tells her she is shocked and pia has broken their promise and whatever mr deb did was understandable since he was not her relation but why did pia do all this?how could she stoop so low?Mr walia says that they should not expect things from pia and she is not their family. Aditya says she has troubled all of them and along with bani’s culprit she is theirs’ also. Rano says she is an abuse to the relationship of sisters. Nachiket says she should go to jail where she belongs as blackmailing is a crime and calls the police. Pia is shocked and she goes away. They all enter Walia Mansion. Everyone is very happy. Dadi says happiness has returned in this home because of bani. Jigyasa says she is sleepy and goes to her room.Mr Walia says there love is true love as despite all the problems it survived .Bani says yes and now this love will never break no one can come between us. Bani apologises to everyone saying because of her they went through so many problems and she touches dadi’s feet and hugs Rashi.She thanks Nachiket from saving her from making a grave mistake. She asks aditya uncle where Jigyasa aunty is and goes to Jigyasa room and apologises. She tells jigyasa that she is sorry for all the trouble she caused and will make up for it. Jigyasa smiles and tells her she will not forgive Bani as easliy as the other family members as what will bani make up for?the loss in the business or the days of torture in the chawl?she tells bani her memory is not so weak. Bani is stunned.