Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World August 18

Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 18 Episode

Jai is crying in the garden and he is remembering whatever Bani told him like how she has stopped believing and trusting relationships since he entered his life. Rano comes to Bani’s room and thinks to herself that even though she knows what Bani is feeling right now she cant help her. Ranveer comes and catches Rano by her arm. She tells him that she needs to go but he stops her and tells her that they need to talk about them. He tells Rano that she doesnt care about him and only cares about Bani. Rano tells him that though she knows how much Ranveer loves her, Bani is her everything, her mother, her father, her sister and her anchor. She tells him that Bani needs her more right now and she has to go. Rano goes to Aparajit Deb and tells him that she has one advice for him. He tells her that generally people have advice for the groom before marriage so now that Rano has come all the way here she might as well tell him what it is. Rano tells him that he wouldn’t like it but she thinks Aparajit should stop the marriage from happening. Aparajit stops her in between and tells her to leave to which she replies that she told him that he wouldn’t like it but she also knows he is not dumb and blind and can very well see what all is happening. She tells him that Bani doesn’t love him and is marrying him only because of the promise she made of coming back to him and his mother. She tells him that when you love someone you should let them go, free them and if they love you back they will come back to you. She tells him that she can give him her word that if he frees Bani and forgets his inhibitions about Jai, Bani will never come back to him. Aparajit Deb tells her to leave and leave him alone. Jai is walking back into the party when Jigyasa and he meet. She tells him that he should be happy that Bani and Aparajit both will be out of his life but instead he is yet sad. She tells him that Bani has given him nothing but sadness and that even though she is going, all Jai will be left with is sadness, pain and misery. Jai shuts her up and leaves. She also wonders loudly as too what the Mount Abu sisters have done to her brother because before they came he was the mighty Jai Walia and even though they have taken every thing from him they don’t cease to stop. Aditya who was standing there witnessing all this tells Jigyasa sarcastically how good a sister she is that instead of being sympathetic to her brother she is making fun of him. She tells him that she loves and cares for her brother and hence can’t see him break like this. She gets mad at Aditya and tells him that she is not interested in having this conversation with him and that from the next time onwards he shouldnt interfere in her matters especially with her brother. She tells him that since he is not leaving she might as well leave. Jigyasa is standing with Rashi when Rano passes by and she taunts her. Jigyasa tells Rano how she should also think about getting married now that her older sister is getting married. She tells her that she is surprised at what power these sisters have that which ever house they go to they capture it and that they break every house they go to. Bani did that with her brother and she is doing it with her son. She taunts Rano as to how her love for Varun is just a show because she is sleeping on comfortable mattresses in the Walia Mansion while Varun is sleeping on the hard floor amidst rats. Ranveer who is over hearing all of this comes up to them and tells Jigyasa to stop to which she replies that she has no idea what Ranveer’s wife has done to him that he has become oblivious to everything around him. She taunts a bit more and Ranveer gives up and goes away.

Jai is sitting in the room looking at Atharva sleeping and thinking of all the moments they shared and also some of his moments with Bani. Rano and the two sisters come to the room and get him out of the trance. The two sisters carry a sleeping Atharva down while Rano and Jai are left in the room. Rano tells Jai that he should tell Bani everything because Bani is not happy and is ruining her life once again. She tells him that if he wants she will come with him and they both will tell out the entire truth. When he keeps staring at her she tells him she is serious. Jai tells her that over time everything will be fine once again. Rano tells him that it will never happen because if nothing changed in five years which is a long time how will anything change now. She tells him that she knows how miserable her sister is and how she yet loves Jai. Jai tells Rano that Bani thinks he has given her misery and has betrayed her and that all his attempts to tell her anything have failed. Rano tells Jai that though circumstances have changed their love remains maybe as hatred in Banis heart. Rano tries convincing Jai about giving it another try and telling Bani everything since Bani is clearly unhappy.Tanu is standing in her room and is looking disturbed and deep in thought and is thinking to herself that though she knows Moksh is in dire need and is a good guy she is not sure whether she is doing the right thing by helping him. Aparajit passes her room and seeing her distressed enters. When he asks her what is wrong she counter questions him as to why he looked so harrowed. She tells him that Bani would have gone away just because she was tired. Aparajit asks her whether all of them are happy with the marriage to which she replies that all they wanted was their Durga di to become their Durga bhabhi and that everyone is overwhelmed. Aparajit tells her that that is all he wanted to hear and that smile on their faces is all her wanted to see. As he is leaving she calls out to him and because of the CD and glass on her outfit there is a glare on his eyes. He doesnt notice the CD and Tanu tells him that she loves him and saying the same he leaves. Jai comes out and Jigyasa is boarding an auto rickshaw. She tells him to come along to which he says he will come home walking. She tells him that it is a long way but he is adamant and she leaves. Jai is walking on the road thinking about past memories and telling himself and asking god that why does he make people meet if he has to separate them.

Daadi and Aditya are sitting on the bed at night and thinking about Bani, about the day when she stepped in the Walia mansion and won the hearts of all the residents. Aditya says that when Pia left Jai at the altar, Jai was a broken man then. But it was Bani who helped him, mended his heart and brought him back to track, as a result of which he loves her so much. And today it was unbelievable that the same Bani was going to get married into a different household. Jigyasa is trying to sleep in the same room. She gets highly irritated at the Bani jaap that Daadi and Aditya are doing. She sits up and tells them that the next morning; she will give them a big photo of Bani so that they can put it up in a temple and worship her. Jigyasa  also tells them that she will make them speak to Bani in the morning so that they can go to US with her. She then warns the two of them to keep quiet and not to disturb her sleep. In the Deb Residence, Aparajit opens the door of the room and finds Bani sitting inside lost in deep thoughts. He remembers Rano’s words that Bani had never loved him and had agreed to the marriage because of her promise and if he removes the chains from Mr. Walia, Bani will never return to him. Aparajit  wonders whether Rano was speaking the truth and goes away, closing the door. He enters another room where a number of mirrors are placed all around. He stands in the centre of the room so that there are 5-6 reflections all around him and again thinks about Rano’s words. He then says that it’s not true that Durga is marrying him because of the promise and that he is happy. One of his reflections tell him that Aparajit himself knows that this is not truth and that Bani loves Jai only and he is there in her heart forever. The original Aparajit says that this is not right and that Durga had herself told him a number of times that she hated Jai. Another reflection speaks up and tells Aparajit that this hatred is because of the misunderstandings that he has created between Jai and Bani and he is responsible for their split. The reflection also tells him that a mirror never lies and today Aparajit’s truth is in front of her. He yells back saying that this is also not true and he had helped Durga to take her revenge. A third reflection speaks up and tells Aparajit that he is mistaken again because it was he who created Durga as his weapon to take revenge on Jai. After he found out that the reason for his hatred towards Jai was not correct, Aparajit himself should have removed the differences between the two and helped them re-unite. Rather, he had kept them separate. He wanted to create Durga but he failed because Bani will always be Bani. The original Aparajit gets irritated and shouts at all his reflections to keep shut. He then picks up a hockey stick from a corner and smashes all the mirrors as they keep on telling them the truth that Durga doesn’t love him and he was responsible to destroy her. As the shards fall on the ground, Aparajit yells that he loves Durga and doesn’t want to lose her. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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